Iranian Drone Shot Down Over Israel (VIDEO)

There are really two possibilities here. One some unknown party is trying to spy on Israel. Two Iran decided to prove that it had copied that downed US drone. Too bad it forgot that US drone technology derived from Israeli technology.

The only real question is why even bother? Iran has plenty of disposable human personnel on the ground. Sure having Hamas defect to the Sunni Gulf Axis probably put a crimp in the number of available personnel, but spending a sizable chunk of change on a drone seems rather senseless except as a way of showing off.

Iran would no doubt like precise targeting capability inside Israel, but drone warfare is mainly suitable for countries that are troubled by collateral damage. That’s never been a problem for any Muslim country. That just leaves espionage.

On Saturday at 10 AM, the IDF control systems identified a penetration by an unmanned aircraft from the Mediterranean, entering over Gaza, into the south of Israel.

The drone was under continuous surveillance from the air and the ground upon entering Israeli airspace, including an escort from IAF fighter jets, as it traveled some 100 kilometers over Israel.

The drone was shot down by an F-16 (“Sufa”) with an anti-aircraft missile, in the area of Yatir forest in the northern Negev (the south Mount Hebron area), in order to prevent damage to populated areas.

IDF forces are collecting fragments of the aircraft to try to identify with certainty its origin and mission.

It is now believed that the drone was launched from Lebanon and traveled south until it turned into Israel. That could mean it was controlled by Hezbollah or Iran.

IDF Spokesperson Yoav Mordechai said the drone was being tracked the entire time it was over Israel.

  • khalid ahmed

    Third option proaility self defence operation readiness cannot be ruled out????????

  • Yeah

    US drone. Obama sent it.

  • rahul

    may be its US drone

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The US doesn't need drones for espionage

      • Yeah

        They sure do. If Israel is moving things between satellite passes.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Not in Israel. Also the US would have a good idea of Israel's tracking capabilities and wouldn't have pulled such a dumb move.

          • Cynic

            Well, with all the Bidens, Clappers and other fools we’ve witnessed to date the probability can exist. :-)


            Too bad Ahm-mad-bout-jihad wasn't on the helicopter.

  • Blaise Zarco

    Seems to be a provacation by Iran and it clearly should invoke a comment by the Obama administration, but since Obama seems to be against Israel I doubt it will. The next debate would (since it is on defence) would provide the ideal place for the news ,media to pose the question.

  • Dale

    The those dam Republicans…. trying to sure up more unrest….

  • Mike Villano

    Sweet shot.

  • watsa46

    The recovered pieces will give clues as to its owner. Then !!!

    • uh

      I’m sure the Israelis will give a full disclosure of such details as they always do, because they’re our best friends.

  • Ronald

    Have no doubt Iran is on a short along with Egypt and other middle east countries

  • Matt

    Things very rarely have one purpose, intelligence gathering, but also to take feed of activity of Dimona to the bitch at the UN, about the NTP. Every time it is like clockwork, the talks, the stalling, the great Iranian concessions (showing a willingness to negotiate, feeding hope to the foolish) the alternative argument is rolled out, about the NTP. It is always the same.