Iran Arrests Over 300 Christians in 2 Years

If only we somehow found a way to make Iran feel less threatened by its religious minorities, surely the situation would improve. (from Jihad Watch)

More than 300 Christians have been arrested since mid-2010 in Iran where churches operate in a climate of fear and Muslims who convert to Christianity face persecution, United Nations human rights investigators said on Thursday.

They welcomed the release earlier this month of Yousof Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor who spent three years in prison before his death sentence for apostasy and evangelism was commuted, but voiced deep concerns for those still detained.

“Scores of other Christians appear to remain in detention for freely practicing their religion,” he said, noting the Iranian constitution and a landmark international treaty ratified by Iran protect the right to practice that faith.

“Churches continue to report undue pressure to report membership, in what appears to be an effort to pressure and sometimes even detain converts,” he said.

But remember Muslims respect religion and are completely baffled and outraged when people disrespect their religion. All they want is to pass laws forbidding anyone from offending their religion. As Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan put it, your freedom of speech stops where their freedom of religion begins and their freedom of religion stops over your grave. And then rolls over it.