Inside the Mind of a Muslim Honor Killer

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If you ever wondered how an honor-killer rationalizes killing a sibling, here is an example of the breed. He regrets “losing his sister”, but blames her and his family for making him hunt her down at a battered women’s shelter. There isn’t a completely absence of human feelings, rather an absence of responsibility. He isn’t incapable of feeling, just incapable of exercising moral awareness. He is sad that his sister is gone and sad that he had to kill her, but does not truly regret his part in any of it.

  • drcrazycatkid

    Please post the link to this story again as I am interested (horrified, yes, but interested). Thanks.

  • jemaasjr

    Most reasons are just excuses. It is just that when we disapprove of the action, the excuse seems more superficial. And in this case it is all aggravated by the vigilante justice that Islam so often advocates.