Is Obama Selling Out the King of Jordan to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Jordan is one of the remaining “moderate” states in the region, not because it’s an especially wonderful place, but because after the Arab Spring, much of the region has gone Islamist. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is reasonably moderate and friendly to America mainly because it has no other options, with no oil and surrounded by larger countries that would love to gobble it up, it had no choice but to swap out its dependency on the UK for a dependency on the US.

The Muslim Brotherhood would love to take over Jordan, as they have taken over Egypt, with Obama’s assistance, and as they are trying to take over Syria. But the United States appeared to have exempted Jordan from the Jihad of the Arab Spring. Until now...

Has the US Administration decided to get rid of Jordan’s King Abdullah?

This is the question that many Jordanians have been asking in the past few days following a remark made by a spokesman for the US State Department.

Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner managed to create panic [and anger] in the Royal Palace in Amman when he stated that there was “thirst for change” in Jordan and that the Jordanian people had “economic, political concerns,” as well as “aspirations.”

The talk about a “thirst for change” in Jordan is seen by the regime in Amman as a green light from the US to King Abdullah’s enemies to increase their efforts to overthrow the monarchy.

The last time people in Tunisia and Egypt had aspirations, we got Iran x 2. Jordan, where the Muslim Brotherhood’s base mainly consists of disenfranchised Palestinians, will be even worse.

The widespread protests, which have been dubbed “The November Intifada,” have resulted in attacks on numerous government offices and security installations throughout the kingdom. Dozens of security officers have been injured, while more than 80 demonstrators have been arrested.

Some Jordanian officials have pointed a blaming finger at Saudi Arabia and Qatar for encouraging the anti-regime protests and facilitating the infiltration of Muslim fundamentalists into the kingdom.

The officials believe that Jordan is paying the price of refusing to play a larger and stronger role in Saudi-Qatari efforts to topple Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Jordanian officials may be excessively optimistic in this regard. Qatar worked to topple Mubarak and he was no Shiite or Iranian ally. There is no reason not to assume that Qatar is not equally out to topple the Hashemite Kingdom and for that matter even the UAE, which is frantically cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • BLJ

    No,,,,,,say it ain't so……the best ally the Muslim Brotherhood could ever ask for is POTUS. Talk about up being down and down being up. Obama is truly an evil person.

  • Mary Sue

    As far as I know, the King of Jordan is actually rather…reasonable, compared to the rest?

    • Roger

      Which is why Obama will destroy him.
      Any reasonable neighbor of Israel must be replaced with a hostile islamic nut job.

      That muslim heritage of Obama just keeps popping up.

  • riverboatbill

    "Sell out" is Obama's middle name.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I see stinker quite often………….Johnnywood's ….President Stinkey, "Sell out President Stinkey",
      yeah seems about right if not a little on the soft side……………………William

    • AdinaK

      Do pigs fly? Do they eat their crap? In a similar vein, the Islamist-in-Chief is Allah-bent on empowering his Brotherhood Mafia!

      So, if he didn't gun for the King's ouster THAT would be the shock –

      Of course, under the guise of 'democracy' and the will of the people! Islamic 'democracies' uber alles….

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Jay from LA

    Read Mudar Zahran's article on how the Muslim Brotherhood and the King of Jordan are partners in fact I read in Arabic that the Muslim Brotherhood refused to take parts in the protests.
    Jay from LA

  • Rosey

    The King of Jordan is not a stupid man. He already sees BO for what he is and will take him (BO) for all that the King can get. Obama has been sold out by his own failed agenda and the USofA will pay. Wonder how much of America BO has given up?

  • Fredrick Wilson

    Obama is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is his administration and its members, both in the MIddle East, Europe, and the USA. How could we have ever elected a leader that is on the side of our enemies? He makes Neville Chamberlain look like a great statesman in comparison.

  • SoCalMike

    Career parasite State Department spokesman Mark Toner and the rest of the academic bimbos in charge of American foreign policy should be removed and exorcised from the government with extreme prejudice.
    Bimbos like him believe "if we just French kiss and Kitty lick the Jihadis and give them a government and a military or 2, then that will make them like us."
    Only an obsequious career academic bimbo parasite could believe such factual diarrhea.
    Welcome to the US State Department where selling out is the first order of business.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Does King Hussein stand in the way of the Caliphate, that is all that matters, if he is submissive
    he may last, if not he knows his ticket will be punched and will have to move closer to
    Israel where the smart money is. Israel will become the entire force of change………….William

  • Musa

    Well Guys as a Jordanian I must say first that King Abdullah II is not Qadhafi nor Mubarak or Bin Ali or even Saddam. Hashemite family here did not recieve power by bloodshed that is why it is different than other royal families in Arab world. They are always tolerant since they are in rule, check for example how many people were pardoned after trying to assasinate king Hussien. beside they decend from the family of Prophet Muhammed and that is what all muslims believe not only in Jordan. they gained respect of people over decades even from enemies. Muslim Brotherhood in jordan is different than the one in Egypt… different leadership. and they have been always supporting the regime here since 1946. they are opposition to policies but they support hashemite family and respect. that is why they always insist that their slogan is "reforming regime" not "toppling regime".. they said clearly they have no relation with those few people in the streets calling for the fall of the regime…but they seek a new electoral law (which garentees their influence in the parliament) And forming an elected government. which should be normal in a democratic country.. but tribes here rejects that so not to lose their influence.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah I've always had a rather high opinion of the King of Jordan. I believe his American-born wife is well respected over there also? And I don't believe I've ever seen her in a Hijab or Burka.

      Let's hope the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan doesn't get taken over by the other ones like the Egyptian kind then, if what you say is correct.