Is It Time for Britain to Bring Back the Absolute Monarchy?

It does seem as if Queen Elizabeth has a good deal more sense than any of her Prime Ministers.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the wider issue of the 54-year-old’s newly approved extradition to the US, Gardner said of Abu Hamza’s former activities that there was a sense MI5 had been too slow to realise how dangerous he was in radicalising other people.

“Actually, I can tell you that the Queen was pretty upset that there was no way to arrest him. She couldn’t understand – surely there had been some law that he had broken? In the end, sure enough, there was. He was eventually convicted and sentenced for seven years for soliciting murder and racial hatred.”

“She spoke to the home secretary at the time and said, surely this man must have broken some laws. Why is he still at large? He was conducting these radical activities and he called Britain a toilet. He was incredibly anti-British and yet he was sucking up money from this country for a long time.”

The problem here though is that the Queen is elderly and the idea of Prince Charles actually being allowed to run things is impressively horrifying. The Queen might want to see Abu Hamza behind bars, but Prince Charles would be more likely to stick him in the House of Lords.

Still who wouldn’t like to contemplate the possibility of Queen Elizabeth II driving the rabble out of the kingdom?

  • cruiser navy 67

    If the Queen had more guts then most politicians, she should have been more active in the past. Her airs to the thron are nothing but liberal cry baby's that will defend those that hate Brittan the those that love her. At the Queens age I guess saying what she did is finally showing that the monarch is not asleep and just sits and waves at the poor subjects.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    She's old enough to remember life before political correctness suppression of criticism. She also knows the history of her nation and its subtle fight with Islam in its former colonies.

  • James Folgate

    There ought to be monarchy party to bring back absolute monarchy. I think many people would prefer this to the dimwits and traitors we have running politics.