Iran’s Meth Empire

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The meth business is one of those lines of work whose skills easily transfer over to terrorism. And vice versa.  Both depend on smuggling materials, setting up labs, obtaining false documents, local contacts and finally making the delivery. The easiest way to set up a terrorist operation in another country is to first set up a drug operation. The drug trade is much more profitable than the Jihad business and much easier to recruit local help for. And once the meth foot is in the door, then the Koran can come in after it.

A month before the Bangkok blasts, Thai police had turned up enough bomb making materials for multiple truck bombs hidden in cat litter boxes by a Hezbollah member, a Shiite terrorist group controlled by Iran. It wasn’t Hezbollah’s first operation in Bangkok, but it would have been by far the most lethal.

Meanwhile in this hemisphere, Iran has built up a similar presence, often piggybacking on Hezbollah. The links that Iran forged with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, closely allied with the narcoterrorists of FARC, were based on oil, drugs and a common hatred for the free world. Iranian and Lebanese drugs flow through Venezuela fusing leftist and Islamic narcoterrorism together through mutual interests. From Venezeula, they go out to Europe and up to the United States.

The drug trade has given Hezbollah a foothold throughout North America with truckloads of Pseudoephedrine, a base ingredient for crystal meth, coming down from Canada. The tablets go to meth labs and the profits go back to Lebanon and Iran. North or south, east or west, it’s the same story on every continent.

In Australia, authorities opened thousands of cases of raisins being shipped from Afghanistan via Iran to find hundreds of pounds of Heroin and Pseudoephedrine. And in West Africa, Hezbollah has made itself at home with expat Lebanese Shiite businessmen overseeing its drug smuggling operations and laundering the money into local and international businesses.

The road to Thailand leads back to West Africa, whose cartels bring together Latin American druglords with Hezbollah operatives for a truly worldwide operation. Under their influence West Africa has become a hub for global meth trafficking and the politics have followed.

Cote d’Ivoire, recently the victim of a Muslim coup, is a vital part of Hezbollah’s drug routes. Guinea-Bissaun leaders signed agreements with Iran only to be arrested by their own military on charges of running a narcostate. Senegal, an even bigger drug trafficking hub, was Iran’s gateway to Africa and Hezbollah’s second largest cash machine, until the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was caught smuggling weapons to rebels.

But methamphetamines have more than just one purpose. Law enforcement has noted the use of meth by suicide bombers bringing the circle of meth and terror to its natural conclusion. Meth and crystal meth were first synthesized in Japan where they were eventually put to use on Kamikaze pilots. Today there are Iranian drug labs in Japan and meth is trafficked to fund terror and distributed to suicide bombers.

There is no word on whether Saeid Moradi, the Thailand bomber, was using meth at the time, but considering Iran’s deep drug network on Bangkok and his violent and bizarre behavior, it would not be particularly surprising if he were. The suicide bomber, like the Kamikaze, aspires to an inhuman state and much of what Muslim clerics call martyrdom is really methamphetamines.

From Asia to America to Africa, the scope of Iran’s meth empire is astounding. It has allowed Shiite Muslims, who are a minority even within Islam, to build a worldwide network and recruit allies from nearly every continent. And its Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah terrorists have become missionaries of meth spreading a faith in greed and death wherever they go.

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  • Whatsinaname

    Ah, yes, the beauty of Islam reaches every aspect of life all over the world. It turns human beings into drugged up, mindless drones delivering bombs, murdering without mercy everyone who happens to be in its path. This is just a portend of what life will be like under Sharia. Iran has one of the highest rates of drug addiction in the world. In Teheran, I believe, 40% of males are drug addicts. No wonder their population growth is now so low, they are not even able to replace themselves. And plenty of our politicians still think we can negotiate with them. Negotiate what?

    • jacob

      Since stupidity is bottomless, may I remind you that just after PEARL HARBOR, there were
      Congresspeople a la RON PAUL who suggested calling on JAPAN to find out whether the
      attack didn't happen by mistake….

      Rest assured RON PAUL would, same as OBAMA's insistence on negotiating with IRAN

  • jacob

    I was watching yesterday a video of an interview with a Muslim leader of BELGIUM, and he stated bluntly
    that there is not such a specimen as a DEMOCRATIC MUSLIM, comparing it with an oxymoron such as
    a Christian Jew or a Jewish Muslim….and that Islam and Sharia were given by GOD himself and it is what
    has to rule the world.
    (Comes to mind the cult idiots who call themselves JEWS FOR JESUS)
    So much for those who still believe that Islam is a religion of peace.

    Incidentally, it seems that if there is an European country ready to become Islamic, it is Belgium by 2020

    How about our good old USA ?????

    • Sebastian Andrew

      Comes to mind the cult idiots who call themselves JEWS FOR JESUS)

      The first DISCIPLES were JEWS FOR JESUS.

    • Guest

      Islam isn't "The Religion of Peace." More correctly, it is "The Religion of Piece(s); Mostly, Body Parts." Since 9/11, some 18,798 people have been slaughtered by ISLAMIC TERROR attacks. I put this in capitals because last year, Our Dear Leader (a.k.a. Obama) FORBID his ENTIRE CABINET from using the terms "Muslim Terrorist" or "Islamic Terror." So much for either Reality or Free Speech. He continues to thrash Israel/the Jews while trying to POLISH the image of Islam worldwide. He is sheer Poison for Israel and, ultimately America in my opinion. If he had a shred of real concern for this nation, he would NEVER, EVER have attempted to inflict himself on the nation for another 4 years of misery and rudderless incompetence.

    • mjazz
  • WilliamJamesWard

    The World is in a war against evil and Isam is one of the greatest part of this war to destroy all non-Islamists
    and even Muslims that do not go along with the teachings in the Koran to kill and destroy, they mark
    themselves for death. Political totalitarians of Marxism/Leftists/Socialists ilk and organized crime who tend
    to support facism are prevalent in every society where leftist and corrupt politicians, Judges and Police
    are paid to allow their activities. Somehow our problems boil down to the character of our people, the
    girly-man introduction in America, meterosexuals and other bizzare mutations of manhood all point to
    the destruction of man by the above vile entities. I think the end result will be the predicted wars and
    drastic measures for survival of the good will be a no prisoners necessity……..Showtime will be ugly.

    • ruth anderson

      that is so true, i had to tweet it.

  • cassandra

    This is not part of a global mozlem plan to conquer all the Dar al Harb and impose sharia on the whole of the planet. A few Jews doing drug deals is a criminal activity, not political, as the proceeds of the Iranian drug business is to fill the pockets of the IRGC and keep money flowing in for jihad! FAIL!!

    • Schlomotion

      You go on. You tug that boat. Tug that boat that Israeli cocaine trade is just good clean fun and Islamic meth trade is dirty terrorism.

      • shmomotion

        the thing is shmo, you never seem to call out other countries when they commit all sorts of atrocities – and it's not just because you have it in for the Jews and Israel. It's because you were severely shortchanged in the balls department – you're a hater and a coward.

        • Zionista

          hey shmo! tell ya what – I'll give you one of my balls – that way we'll both have two!!!

        • Ghostwriter

          And you continue to act like an idiot. The Israelis don't want to murder Americans. Your beloved Muslims do. Get with the real world,Schlockmotion.

  • Ronald Johnston

    If this is true, the only solution is for Israel to make a sea of glass out of Iran and Syria!!!!

  • Whatsinaname

    Schlo, the first article you cite states that the cocaine was entering Israel, not leaving Israel for some other country, or hadn't you noticed that? So your implication that Israel is contributing to the world drug trade is ridiculous. Who knows who brought that stuff to Israel — maybe it was some arab or a disgruntled black guy in NY who thinks he's a "Hebrew Israelite". The other articles — the Chabad rabbi claims he was duped into transporting drugs. You seem to have inside information on this, hmmmm. The other two articles were already taken off the site but it seems to me that if the Israeli police seized the drugs, it couldn't have been an Israeli gov't plot. Re the rabbi and sex — well, if it is true, how does that implicate the Israeli gov't?

  • kentek

    Has anyone noticed that there are no meth labs in Singapore and probably no meth users either. How do they do that?

    • Captain America

      Easy. Anybody caught with drugs gets executed.

  • moonmac

    The Drug War makes Evil Men even more powerful. It will never end! Way too many people getting rich off it…

  • jearuiz01

    The same time he totally ignores the role covert and non-violent jihad plays in the Meth business, even though covert and non-violent jihad is employed by the Islamic world against the non-Islamic world astronomically far more prevalently and constitutes an exponentially far greater threat to the peace and security of the non-Islamic world relative to violent jihad. h

  • nod32 Keys

    Mohammad Hazaei, one of the other terrorists, was stopped at the airport while waiting to board a flight to Malaysia.

  • Ivan

    This article is amazing. There’s nothing like it anywhere. I know it’s true. I can feel it. Iran does everything criminal, including money laundering, pedophelia, u name it.