Iran Announces “Great Prophet World Prize” for Scientific Achievements

Sure there are riots in the streets over the price of chicken, but the Mullahs have the moolah to create their own Islamic Nobel Prize for achievements in suicide bomber detonators.

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Nasrin Soltankhah said the Iranian government plans to grant a Nobel-like prize to selected Muslim scientists in a bid to encourage them to promote and elevate their works and prepare them for “tighter and harder rivalries at global levels, like the Nobel Prize,”

That’s the lady briefly exposing her shamelessly naked face in the photo above. There are already plenty of scientific awards out there, but Iran’s will be really special.

“The prize will be granted biennially to the Muslim world scientists in three technological fields in which Iran has also made outstanding progress,” she added.

So this is a prize to promote Iran, rather than the scientists it’s being awarded to, and considering Iran’s incredible list of scientific achievements, this limits the award to finding new triggers for suicide bomber vests. Or you know… the nuclear stuff.

Fars reported that “Iran has made huge achievements in various fields of science and technology, from nuclear knowledge to stem cell and medicine production as well as nanotechnology.”

So basically nuclear stuff.

The “Great Prophet World Prize” is the Islamic Republic’s feeble attempt at soft power outreach to Sunni Muslim countries and to promote the myth that Iran is pushing a nuclear program for “science”, rather than for weapons.

Perhaps the “Great Prophet World Prize” can be inscribed with this quote from the Ayatollah Khomeini.

“You, young people of the new generation, try to think more clearly. Stop turning toward science and its laws which have led so many among you to neglect your major responsibilities! Come to the help of Islam! Save the Muslims!”

Or this one. “Satan is everywhere, even alongside those who sit at home and pray … Every path can lead to Hell: Science could lead Man to Hell; at times even Monotheism can lead Man to Hell; Mysticism can lead Man to Hell; Theology can lead Man to Hell; Ethics can lead Man to Hell.”

…the only things that don’t lead man to hell? Establishing a genocidal tyranny and raping 15-year-old girls before hanging them in the name of Allah.

  • kafir4life

    Imagine the infomercials in iran for Prophet brand camel piss…..mmmmmmm. good stuff.

    Seriously, what would be "great" having anything to do with that maniac inventor of the gutter cult islam, mohamat the dog faced pig?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      They've often stolen great things over the centuries.

  • Chuck

    Well….. they were smart enough to "hijack" and steal a Top Secret U.S. STEALTH Spy Drone AND disable the self destruct. With the Choice of HELP offered from russians and Chinese they should be spreading US stealth drone secrets to the rest of our enemies soon.

  • Tanveer Hayat

    World needs Iran to make all big steps that others dare to do….I wanna congratulate and salute Iran for being such wise in making that step to introduce a new award for those who really got talent and excellence and to break down the tyranny of the noble prize committee.
    Noble prize committee has lost its credibility after awarding EU with noble peace prize…now it's nothing but a group of opportunistic people who are using its reputation to protect their evil interests and to bring out debate over already disputed issues.