Inside France’s Future Muslim-Majority City

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When foreigners think of the French city of Marseille they think of the national anthem, of Renoir sketching the old port in slashes of yellow and blue, and of castles and cafes overlooking the water. But the old port will now be overshadowed by a Grand Mosque.

The Grand Mosque project has cast a shadow over Marseille since 1989; its location on the site of a former slaughterhouse where pigs were once butchered and the Saudi money going into the project has only given the whole affair a more ominous air. The prolonged legal battle over its construction has gone on through the years even as Islamic terrorism in Marseille has grown to dangerous proportions.

In 1994, Marseille was where the Christmas Hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 came to its bloody end. Muslim terrorists from the Armed Islamic Group had hijacked the plane on Christmas Eve shouting “Allah Akbar” and informing the passengers that this particular deity had chosen them to wage war in his name. The terrorists forced the stewardesses to veil themselves with cabin blankets, recited verses from the Koran and murdered a number of passengers.

But the Armed Islamic Group had bigger plans than a few burkas and a few murders. Their plan was to ram Air France Flight 8969 directly into the Eiffel Tower. Marseille was supposed to be a refueling stopover before a final fatal flight to Paris, but with no sign of the extra fuel that would allow them to inflict maximum damage, the terrorists tried to kill a member of the crew who had told them he was an atheist. Instead French authorities took down the terrorists and prevented an earlier French version of September 11.

Islamic terror however wasn’t done with Marseille or the Eiffel Tower. More recently French authorities broke up another terrorist ring which had targeted the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. The Grand Mosque of Marseille is a more indirect form of architectural attack. Rather than blow up Marseille‘s Notre-Dame de la Garde church, considered by Catholics to be the guardian and protectress of the city, it will overshadow it instead.

Between a quarter and a third of Marseille’s residents are Muslim and demographics suggest that the city may be on its way to becoming the first majority Muslim city in Europe. Marseille’s coat of arms may still bear the azure cross, but not for long. There are already 60 mosques in the city, but many of them are underground. When it is completed, the Grand Mosque will act as a claim of ownership to the city.

Muslims had attacked the port city in the 9th century capturing it and enslaving its native inhabitants. That which Muslims once took, their theologians insist is theirs in perpetuity. The Muslim return to Marseille is seen as a reconquista, a return to the land that was once theirs. Building a mega mosque is a way of sealing the deal and making it clear to any infidels that the religion of peace is back with a vengeance.

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  • ★FALCON★

    In my humble opinion – France and Holland are gone. The West would be wise to consolidate what remains before we lose that too. Muslims spreading West while killing Christians at home is a recipe for annihilation.

    • Atikva

      It's not only France and The Netherlands that are gone. There is also Belgium, Sweden, Norway, not to mention Great Britain.

      Spain and Italy are not faring much better either.

      All the more reasons for us Americans to open our eyes to the islamic danger and stop the invasion.

    • Drakken

      Don't give up on them yet, Europeans have a real nasty habit of going nationalistic when push comes to shove, and I believe that time is coming sooner than anyone thinks, all it is going to take is someone to push the envelope and all hell will break loose that will make the Balkans pale in comparrison.

      • dffffff

        they don't have the nerve anymore, not since the nanny state has gelded them. In Sweden even men sit to pee. They're gone.

    • IranAware

      England is right behind them with Germany pulling up the rear too…

  • MotherGoose

    Europe is toast – France will be a Muslim nation before mid-century. People here in the US better wtfu.

    • Drakken

      There will be civil war sooner than that.

  • LindaRivera

    The most EVIL people on this earth, European and British ruling elites have deliberately imported massive numbers of Muslim immigrants into their countries in order to wage jihad against hated non-Muslims. The EVIL ruling elites don't care that the Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims.

    Centuries ago, Europeans fought brave and bloody battles against the barbaric Muslim invaders. In our day, Western ruling elites invite Muslims in to conquer.

    In all of human history, there was never such a betrayal by nations' leaders.

    God will judge Western ruling elites. Future generations will condemn them.

    • dffffff

      what future generations? The whole world will be muslim

  • katharina40

    Oh don´t forget Germany here! The luxuriously pampered Saudi/Qatar Muslim Brotherhood-led Turkish communities & Turkey are trying to impose their Turkish FLAG/NATIONALISM, Islamic/Turkish culture especially their language especially brainwashing the young all the way from Kindergartens, and that monstrous and sexually enslaving Saudi-Arabic veil in Germany here, especially over non-Islamic/non-Turkish minority groups who also contribute to Germany. And who´s helping them – the treacherous Left especially from that Green party, SPD and other Socialist parties. And MB-loving Obama is also playing his dirty game here by trying to push the EU to accept Turkey – for goodness sake why, we should really ask! But we know why alright! But I also blamed the majority of cowards here who prefer to keep silent and whining only silently from behind – because they are too lazy or ignorant to read up on complex news or behave as if they are too hypocritically 'polite' to challenge Islam or accept such unacceptable dscrimination against non-Islamic/non-Turkish minority groups!

  • Roy

    "Foreigners living in France will shortly be able to vote in local elections…"
    France is now finished. Thanks to its politicians pandering to foreigners for votes over its own citizens.

    • HighPressure

      hmmm… like here? Up here in NY State the Democrats have illegals working on their congressional campaigns…

  • Raymond in DC

    Feckless national leadership, local demographics, and a policy of appeasement are all leading to the inevitable disappearance of the Europe we once knew. France may or may not be the first to fall – there are others in this race to a dark end. Belgium might well be first. Holland and Sweden will go later. There are mega-mosques going up all over Europe, including in Spain – at least partially with public funding. Like Marseilles, Spain was once under Islamic rule as Al Andalus, so it's also deemed "waqf" territory.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.

  • Arius

    The death march of the West continues…

  • LindaRivera

    Winston Churchill said on October 29, 1941, in World War Two, after the Blitz when things looked terrible:

    Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

    Europeans and Brits, Never give in! NEVER! Join Europe's freedom parties and Britain's Freedom Party:

    FIGHT FOR YOUR SURVIVAL and the SURVIVAL of our superior, and extremely merciful Western Civilization!
    Every one of us must fight! We must NOT lose our safety, freedom and human rights!

    • judith

      Yes, yes, yes..never give in to the savages!

  • LindaRivera

    Last week, a woman in Marseille wearing a niqab, a Muslim garment that covers the entire face except for the eyes, was asked for her identification by the police. “I don’t obey the laws of the French Republic,” was her reply. Some of the Muslims near the mosque attacked the police, who defended themselves and are now facing an administrative inquiry for doing so. Their Muslim attackers however were released, according to the prosecutor, as a “gesture of appeasement during Ramadan.”

    Besides the crime against humanity of importing many millions of Islam's hostile foot soldiers into Europe and Britain, violent Muslim attackers for the sole reason they are Muslims, are ALLOWED by European and British leaders to viciously attack hated non-Muslims and walk free.

    A non-Muslim British woman in Britain was attacked and viciously beaten up by Somali Muslim women who walked free from court for the sole reason they belonged to the totalitarian, political-religious system of Islam. The victim of Muslim violence was lucky that she survived the cruel attack.

    European and British leaders HATE law-abiding, peaceful non-Muslims as much as Muslims hate non-Muslims.
    We are in a desperate fight for our survival and our leaders are on the side of those who hate us!

    • deprogrammer

      So what are your sources for those two stories?

      • LindaRivera

        You didn't even READ the article! What a joke.

        My FIRST paragraph is from the top of page two. Please read.

        UK DAILY MAIL: Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling 'kill the white slag' freed after judge hears 'they weren't used to drinking because they're Muslims'

        Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page's head during High Street attack
        Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences
        Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years' jail
        Judge: 'Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I'm going to suspend the sentence'

        ‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time.
        ‘They were taking turns to kick me over and over. I thought they were going to kill me.’

        • deprogrammer

          I gave the article a quick read then after a break came to ask you a very simple question a few hours later. Your lack of a civil response is very FPM of you.
          As for your conspiracy grow up. The same BS was said about the Irish, Italians, Jews, etc., etc. who came to the US in the various waves of immigration. If you can't handle immigration then I recommend finding an isolated little shack somewhere very far and leave the human race alone.

          • Guest

            You sound identical to the illegal alien supporters in the US, many of which claim all of the US border states as their own claiming it was taken from them. They are to stupid to know Mexico sold the US that land because they didn't consider it worth anything at the time. Read your history. Europe is gone because of greed, being politically correct, removing free speech etc.

          • deprogrammer

            I address whining like yours in another post.

          • Silverio Facundo

            The one who needs to "read your history" is you. " Mexico sold the US that land because they didn't consider it worth anything at the time." I don't know whether you are being facetious or plain ignorant. Americans waged a war against Mexico, who happened to be ruled by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, a pompous, incompetent self-aggrandizing man not very different from say, Barack Obama. After losing the war against the US, he was forced to surrender over what was then almost one half of the Mexican territory, including all of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and parts of Colorado. All those territories were indeed taken away from Mexico. Sure the U.S: paid a "ransom" to the Mexican dictator, about a penny per every several thousand acres

          • LindaRivera

            The Irish, Italians, Jews, etc., etc. who came to the US DID NOT come to conquer America! They are extremely PATRIOTIC and their allegiance is to America!

          • aspacia

            They assimilated, Muslims often do not because of religious directives. Read the Qu'ran for insight.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Neither the Irish, nor the Italians, nor the Jews flew hundreds of people into the WTC on 9-11 killing thousands of people. Then there's the Ft. Hood shooting, the Beltway Sniper, the WTC bombing in the early 1990's, the shooting at the El Al terminal at LAX, the public attack on Christians in Dearbornistan etc. etc. Yours is an argument of false equivalence Farid.

          • dffffff

            The Irish, Italians share the same religion as the original settlers, Christianity, and the Jews were accustomed to living amongst Christians fro centuries, unlike muslims whose very book tells them not to mingle with non-muslims, to convert, subdue or kill non-muslims, so shut your ignorant trap, you ignoramus.

  • @frank95054

    The city of Dearborn Michigan is fast becoming the Muslim capital of America. How much longer with the French put up with hate?

  • LindaRivera

    UK DAILY MAIL: Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling 'kill the white slag' freed after judge hears 'they weren't used to drinking because they're Muslims'

    Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page's head during High Street attack
    Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences
    Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years' jail
    Judge: 'Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I'm going to suspend the sentence'

    ‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time.
    ‘They were taking turns to kick me over and over. I thought they were going to kill me.’

  • BethNahrin

    West have to learn from what happened in the middle east : Christians(Assyrians, Greeks, Armenians) genocide by the hand of Turks, massacres and intimidation by muslims all over the middle east during centuries.
    You may suffer the same fate as the christians of the middle east, may be worse : arabization which destroy a lot of civilization…

  • jose

    The muslims will soon 'refire' the ovens of germany soon. Guess who goes in this time?

  • Drakken

    There will be war soon enough, the natives are restless and the more the govts of Europe try to silence peoples voices the more likely the the next thing you hear is rifles.

    • deprogrammer

      So you're hoping for a massive, bloody civil war? Turn the whole continent into something like the former Yugoslavia? You realise that didn't work out well for anyone, right?

      • HermitLion

        So you're hoping for a massive, bloody civil war, in which muslims will impose tyranny on the European population, and turn the whole continent into something like Afghanistan. You realize that wouldn't work out well for anyone, right?

        • deprogrammer

          Are you really stupid enough to think changing a couple words in my posts constitutes an actual rebuttal? Also you messed up your example totally. You ignored the very simple fact that Afghanistan started as a majority Muslim country then was invaded by a foreign power. Fell to chaos then was invaded by yet another foreign power.
          A civil war – since you don't know what those words mean – is an internal conflict.
          So to sum up you screwed up the cultural, historical, demographic and political elements of your comparison. I suppose you would consider a triumph because you avoided swallowing your own tongue while posting?

          • Lucia

            Brilliant rebuttal, HermitLion!
            deprogrammer, you troll! you're so brainwashed you don't recognize irony when it hits you in the face.
            Afghanistan didn't start as a muslim country at all. Maybe you read some history of the place and learn of how many different cultures and religions the people that used to inhabit it in the preislamic era were, and then maybe you take a lesson in how it had been islamized. Then is when everything fell to chaos. Foreign powers could not have turned to chaos something that was a representation of chaos to begin with. But I don't presume you're familiar with the true meaning of the concept of history.

            In countries like France, there can be a muslim triggered civil war, since muslims have infiltrated and, unfortunately, are seen and treated as European citizens, which is exactly what HermitLion clearly and correctly meant.

            LindaRivera, you don't need to apologize to the moron, you see how he how he insults others around here and then he barks asking for respect. No respect for trolls!

          • Kufar Dawg

            Afghanistan was a majority Hindu/Buddhist country liar, which is why the muslo-nazis there set about destroying all evidence that a superior culture ever existed there, as evidenced by their destruction of a 2000 year old statue of Buddha even though the PRC offered to buy and move the statue for them.

            Maybe you should start by swallowing your own lies, maybe with a nice glass of camel urine to wash them down with.

  • LindaRivera

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and murder of non-Muslims. The Quran commands Muslims to wage jihad against hated non-Muslims.

    Since 9/11, Muslims have carried out more than 19,331 deadly terror attacks.

  • Lightning Jack

    The European people are held hostage by quisling politicians and bureaucrats, who would whore their nations liberty, safety and freedoms to appease the progressive insanity of multiculturalism .

    No one can mutually coexist with fundamentalist Islam unless they become Islam. Europeans are fools and in the end they will receive a fools reward.

  • deprogrammer

    It was thought the Irish were intent on doing just that. The hats bishops wear were drawn like the mouths of crocodiles and intent on eating children. Papal conspiracy was seen around every corner and groups like the Know Nothing party (apt name) were not uncommon.
    As for the Quran teaching hate, violence and murder all I have to say is: Have you actually read the bible? The Abrahamic religions have created a truly bloody minded bunch who killed within and without their respective communities from the very beginning. As for the tally what – if any evidence – does that site have? What is the criteria? Why do I get the feeling drones guiding bombs onto some village in Afghanistan would never be considered a terrorist attack. Well, unless they found out a muslim was at the controls.

    • Kufar Dawg

      "Allah's Apostle said, ‘You Muslims will fight the Jews till some of them hide behind stones. The stones will betray them saying, "O Abdullah (slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him."'"

      "Allah's Apostle said, ‘The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."'"

      In Sahih Muslim: Book 041, Number 6985:
      Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

      Looks like you have some 'splainin' to do disingenuous deprogrammer.

  • Schlomotion

    Here, Mr. Greenfield asserts that although between a quarter and a third of Marseille's residents are Muslims, they should be deprived of the right to build a place of worship. Mr. Greenfield, who does not live in France, is thus exerting his Jewish bigotry from a far flung pulpit in New York against people all the way across the ocean who are now coming up as Frenchmen after years of French colonial domination in Algeria.

  • kate b

    We are actually having a vote to have an EU referendum. Yes, I know, voting to see if we can have a vote……just vote, already. Most people I know are in their own little ignorant, pathetic world and haven't voted – the upshot may be that there won't be enough wanting the vote. When/if there is, you bet the £53 million per day we pay to the EU (which promotes OIC/UN laws as well as stupid EU laws) will be spent on propaganda to sway the thoughtless, naive and lazy, just as it was to lure the Irish in.

    However, I know the book of my culture, I know the end so I know they won't fill the world with Muslim cities, in fact we will look for them (people adherent to this ideology) and we will not find them.

  • Klaus Doktarman

    "Doniel Groenfeld" knows how to stir up emotions!

  • JustAnotherPerson

    How strange to see France forgo their own culture, when they've been so jealous of it in the past. I suspect Germany, China, or Russia will invade at some point; Stranger to think, the French will actually cheer their new overlords.

  • dada

    Hindus/non-muslims suffer each time the percentage of muslim population goes up in any area – be it afghanistan, pakistan, Assam or bangladesh.

    muslims do not follow law and order anywhere; loot and plunder and set on fire Hindu/non-muslim property; rape Hindu/non-muslim women; assault and kill Hindu/non-muslim men.

    This story remains the same no matter which century or which country/area one is talking about.

  • Tony Afara

    The world should start using a more suitable title for Islam, something that doesn’t mislead people into thinking its just another religion, but to realize its a creeping disease. Something in the line “Genocidal Islam” or “Gangrenous Islam”. You know, something that describes the Islamic approach to modern society and catches people’s attention. Are Americans so naive to think that it will be any different here in the U.S?

    • Uzair Khan

      With due respect, You don’t even know about Islam. Relating AlQaida and Taliban with Islam is same as relating Hitler with Christianity. (Which is not fair)

      • Tony Afara

        Really Uzair? Can you show us where exactly Islam is trying to combat those “thugs” committing those atrocities in its name? Don’t talk to me about fair, what is not fair Uzair is little babies and children being hung and beheaded without beep of outrage from the Muslim world!!! you want to tell me again which part of Islam was good?

        I know enough about Islam to make me absolutely reject it’s crazy Ideology, So apparently I know more about it than you do. No man in his right mind could believe in that rubbish.

        ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaida, Boco Haram, Kharasan or what ever the hell follow the teachings of the Koran to the letter, you should read it one day

        PS: Hitler’s Ideology and goals fell in line with those of Islam and not Christianity, check your history

  • Yoav Margolis

    How dare they conquer our nations!?!

    • Gunny

      They dare to do so, as long as we sit on our “behinds” and let them, and dont force our politicians to stop the immigration.

      That is why they dare, and why they can!