Imagine if Mohammed Had Never Existed

No seriously, an Islamist group is planning to make its own version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And we’re talking about a really wonderful life here.

Egypt’s second-largest political movement, the Salafist al-Nur party, said it will produce a movie about the life of Mohammed, titled “what would the world look like without Mohammed.”

Imagine if “It’s a Wonderful Life” had starred Hitler and when he tried to commit suicide, he was shown a version of a much better world where he never existed. And then decided to commit suicide secure in the knowledge that the world really would be better off with him dead. Now imagine that with Mohammed Bailey.

Mohammed is never born. We arrive in a 21st Century Middle East where all disease has been cured, flying cars travel over a blooming desert and children of all religions happily play together in the giant sandbox. Spaceships take off daily from Damascus and Tel Aviv spaceports and the energy crisis has been solved with technology developed in the 11th Century Middle Eastern Renaissance.

The Library of Alexandria attracts visitors from around the world to a center of learning that rivals anything in Constantinople or Paris. Egypt, exporter of wheat to the world, has rows of shining wheat fields beneath the pyramids, and every hour the bullet trains leave for the international trading bazaars of Mecca where the stock indexes rival Wall Street. Artificial rivers flow through the Arabian desert creating entire oases where the old traditions of democracy and freedom were reborn.

But unfortunately that’s not our world. In our world, Mohammed did exist.

For Muslims, a world without Mohammed would mean eternal Jahiliyyah without a cult of rapists and murderers plundering the globe, but come on Al-Nur, can you really imagine a world where the Middle East is a worse place than it is now?

Is it a world where parents routinely murder their children? Where everyone hates everyone else? Where every Muslim country in the region is ruled by dictators and tyrants? Where women are inferior and everyone who isn’t a Muslim is running for their lives? Where ignorance is common, illiteracy is everywhere and the people are eager to return to barbaric times? Where Muslims are constantly killing each other and everyone else?

How could the Muslim Middle East be any worse than it is now?

I think this could be a whole campaign. “Imagine the world without Mohammed.”

  • Derelictus

    Hilarious article…by contrast, imagine if Jesus had never existed. Would the world be a "better" place? I doubt it.

    I do have one nitpick though…

    "Where every Muslim country in the region is ruled by dictators and tyrants?"

    Um, didn't we invade Iraq to transform their government into a representative republic? Are you saying that mission was a failure? I would agree that giving Muslims democracy is a disaster but I thought FrontPageMag was on board with the Democracy Train in Mesopotamia.

    • Newspaniard

      Dream on. All islamic countries end up being governed by despots, usually, their "holy" men. Look at how things are developing in Egypt. You don't think that deranged member of the muslim brotherhood is going to let go of the reins when his 4 years are up, do you?

    • findalis

      If Jesus never existed the world would be Pagan. There would be great buildings, science, etc… It would be the Jewish population of Europe that would introduce Hospitals, Universal Education, and the Weekend.

      A world without Jesus would mean no Crusades, no Inquisition, no Holocaust.

      • weedunn

        Before Jesus, the Jews kept G-d, and the weekend, and the commandments to themselves (against G-d’s wish). It was only after Jesus, when his loyal Jewish followers went out into the world and gave the Good News, that all these gifts were given to the world. So, no Jesus no worldwide knowledge of YHVH, no Jesus no worldwide weekend, no International Red Cross, Salvation Army or soup kitchens around the world, no standing up against abortion, no abolition of slavery… and no way to be reconciled to G-d the Father.

        • Georgina

          correct – no slavery!

          Before christianity, it was possible, and common, for a slave to work off his debt (cost) and achieve manumission in Roman society. Indentured servant was actually a better description. Pagans also had peasants, liege lords and indentured servants, apprentices etc.
          The idea of actually owning a person, as cattle, came with the spread of the words of people claiming to speak for their imaginary friends: Yahweh and Allah.

      • Van Grungy

        "A world without Jesus would mean no Crusades, no Inquisition, no Holocaust. "

        No Jesus, no mohammad, no need for Crusades or Inquisition, both responses to islamic aggression.

        Jews were slaughtered by Thule Society Occultists/Fascist marxists. Trying to continue the meme that Hitler was a Christian shows that you are just plain stupid.

        btw. When you say Pagan, you are implying that it's a uniform Paganism that everyone shared. That's just dumb. Without Christianity the varying forms of pagan belief would be in constant struggle and war, thus no great buildings, science etc. It was the Christians that allowed for Science to blossom. Look up Sir Francis Bacon.

        • Georgina

          "the meme that Hitler was a Christian shows that you are just plain stupid."

          and the "God Mit Uns" motto of the NSDAP?
          Plus the RCC claims he was one of them, and the RCC helped him before, during and after WWII.

      • adswar

        Let me introduce you, such as what is our king

        but may we know, such as whether it’s your king ? ads please :)

    • kafir

      Trying to get democracy to stick in the Middle East is like trying to nail jello to the wall. It might work for about one second. Muslims want to be blindly led by a tyrant without questioning. It's brainwashed into their heads from birth. It's how Muhammad was able to use Stockholm Syndrome to terrorize the Middle East in the first place and turn his cancerous cult into the second largest 'religion' in the world.

  • Lajolla

    I'm Barack Hussein Obama and I approved this Prophet

  • Chezwick

    “what would the world look like without Mohammed?"

    An infinitely more tolerant, peaceable place.

  • Hugh Rockford

    ††† Everything you write is magic Daniel †††

    Whenever I’m blown away by the creativity, irony and force of an article on Islam, your name materializes in the byline. You are a rhetoric g o d.

    The world will never be free with Islam in it. Because

    After considering and comparing it to and after perusing all the violence, stoning, amputation, conscience censorship, dissident murder and blinding of little girls for going to school, isn’t it time for the world to ?


    • Guest

      I agree. Daniel, I really enjoy your articles. You and Pat Condell are two of my most favorite writers on Islamic problems

  • Porky's2istan

    "Imagine a world with no Mohammad"

    I like it. It's catchy, but I'm gonna stick with my own motto for now:

    "Mohammad don't surf"


  • rock

    if mohd dont exist, all human will be slaved of church…