Iran’s Supreme Tyrant Praises Occupy Wall Street

There are few merits of achievement that allow you to recognize when you have reached the highest plateau of your profession. For movie stars, it’s the Oscar. For reporters, it’s the Pullitzer and for domestic leftist activists, it’s being praised as a positive example of social change by the worst of America’s enemies. And since Bin Laden is dead, Occupy Wall Street will have to settle for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The 99-Percent Movement of the American people against the centers of wealth and power in America and the widespread protests of the people in Western Europe against the economic policies of their governments show that the people are losing their patience with this situation.”

Iran has its own Occupy movement which got shot down in the streets, tortured and raped in prison, and then buried in unmarked graves. It also has its own economic protests.

Recent discontent in Iran has focused on rising prices of food staples, such as poultry.  Many Iranians blame the government and tightening international sanctions over the country’s controversial nuclear program for the economic decline and rising inflation. The price of chicken in Iran has increased nearly threefold in the past two months. Chicken now sells for around 80,000 rials a kilogram, roughly $6.15.

Earlier this month, one senior government official caused a stir when he urged Iranian state television to avoid broadcasting images of people eating chicken. Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam, chief of Iran’s national police forces, announced at a press conference that pictures of poultry could spark social unrest, with potentially unforeseen consequences.

But you can bet that Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are eating all the chicken and sheep they want because they are the 1 percent.

America does not actually have a 1 percent. A fixed class that uses force to stay in power while robbing everyone blind. At least we didn’t until the rise of a government class. Iran, like most of the rest of the world does.

The Supreme Leader is seeking alliances with Western useful idiots and he’s found them already.

The Occupy Wall Street movement may be losing its spotlight in the United States, but it’s gaining attention in Iran, where a handful of American professors recently traveled to attend a conference focusing on the anti-capitalist protests. government-controlled media in Iran didn’t miss an opportunity to highlight the American professors’ presence in Tehran. In an English-language report posted online, Iran’s PressTV offered this headline from the conference: “Experts: Occupy Wall Street likely to topple US administration.”

Two weeks earlier, Iran’s PressTV posted a report from another Occupy Wall Street conference in Tehran, during which American religious activists said the Occupy movement “will redesign the world order.”

This isn’t the first time that Iran’s genocidal tyrants appeared to be pinning their hopes on the OWS crowd to bring down the West. He also said it last year.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that the capitalist system has reached an impasse and the protests on Wall Street have set a crisis in motion in the West.

“The U.S. government may be able to put down this protest movement through taking tough actions, but it will not be able to eliminate its roots. The roots of this movement will grow in such a way that will knock the U.S. and Western capitalist system to the ground. Although U.S. officials made efforts to play down this protest movement, now they have been compelled to acknowledge it.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader isn’t stupid, but he does think of America as being a bigger Iran with its own tyrants. His subordinates spend time almost exclusively with lefty moonbats who tell them the same thing.

From the Supreme Leader’s point of view, mass protests in the United States mean the same thing that they do in Iran, that the government is about to be toppled or enter into a bloody crisis. Being a tyrant, he doesn’t understand that protests in a democracy are just protests.