Imagining a Post-Israel Middle East

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The Palestinian Authority and its army of fake refugees collected foreign aid only because they could point to Israel as the bully keeping them down. But without Jews to terrorize, the aid from the Muslim world will vanish in a flash, and without Jews to complain about, so will the aid from the United Nations and the European Union, leaving the Palestinian Authority as busted as its casino.

Most of the population of the Palestinian Authority will leave within a year or two in search of work, leaving the area as barren as it was in the 19th century under Ottoman rule. The terrorist groups will also move on to sell their services in new regional conflicts, starting fights in Syria, Egypt and Jordan, which will roll in and claim the territory.

In five years there will be no such place as Palestine, just fond memories of a country that never really existed being exchanged by old men over cups of bitter coffee as they wax nostalgic for their days of fighting for “Falasteen.” Bombs will occasionally go off, but the targets will be the Jordanian or Egyptian soldiers patrolling the ruins of Tel Aviv or the dirty flea markets of Jerusalem.

And the rest of the region? Jordan will probably fall to anyone who wants to claim it sooner or later. Sooner, if the United States decides to abandon it. The Muslim Brotherhood will try to merge Egypt and Syria. Their efforts will work out about as well as the brief period when Egypt and Syria were merged into the United Arab Republic.

For the most part everything will keep on going the way it would have anyway. Iran and the Gulfies will hiss threats at each other over the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf if you’re in Doha or Riyadh). Shiites will go on killing Sunnis. Salafis will go on killing everyone else. One government will fall to be replaced by another and then be overthrown in its own time. The Egyptians will riot and starve, in no particular order.

Everyone will gather after Friday prayers to shout, “Death to America,” even though American food is the only thing keeping them alive. A few of the bearded yellers will forget and shout, “Death to Israel,” only to be reminded that there is no more Israel. And then they will remember that the joy they felt when that last El Al plane took off was mixed with sadness because those burly farmers and soldiers, truck drivers and politicians, who beat them in war and peace, also gave them a temporary sense of purpose and unity.

Getting rid of the Jewish State will not make the region more stable, heal any wounds, deter terrorism or improve the life of even a single Muslim. The killings will go on and so will the tyrannies. All the old crimes and atrocities will continue without the illusion that they are being done for the greater purpose of destroying the collaborators of the Zionist Entity.

The Middle East will not change without Israel. It will be the exact same place that it always was. Unlike George Bailey, Israel did not make the Middle East better. Nor did it make it worse. Israel did nothing to the Middle East. It just tried to survive living in the middle of it and showed everyone else what was possible.

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  • hammar

    Great article ? Science fiction maybe. But you did not reveal Russia and China trying to muscle in for the kill for the control of the oil fields. Which in my thinking would be the next war or the death of Christianity which is a must for true haters of heaven and God.

    • BS77

      too bad this article wasn't titled "Imagining a Post Islamic Middle East" It will happen some day…..

      • Kufar Dawg

        How about a post Islamic globe? The majority of Muslims aren't Arab, they're Indonesian and they're just as bad.

    • Omar

      We need to replace Putin with a democratic, pro-Western leader. Putin has absolutely no right to power.

  • Mr. X

    Islam dictates ccommandments. "When the Jews regather, they have to destroy the Jews.' Then the Christians. Of course all idol worshipers. Islam beelives in the Day of Dissolution, a final battle against "rome" over "Syria"; to destroy this world towards Judgement Day to bring in the world to come. This jihad is not done with criminal mentality, its something tsat they have to do. Communist types alo have to destroy this world and thus they are attracted to Islam. Post-Western civilization, including Post-America, will not be producing food, medicines, generating water access and would not have resources to assist their own populations, and definately not a post-Israel Palestine. I see nothing good on the horizon and have no hope. Between communism and ISlam ever encroaching in the USA, I expect to experience starvation, unavailable health care, my medcininal life line supply cut off, water shortages, mass slaughter, mass raping of liberal women, enslavement. Either spite of or perhaps because of the foregoing the gloom and doom, I bless each day, each meal and now, I am off for the morning prayers. Send me hate m-a-l-e!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Don't forget that freedom, liberty and equality will be nothing but footnotes to history, because such things don't exist in islamofascist states.

      • Mr Finch

        Talking of equality, hows your "Thank you God for not making me a woman" prayer going? Dont forget, every morning.

  • Koyal

    The other religion and country that the fascists, progressive liberal left and their Islamists allies have in their crosshairs is Hinduism and India. Unbeknownst to many in the West, US has been waging wars on Hindus ever since Pakistan's creation and is funding Pakistan's military, its ISI and myriads of their terror networks to the tune of billions in order to carry our terrorist attacks Indians. The idea is that there will be only two cults in the end: Christianity and Islam, and although Christians think they'll be left alone by Muslims (for all the help Christians are giving them now), they too will be devoured in the end. Then a dawn of new dark age will descend upon humanity from which there will be no renaissance.

    • Mr Finch

      Lavon affair, King David Hotel, Kennedy assassination, 9/11, USS Liberty……Christians are beginning to realise who their real enemy is.

  • Looking4Sanity

    We need not imagine what a post Israel Middle East would look like. Prior to 1948, that is exactly what we had! I don't recall the Middle East being a fairy tale wonderland pre 1948. Mark Twain visited the Holy Land prior to 1948, and he wrote that it was a God forsaken land at that time…not even capable of growing so much as a respectable cactus. It was only when the Jews returned to the land that is their birth right that the land became fertile again…just as God promised it would.

    I don't think you'd find many Israelis who would walk away from their birth right for any amount of money, and no force on this Earth will ever be allowed to completely lay them waste again. Everyone concerned would be wise to consider that, but then, there are so few truly wise people left in the world that I'm speaking to an empty house. The Bible tells us how this all ends. We need not speculate about the matter at all.

    • Roger

      My grandparents traveled to the middle east.

      They said during trans Jordan control of Jerusalem it wasn't smart to take elevators in the Hilton, you didn't know when the power would go out. And the water wasn't safe to drink.

      After 1967 the power was reliable and the elevators were safe to use.

      Arabs are used to an 8th century mindset, they don't mind so much.

      • Mr Finch

        What would you expect ashkeNAZI's to say?

        • Roger

          Something that makes sense.

          And you?

  • Carlos Perera

    Mr. Greenfield's thought experiment would, in my humble opinion, play out exactly as he envisions if it were carried out in real life. (It might yet occur, except that the part where the Israelis are "removed" from Palestine is more likely to involve mushroom clouds over Tel Aviv and Haifa than flights to the South Pole.) However, even if one could convince, beyond a shadow of a doubt, every Moslem in the region of the scenario's veracity, I very much doubt that they would refrain from carrying it out. Just look at the history of post-colonial Africa: over and over again, we have seen the post-colonial governments expelling not only Europeans, but also other industrious "middleman" minorities, like the Lebanese and the Indians, leading to economic collapse and kletocratic rule; yet, the experiment gets repeated again and again; e.g., undaunted by the total collapse of the once-prosperous Zimbabwean economy, which has created perhaps the first total beggar-nation in history, South Africa is well on its way to doing the same. People do indeed cut off their noses to spite their faces; it happens all the time, as culture, ideology, religion, and resentment generally trump economicism.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Greenfield is being melodramatic. He knows that the objective of the boycott of Israeli products is not the destruction of Israel, any more than the boycott of South African products in the 1980's was the destruction of South Africa. It is really not only tedious but ridiculous when Hasbara spokespeople throw the throttle all the way to doomsday because something isn't going their way.

    The satire in this article, like Mr. Greenfield's "humor" in general is merely an escape clause so that he can say he wasn't being serious. But if not serious, why publish self-pitying emotional garbage? Isn't that still the supposed purview of seriousness? Serious or humor: Mr. Greenfield portrays Palestinians as welfare queens while Israelis are industrious and noble. Serious or humor: Palestinians shout death to America, but Israelis wake up every morning and sigh and and think fondly of America and how wonderful it is.

    Finally, serious or humor: The Palestinians would cease to exist if Israel ceased to exist. If Israelis are what make Palestinians exist, then isn't Israel causing its own problems? Is Mr. Greenfield not merely laying a giant guilt trip that makes Israel look as self-tormenting and shriveled as he appears to be when he pushes mock comedic seriousness and mock serious comedy?

    • Stern

      what utter nonsense. The boycott of South Africa – not just products, the country itself – was very definitely aimed at the destruction of white South Africa. The surprise was Nelson Mandela and his realism, which is now going the way of Mugabe thanks to Zuma and Malema. Just like they did in Zimbabwe (remember Rhodesia? Remember the boycotts and world condemnation of Ian Smith?), the forces of hatred will win.

      • Schlomotion

        Just you keep on with your laments for the good old days of Apartheid and white South Africa. It suits you.

        • PaulRevereNow

          And now we have reverse Apartheid in South Africa–a white farmer gets killed every day. Just keep on with your laments about the good old days of the Holocaust. It suits you.

        • Stern

          And that's where my interaction with you ends. As always, when you cannot provide a counter-argument, you change the subject – and now, to ad hominen attacks. You are nothing but an irritating troll whose sole purpose here is to provoke and annoy. My only regret is that I allowed you to get to me again.

          • Schlomotion

            You're just complaining that my counterargument isn't to your desired specifications. It seems to be a character flaw in Israelis.

          • Ar'nun

            The specifications of course being reality.

            Go back to your la la land where harming a country's economy is not harmful to the little people in the economy.

          • Stern

            Nice on, Ar'nun. There really is no point at all in debating this troll. As we've just seen, he has no counter-arguments to reality, so he changes the subject.

          • Schlomotion

            You don't seem to mind that Ar'nun changed the subject to Leprechauns.

          • YetWave

            Schlo: By the kink in your logic, "The Palestinians would cease to exist if Israel ceased to exist. If Israelis are what make Palestinians exist, then isn't Israel causing its own problems?", the US would all cease to be tormented by islamists if the US ceased to exist., right. Remove democracy, gender equality and freedom of worship to keep from antagonizing these misunderstood, opressed atavists and they'll leave us alone. i get it now. It was our presence on earth that provoked 9-11. Thanks for explaning it, Schlo. I get it now. The Israelis and ourselves are to blame for every act f hate these miscreants inflict upon us.



            Happy Eternal Nakba!

            Tomorrow is 9/11, the anniversary of "The Religion of Peace" at it's most "peaceful".

        • Omar

          The David Horowitz Freedom Center opposed apartheid in South Africa. The Freedom Center fights for everyone's rights, regardless of characteristics. The DHFC believes in a color-blind society.

          • Schlomotion

            Wrong. DHFC existed then but Horowitz just finished writing dynastic autobiographies and moved into race literature. His stance against Apartheid was actually obnoxious back then too:

          • Omar

            Wrong. David Horowitz has always fought for everyone's rights, regardless of race or other characteristics. Have you read his critique of the so-called "race realist" Jared Taylor? The link is here :
            Taylor's "race-realism" is almost identical to the left's identity politics. Horowitz, on the other hand, believes in a color-blind society for everyone. David Horowitz' belief of a color-blind society (single standard for all) is the standard that was inspired by the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Horowitz's critics and opponents will do anything to smear him, discredit him or falsely accuse him of being a racist and a bigot. The agenda of the left is to silence its critics by falsely calling them bigots.

          • Schlomotion

            No, not really, because "a color-blind society for everyone" and "a muscular Judaism" are intellectually incompatible concepts.

          • Omar

            You just can't stop showing your ignorance, Schlomotion, huh. First of all, "a muscular Judaism" has nothing to do with this. I didn't bring up "muscular Judaism" to the conversation. You did. Second, David Horowitz and the Freedom Center has always supported people's rights in this country and around the world. The DHFC wants a single standard for all. That's a fact. It is also a fact that the left and its Islamist allies smear their opponents as racists, bigots, MyCarthyites and Islamophobes for opposing the jihadist war against Israel (as well as supporting human rights around the world. The DHFC supports justice for all, which is the motto of Washington, D.C.

          • Schlomotion

            Of course I brought it up. I can't compare an article from one day to an article from the next day? I said that "muscular Judaism" as espoused by David Horowitz here last Friday is conceptually incompatible with a color-blind society. Mr. Horowitz was essentially espousing an "armed to the teeth" Black Panther posture for Israelis. Firstly, Israelis aren't part of the same society as Americans, they have their own society. Secondly, you cannot be an ethnic nationalist and also color-blind.

          • Roger

            They have the same societal standards.

            And if they are armed then they have the luxury of time in working on the other.

          • Schlomotion

            They do? America has the same societal values as Haredim stabbing gay people in a pride parade? America stones Jews for Jesus? America makes sure that Cuba and Haiti have zero access to international trade?

          • Roger

            And the justice system will deal with it, just as normal American cities do, other than liberal ones that would just want to plea bargain it.

            And we have made sure that we have zero trade with Cuba.

            You can't do this well, the stupid is leaking through schlo.

          • Omar

            We do trade with both countries. In the case of commerce with Cuba, there is no embargo. Cuba trades with everyone, including the United States. The U.S. is one of Cuba's top food suppliers. There are only limited sanctions on Cuba, not a full-fledged embargo, much less a blockade. And the reason those limited sanctions were put in place was because the monster of the Caribbean (the Castro regime) has stolen millions of dollars of stock from U.S. businesses. Fidel Castro vowed that he will never repay a penny for what he stole (the only promise he's ever kept). The so-called "embargo" is just Cuban government propaganda. There is no embargo on Cuba. Read Humberto Fontova's books on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara to learn the truth about the regime in Cuba.

          • Schlomotion

            Gee whiz. Who's right? Roger or you? So many different views.

          • Omar

            Humberto Fontova's books tell the truth about Castro's Cuba and the horrors that it has inflicted on the people of Cuba. Fontova's Cuba-related books are named Fidel:Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant and Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him.

          • Omar

            Oh, Schlomotion. David Horowitz is not an ethnic nationalist and he will never be one. He has always fought for everyone's rights, regardless of characteristics. You keep repeating the propaganda of the left and its Islamist allies. Speaking of societies, Israel has a vibrant democracy just like the United States.

          • Schlomotion

            I disagree. In 2002, one could argue that he was not, with quotes like "It is a culture that is crucial in shaping the American identity, not an ethnicity or race." Steadily into 2006 and up until the name change of Center for the Study of Popular Culture to David Horowitz Freedom Center, one could still say that. Really, though, as far back as 1997, Mr. Horowitz was attacking the Afrocentricity movement mainly out of anger over Betty van Patter, but also out of a shift to supporting Israel's ethnic nationalism and against a "multiculturalism" which had been largely pushed by Jews until their nationalist ambitions began to drown in the Melting Pot. Now he showcases ethnic nationalists almost exclusively.

          • Roger

            And could it be because the situations he's facing now have morphed and he's staying relevant?

            You could try it.

          • Omar

            Oh, come on. David Horowitz and the Freedom Center have always fought for everyone's rights, regardless of characteristics. The Freedom Center supports a color-blind society.

          • Schlomotion

            Everyone. Matt Drudge. Geert Wilders. Everyone!

          • Roger

            Was that supposed to make any sense at all?

        • Drakken

          Just keep siding with our enemies traitor, the day will come where when you dance to the the fiddlers tune, sooner or later you have to pay the fiddler.

          • Schlomotion

            When you stop being a citizen of Europe and you move to America, where we bankroll your central government, then you can take me to task for being a "traitor" to whatever your ignorant philosophy is. Just don't put it way off into the future.

          • Roger

            When you make sense then you might be worth the effort.

            Will you put it way off into the future?

    • Kufar Dawg

      I'm sure what Schlo would much rather be doing would be ranting and raving on some street corner w/his
      fellow muslims: Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya'ud!

    • Omar

      Israel is not what South Africa used to be. Israel has a free and vibrant democracy which respects everyone's rights, regardless of characteristics like race and religion. Israel has tolerance for all. South Africa during the apartheid era (1948-1990/1994) was a repressive society that denied people of color civil rights, civil liberties and the right to vote. While Israel tolerates different points of view, the apartheid regime in South Africa had tried to suppressed its opponents and other dissident groups. There is no comparison between the two societies. This comparison between Israel and the former apartheid regime in South Africa is about as ludicrous as China comparing its government to Abraham Lincoln and the Union states, while comparing Tibet under the Dalai Lama (as a sovereign country) to Jefferson Davis and the former slave states that once formed the Confederacy in the Southern U.S. during the Civil War. This "analogy", like the ridiculous Israel-South Africa "analogy" is also ridiculous. Tibet was not a slave society prior to Mao's invasion in 1950. In fact, Tibet was a far more civil society before the PRC's invasion than after the invasion and occupation. The Dalai Lama is a revered figure around the world. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for trying to promote genuine peace (unlike the so-called "anti-war" protests during the Bush administration (2001-2009), when the president was trying to depose two repressive regimes that sponsored terrorism and replace them with freedom and democracy), diplomacy and a solution to the Tibet conflict (the solution was for Tibet to receive genuine autonomy rather than independence- the Dalai Lama decided to stop campaigning for independence for Tibet in 1979). Jefferson Davis, on the other hand, had eleven southern slave states secede from the Union in order to preserve slavery in those states. Also, there is no comparison between Abraham Lincoln and Mao Zedong, period. Lincoln and the Union fought not only to preserve the Union, but also to emancipate the slaves and to eventually abolish slavery with the 13th Amendment. Mao, on the other hand, intentionally killed 70 million innocent lives in peace time. Mao's regime intentionally starved 35-40 million peasants to death during the so-called "Great Leap Forward as well as other totalitarian programs like the "Cultural Revolution". Today, unlike America, Britain, Israel and their allies in the free world (which are all free, vibrant democracies), China remains a horribly repressive society, where the government regularly abuses the rights of the people living in that country. Now, if there is any regime that can correctly be categorized as "apartheid", it is the Islamist regime in Sudan. In fact, the jihadist regime in Sudan is actually worse than what South Africa used to be, because while the regime in South Africa brutally repressed the rights of people of color, the apartheid regime had never actually committed genocide against the majority in the 40 years of its rule. Sudan has already committed genocidal atrocities against its black population. In addition to being a racist, genocidal regime, the regime in Sudan has also committed gender apartheid against its female population and imposed Sharia law on everyone living in the country. And of course, with any despotic regime, the regime in Sudan brutally suppresses opposition and dissident groups in the country. Yet, there's no 'BDS" movement aimed at Sudan, nor is there any "Sudanese Apartheid Week" on college and university campuses across America. America, Britain, Israel and the free world allies must confront and combat the massive unholy alliance of the far-left and their Islamist allies that threatens democracy and peace. The free world must fight for democracy, human rights and peace.

      • Kufar Dawg

        It is sick how lieberals and leftards rant and rave about Israel while ignoring what happened and is happening in the Sudan, or really, in any islamofascist state on the face of the earth today.

      • Schlomotion

        There's no BDS movement against Sudan because Israel already got what they wanted: a South Sudan. Now they are trying to get rid of their Sudanese immigrant/refugee problem before it mars their racial balance.

        • Kufar Dawg

          What "Israel wanted"? How about the infidel/kufrs who were being enslaved/slaughtered/raped by your muslime brethren in the Sudan, dontcha think they might have wanted a separate country for themselves?
          Or dontcha think at all?

        • Omar

          First of all,the creation of South Sudan was not Israel's idea. It was an agreement set by the United Nations in 2005, when the Sudanese Civil War came to an end. South Sudan declared independence in a popular referendum last year. Second, even after independence, the regime in North Sudan keeps oppression its residents. Victims of the Islamist regime in Sudan include, but not limited to, blacks, Christians, women, political opponents and dissidents. Like I mentioned in my other post, the Islamist regime in Sudan is worse than what South Africa was during apartheid.

          • Schlomotion

            Sorry. Even your Lord Savior, Daniel Pipes says differently. South Sudan was a Ben Gurion periphery strategy project:

            "The government of Israel served through the first Sudanese civil war, lasting until 1972, as their primary source of moral backing, diplomatic help, and armaments."

          • Roger

            Schlo, I know this is going to be painful for you. But in 1972 that was before the military coup that put in the dictator now ruling Sudan.

            So your point is flawed. Again.

          • Schlomotion

            Take it up with Daniel Pipes.

          • Roger

            Why, do you think he'll re-write history the way you do?

          • Omar

            And do you know why Israel supports South Sudan and have a superb relationship with them? It is because both Israel and South Sudan have gone through hell trying to make peace with Islamists who want to destroy them and impose Sharia world wide. Both Israel and South Sudan have been victims of an deadly jihadist campaign. Both Israel and South Sudan support tolerance, peace and democracy. That's why Israel and South Sudan have a superb relationship with each other.

    • Omar

      Schlomotion, the so-called "Palestinians" are not a country. They are an invented people. Palestine (the name means Philistines, who were Greek sailors with red hair- they were not Arabs) is a geographical region which consists of the current states of Israel and Jordan, as well as the smaller geographic entities of Gaza and the West Bank. Anyone who lives in Israel, Gaza, the West Bank or Jordan is a Palestinian, regardless of characteristics. The Israelis and Jordanians are Palestinians. It's the truth.

      • Schlomotion

        Somebody sure did a good job "inventing" them because they are alive and their children sure do bleed a lot.

        • Kufar Dawg

          If they were to stop, as in cease and desist, conducting terrorist attacks against Israel there would be no need for them to bleed at all Haji.

          • Roger

            Facts, he's not used to admitting to them.

          • Schlomotion
          • Roger

            In spite of all the infitadas and rocks and kassams.

            You would think the muslim activists would realize the God of Israel protects His people. That and that their fake god is a pile of poo.

            I like the top drawing personally.

          • Schlomotion

            Infitada? Is that like enchilada?

          • Roger

            Yes, but muslims try to put it together with the smell of dying Jews.

        • Omar

          Schlomotion, they are suffering because of the corrupt nature of Hamas and its genocidal agenda. If Hamas wins, everyone (Arabs and Jews) suffer. But if people stop supporting Hamas and work with Israel for genuine peace in the region, then everyone can win. It's that simple.

        • Omar

          Watch Newt Gingrich's notable interview for the truth about the so-called "Palestinians"

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,that's what the Paliestinians DO most days,Schlomotion. Scream "Death to America" every five minutes because that's who most of them are. The Israelis don't want to hurt Americans,the Palestinians do. Wake up and face reality,Schlockmotion.

      • Roger

        This is a spoof, but it's real enough you can't help but think it's cute.

        • Ghostwriter

          Well,Roger,your little Al-Jazzera parody is probably far closer to how most Muslims feel about America than we care to know.

  • Cynic

    ” Everyone will gather after Friday prayers to shout, “Death to America,” even though American food is the only thing keeping them alive. ”

    Just like those American “boycotters” of Israel walking around with stents, invented by an Israeli (fighter pilot of all things), in their veins keeping their blood flowing.

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • Mr Finch

      You know, you're right! A race that specialises in bulldozing buildings on to little children and bombing them while they sleep talks about how they save lives, how hypocritical is that.

  • Oren Elbaz

    Great article! perhaps your greatest yet!

    People, specially from the left, tend to think only as far as their next goal, and never beyond that.
    It is clear that if ever created the state of Palestine will be as peaceful as Syria and as prosperous as Egypt, but no one from the left dares to acknowledge that. It might force them to appreciate the Jews…

  • MikeWood

    About the only measures that would actually make the Middle East a better place are (1) for Muslims to learn to live like Israelis or (2) for Israel to control a far bigger proportion of the Middle East.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Will the Islamists and leftists and Marxists have no one left to destroy? The great Satan America is a
    ripe plum, undermined by leftists and communists while infested with Islamist colonizers, that is
    where the war will continue and anywhere Islam needs to grow. Death and destruction, slavery
    and degredation is the wave they ride and the leftists are holding the oars of the marxist boat that
    carries them. Consider the loss of Israel as the breaking of the dam that holds and contains the
    ruinous diseases of the World in check, now loose ravening loonatics of riot headed in all directions……………..William

    • Western Spirit

      You're right William, it is foretold that a nuclear war will break out and chaos will reign with the world crying peace, peace looking for a leader to solve their problems. Because Iran and Russian will join hands in nuclear power.

      Unfortunately in this deluded world, Satan in the flesh, will appear working miracles and appearing to be an answer to the world problems and the world will flock to him as savior.

      • Drakken

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but Russia has it's own muslim proble, the only reason why you don't hear about it is that they just handle it and shut up about it. So, no Russia will not side with the bearded bastards of Iran.

    • Kufar Dawg

      If the islamofascists do gain power, the leftists will experience their own night of the long knives, because islamofascists don't share power w/anyone non-muslim — just ask the Iranian Communists who supported the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

  • HermitLion

    Another brilliant piece from Daniel Greenfield, which is a bit too kind to the savages that fill the region.

    Sadly, I'm actually tempted by the fictional notion of Zion on the Ice – a place where we could be left alone by all the failures of the world, who are looking for a scapegoat.
    Unfortunately, once Jewish innovation makes Antartica habitable, the muslims and their friends will chase us there.

    The only way to survive, is to fight back.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Really, I have to agree. Actually I read somewhere that great expense and effort was made to construct a mosque in the Arctic, sometime in the last ten years.

      The muslimes who rant and rave about Islam ruling the mountains of the world won't let a prosperous Jewish state in Antarctica survive for long

      • HermitLion

        No, they won't. Running away isn't going to help Jews against people who desire to murder them to the last one.

        In fact, even if islam would murder every Jew on Earth, it would still claim they are around, and execute people on charge of 'being a Jew'. That's just how this mentality works.

        On the other hand… let them come to Antarctica, and see how long they'd survive :)

        • johnnywoods

          Hermit, someone once said that if we moved all the Israeliis to New Jersey the mooslims would move in next door and demand their "ancient homeland" (New Jersey) back from the Zionist invaders.

          • HermitLion

            I think they can keep New Jersey. Especially the shore ;)

    • Raymond in DC

      Perhaps you've seen the funny Daily Show piece that describes evidence unearthed that the Jews' true Holy Land was … Halifax! And soon enough, Arabs showed up to claim that land by its original Arabic name: HALALifax!

  • jackstraw

    The revealing part of Mr Greenfield's vision is his acceptance of the fact that Israeli's leaving Palestine would actually have somewhere they came from, hence somewhere to go back to, like Budapest, Minsk, Brooklyn, Sydney, Johannisburg..etc.

    Those displaced and exiled by Zionism on the other hand, came fron the region and consequently have no such alternative. And this is the great tragedy of Zionism. – Occupied and exiled people tend to fight on even in defeat through lack of alternative. Time is on their side.

    • Larry

      If you bother to check Ottoman records from prior to 1918, and British records from post 1918, you will find that they came from Turkey, the Caucasus, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc, etc.

      They aren't from Israel, and the only reason they didn't have anywhere to go is that their kind neighbours, the ones that had them move out of the way in 1948 to create a Jewish only free fire zone, wouldn't accept the supposed refugees back into the fold, but rather chose to create a weapon out of them to finish off the genocide the Nazis started.

    • Stern

      From the Peel Report, British Commission of Enquiry, 1937:

      "The general beneficent effect of Jewish immigration on Arab welfare is illustrated by the fact that the increase in the Arab population is most marked in urban areas affected by Jewish development. A comparison of the Census returns in 1922 and 1931 shows that, six years ago, the increase percent in Haifa was 86, in Jaffa 62, in Jerusalem 37, while in purely Arab towns such as Nablus and Hebron.:

    • Kufar Dawg

      Palestinians are ARABS, so they already have a homeland: Saudi Arabia.

    • YetWave

      Thanks, Jackdaw. Your point is well made. "Occupied and exiled people tend to fight on even in defeat through lack of alternative. Time is on their side."
      After 2,000 years of exile, the Jews have reclaimed their land as their own. You failed, however, to add into the mix of rationale for the Jewish claim to the land, the brutality to which they were subject during exile; if anything, an even more compelling reason for reamining where they belong.

      • HermitLion

        Well said, YetWave! And a good flip on this indoctrinated fool's lies.

    • Ghostwriter

      Another day,another Jew hater rears his ugly head in the Comments section.

    • Omar

      Jackstraw, you need to know real history instead of leftist/Islamist propaganda. First of all, Jews have continuously lived in the area now known as Israel for over 3000 years. The Romans conquered Judea and Samaria in 66 AD/CE (almost 600 years before Islam was established and the Arabs started moving into the land.), and renamed the conquered land Palestine. The name Palestine refers to the Philistines, who were Greek sailors who had red hair. The Philistines were not Arabs. Second, the land that comprises of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank was only 20% of the Palestine Mandate, which consisted of the above entities plus Jordan, which consisted about 80% of the Mandate. After World War I, when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated, Britain took over the Palestine Mandate. While London promised the Jews a country, it gave 80% of the territory to the Hashemites, who named their country "Transjordan" (later Jordan). The other 20% of the Palestine Mandate was partitioned at the UN after World War II and the land was partitioned into a Jewish state and another Arab state. While the Jews accepted the partitioned land and sought to make peace with the Arabs, the Arab states rejected the partitioned and launched a war of annihilation against Israel on the very day of its independence. Israel had no choice but to fight the invading armies, which it did and it won the fight. The Arab states' response to the war loss was to expel all the Jews from the respective countries (in addition, Egypt and Jordan illegally annexed Gaza and the West Bank, respectively. Israel would get those territories in its defensive operation in the Six Day War in 1967). Israel resettle all of the Jewish refugees in its territory. Israel did not expel any Arab living in the country after the 1948 war. In fact, the Arabs became Israeli citizens and became part of Israeli society, which is a diverse, tolerant society. Arabs living in Israel have more rights as Israeli citizens than citizens of other countries in the Middle East. Israel isn't perfect (no country is perfect), but it is a much better place to live in than its adversaries, like Iran (which executes homosexuals for being homosexual). For over 60 years, Israel has had to defend itself against its genocidal enemies who do not want peace nor democracy. Third, Zionism is not a racist ideology. Zionism is essentially a liberation movement. It is a movement to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land. How is that racist. Israel is a tolerant society. The movement to falsely depict Zionism as a racist ideology gained momentum in 1975, when despotic regimes led by the Soviet Union, Cuba, other communist countries and Islamist countries passed the infamous "Zionism is Racism" resolution at the UN. It took about 16 years- until 1991- to have the "Zionism is Racism" resolution repealed at the UN and it was repealed by the leadership of the United States, the United Kingdom and other democratic countries. Zionism did not expel anyone, period. If anything, the non-Jewish population also grew by the years. If you want to talk about an ideologies that expelled innocent people and suppress the rights of people, it is Jihadism and Communism, both of which are in an unholy alliance with each other. Both ideologies have expelled and displaced millions of people from their countries (as well as imprisoned and/or killed millions of innocent people). Look at Sudan, whose Islamist regime is worse that South Africa's former apartheid regime. Look at the genocide in Darfur. Or look at China,which invaded and illegally annexed a sovereign country, Tibet (prompting a mass Tibetan exodus from Tibet to India, where they live in exile with the Dalai Lama), and killed over a million people from that annexed country (the regime in Beijing has also killed over 70 million people in peace time, including starving about 35-40 million people in the so-called "Great Leap Forward"). Or look at Cuba, where the longest (and currently the only) dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere has destroyed a once prosperous and thriving country into a third-world country tainted in poverty, where the people are regularly oppressed, where food rations are smaller than what the rations that the King of Spain mandated that Cuban slaves have on a daily basis in 1842, where the incarceration rate is higher proportionate to the population than Stalin's regime, where the longest serving black political prisoner in modern history was incarcerated (Eusebio Penalver, who was incarcerated from 1960 to 1988, for 28 years), where the Castro regime has forced about 20% of Cuba's population into exile, and where the Castro regime has tried to destroy the United States at least twice (once with nuclear missiles from the Cuban Missile Crisis). These are all facts. The United States, the united Kingdom, Israel and the rest of the free world are fighting for freedom, democracy and peace in the world. The free world's communist and Islamist enemies want to destroy peace and democracy and impose totalitarianism in the world. The free world must defeat the unholy alliance and its totalitarian agenda.

    • Omar

      And also, Brooklyn is not a city. It is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Brooklyn is part of NYC and has been part of the city since 1898.

  • @JeanCurry3

    It's almost as if something supernatural is going on . . .this irrational enmity toward the Jews — and the Christians. I wonder what it could be.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The lead up to a mass genocide?

  • Western Spirit

    Prophets foretold the Jews would make the land into a lush garden of plenty. So it is and employees for the garden will be needed.

    The Jew hatred will cease when the rest of the of the prophesy is fulfilled. But until then chaos will reign.

  • g_jochnowitz

    If there were no Israel, the neighboring states would divide the territory and persecute the Palestinians, as they always have. Rival groups of Muslims would blow up al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock–preferably when many people were there praying. Islamists don't care about the Palestinians; they simply hate Israel.

    • Raymond in DC

      Ephraim Karsh in "Palestine Betrayed" shows pretty conclusively that the states fighting the nascent state of Israel in 1948-49 weren't fighting with the intent of creating an independent state of Palestine. Rather, they were fighting with the intent to grab as much of the Palestinian carcass as they could following the Jews' defeat. Syria sought to grab much of the north and the coastal plain; Transjordan wanted Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem; Egypt wanted the southern region as far north as Jaffa/Tel Aviv and Beersheba.

      In the end, Egypt grabbed just the Gaza Strip (which they maintained under military administration), Transjordan grabbed Judea and Samaria and the eastern part of Jerusalem (then renamed it in 1950 the West Bank) while Syria only managed to grab a sliver of land near the Sea of Galilee. No attempt was ever made to create a State of Palestine on that territory when they held it from 1949-1967.

  • Ar'nun

    In the 2016 movie, Dinesh D'Souza paints a frieghtening picture of a United States of Islam that ingulfs the entire Middle East. I would expect something like that with a central monarchy based in Saudi Arabia. And a huge monstrocity of a country where the majority resembles places like Syria and Gaza.

  • JeremyBeadleshand

    There was only one thing wrong with this, it would Suddenly be discovered that the new Israel was also on some ancient Arab land, even if it was a floating city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They'll think of any excuse as long as they get to kill Jews.

  • yitzchak770

    What will happen is that Jews around the world will absorb the Israeli refugees. Some will join communities of Jews of their particular origin who went to other places rather than Israel when Eastern Europe or the Arab world became too dangerous (ie Moroccan Israelis will end up in Montreal as I doubt a balestinian state would calm the French Muslims down too much, Russians in NYC, LA and Florida, Iranians in LA etc) and the most adventurous and entrepreneurial will join small Israeli communities that are already popping up in Asia and even Africa.

    The new balestinianstan will become a rogue state that will start war with Jordan and add to the hell in Lebanon – and blame the Jews for its continued failure to thrive.

  • EthanP

    In 1975, a Palestinian co-worker had an Arab Language newspaper with a picture of Yasser Arafat on page one. He proudly exclaimed, "this is my president". I posed a question to him: Suppose Israel was gone tomorrow. Do you believe Egypt, Syria and Jordan would allow an independent Palestinian state. He thought for a moment, and said "NO". What was true then is true now. The Palestinians are the "Jews" of the Arab world. Thier only hope for autonomy is an accord with Israel. But their hatred has so poisoned the proccess, I fear it is now to late.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The hatred of "palestinians", a made up ethnicity, is nothing but a symptom of their disease: Islam.

  • Kufar Dawg

    One important point that Daniel forgot to mention, the Bahais, Christians and Druze who currently inhabit Israel will get to experience islamofascist persecution that will result in the complete ethnic cleansing of all non-muslims from the Mid-East. Women will once again be relegated to the status of chattel.

  • C.R.

    palestine as a nation–will never come into being–it will always be a lie!

  • Tzila

    I wonder how many European countries would be willing to swap their muslim immigrants for Israelis now. They threw out/murdered the Jews 70 years ago. And now look what happened. Maybe it is some kind of justice. The world has so much evil.

  • Dennis

    Some years ago I replied to Greg Crosby, a contributor to, and his article that made one think of where in the world could Jews of Israel go if Israel was destroyed? Crosby suggested NEVADA. I suggested BAJA, CALIFORNIA, MEXICO. The Jews would prosper in either location, but I believe Baja would be more like Israel by having a desert topography, salt water frontages, and the challenges of creating an advanced society. So, c'mon over here. Warmer is better than frigid cold!

  • Nakba1948

    It's not at all difficult to imagine a post-ZIONIST Palestine, as it's all but guaranteed to occur. The Palestinian state will be reconstituted on throughout the entirety of the West Bank, Gaza, and "Israel." Despite the hysterical hypotheticals offered in this article, the Jews currently inhabiting the land would not be ethnically cleansed; the sins of his grandparents should not be visited upon a young Israeli child. On the contrary, Jews, Christians, and Muslims would inhabit the multiethnic, democratic state of Palestine together as PALESTINIANS. Would such a state allocate special rights to Jews as the apartheid Zionist entity does today? No, but neither would Jewish Palestinians be relegated to second-class status, as Christian and Muslim Israelis (to say nothing of Palestinians) are today in "Israel."

    No one is under the illusion that there wouldn't be tension between the ethnic groups–if Jews are destined to be a demographic minority in Palestine, so be it–but you Zionazis can thank yourselves for that; decades of occupation, oppression, and disenfranchisement breed ill will. But a single, multiethnic Palestine is certainly more sustainable, more just than the current status quo. We Palestinians are entitled to live again in our homeland, and Jews around the world are entitled to live without the albatross of Zionism unfairly hanging around their necks. Concerns of justice and practicality notwithstanding, the fall of Zionism and restoration of Palestine are inevitable, as you all know (despite wishful thinking to the contrary); there's a reason why Israelis are securing foreign passports in record numbers. Zionism is a racist, exclusionary ideology, and any state built upon its foundations is doomed to fail.

    Inshallah, in 50 years, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish children will play together in the streets of Jerusalem (al-Quds), with nary a memory of the Zionist sword of Damocles that once so precipitously crossed above the heads of their grandparents. Palestine will be free, from the River to the Sea! Get used to it.

    • UCSPanther

      Iran has had a Nakba of its own lately: Canada just cut diplomatic ties with the Ayatollahs and they are screaming bloody murder.

      Israel has more friends than you can ever imagine…

    • johnnywoods

      If you believe what you just said you should take whizz on an electric fence. Moron!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Why not. It's working out in Lebanon right? Not to mention Egypt.

    • Omar

      Showing more of your ignorance, "Nakba1948"? Israel is already a tolerant, democratic state, where everyone's rights are respected, regardless of characteristics. Unlike Gaza, the West Bank and other countries in the Middle East (where women are treated as second-class citizens and stoned to death for supposed "infidelity", where homosexuals are lynched for being homosexuals, and where Jews are not allowed in), Israel respects the rule of law for everyone. Arabs living in Israel have more rights as Israeli citizens than citizens of other countries in the Middle East. Also, quit saying "Zionazi". Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany despised Zionism and sough to destroy it. Hitler and Hajj Amin Al-Husseini were good friends during World War II. Al-Husseini planned death camps for Jews in the Middle East, yet he is revered by the true Nazi regime in Gaza, Hamas, as well as Palestine Islamic Jihad. Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the mullahs in Iran are the real modern-day Nazis. They want to destroy Israel and to kill the Jews living there as well as to impose jihadist totalitarianism in the Middle East and throughout the world. Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust over and over again and has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel or to "wipe Israel off the map". Israel is already a democratic country where the rule of law prevails, unlike its enemies like Iran and Syria, where fascism prevails. The so-called "Palestinians" are an invented people. The name Palestine is not an Arabic word. It is a Latin word. It means Philistine, who were Greek sailors with red hair. The Philistines were not Arabs. Israel wants peace and democracy, while its enemies want genocide, destruction and totalitarianism. That's the reality.

    • Paul D

      Dummy! Muslims don't tolerate other cultures or religions. Jews cannot visit Saudi or Indonesia, and most likely a lot of other places. Have an israeli entry visa in your passport and not allowed into many muslim countries. That is the reality.Hamas and the PA have both stated that when they get a country no Jews will be allowed property, voting or really to be even allowed to exist or visit. Muslims are the pool scum of the world that needs to be scraped off and discarded in the dump, which right now is most all muslim countries. You are not fooling anyone but the idiot leftists.

    • Drakken

      Inshallah, may you savages in Gaza taste the sea and your inbred relatives in the West Bank see what Jordan proper looks like and good bloody riddance, and get your carcasses out of the west period, may you rot in the filth of your own making.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Nakkie – keep saying "Inshallah" until the cows come home. Hasn't done you much good, has it, six million Jews still hold at bay three hundred million Arab Muslims & that doesn't include Pakis & Persians. Do the math.

      Only……howcum you always post once & then skedaddle? Is that your background of planting bombs and then running?

      Israel is here to stay, pallie. Get used to it.

    • Judd Rusnak

      As the Arab world done to its own Jews, cleansed them almost COMPLETELY from the region, from 865,000 in 1948 to ONLY 7,500 today. Some how you forgot the Jewish refugees in the Arab world.

      As they are doing it to the Christians all over the Arab world TODAY, the chances the ANY Jew will survive under any Arab regime is close to NULL.

      Therefore, I believe the the Palestinian will disappear first before anything happens to the Jews.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sorry,Nakba1948,but what you say is a total fantasy. The Christian and Jewish children would be either be dead or forced to flee for their lives because of those like you. Besides,you positively drool over the fact that you get to kill Jews. Your anti-semitism is just as blatant as Schlockmotion's is. You're not fooling anyone.

  • Hank Rearden

    Exactly right. And an interesting way to put it – as a thought experiment.

  • Docky Musicy

    Earth needs a laxative to purge islam.
    As islam starts executing those in power then only will those in power wake-up to the power they have.

    ANY aliens trying to talk to the m u r d e r i n g arabs on camels and dirty clothes and the female of the sexes under thick black cloth and totally invisible and stunted will be hilarious and no one will know why it's so funny. While the alien thinks CONTACT AT LAST the muslim will be thinking TASTY or P U S S Y.
    The joke’s on us today.
    …..and hello… it seems that casually bombing a nuclear facility will not cause a nuclear meltdown. All nuclear meltdowns to date (including Chernobyl and the Japanese nuclear plants) have been caused by bad maintenance, usually involving the coolant.
    None have been bombed. So it seems its ok to can a nuclear facility. No real sweat.
    A bombed out nuclear facility is the ultimate in bad maintenance.
    ..Some people might not think it possible but a world without islam should be a foregone conclusion these days. Think about it a bit ….makes perfect sense. I'm sure there's a math model on a world without islam. A world without islam is totally possible. We have to get on with it …. OUR Peace has to start sooner in a world without islam. You can’t make an omelette without smashing lots of eggs in one shot.

  • Docky Musicy

    ….and as an aside…the Ultimate Honour for smashing Islam should not be given to the Jews and Israel….. Why should the Jews do everything even though they deserve to…..The Ultimate Honour of destroying and violently smashing islam should be given to a BLACK MAN. Africa should in the end be given the honor to bite the islam-parsital monster’s head off. Every sort of culture has only sorrowful memories of their unfortunate meeting with moremad’s dirty dirty hordes but Africa has had it the worst …so just imagine what the black man and black woman and child will go thru if islam grips them in its filthy tentacles . Only Castration, humiliation, r a p e , and perpetual slavery for the RAISIN-HEADS as black people are and were and always described by moremad the dirty-filthy-arab. Moremad was a very cruel but happy slave owner….so all muslims have to be like that with blacks….always…it is their key to happiness…Black-Slavery is very good sharia…we’re reading and listening and watching..… Africa has been islam’s non-stop slave-basket for only 1400 years…..So The Honor of destroying and violently smashing islam should be given to a BLACK MAN. Africa should in the end bite the islam-parsital monster’s head off. It is starting. Black Free-man President Obama should be reminded thru ads and public media that while he wasn’t looking in the mirror he still hasn’t turned WHITE. For Black Free-man President Obama to forget his BLACK race’s ancestral perpetual plight under the islam hydra’s feet and penis would be the biggest wrong that a Black-man could ever do. Arabic is being translated daily. Read the s h i t t y Koran. Holy is what muslims call it … it’s the exact ….exact opposite….the mad and sadistic Koran. Just Read it . Everybody is . Muslims are even telling us to read the Koran and see ourselves in it. So just read it and see the filth. Be a little smart too. The word Humanity and such lofty meaning stuff is mentioned many times…. all inverted and twisted sadistic literature cooked up by some idle masterbater type…..all cock and bull crap for maintaining violent and trigger happy retards. AND it’s ALLLL to be taken as pure fact. Like evil Shakespere for morons that can’t question it. Muslims are Araldited to e v i l. They’re stuck !! That is the comedy in the islam tragedy. We’re laughing at them and they know that as long as we live we're only going to laugh at them….they just have to look like bearded monkeys in funny clothes because top monkey dressed like that so only thats right. ….it's human nature to laugh at funny but lethal sociology…to see the funny side you got to be super smart but you see it seems dead men can’t laugh.

  • Docky Musicy

    A group of muslims is classed as a "Fester of muslims". Cool…true enough for me and i guess everybody. Fake smiles on our faces too can go a long way in the ultimate w a r for real p e a c e on Planet E a r t h.

    It has taken the plight and perseverance of 1400 years of pure resilience thru torture and slavery for the black race to rise to the position of COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE WORLD’S MIGHTIEST WAR MACHINE. Moremad would be so envious of supposed to only be a slave Black-man Obama’s might …If the Black Race now hesitates or falters to strike at islam’s murdering neck then they have only themselves to blame. Black-man Obama is standing on the threshold of the greatest moral victory ever on Planet Earth. Ahimsa does not mean non-violence. Ahimsa means right-violence. Simple.

    I would convince my son to change his name to Obama if Black-man Obama took on and k i l l e d islam.
    I’d re-vote for him and i’d also vote for him to be the
    President of the World if he smashes islam.
    Smashing islam is a thinking man’s job and Black-man Obama is a smart guy….
    a real thinker….and will have to provisionally think like moremad to smash moremad.
    Obama would be the most loved name on Planet Earth.
    A good factual TV speech should make everyone see the light .
    The Black-Man Obama Light.
    The Black-man Obama light that lit up and extinguished dark and dense islam forever and ever and saved the human race.
    If Black-man Obama smashes islam Black people all over the globe would rise several notches in everyone’s minds….global is the word…
    Black men would commander respect for the smashing of islam. Super !!
    This one will be for the planet’s real history books.

  • Docky Musicy

    There is no real islamic country
    on the planet.
    I repeat ….There is no real Islamic country
    on the planet.
    There is nothing like an
    islamic country.
    Just because some dick started
    a robber cult by fooling and s l a u g h t er i n g some of the unsuspecting natives big
    time and declares himself the world’s top-dog robber-god doesn’t mean that saudi arabia became his….and his top-dog robber-god headquarters. Islam is a frigging forced upon
    cult a robber cult with no scruples and no honor or regret and shame. Just like
    the mental and sadistic leader. Islam should be evacuated from the planet.
    ‘Dis-respect’ or even question anything in islam, and any ‘good Muslim’ anywhere can kill you….WOW man…. What a religion of peace. I think the word DRONE comes from the slang for the sound that Islamic and Arabic sounds like when spoken or heard. Now it’s droning over their heads. A good muslim is factually a very evil person. My dear dudes…..We got to cull and eradicate islam.Not talk to islam.

    Enough with this islam-nonsense. Afganistan is a Buddhist country, Pakistan is
    a Hindu country, Saudi-arabia is a jewish country, Bangladesh is a Hindu
    country, Iran is a Zoroastrian country, etc.etc.etc. Muslims have to re-convert and re-connect to the religion of their peaceful and harmonious ancestors prior to their unfortunate meeting with moremad-the-dirty arab
    and his gang of violent morons and their hate filled violent actions and
    thoughts. "Non-stop violent and dirty thoughts islam is" Yoda would say.
    islam is no religion and any self respecting cult would rather throw up than be compared to islam. Islam stands alone in it’s own v o m i t .
    “Filth islam is” Yoda would say.
    The arabs will have to become jews. …because the arabs were jews too
    who lived in the desert before moremad-the-dirty-arab came charging with madness and started
    slapping the oldies and the women around. Fantastic.

    Just because some dick heads
    with swords came by and started their hooligan madness and b l o o d violence and
    scared everybody’s ancestors into the cult by basically hijacking
    their children’s minds does not give islam any right to live in Saudi Arabia
    anymore. Saudi Arabia isn’t a country: it’s a Royal Family with ca. 10 million servants of varying class.All this desert bull has to be stopped. Islam has to be taught and
    explained to why it shouldn’t live. Once and for all.
    Islam has to be banned
    and mass proper mental schooling has to done on each and every muslim. Within 3
    generations this will be a fantastic planet. Everybody will be schooled and
    nobody can blame islam for their idiotic and violent and absurd actions and
    thoughts. Islam has to be forgotten. This is the Planet Marshall plan. An Intelligent-redesign .

  • Docky Musicy

    It’s a given……Islam is violent …very violent.
    Islam cannot change or convert so just as islam prescribes death for many things,
    islam should be put to death.

    Muslims are the first victims of islam……
    Yoda would say “Sadistic only can live islam and violently only extinguished can
    islam be .” We have to understand Yoda first and then we have to understand that just because muslims can speak doesn’t make them nice like us. A Cobra can never become non-poisonous.
    All muslims ….even the red-bearded and mad elderly ones and
    middle aged mental ones today were factually nice children that islam forcibly
    retarded with sadistic threats and actions first by the eldest. Doubting
    anything islamic is un-islamic. Dogma and mindless bull is shoved into their innocent minds from a young age all their lives….in guttural Arabic…which is being noted and translated and captured on digital media. The islam file is fattening. islam is a capture cult. Death for simply wanting exit…..a simple and most deadly threat all their lives.
    Muslims are s c r e w e d.

    If muslims today had to choose rationally do you think they’d choose these idiotic arabs? Without free oil cash islam would sink like the titanic. All muslims think that when the whole world is muslim they’ll be rich like the arabs. Like the arabs are going to give it away….ha!!

    I’m sure the first arab muslims were
    just slightly dumber than moremad-the-dirty-arab and just as frustrated. No one factually is
    that mad to choose islam for what it is.

    Perverted after-life sensual bribery and guilt-free
    violence for fulfilling violent and psychotic fantasies of the elderly self-proclaimed sadistic clergy who are the most pure muslims just like Moremad-the-dirty-arab .
    Muslims are Araldited in evil .

    They want out Bwana……. but who will show them the way?

    Maybe when they hang that mullah in Pakistan for blasphemy because he did the right thing by tearing and burning some koran that the muslims of the world will see the dangling carrot on the stick. Thank god for TV. islam will be washed out of our planet . I would
    rather live in a jungle full of wild animals than near a Fester of smiling muslims.

  • Docky Musicy

    Sweet and innocent muslim children from literally birth are just forcibly self-retarded by idiotic and absurd indoctrination and forehead pounding scar tissue forming stone floor forehead banging tock tock tock tocking self inflicted literal medical brain damage……that continues a lifetime. This has to be stopped at once. Muslims have to show some logical thought and leave illogical islam behind and those that can’t have to be sent to new-thought free thought schools. Any self-remaining muslims that do get violent in and with society will have to be dealt with by us by their self-chosen law ….sharia law.
    In a democracy too if you screw up and insist you’re a muslim we’ll sharia you. If you aren’t a muslim it’s automatic-democracy rules. Arguments aside….Harm has to be and can only to be dealt with harm only. There is no other way….it seems. Quarantine time.
    And just when will Angelina Jolie be made a Bond girl ? When she’s as old as the current M lady who’s not bad for 80…?
    And as we speak muslims in Pakistan under the islamic guidance of a mullah who’s still not rightly torn and burnt a koran are smashing away with iron rods and hammers all still visible signs of the great and ancient Mohenjodaro and Harrappa civilisations …soon even the Egytian pyramids will go. Have no doubt about this. Slowly everything will go…..Let us not underestimate hate. Hate can clear minds ……and a planet….our planet !!
    That’s all we do ….it seems.

  • Docky Musicy

    A lament from the times of islam’s birth in all the minds of people who knew and currently know that islam has come too close for their own good. Islam was started only because moremad-the-dirty-arab wanted to be richer faster and without any morals….moremad-the-dirty-arab is showing today's italian and any mafia types how to do it right…..even the Italian mafia will be talking guttural-arabic soon…

    i Curse this world,
    i curse this time,
    i curse this fate of mine that uncivilized and never to be civilised arabs have come to make me and my loving and free and laughing family into dirty surly and gutter-uncouth savage muslims like themselves.

    And savages they are….if we can’t call a savage a savage and a mad man a mad man one of these days very soon they’ll come and tell us to call muslims humans and believe that islam a religion. Just imagine muslim man….but muslim-man can't imagine not because muslim-man’s not John Lennon but because moremad-the-dirty-arab said don't imagine…..what will happen to your children if you don't get out from a robber's dirty religion that is factually a cult ! What will you tell your children ? Will you tell them i know it's very wrong but moremad-the-dirty-arab said so , so it is right. You're f-ing mad !! And a coward….muslim-man.
    The Council of Forward-Thinking Muslims in an air-conditioned tent in some sidey desert in arabland somewhere has declared the Bulldozer as the Best invention of all time. A l l a h- o h – a kkk kb b b a aa r r rr…. Al lah -oh- ak k k k b bb a a a rr rr…. !!!
    The Bulldozer won hands-down against Fire as a tool for wiping out recorded and beautifull non-islamic history. Hands-down !!

  • Docky Musicy

    Humans want to be humans but islam teaches humans to teach other humans to be as smart as monkeys or else its death brother…you better get with the program or else it’s going to be misery and death…it’s your choice….and you got to lock up your women head to toe or else we’ll k i l l you because moremad-the-dirty-arab said women and little girls are just an inferior subspecies who don’t have a brain or face or personality as long as they have a c u n t to breed more muslims….full-on. … WOW !! Moremad-the-dirty arab…the first prize winner in the planetary Mr.Most Sadistic competition. Moremad-the-dirty-arab is the ultimate winner over humans, dogs and pigs !! In the intellect round he just cut off every questioners head…you see without a head you can’t hear the totally mad answer….WOW!! ..and the arabs want educated people to follow the example of moremad-the-dirty-arab …..this uneducated lout ? muslims are truly as mad as their moremad-the-dirty arab.
    Village clerics like Chishti hold far more sway over Pakistanis than government officials. They lead prayers and give guidance on many aspects of life.

    "The cleric should be freed," said Noman, a 12-year-old boy wearing a t-shirt and shorts as bearded men gathered at the village mosque and barefoot children played nearby.

    "She (Masih) should be punished."
    Dim-witted muslim village clerics that have still not rightly torn-apart and burnt korans hold far more sway over the DDD(Different, Damaged and Damaging sub-species)muslim population than any country's government officials. They
    daily and five times a day lead in non-muslim hate lectures and give guidance
    on many aspects of how to be an evil and semi-insane human all this life.
    Five times a day !! Everyday !! Women are not people in this cult…they are
    things for breeding only. Islam sanctions pedophilia…..and it’s all in Arabic…..text
    and instructions and global arab money ……evil is cunning….a Guidance to
    insanity. There is no morality in islam although muslims constantly use word like morality and humanity and such. All bull !! All twisted to the opposite. Pure madness.islam is deadly man !!!
    You just got to read a proper and literal translation of the sadistic
    and insane Koran to f ing just know what these total idiots are up to in large
    numbers. Five times a day !! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor.
    Muslims are cartoons and they don’t even know it !!
    Every f ing day !!! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor. We’re screwed. Islam is coming …and their foreheads are going to knock down our doors.

  • Docky Musicy

    Nice but idiotic article…Just beause the jews move to Antartica doesn't mean the problem's solved for the muslims.

    According to the muslims till even one jew is alive anywhere on this they have to struggle to k i l l him.

    According to the muslims till even one Christian is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l him.

    According to the muslims till even one Hindu is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l him.
    According to the muslims till even one Buddhist is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l him.
    According to the muslims till even one Zorastrian is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l him.
    According to the muslims till even one NON-MUSLIM is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l him.
    According to the muslims till even one pig is alive anywhere on Earth they have to struggle to k i l l it.
    According to the muslims till even one dog is alive anywhere on this they have to struggle to k i l l it.
    Madness is descending on Planet Earth.

    I'd read a fantastic article somewhere here about the post 9 11 scenerio where islam was tackled with brains and finality and defeated. I can't find it now….can someone help.

  • Elpi Nipni

    Mr. Greenfield'
    Yet another pearl.
    The Muslim are the best at getting nowhere. They have managed to go forward from the seventh century.
    There us no doubt they are the world champions in staying in place.
    They are all born into their mund prison of which very few were able to escape' all of the hubsreds of them.
    Just keep up the great work Mr. Greenfield' and thank you

  • flowerknife_us

    Forget the South Pole. Let them all come to NYS. We could use the Money and the Brain Trust would do wonders for our economy.

  • Almarri

    Absolutely correct. The only positive view for the rest of the world is that the muslims will start killing each other more over which view of islam is correct than they are doing now. They are all idiotic bigots.

  • @CallenFamily

    Israel has made the Middle East better – at least the part within its borders.

  • Judd Rusnak

    As almost the entire world is still Anti-Semitic and as in the early 40's (last century), NO nation allowed the Jews to enter, I can not see who will accept 6 million Jews living in Israel and moving where?.

    No country on this earth will allow the Jews to migrate.
    So the whole article is utterly nonsense.

    Does any one belive that the USA, England, France, Canada, etc. will allow those 6 million refugees to enter?

  • Roger

    Oh did you make another comment?
    I was busy back laughing at your hate and bigotry. I know there is evil in the world, (islam for example) but you just amaze me in how you declare jihad and want to slaughter Christians by locking them into churches and burning them to death.

    24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO "

    And of course how you advocate vigilante justice. And you won't say if you prefer the burning churches or the untried suspects you want to kill. Why not, which do you want more?

  • Julio

    A post-Israel would mean peace in the middle east and the world. Israel is no longer God chosen one. They are the bad apple. I am not Arab or from the middle east. I am an American. But this is what I see.

  • LoJoFo

    Thanks. Good article.

  • Roger

    Then hamas need to quit using them as shields when they fire rockets from schools where the children hide.

    You know, the Israeli's put their children into bomb shelters to protect them instead of racing them out front to be in danger.

  • Roger

    Yes, and I read the stories as it happened as well.

    Geneva conventions forbid the use of civilian populations the way Hamas used their own flesh and blood.

    When they fired weapons from that school instead of military facilities they violated the rules for conduct in any wartime situation.

  • Roger

    They don't pretend to.
    Yet even they don't hide behind their own children. They have shelters to protect them.

    See the difference in mentality little wee?
    Such a small little man you are.
    So blinded by the bigotry and hate.

  • Roger

    And that doesn't exactly prove your point. Another muslim child was put into a place of danger and allowed to stay there by his parents.

    Can you imagine a Jewish mother allowing her boy to play in front of hamas soldiers without protection from harm?

  • Roger

    I did. You did.

    More importantly he posted a comment with things that were factual and made a valid point.

    Your bent towards jihad proves him correct.
    Remember how you wanted to brutally murder an entire town of Christians? You 'wee' little man you.

    24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO"

  • Roger

    He was out on the streets. And Israel didn't approve of what the soldier did either.

    Wee, you tiny little man. This is academic for you. You approved of Schalitt being kidnapped against the geneva conventions and held and mistreated. The boy you talk of was released in better condition that Schalitt was, so who was less humane?

    You are so full of hatred and bigotry it blinds you. So muslim, sitting there at your work terminal spewing propaganda all work day long.

  • WTE

    Where did I approve of anyone being kidnapped? Oh that's right………………never.

    But you approve of this:

  • Roger

    When did you condemn the kidnapping of Schalitt?

    I don't hear anything but crickets.

  • WTE

    I condemn the kidnapping of anyone <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: times new roman, new york, times, serif; FONT-SIZE: 12pt”> <DIV style=”FONT-FAMILY: times new roman, new york, times, serif; FONT-SIZE: 12pt”> <DIV dir=ltr> <DIV style=”BORDER-BOTTOM: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; LINE-HEIGHT: 0; MARGIN: 5px 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; HEIGHT: 0px; FONT-SIZE: 0px; BORDER-TOP: #ccc 1px solid; BORDER-RIGHT: #ccc 1px solid; PADDING-TOP: 0px”></DIV>