Inside the Muslim Brotherhood’s Torture Chambers

Does the Muslim Brotherhood have its own torture chambers? Well it wouldn’t be a proper totalitarian movement if it didn’t. In the Middle East having your torture chambers is like an American politician getting his own handicapped parking sticker, it’s a sign that you have real power now.

Al-Masry Al-Youm spent three hours Wednesday night in a Muslim Brotherhood torture chamber at the presidential palace. The central chamber was located at the gate of the palace in front of Omar bin Abdel Aziz Mosque on Merghany Street. The chamber was cordoned by iron barriers and Central Security Forces, who only allowed this reporter access after a colleague from Misr 25 satellite channel, owned by the Brotherhood, intervened.

Police officials in uniform were present inside the chamber, as were plainclothes officers from the Nozha police station. Fifteen Brotherhood members were also present, supervised by three bearded men who decided who should be there. They could order anyone out of the room.

Opposing protesters were brought to the chambers after being detained by Brotherhood members, who beat them and tore their clothes.

The kidnappers would take the detained person’s ID card, mobile phone and money before beginning “investigations,” which included intervals of beating to force the confession that he or she is a “thug.”

The interrogators would then ask their captive why they had taken to the street, if they had received any money for protesting, and if they belonged to Mohamed ElBaradei’s Constitution Party, Hamdeen Sabbahi’s Popular Current or the dissolved National Democratic Party of Hosni Mubarak.

If the detainee denied affiliation, the torturers would intensify beatings and verbal abuse. They also documented the interrogations on a mobile phone camera and contacted the Misr 25 TV channel to name the detainees as thugs.

After a while, a captive would be transferred to a central chamber, where a Brotherhood lawyer would hand his or her ID card and personal belongings to a senior police officer, who was the head of the “investigations department” in the chamber. Some Brotherhood members claimed that they found weapons on the detainees and had handed them over to Nozha police officers.

This reporter heard detainees screaming inside the chamber. One pleaded, “I’m a bearded sheikh… It’s Safwat Hegazy who will restore my rights. I’m a friend of all sheikhs.” A bleeding man cried, “I’m an educated person. I have a car. Do I look like a thug?” A severely beaten detainee, who said he was from Sayeda Zeinab, was accused of being affiliated with former Parliament Speaker Fathi Sorour.

Some of the detainees were not able to respond to the questions the Brotherhood interrogators screamed at them because of their physical state. Some were bleeding profusely and severely fatigued, but were not given medical assistance, only offered bottles of water to drink.

There was blood visible on the pavement outside the chambers. Some Brothers covered it with dust to try to hide it, but some of it remained visible.

Maybe Morsi can call in his good friend Obama to help him spread some of the dust over the blood.

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 12/07/12 common era

    So the "Arab Spring" is not the start of an Egyptian democratic republic after all!?! No New- England-style townhall meetings there after all? The evil Morsi doubtless is a big fan of "gun control." This evil is
    the direct result of the machinations of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  • Masha Pipick

    Mioshie Moishe, Moshe Pipick….I agree

  • randy63ism

    Another good article by Daniel Greenfield. We all knew what was going to happen when this so-called ‘Arab Spring” broke out. We all knew it would not bring democracy to the Middle East. We accurately predicted this back at the beginning, yet all the leftists not actively working to subvert the truth from a position of indifference, still spew their vile garbage in a state of obliviousness towards objective, observable reality.

  • Arlie

    This is horrifying. A pox on the house of Obama and Morsi and your deadly propaganda "religion which is evil". UN – what good are you? Security council – what good are you? In the name of all that is holy this is atrocious!!

  • JacksonPearson

    The Muslim Brotherhood are just doing what every pure Wahhab/Salifi companions of Mohammad have been taught to do, however, whatever you do, don't criticize them. /S

    Freedom of speech is just a dream in many countries of the world and the OIC is using its muscle at the UN to criminalize criticism of Islam as people wake up to the real and present threat that Islam poses to western democracies. Muslims view the Quran with awe and believe that there exists an exact copy in Heaven written on stone tablets, in Arabic, of course. Writing books that are critical of the Quran can be a dangerous business as Salman Rushdie discovered with his “Satanic Verses”. Even making a film exposing verses from the Quran can prove deadly as Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh found out. The Reliance of the Traveller, the classic book of Islamic law, calls for people who criticize Allah or his prophet to be killed. So what is there to hide in Islam? Why must there be no critiquing of Islam’s Holy book?