Is It Time for ‘Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month’?

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When South Park’s depiction of Mohammed was censored due to Muslim threats, professional cartoonists and ordinary people responded with “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” The situation is much graver now than it was two years ago when there was general support for the idea of being able to depict Mohammed and few attacks on those responsible.

The man behind the Mohammed movie has been threatened with prison and has become the subject of a media witch-hunt whose sole purpose appears to be disclosing his personal information to his killers. The private and public arms of the Obama administration, its Department of Justice and its media spin corps, are acting to intimidate and punish anyone who dares offend the international Islamist theocracy.

The issue is not the merit of the Mohammed movie or the character of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Free speech is not about the merits of the speaker, but about maintaining freedom of speech for everyone. The Mohammed movie has become an opportunity for Islamists and domestic appeasers to implement a de facto blasphemy law dealing with Islam in the United States.

Nakoula is being transformed into a cautionary tale and that tale has no place in a free country. It is a fossil of the Muslim world where uppity Christians and Jews are punished for having the temerity to stand up to their Muslim masters. Once the informal punishment of Nakoula has been accepted, then it’s only a matter of time until the informal arrangement becomes formalized into law.

The freedom of speech establishment has decided that the First Amendment does not apply here. The national ACLU is obsessed with Catholic schools, OWS and drone strikes. It is going after the Alabama penal system for not allowing HIV prisoners to work in prison kitchens. The Southern California ACLU is suing Disney on behalf of a Muslim woman who wants to wear her gendered Islamic garb of inferiority to work. If there is going to be resistance to this, it is going to have to come from ordinary people.

Intimidating everyone who draws a Mohammed cartoon stops working when tens of thousands of people are drawing them. Turning one man into an example of what happens when you make a Mohammed movie stops working when there are thousands of Mohammed movies being made.

Making a movie sounds daunting, but it’s not. It’s something that you can do on your own or with a few friends.

A movie does not have to be two hours. It does not have to be 90 minutes or even 30 minutes. Short films can be as little as 5-10 minutes. Even shorter projects can be only 30 seconds. What matters is not the running time, but the impact, and that comes with the subject matter. Imagine a version of this video that tackles Mohammed instead of Jesus and you can see the possibilities.

Making an online video does not require expensive equipment. You probably already have the basic requirements in your phone, camera and laptop. All you really need is something that can record video. Your PC or Mac computer already comes with basic video editing software and if it doesn’t, YouTube has a built in video editor that you can use for simple operations.

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  • Jerry

    I also believe that criticism of religion and religious books is the way to reform. Otherwise adhering to age-old ridiculous believes without looking at the reality of the time, can make peoples' life miserable.

    So I think democracies should make their laws more clear when it comes to expression of personal opinions and criticisms of religion (or so called "blasphemy"). What we are seeing here is that democracies have been acting guilty after such incidences.

    • Indioviejo

      They haven't felt that way when the criticism is towards Christianity. They bend over backwards to avoid offending Muslims in any way, because they are terrorist and we don't want to deal with that fact.

      • Kufar Dawg

        The amoral, apathetic liberal believes that criticism Christianity makes them noble and brave, because they don't have the courage to take on the real evil of the world today: islam, which they hypocritically support.

    • bouncc

      My motto has always been "If you aint got nuttin, you aint got nuttin to lose."  Well, the people who
      “HAVE” right now, the elite, are in for a world of hurt that they caused to themselves.  Aint nobody gonna want to go after me when obama starts eating his own feceses straight from the source.  All them people that wanted him, well they gonna freak out.  lol  God Bless America.  Soon Jesus will be in control.  …. 

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I also believe that criticism of religion and religious books is the way to reform"

      Criticism of all ideas, including notions that all religions, all cultures are somehow morally equivalent just because Marx and other idiots decided this almost 2 centuries ago.

      But seriously, look up the definition of "critical" or "criticism" and then you see precisely why the West is dominant in sciences and productivity. We sure publish a lot too, and having cracked most of the recent science successes here, does anyone really wonder whether criticism is crucial to that success?

      If you do, you are losing the battle at least incrementally to the socialists.

  • Jason Joseph

    Muslims love to hurt the sentiments of non- muslims. But if it is done to them they resort to violence.

    • kafir4life

      islam is as islam does. gutter cult.

    • BS77

      How many suicide bombings and terrorist attacks have taken place since 9/11? Thousands….but little or nothing is said. Thousands of people have been killed and maimed in Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.

      But let somebody make a harmless and foolish little film….and the Middle East explodes in outrage. The hypocrisy level is beyond comprehension.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Muslims do a helluva lot more than "hurt the sentiments" of non-muslims. Collectively, millions of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Bahais and Jews were slaughtered by muslimes in places like Israel, Iraq, Armenia/Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistain, Sudan/Darfur, E. Timor and possibly the former Yugoslavia (i've read evidence to suggest the muslim SS Handschar division was responsible for slaughtering Jews there) for no other reason than they weren't muslim in the 20th and 21st centuries and, more importantly, the slaughter hasn't stopped.

  • @VengerSatanis

    Zombie Mohammad and the Twelfth Imam

  • @VengerSatanis

    Zombie Mohammad and the Twelfth Imam, cover art by Byron Rempel

  • Karl

    Here is a good web page on Muhammad with movies on it.

    • Roger

      That was a great link, thank you for the source.

  • pierce

    Why is it that some one wants to make a movie a ridiculing religion, especially the Muhammad religion. They have to know before they start they are going to piss somebody off. So why do it?
    Take him/her out, and tar and feather them. Sick, sick, sick.

    • Alvaro

      I find your post insulting. Stop posting here or I'll start a riot. ;)

      • davarino

        Right, lets get him. I feel a little uncomfortable.

        • Kufar Dawg

          So do I, maybe a beheading is in order?

    • Indioviejo

      What a stupid thing to say. You are telling me that I should never speak up for freedom because it may offend Communist? Or that Mormons should stop talking to other people about their religion because it may be offensive to others? Then why have a Bill of Rights? It definitely offends Muslims because it opposes Sharia Law and the Koran. People like you are called Dhimmis by Muslims.

      • JoJoJams

        Called Dhimmi by muslims, called dummie by thinking people.

    • Guest

      If you have to ask that question you probably lack the intellect to understand.

    • Roger

      Why do it?

      Dont' you think people should be able to make informed decisions?

      Can you say that this movie about mohammed was actually misleading or wrong?
      If you can't, then quit pretending this is about anything other than islam realizing they need to hide their roots.

    • Diana

      I somewhat agree. If people would just leave EVERY religion alone, not just Islam, less people would be pissed and there would be an ounce more of peace in the world. Just an ounce more and the world is bettering. I don't agree with Islam. I don't agree with a lot of religions but why purposely piss people off? Why not just learn some self control and respect people around us. Be the bigger person and ignore what they call you. Big whoop.

      • pagegl

        Because some dolts only get the message when you repeatedly point out their stupidity.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I don't owe anyone respect — especially those who subscribe to a violent, psychopathic, antisemitic death cult. Get stuffed "Diana".

      • Rob

        Because their doctrine says/demands for muslims to kill and subjugate non-muslims. By it's own doctrine, islam commands muslims to be at war with all non-muslims. Are we supposed to just look the other way? I have no problem with people praying but I do have a problem when they are commanded to prey on me and all i love.

      • Lan Astaslem

        I forget who said this but it sums things up perfectly: You may not be interested in islam, but islam is interested in you. And what I always add, " islam is the religion of peace, and if you don't believe this I'll chop your head off"

      • KingJefferson

        You r one dumb biach … and an idiot to boot … and probably would have a fatwa on your head if you didn't have a love box …. stupid stupid stupid fool

      • july

        Because muslims believe they are superior and are trying to conquer the world through threats,intimidation and mass murder.
        Because as a woman and a non muslim they will gang rape you with theblessings of their religion .And your children . Not because they are angry,but because they believe it is their religious right to rape non believers.

        It makes no difference if muslims are mad over a cartoon or hangnail ,they kill.

      • Jan

        Here’s the problem Diana – your so-called ‘respect’ of people is indeed disrespecting them; ‘respecting’ this ideology called ‘Islam’ is doing no-one a favor – especially those held captive by its evil dictates. We need demonstrate our abhorrence of this trashy ‘religion’ by any and all means possible – if we undertake a concerted and determined effort to belittle and insult their ‘religion’ it may ultimately set them free – when they realize that their god is powerless and impotent; our tolerance of Islam to date has been severely misguided, to say the least. Do you tolerate Nazism? How about the people in North Korea that worships their “Great Leader” – should we respect their ‘religion’ too?

    • Morty62

      Because the Islamic world is trying to use violence and intimidation to force citizens in the West to never say a negative word about Islam. In the West we prize our ability to speak honestly about all matters whether it is political, religious, philosophical, or cultural. This freedom has allowed us to move forward and progress by taking down the most extreme or oppressive tendencies of our society. We dislike sacred cows and go out of our way to take them down a notch or three. We criticize presidents and popes, prophets and the powerful. Nothing is off limits. Jesus, who Christians see as the son of God, is satirized and mocked on a regular basis in books, cartoons, television shows, and movies. Christians get upset, but they don't respond with violence because they know that living in a free society means all are potential targets for criticism. This is what the Muslim world must come to understand. We make fun of everything here. It is a tradition dgoing back to Chaucer and Moliere. We will not change no matter how many embassies Islamists attack or how many riots they stage. All that makes us do is want to be even more critical.

    • Gee

      Okay – then I want equal rights – the Qua'ran calls for my murder. I want the Qua'ran and all Islam to be a criminal act and every person that supports it to be arrested for inciting my murder because of my religion – that by the way is a international war crime

      • july

        I want "Allahu Akbar" designated as a crime.
        They scream it before every violent,terror attack and murder.
        If someone shouted it in a movie theater it would be like yelling "fire" or "he's got a gun."

        • Kufar Dawg

          Isn't that the truth. If someone were to scream Allahu Ackbar in a crowded theater I'd be afraid, I'd be afraid they were going to explode a bomb or begin shooting people.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Why is it that some one wants to make a movie a ridiculing religion, especially the Muhammad religion. They have to know before they start they are going to piss somebody off. So why do it?"

      Why make gross generalizations and assumptions about the motives of any publisher, especially without explicit critical analysis?

      Your remarks are sick and indicative of why the Muslims think they can tell us how to speak. It is encoded in their theology to control other Muslims, and humiliate non-Muslims (those they leave among the living).

      Wake up.

  • kafir4life

    Was that really bill maher in the picture?
    Seriously, who gives a rat's behind what muslims "think" about anything. The word "think" itself has no meaning in the musim world. One reason is that everything that requires thinking is done for them by the pedophile mohamat, via the terror guide, the koran, shat from the anal orfice of mohamat the pedophile. The other reason is that muslims have what is known in islam as the "shared brain". muslims have one brain to share, and each time it's passed from muslim to muslim, some of the cells die. They're down to 2-3 dozen (at most) living brain cells, and they obviously don't communicate with one another.
    In case anyone is wondering, nobody at cair has ever had a turn to use it yet.

    • Jimbo Baggins

      Actually, Muhammad was illiterate (as were most of the people of the time). The Koran wasn't written till many years after his death…The scribes at the time collected bits and pieces of his sayings etc. from carvings and the writings of some of his followers but mostly from word of mouth stories. That being how things were done in the day…..We all know how things get distorted via word of mouth…He plagiarized the Jewish Torah and Christian teachings of the Old Testament with a lot of his own demented ramblings…It's all there in the Koran…That's why they can't stand anyone scrutinizing that damnable piece of crap book….

      Btw…I agree with your post…Lmao

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Seriously, who gives a rat's behind what muslims "think" about anything. The word "think" itself has no meaning in the musim world. One reason is that everything that requires thinking is done for them by the pedophile mohamat, via the terror guide, the koran, shat from the anal orfice of mohamat the pedophile."

      That's why we need to publish criticism through film and text media, cartoons and other arts on such a prolific basis that they won't even bother to react.

      I actually think that it will not be completely successful because those bastards know they can always manipulate an ignorant population of sheltered Muslims. However, the effects we are looking for is to build a robust reaction from Westerners when those MFers riot and whine. They need to know WE won't tolerate their violent reactions and threats to our free speech. Whine and riot again? We'll just piss you off intentionally to remove the incentives for further blackmail attempts.

  • philipsmeeton

    Everyone should insult Mohammed in any way they can. Muslims treat non-Muslims like garbage, it is only deserving that we reply in kind.

    • Roger

      Seriously, why don't they relax and have a beer, then talk over a nice short rib barbecue?

      • Stephen_Brady

        Pork Chops! Ummm …

        • pagegl

          Bacon… everything goes better with bacon, just ask your dog.

      • dmw

        And some White House brewed secret recipe beer! (while other "secrets" pour out readily while more and more people get poor-ed)

  • hammar

    if mohammed was so holy why was he poking a 7 year girl.

    • kafir4life

      Because without rape, he would have died a virgin.

    • daninkansas

      I thought she was 9. Why are you blaspheming the Prophet?

      • mjazzguitar

        lol that's what I was thinking!

    • JoJoJams

      He was in his 50s and she was 6 when he married Aisha – his favorite wife. He consumated that marriage with her when she was 9, after years of "thighing"her, of course. This is all staright from the muslims own writing, which even states she "put down her dolls and went to him" when he called her to consumate the marriage. Some "prophet"!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      He is holy because he is a prophet, and the last prophet on top of that!!!!! Anything he does is what defines holy.!!!!

      Poking 7-year -olds is only acceptable if you molest her without penetration until she is 9, since that is the standard of "holiness" set by the psychotic non-prophet Mohammed. After age 9, poke away anywhere you want with your living sex doll. They molest boys too until they reach blatant puberty. By the way, the Islamic definition of homosexual is the one who is "catching." The "pitcher" is merely behaving like Mohammed finding a place to put his meat. This also explains why they are dead serious when the blame rape victims but rapists are just reacting naturally to their circumstances. As long as they follow Islamic law, rape as defined in the West is totally halal. You can't rape the property of another Muslim. That is about the limits of rape in Islamic law.

      That is Islam, but not even the worst of it.

  • MikeWood

    You don't even have to make a movie. Most people have a computer and a printer for making leaflets that can be left in public places and are completely untraceable. This doesn't require a special time of year. Just do it every day you can, everywhere you can. If they start to censor the internet we'll have to go down this route anyway. Better start downloading those images in readiness and quotes.

    • daninkansas

      It would be a stronger statement if you put your name and address on it.

    • dmw

      How about leaflets made from pork-hides that are airdropped by C-130 Hercules planes ("porklets")?

      • Roger

        Wouldn't they be able to cure those in whisky?

    • Kufar Dawg

      Some people don't believe it'll be possible to censor the internet, but I see your point. I've already thought about anonymously leaving anti-islam leaflets all around my place of work, because if they found out I'd be fired in a NY second.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Exactly! Here are images and posters to download and print:

  • Mickey Oberman

    "Is It Time for ‘Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month’?"

    I would like to but I don't have a trained chimpanzee.

    • kafir4life

      You don't need one. Look to the book "Everybody Poops" for ideas.

    • Kufar Dawg

      LOL, best reply so far.

  • davarino

    I'm making a video. Should be fun

  • zionit

    As far as I know I've not had enough power to be a 'useful idiot', but neither do I want to be a passive idiot. Where do I post my amatuerish 'cartoon?'

  • Indioviejo

    Good idea, Daniel. People have to be relentless in their defiance of the Satanic cult. It is a matter of survival.

  • chowching259

    Western embassies in Islamic nations should have helicopters on the roof; it will give ambassadors and their staff a chance to flee for safety. Free speech embassies will soon be doing business only through websites; Muslim mobs will have no recourse but to send hate email when Muhammad is disrespected.

    • curmudgeon

      and they should use those helicopters to leave immediately. there is no excuse for providing hostages for islam to abuse, nor any excuse to pretend that the islamic world deserves the courtesy of pretending to have diplomatic relations with their pretend governments. better to withdraw every westerner from all islamic hellholes, and send all islamic invaders in the west to some islamic hellhole they dont hate.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Where are you going to fly those helicopters to? If you were in Cairo, there's no way you could even reach Israel, so no matter where you went, you would still be in an islamofascist state.

    • Roger

      Why not have aircraft carriers handy to bomb the mobs trying to storm the embassies?
      Self defense is self defense after all.

      And it's up to the host country to provide security, if islam wants to be part of the modern world they need to learn to act that way.

  • Demetrius M

    If I were to create my own movie based upon the life of mohammad, wouldn't it just be classified as another gay-pedophilic porn/ mass snuff film?
    Who wants to watch that crap?
    Ohhh, 200 million muslims….

    • curmudgeon

      very good question, demetrius. i suspect that our islamic friends would be outraged because the film would be true, and our dear dhimmis would be outraged because the film would be vile. or is it the other way? with muslims and dhimmis, there is no way to predict the reason for the violence, and the approval of violence, one can only predict the violence and the fawning approval. we in the countries not yet subjugated by islam would do well to export all of our muslims, and their friends our dhimmis, before it is too late.

  • Guest

    I named my new puppy Mohammed. He is crazy for bacon. Is that going too far?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      There's your first video. Show Mohammed eating bacon and publish it making clear what his name is.

      For a sequel, show Mohammed eating bacon, rolling in dirt, etc. Maybe get massive tags with Mohammed's evil name clear for them to see.

      A dog named Mohammed is awesome regardless, but we need them to know too. Just make sure the dog is respected.

  • Pat English

    Muhammed (or however you spell his name) was a paedaphile (if that's how you spell it). Anyway, he married his second wife Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was 9. That is the model
    that Muslims use for their prophet/hero or whatever he is/was. How can anyone respect such a religion/political movement or whatever the heck it is? Islam is a danger to Western Civilization and any President who does not recognize this danger is a danger himself.

  • LindaRivera

    The terrible cruelty of Muslims will make you weep.

    The Passion of the Copts

    Comment by Egyptian Christian Copt underneath video:


    The suffering of non-Muslims in Muslim countries is beyond bearing. God help our brother and sister non-Muslims! This and other terrible horrors will take place in our Western countries if Muslim immigration is not stopped immediately!

  • LindaRivera

    If you are in New York City on Friday the 21st Sept., please attend if possible! From Satya, a leader in HRCARI:

    Join NYC protest at Pakistan Consulate, Sep 21st, in support of minority Hindu/Sikh/Christian women in Pakistan. Not much need to be said about how Pakistani minority women (Hindu, Sikh, Christian) are kidnapped, forced to marry Muslim men, never to see their parents. It is one of the most heartbreaking experience for any parents to lose their children overnight. This dreadful religion called Islam will not stop at anything, eventually they will destroy what we call ‘humanity’.

    Please join the protest at New York City. If you work in NYC, please take a break during lunch time and attend the rally. Please spread the word.

    Date: Friday, Sept 21st, 2012
    Time: 12 – 2PM
    Location: Near Pakistan Consulate, 65th Avenue and 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City

    My comment: If Muslim immigration isn't stopped, the terrible suffering and horrors of non-Muslims that daily take place in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt will happen in our Western countries! GOD HELP NON-MUSLIMS!

  • LindaRivera

    One of the things I love about our superior Western civilization is that non-Muslims will NOT kill you if you say something they don’t like.

    In our superior Western countries, we HONOR GOD. We HONOR GOD by obeying His eternal Law:

  • Samuccaya

    Here is a rare video recently unearthed of "The Prophet" Muhammad singing one of his favorite songs @

    • Stephen_Brady

      The "Tiny Tim" of the 7th Century!

  • IsraelFirster

    Whatever move in this vein that comes out will be a riot. Or was that causes a riot ?

  • Diana

    How about making it easier and just make making fun of peoples' religion illegal? No matter who it is. Then people like Islamists and that crazy Baptist church will finally chill out and there would be a lot more respect all around. Just stop making fun of Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, etc etc etc and for goodness sake, World, have some self control and respect for those around you.

    • pagegl

      Do you really believe the Muslims would respect such a law? The folks at that crazy Baptist church are way less likely to do you harm if you insult Christ. The Muslims on the other hand…

    • JoJoJams

      You're extremely naive, dear. How about THEY HAVE SOME SELF-CONTROL, instead of rioting like spoiled schoolyard bullies! Maybe if they could honestly debate the merits of their self-professed "religion", which is also a political and social construct, running every aspect of your life via sharia, which includes HOW TO WIPE YOUR AZZ!!, then the world would be better. But it's muslims who have no self-control. And their religion encourages this! Go live in a muslim bass-ackwards nation – ANY of them – take your pick – and see how much you like it.

    • Drakken

      Appeasement of muslim savages only invites more aggression, history ought to have taught you that.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Diana eh? I'll bet your real name is more along the lines of Fatima ain't it?

      The "crazy" Baptists have nothing on the psychopathic muslimes, who have slaughtered millions
      of people in the 20th and 21st centuries in the name of their holey prophet.

    • Roger

      Diana, when Baptists set of suicide bombs then I'll think they deserved to be treated like islamic activists.

      If islam is the only religion that promotes violence we should act accordingly. Do you have a way of showing that surah 9 isn't the reason for all this violence?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Are you serious? The law would make it worse because the riots would continue with the same excuses, merely different examples. You see, what they want to do is squelch anything they feel is critical, even history books with facts contrary to their inventions (of history). We all know this.

      Your idea is precisely the opposite approach needed, unless you just want Islamic Sharia law to rule the entire world. Your suggestion would be the biggest single step towards Global Sharia rule in history.

      "World, have some self control and respect for those around you"

      Which is it, do you advocate self-control or centralized morality police?

  • pagegl

    Greenfield, after reading this column and viewing the video a possibility occurred to me… Mohammed singing Oingo Boingo's Little Girls. That would be hilarious.

  • Questions

    Yet Ron Paul supporters, to the last person, insist that Muslims are good Americans; it's only U.S. foreign policy that makes them do bad things. How does one respond to such nonsense?

    • JoJoJams

      Ask them to explain the Barbary pirates, and what the nation of Tripoli told Thomas Jefferson regarding why they would attack our ships and enslave our people. *spoiler* – he was told their religion commands them to… You can also use the Barbary wars to show the Paulbots who scream "Unconstitutional war!!" ad nauseum a thing or two as well. Mostly that congress didn't declare war against Tripoli and Algiers (under James Madison). They merely authorized the commander in chief to fight for our interests as he saw fit, fighting the pirates and those nations that harbored them. Sound familiar? I'll believe the founding fathers, who WROTE the constitution! any day over Dr. Ron Paul or anyone, as to the "constitutionality" of the current wars. If it congress merely authorizing the president was good enough for the founding fathers, it's good enough for us.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    What exactly constitutes a depiction of Mohammad? I submit that there is no criteria other than those images that the originator has identified as such. As an example I suggest that you pick your favorite painting hanging in the Louvre and simply label it "Mohammad." I just printed out a picture of the Mona Lisa but I'm calling it Mohammad–thus reducing this idiocy to a Monty Python sketch.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What exactly constitutes a depiction of Mohammad?"

      Well, looking at historical reactions of Muslims, just about any reference that strikes them wrong by "hurting" their "religious feelings."

      To be safe, make it obvious to the Western mind and for sure they'll get the idea.

  • gfmucci

    Great idea. Wonderful project. I suggested that on my blog last week:

  • anonymous

    I can hear Achmed the dead terrorist saying, "make a movie about mohammed? I keeeeeeeelll you!"

  • tagalog

    This commentary is entirely academic. There isn't a single website, left, right, or in the middle, except something called "Naked Islam" or something like that, that will publish the recent Charlie Hebdo magazine's cartoon of Muhammed or even provide a link to it. Not one single mainstream site. Not FrontPage, not Wall Street Journal, not National Review, not American Spectator, not NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, not one single one.

    These great "Make a Movie Mocking Muhammed Day" heroes. Orwell had it right when he warned about such people: they always manage to be somewhere else when the trigger gets pulled. So don't expect to have any comrades-in-arms if you're dumb enough to take the above commentary seriously.

    Spineless cowards who have caved in to Muslim extremism. No one EVER better tell me in the future that they may disagree with my words but that they will defend to the death my right to speak them. They all are so full of beans it's disgusting. They won't even publish a link, for Chrissake. What toadies to Islamic fundamentalism. Pussies.

    Champions of the First Amendment, my butt. Champions of eating what's dished out to them by jihadists. Little girls with a collective case of the vapors. "Oh dear, whatever shall we do?"

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm getting a little tired of these people and their infantile rioting. All it does it make Islam look bad. If these idiots were really concerned about how their religion looked to the world,they'd stop with the rioting and did something more constructive with their time.

  • Gene W 1938

    I love the idea …
    I am clueless on how to do make a movie or put anything on u-tube … but I hope every person who knows how to do this will be motivated to do so for the sake of the man now being tried and persecuted with threats.

  • mjazzguitar

    I give this lady credit;

    • Cubits

      Wow… she's got BALLS!!!

    • religionofpissed

      I love that woman!

  • Alexander Gofen

    Exactly! And here are images and posters to download and print:

  • Cubits

    I agree with the sentiment, although I think it won't be very effective – the thing is, there are many movies already out there that does exactly what Daniel proposes. The reason for the riots is not the movie, as many esteemed commentators have already clarified. I have a much better proposal to let the Mohammedans know that they worship an evil god and that we refuse to pay it any homage or respect. Get a Koran and use it as toilet paper and then mail the used paper to the Imams of mosques the world over – easy to find plenty of mosques via Wikipedia and Google… before you use the paper to wipe your behind, be sure to write the words "holy sh!t" on the page with a black marker – the reason for the inscription ("holy sh!t) is to mark it as part of the campaign by the western infidels aimed at denigrating Islam.

  • tagalog

    I don't suppose that Serrano guy is working on a "Piss Muhammed" art work, is he?

    I mean, that one would REALLY get a rise out of certain folks.

  • maliktous

    The whiners and hypocrites complaining about this movie should STFU and go get a life! It's only a movie; if you don't like the idea don't pay to see the movie! I think I'll contribute to a project to generate a movie based on Salman Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses' (Great fiction novel by the way!) to honour both Rushdie and freedom of expression!

  • Anonymous

    Is there an app for that? Could have Mo jokes — 365– at random, each day, a new joke. Or people could up-load their own cartoons, with an app update, etc.

  • religionofpissed

    The majority of the comments on this blog are hilarious and awesome an true.

    I am so happy that you all see Islam for what it really is. For some reason (thanks to the media) I often feel like I am one in a million that think mohamed and his true followers are crazy! The media makes you believe that you are intolerant, unjust and bring hatred when you denounce Islam. But thank to this blog (and many others) I realize that there are many of us who know the truth. Let's stand firm for freedom! Freedom to live! Not to feel constantly in fear of being killed because we offended offenders….Vive la liberte (Let freedom rign!)