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Is the NRA Hypocritical for Blaming Movies and Video Games?

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On December 23, 2012 @ 10:24 pm In The Point | 7 Comments


Not really.

The NRA’s position has always been that gun violence is a matter of the human factor, the mental software, not the physical hardware. Movies and video games are a software issue. They go to the question of individual character, rather than available firepower.

That said the evidence is far better for media coverage of school shootings spurring on copycat shootings. A lot of these incidents happen in groups for a reason. The evidence for fictional media impact on shootings is far weaker. Some school shooters have cited fictional works, including Stephen King’s Rage and Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino’s Natural Born Killers as influences, certainly more so than have cited the NRA as a reason for shooting up a school.

LaPierre did not call for banning video games or movies, he did challenge the hypocrisy of media companies for calling for gun control while promoting gun violence. The NRA has positioned itself as an organization of law abiding gun owners and it has a point about the state of affairs when media companies that promote irresponsible gun violence accuse it of being responsible for gun violence.

An attack on the First or Second Amendment is not a solution to school shootings, but then school shootings are an occasional tragedy exploited by exactly the sort of people who would like to undermine either amendment.

The left spent 7 years insisting that Islamic terrorism was a rare event that should not make us give up our civil liberties, but at the same time it insists that Newtown should make us give up our civil liberties. There’s a basic problem there and it’s hypocrisy.

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