Islam’s Groundhog Day

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Erdogan, the future Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey, read a poem that went, “The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom”. This rendition of Islam’s limited theological horizon was more than a warning for what would follow when his party took power; it was a depressing journey into the black hole of Islam where the only destination is war, death and self-destruction.

Not only is the Islamic imagination incapable of envisioning a better way, it is also obsessed with the destruction of anyone or anything that can. Like the dumb violent kid in the back of the class, it not only refuses to learn, it is driven to harm anyone who does learn and tries to become a better person. The reflexive Islamic hostility toward the modern and the humane is fear transformed into hate. Fear of inferiority and fear that modern sensibilities will end the tribal reign of power and usher in a new order that will no longer incline its head to bearded old men and their dreams of conquest.

Islamic fanaticism is most pronounced among those who have the most to lose. Not the poor and the downtrodden, but the sons of the upper class and the upper middle class make the most eager terrorists. The families who are now on top have the most to lose from the arrival of spring and are the most determined to retain their feudal powers, their oligarchies and tyrannies.

Apologists for Islamism like to portray those groups as liberation movements, but there is nothing liberating about terrorist groups run by millionaires and billionaires, doctors and degree holders, and funded by the ruling clans of Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These ruling families have the most to lose from modernization, and though they build skyscrapers in their cities, they also helped orchestrate the Arab Spring to topple more modern governments and replace them with parties affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Arab Spring is a misnomer because Islam exists in opposition to the spring, to the renewal of human energies and creative capacities. Its natural season is the wasteland where life has no capacity for growth.

Islamic law is aimed at freezing human moral capacity in the seventh century deserts of Arabia where women are property, outsiders are fair game, and power is the only morality that matters. Anything that subverts this order, whether it is domestic minorities or the existence of free people an ocean away must be attacked and destroyed.

Islam has no capacity for debate. Its blasphemy laws wall off dissent and prevent anyone from questioning the moral absolute of its power. It has, as the Ayatollah Khomeini said, no sense of humor. To be able to laugh is to doubt and there is no room for doubt in Islam or for any deviation from the narrow path of the Jihad. There is no thaw, only the eternal winter.

Carrying the seeds of its own destruction within its religion, it fights the same battles under new names and with new weapons. The wars that were once fought with spears are fought with warheads, but in the end they are still settled with knives, like the box cutters of the Islamic hijackers of September 11 or the murderers of Daniel Pearl. No matter how advanced the technology becomes, the sword is still the embodiment of Islam.

The Muslim Middle East is indeed changing, but it is changing back to what it once was, casting off the last remains of modernity imported from the West, and bringing back the reign of the Burqa, the sword and the prophet. In the West time moves forward, in the East it only moves backward. And so the spring will never come for Islam. Instead it will act out the same bloody rituals of Jihad, the killing of infidels and the civil wars, the slaves building civilizations, the masters molesting young girls and then beating them to death out of fear that the children might not be theirs.

This is the terrible cycle that repeats itself without hope of redemption. This is the rite of winter that is at the heart of Islam. It is a dark and bloody rite that has not changed in a thousand years. What we are witnessing in Islamic oppression and terror is the ancient ceremony of death, the ritual sacrifices of Ayatollahs and Mullahs over deserts and dusty fields, which hold back the coming of the spring.

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  • theartofsnark

    too bad they're all illiterate or they could read this and see how wise you are.

  • Patricius

    That people regard as a 'prophet', a man who killed, maimed, raped, plundered, and enslaved, and extolled such activities, is good evidence that Islam is a mass psychopathy.
    That Obama sings lying platitudes to that mass psychopathy proves that he is not a Christian.

  • Geneww

    Those who have submitted to the Koran (Muslims) and its author must hate everything that the true God loves and established. God authored the Bible [ proves this ]and any other contrary text has the influence of Satan. So what should you expect in an Arab country … Only the Bible's God provides love, joy, peace, patience. kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control … and this is fleeing our country as we reject the Bible and God from our society!

    • ros

      Couldn't agree more Geneww,how any sane person can worship a moon god is beyond me-and by your fruits ye shall be known-following any believer in islam is blood war and pain.

  • Eternal

    Love, Joy, Peace and patience. God ordered the slaughter of thousands, and then told the men to take the daughters as there own (rape anyone). I suggest you go and study the history of your own religion.

    They are all very similar, the reason is they were written by barbaric societies thousands of years ago. Just because the Christians have had the foresight to adapt their (how can the word of god be adapted) to fit in with what is more currently acceptable just shows what a pile of rubbish it is.

    • TreenonPoet

      Well said. I would add that Christian support for the principle that it is OK for religion to trump rationality gives licence to all those who would act according to their interpretation of Islam or any other religion.

    • traeh

      Religions are all very similar you say. That's like saying all black people look alike. It is statement by someone who knows only very superficially what is being talked about.

      In fact religions and cults exist all along a spectrum from very benign all the way to very malign, and every point in between.

      Yes, there is violence in the Old Testament. But one of many huge distinctions between the Old Testament and Islamic core texts is that the Old Testament does not teach Jews to subjugate the whole world under the rule of religious law. Islam does indeed teach the subjugation of the whole world under the rule of Sharia.

      Another key distinction: Islam unites religion and state, because its prime exemplar, Muhammad, united religion and state in himself. By contrast, JC said and did all sorts of things that, over the long run, have led to the separation of religion and state. "Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, to God the things that are God's." And, "My kingdom is not of this world." And when he said to his disciples that he among them who would be greatest would not seek to lord over the others but would serve them and wash their feet, as Jesus washed the disciples' feet. In virtually the whole of the Christian world now, there is freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

      Compare that with the situation in virtually the whole of the Islamic world. Look at the state of human rights in the Islamic world, according to groups like Freedom House. Then look at opinion polls of Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, etc., and see the tremendous amount of support for Islamic law and its barbaric merging of religion and state.

      Another example: In the Bible, human beings are said to be made in the image of God. That has often been interpreted by Jews and Christians to refer, among other things, to the fact that human beings are endowed with reason and conscience. But the Qur'an explicitly states that human beings are not made in the image of God. Human beings are only Allah's servants or slaves.

      Even if all religions are pure fantasy, it's a gargantuan error to think that they all lead to the same social consequences.

    • nightporter

      All religion is superstitious nonsense and Eternal is quite right. Really Christians should be slaughtering anyone who works on the sabbath, for example anyone who mows their lawn, that's work. Of course no sane person takes any notice of such preposterous iron-age cobblers.

  • MikeWood

    A first class article.

    Islam at its core is the expression of Muhammad’s will to power. The whole edifice of beliefs and required behaviours is infused with his imperious nature. There is no morality in Islam, it is self-referencing and requires only that the believer follow its dictates and demonstrate total loyalty to the supertribe known as the ummah. This is nothing more than an obedience and loyalty to Muhammad himself, a type of gang membership and loyalty.

    The imperatives arising from this are Muhammad’s imperatives: that he should be considered the final prophet and enjoy total obedience from everyone on earth. The process must be pursued until all people on earth live under his command, now encoded in the rules or his religion, and revere his name.

    This primary imperative frequently fractures into tribal conflicts, clan dominance and Mafia-like entities. That is surely in the very nature of will to power. But at its heart and at its root, there remains Muhammad’s own desire for total dominance and recognition. That is Islam.

  • Brujo Blanco

    With Islam it is not my way or the highway. It is my way or death.

  • Flipside

    "Islam was a predecessor of power movements like Communism and Nazism?"

    Huh? What was Nazism? Nazism was an Austrian German Jew trying to make a National Kibbutz.
    Who was Karl Marx, father of Communism? A German Jewish philosopher.

    You're blaming Islam?

    • tanstaafl

      In the past 1400 years, it is estimated that Islam has killed over 280 million unbelievers. Since the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11 there have been over 18,000 jihadi attacks against infidels all over the globe.

      Don't worry, Flippy. Your death cult is way ahead of Hitler, Stalin or Mao. But remember, "he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword."

      You can get off the death cycle, Flippy. You have the freedom to choose.

    • pagegl

      Hitler was brought up Catholic.

      And, once again, you're showing your reading comprehension skills. Islam was not blamed for Communism and Nazism, but it, like other ideologies, makes a good example of what we shouldn't be doing.

      • Flipside

        I comprehend it just fine. He confounded precession with causality.

    • Question

      Oh, really? Maybe you should read more about this topic. Not blame, but unity… just as bad.….

  • jacob


    With all due respect, your JUDEOPHOBY shows blatant and shamelessly…and you
    don't bray because the anathomicla comformation of your throat probable doesn't
    allow you to…

    So HITLER was an Austrian German JEW ???
    And about KARL MARX, well, I don't remember him doing anything but writing a book


    • Flipside

      So Greenfield is attributing Jewish stuff to Muslims.

      • Advocatus

        Don't evade Jacob's response. You threw some lines out there about Jews being the cause of both Nazism and Communism. Now, why don't you use your peerless intellectual faculties to demonstrate both those points. That a boy!

        • Flipside

          I didn’t evade anything, anonymous coward. Jacob made no rebuttal.

    • PETER

      Marx was a Jew as was Engles.

      There is a puzzling nexus between Jews and communism. My Jewish wife, the love of my life, has no answer for it, but there it is. At least here in the US the "Red Diaper Babies" ring true. Read Radosh' book "The New Left, Old Left and Leftover Left".

  • maria

    Flipside is clinically crazy man. He is anti-semite, anti-American but …probably he is just Muslim.
    Jews contributed to the World innormosly: monoteism, Great Book, innovations in almost all sicence field. There were 6 Nobel Jews/Israelis Laureat only in 21 century.
    Of course, looser Flipside can not bear it.

    • Flipside

      Good job with the English. Keep trying. No, I am not an anti-Semite or a Muslim.

      • Advocatus

        So you're proud of being able to speak your native tongue passably well. Great achievement there, keep it up. At this rate one day you may even learn to say something meaningful with all those English words you so well know.

        • Flipside

          That’s rich praise from someone who gets angry at big words.

          • aspacia

            Flipper, you foolish a$$, at lease she does not misuse "big words," as you do.

    • aspacia

      maria, it is loser, not looser.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    In a reversal of the cycle of season, the Arab Spring led to the Islamic Winter,

    That's because calling it an Arab Spring in the first place was incredibly fantasy based and delusional.

    There is a peculiar tragedy to a religion which cannot escape its own destructive nature,

    I hate to rain on the writer's parade again, but Islam is not a religion. Instead, it is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a religion to dupe the gullible societies it targets for demographic conquest and subjugation into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia to make Islam supreme.

    Indeed, Islam, in stark contrast to true faith-based religions, requires first and foremost that all Muslims submit totally, completely, and unconditionally to the will of Allah, where the freedom of conscience is forbidden and where blasphemy and apostasy are capital offenses. As a matter of fact, the word Islam in Arabic means “submission” and the word Muslim in Arabic means “one who submits.”

    Hence, what faith-based religions similarly forbid the freedom of conscience and likewise punish blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death? The answer obviously is none of them, proving irrefutably that Islam is not a faith-based religion.

    Therefore, since Islam irrefutably is not a faith-based religion, then it isn't protected under the establishment clause of the first amendment, and since it isn't protected under the establishment clause of the first amendment, it then must be outlawed and mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage banned and reversed ASAP.

    Islamic fanaticism is most pronounced among those who have the most to lose. Not the poor and the downtrodden, but the sons of the upper class and the upper middle class make the most eager terrorists.

    Uhm terror is not an Islamic manifestation, as Muslims instead fight jihad in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme, which, in stark contrast to terrorism, involves both violent and non-violent means. In fact, if an act of violence wasn't perpetrated in the cause of Allah by Muslims, then it is a terrorist act. On the other hand, if an act of violence was perpetrated in the cause of Allah by Muslims, then it is an act of jihad. Moreover, mass Muslim immigration to the West for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme is also jihad. Indeed, they are two very unique, distinct, and mutually exclusive manifestations: one is un-Islamic and the other is Islamic.

  • Ryan Van Camp

    Hark! I spy b-b-b-bullcrap!

    But I would expect that on a site that has a huge save Israel sign on the side. Implying Israel isn't the bad guy.

    • CJK

      Ah yes, Israel is the bad guy because it has the gall to defend itself, send aid to "Palestinian" controlled areas and heal their sick in Jewish hospitals.

      On the other hand, it is the height of virtue on the part of "Palestinians" to send rockets purchased by foreign aid money intp Jewish schools and residential areas, brainwash their kids from birth into believing that killing Jews is the ultimate act of righteousness, and have their "heroes" slaughter Jewish children in the dead of night.

      Somebody's moral compass doesn't point north.

    • pyeatte

      Israel is the good guy. If the muslims would lay down their arms, there would be peace. If Israel would lay down its arms, there would be genocide. Islam is an evil religion.

  • Abu Daoud

    I will say, as someone who lives in the Arab world, that this is quite sad. So many of the young people out there in Tahriir Square (or wherever) really think that Islam can produce a just and prosperous state. I know they will be disappointed, but it is still sad.

    • Advocatus

      They believe that because that's all they've heard all their lives: just how wonderful Islam is and how lucky they are to have been born Muslims. And yes, it's sad, but when their societies slump further into economic and intellectual stupor, they won't blame themselves or Islam. They'll just resort to the tried-and-tested meme of blaming the Jews and Americans for all their own shortcomings.


    Brilliant assessment of the "religion of peace".

  • ahmadnb

    I guess I learned something new today…that Daniel Greenfield is still an ignoramus when it comes to Islam.

    • aspacia

      Refute his claim rather than make ad hominem attacks to gain some semblance of credibility; at the moment you appear to be a moron.

      • ahmadnb

        No problem.

        First of all, it's the very nature of the article itself…the author speaks of "Islam" as if it were a small but significant cult with a handful of rabid followers who all think alike. He is writing from a very West-centered orientation…most of the world's Christians do not live in the most civilized parts of the world today (Australia/New Zealand, Europe and North America down to the US-Mexican border) but in central and south America, sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and its former Soviet colonies and the Philippines. If the more civilized "West" were to be taken out of the picture, then Christendom would not look a whole lot different from Islamdom. That's point one.

        • aspacia

          Nope, you are mistaken:

          13.1% Asia Pacific
          23.6% Sub Saharan Africa

          Most Christians were driven from the ME through Islamic conquest, subjegation and discrimination.

          • ahmadnb

            Strange…last time I checked, the Philipines is a predominantly Christian nation. And I see you excluded Central/South America. And something else…Africans south of the sub-Saharan savannah belt north of the Congo Rain Forest are predominantly Christian, with the exception of a few coastal areas inTanzania and Kenya. And it looks to me like your Christian coreligionists south of the US-Mexico border seem to have the hots for Ahmadinejad.

      • ahmadnb

        Next point: Islam was, at one point in time, a liberal, civilizing force. During a time when the Catholic Church stood all-powerful and totally closed off to dissent, there were those who, in the Middle East itself, who wrote works critical of Islam, among Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Writing anti-Christian screeds in medieval Europe would probably have gotten people hung, drawn and quartered.

        • aspacia

          The Catholic Church often burned heretics alive, and Islam beheaded them, so what? There is a huge amount in the Qur'an forbidding any criticism of it or Mad MO. Nope, Islam is just as guilty on this count. At least the Catholic Church reformed itself, albeit it took hundreds of years for it to admit its error about Capurnican Theory.

          There were some Muslims who dissented, similar to today, Jasser comes to mind, but most reject them.
          BTW, I have read your book on the site before it was scrubbed, follow ME news and know what your leaders and most of your brethren claim

          • ahmadnb

            “Islam beheaded them”Really? If that was the case, there would have been no criticism of Islam made from the Middle East…EVER. But that was not the case. You're being either ignorant or dishonest here. And even if that were true, I would prefer to be beheaded than to be burned alive. Seems to me that early Christians had some sort of sick love of meting out incredibly cruel punishments. So much for Jesus's teachings. Oh, well…”There is a huge amount in the Qur'an forbidding any criticism of it or Mad MO”Really? Show me where.The “Capurnican Theory”? never heard of it…you must mean “Copernican Theory”. Well, perhaps you guys need to correct a few more things…To me, Islam is in no need of “corrections”, nor was it ever in need of them. What needs to be corrected is the minds of the fools who claim to be genuine Muslims and yet violate its fundamental tenets through intolerance, persecution and violence.

      • ahmadnb

        What has happened in Islam over the last 50-1,000 years goes against the earliest teachings in the Qur'an and Muhammad, which is why the state of Islamic civilization is in the state that it is in today. But people like myself know that those of us who are more enlightened than others may hold the keys to not just reviving Islamic civilization, but saving the West from itself, including its detractors from within as well as outside, and from its fanatical proponents who believe that the salvation of the West lies in the destruction of Islam. People like myself can make the West stronger than ever before as a force of civilization and representative government that encourages the freedom of expression and intellectual growth, while diminishing the forces of the Left who wish to destroy it, as well as those of Islamic Fundamentalism who want to impose their own narrow views of Islam on everyone.

        • aspacia

          Not really, most like the Muslim Brotherhood argue that they are reforming Islam by returning to its roots.

          The problem is that most of your imams and clerics interpret your book literally, similar to Evangelical Christians. Jasser once explained that the verse about leaving Islam pertained to desertion during warfare. Again, most disagree with his claim.

          The liberals who wish to destroy the West, like the liberals who worked with Shia fundamentalists stupidly do not know history and the fact that most of the liberals who sided with the Shia Revolutionarys were massacred.

          I do not care who or what you worship, but will fight any person who infringes upon my rights. At this moment, it is the O in the People's House. I am sick of him and his regulations.

          You know, you did crawl out of the idiot hole I had put you in. Good, I like intelligence.

          A Deist, Feminist, Goy Zionist

          • ahmadnb

            “Not really, most like the Muslim Brotherhood argue that they are reforming Islam by returning to its roots.”And they rely on the likes of you to echo that. Of course they'll claim this, why won't they? Who would support them if they were to be honest about their real aims?I don't CARE what the Imams have to say. I never did. I never supported the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s. I recognized Israel's right to exist back in 1987 after Yasser Arafat declared this to be so, and also expect other Muslim nations to do the same and make peace with Israel…SINCERELY. And I happen to be a HUGE fan of Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.” but will fight any person who infringes upon my rights. At this moment, it is the O in the People's House. I am sick of him and his regulations”I can't help you there…yet. I hope to apply for US Citizenship this year, God Willing, but can't say too much more. There's a segment of the American population that will see me as a threat 1,000 times worse than bin Laden's ghost. They alarm me a lot because I see that they are all to eager to drag down the USA into a 3rd World abyss and don't seem to care about it.

          • aspacia

            Try to apply, but you will have this citizen, Spencer, Geller, Gabriel, fighting your citizenship.

            You are so dead on arrival and so ready for deportation. Yes, I have done this before on Islam Online.


          • ahmadnb

            Go ahead and try. You'll never get what you want. If need be, I'll take on you, Spencer, Geller, Gabriel to court and will take pleasure in seeing you all squirm when I take my oath of citizenship.
            You just admitted that all of the aforementioned people are anti-Muslim. finally…chinks in your Taqiyya armor and a ray of truth shining through the wall of lies.
            What will you deport me based on, anyway? For being a Muslim? That's not good enough. For being a terrorist? I could probably pass all of your background checks…the FBI and immigrations has had my fingerprints for YEARS and know I'm clean. I've never been kicked off an airplane nor have been questioned for any reason. I've never been denied boarding of any of my flights. So my advice to you is this: Unless you want your name and those of Spencer, Geller and Gabriel TOTALLY DRAGGED THROUGH THE DIRT of American public opinion, leave this one alone and he'll leave you alone. Otherwise be prepared to spend the rest of your life in misery. God will do what He will…if He wants you to succeed in your malicious endeavor, I won't be able to stop you. But if you try and it so happens that He doesn't will that you succeed, I will take pleasure in your pain.

          • aspacia

            They and I are anti-radical Muslims, who are similar to you. Why did you wait until Arafat accepted Islam? What, you can't think on your own? Probably not. Arafat was a liar who raped his people while he lived in luxury, plus he was a homosexual. You do not belong in my land, just a other intolerant immigrants do not. The Muslim Brotherhood are returning to Islam's fundamentalist roots. TSI has allowed many to slip for its fingers, and most of its workers earn minimum wage. Many who have entered this land have had clean records until the attempted terrorist attacks.

            You can take you profit (intended), Mad Mo, the pillaging, profiteering, pediphile, and Allah and shove them both up you a$$.

            You have said enough for Ice to listen to me.

          • ahmadnb

            Little do you know…I came to the USA legally more than 20 years ago. Since then I worked my butt off getting 2 BS Engineering degrees and work in the hi-tech industry…your life is better because of the likes of me.To you, there is no such thing as a “non-radical” Muslim. My record has been clean since I came to this country and was clean before I came…I was screened by the INS for 3-5 weeks before I was granted my first visa. When I got my Green Card GWB was still president, with both houses of Congress under Republican control. The guy who granted it to me personally called me up and told me to congratulate me…I didn't even have to answer any questions.ICE will listen to you and throw your worthless a$$ in a sanitarium, and lay the welcome mat out for me, God Willing.I wonder what YOUR record looks like?

          • aspacia

            You are homophobic.

          • ahmadnb

            Boo freakin' hoo. Is that the best you got? So are a VERY LARGE NUMBER of your fellow Americans, most of whom are JEWS and CHRISTIANS. Perhaps you'll get your lovers Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and the folks at GLAAD, GLSEN and NAMBLA to side with you on this one.

          • aspacia

            We can not deport them, but we can refuse homophobes citizenship because of intolerant views.

            I do not respect any of the above mentioned individuals, and have often condemned all of the above. At the moment, I would like Holder to be impeached, convicted and removed from office as a racist.

          • ahmadnb

            You've got an extremely weak case. All I did was mention Jewish/Christian Scripture from the Old Testament that condemns homosexuality. Or is quoting that somehow “homophobic”? I know it's a crime to do so now in Canada, but not here in the USA.Intolerant views cannot form the basis of deportation unless I have actively engaged in acts of persecution/violence against anyone, which I never have. Besides, if you as much as try to make a move against me in this regard, you'll be blacklisted by your own “allies” on the “Right”. You'll have no choice but to bed with the crazy lefties in order to get me deported…while I deploy ALL the forces of the “Right” against you and your pathetic new “friends”. You will be fully exposed for what you really are…a pathetic, half-literate nitwit, a disgruntled ignoramus and a bigot. I doubt that even Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller or Bridgette Bardot would want to have anything to do with you once you're exposed…unless they're as crazy as you are.This is a fight you cannot win. So, as someone who doesn't wish to see things become extremely ugly and nasty for anyone, my advice for you is this: Walk away from this while you still can. I have my rights, you have yours. I would never trample over your rights. Don't tread on mine.

          • aspacia

            Your claim was homophobic.

            Okay, what allies do I have? You do not know me or my allies.

            Your fallacious ad hominem attacks discredit you not me and it is your who appear ignorant.

            Actually, I usually do win.

            I do not want another intolerant Muslim in my land.


          • ahmadnb

            “Your claim was homophobic.”Really? Oh, great Comrade, please accept my sincerest apologies and let me on to your great land ruled by the Mighty Messiah Obama.”I do not want another intolerant Muslim in my land. “Too bad for you…you've got PLENTY. And then there's all the intolerant Jews and Christians who are far more numerous. What you gonna do about it, hero?”Actually, I usually do win.”Am I dealing with an adult here? Or some stupid little kid who's so full of himself/herself?I'm not going to let you win this one. I will take pleasure in your pain as you spew your bigoted vitriol against me. Go on, keep spewing your bile. Give in to your hate! Let the hate flow through you. Let it make you strong!

          • aspacia

            It is the immature who resort to insults when they have no credibility. I do not want any more of the intolerant to our gene pool.

          • ahmadnb

            Awwww…did I make you cry?How do I know YOU aren't “homophobic”?Are you an advocate of “gay marriage”?Do you support “gay education” in elementary schools like they have now in California?Do you support the notion that gays should be able to serve openly in the US military?Do you believe that the Boy Scouts of America ought to allow gays to serve as members, scoutmasters and leaders?If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, you are a homophobe and should get the hell out of the USA.

          • aspacia

            You are not a citizen and can be deported. I am a citizen whose father's family has been in this land since the 1590's on a land grant from the King and Queen of Spain. Legally, I cannot be deported.

          • ahmadnb

            You refused to respond to my inquiries. Fine…I'll give you one more chance. Please respond to the following questions:Are you an advocate of “gay marriage”?Do you support “gay education” in elementary schools like they have now in California?Do you support the notion that gays should be able to serve openly in the US military?Do you believe that the Boy Scouts of America ought to allow gays to serve as members, scoutmasters and leaders?If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, you are a homophobe. As for me, I think I'll convert to Ultra Orthodox Judaism…let's see, it looks like we were protesting in Israel against the mixing of the sexes and homosexuality in the Holy Land. Does that make me a sexist AND a homophobe? Answer that, goy!

          • ahmadnb

            Ha-ha-ha. LMAO. Go ahead and try…none of you fools know me personally. And besides, I've got some pretty heavy guns on my side…these are conservative Christians and even Jews who would be scandalized if anyone were to question my character and integrity. If I don't rip you to shreds in the courts of the law and public opinion, they would.

      • ahmadnb

        It seems to me that when people like you yell out "Where are the moderates among Muslims?", when people like myself stand up and yell out "Here!" you choose to ignore us. It may be that you aren't really interested in our viewpoints…you'd rather point out that the voices of extremism are more credible because, paradoxically, although you claim to despise them, you agree with them 100% with regard to what the Qur'an and the Sunna teach about Islam. The extremists claim that we are "apostates" and not genuine Muslims at all, and you go "That's right!" When people like me raise objections to such arguments, you raise that whole stupid thing about "Taqqiya" which is something that I only got to know about recently.

        • aspacia

          Most moderates do not make a stand because they are shunned when they do. Look at what happened to those in Jasser's group.

          Yes, most similar to Spence agree with their claims and he argues against it using respect Islamic theological leaders through out history. To date, he has not lost a debate.

          BTW, most Christians do not know that according to Jesus to call someone a fool is to burn in hell. Most do not know about the man who have up his daughter instead of his houseguest to a mob, and she was raped unto death for the houseguest's crimes. The fact that you have not heard of Taqqiya means nothing.

          • ahmadnb

            “Most do not know about the man who have up his daughter instead of his houseguest to a mob, and she was raped unto death for the houseguest's crimes”I recall reading something similar in the OT…speaking of which, one must recall the story of Lot who was willing to give up his daughters to be raped by the men of Sodom rather than give up his male houseguests. He knew how much God despised homosexuality…I just wonder how much patience God will have on those who not only think that being gay is “OK” but that everyone should think that way and should celebrate being “homosexual”. And I won't want to be anywhere near a community that embraces what God clearly considered to be an abomination…let Him do with it what He will. No one can say we all weren't warned beforehand.

          • aspacia

            Ah, Muslim bigotry shines through.

            I know and work with homosexual teachers. Remember that most child molestations attacks are from straights. Also know Julius Cesear was a raving bisexual who was known as every man's wife, and every woman's husband. Unlike many on this board I support gay rights, but I do see a threat from Muslims, even those like you who make claims like the above, which I will give to every queer for Palestine group I can find. Eat it turkey!

            No, it is you who is the abomination for your intolerance of others. Actually, I will send this to Spencer and Geller. Too fun.

            Oh, I have been married for 23 years to my opposite sex mate.

            A Deist, Feminist, Goy, ZIONIST

          • ahmadnb

            Excuse me, but there are also many Christians and Jews who oppose gay rights in this country just as I do. The only thing is that I don't support violence against them. So if you're going to call me a "bigot" because I oppose gay rights, what say you concerning large numbers of Christians and Jews who hold the same views? Should they be deported, too? I'm just one person. They are in the millions.
            Ooooh, I'm shaking in my shoes for fear of every queer that might try to set me straight. Just as you have your rights, I have mine. Anyone who threatens me and my family with violence will experience the same.
            Spencer and Geller? I would welcome a dialog and debate with them. I would take them apart at the seams…it won't be difficult to do.
            So you're married for 23 years? Good for you. But I feel sorry that your wife married such an immature little boy…must be hell to put up with, unless she thinks the same way you do. In that case you belong to each other.

      • ahmadnb

        So unless you're a moron, you can acknowledge what I've said here…or just get out of the way while the grown-ups take the fight to the extremists.
        The West is not capable of dealing with Muslim extremists. It has a long and sad record of dealing with them. First of all, in medieval times, Christian writers found fit to lie openly about Muslims, Islam and Muhammad, one such work being the Song of Roland. The British taught their Hindu subjects in India which they ruled from the 1800s onwards that Muslims made India poor, and all the while they maintained a monopoly on everything…they didn't even allow Indians to harvest salt from the ocean at their own shores! At the same time, the British looked the other way when Saudi extremists took over the Arabian Peninsula. And then there was the Afghan debacle in the 1980s that led to the rise of the Taliban, Al Qiada…and all that led to 9-11.

        • aspacia

          Islam was spread through the sword, just as the British Empire was spread with firearms. The British brought a great deal of good and bad to the aboriginals of their colonies. The British outlawed suttee, and India now has the largest Middle-Class. India was known as the Jewel in the Crown and the Brits were there for at least 300 years. Muslims were India's previous conquerors, and left a bloodier mark on the land than the Brits.

          To this day Pakistan and India are enemies because of religion. The Pakis would rather fight against the infidel Hindus than against the Muslim extremists in their lands. Islamic conquests are bloody, and currently many unwilling people are forced to convert to Islam.

        • aspacia

          Read what your books claims about infidels and Jews, descended from apes and pigs indeed.

          • ahmadnb

            I have and it's nothing like the bits and pieces you've spewed here. You are soooo dumb…

          • aspacia

            Read Spencer if your want to know what respect Muslim scholars assert.

            Fallacious ad hominem attacks cause you to lose credibility, not me.

          • ahmadnb

            I have read Spencer's work and base my assertions on what i have read. As for Muslim “scholars”, I don't care what they have to say. I know what I know and am confident in what I have learned so far based on my own reading and observations. I don't need no freakin' self-styled “scholar of Islam” to tell me how to worship God and how to treat my fellow man.Zuhdi Jasser echoes pretty much what I know and feel. And, for the most part, so does Stephen Schwartz.

          • aspacia

            Basically, what many call a fundi; you do what an Evangelical Christian does, and this is Raymond Ibrahim's claim. You are returning to your roots, the original texts literal meaning.

          • ahmadnb

            “You are returning to your roots, the original texts literal meaning.”That's just nonsense again…not a surprise coming from you. The Qur'an cannot, and should not, be taken literally in its entirety…there are passages in the Qur'an that clearly attest to this claim of mine. Go look it up. It is a book of all time…there were certain passages that were hard to decipher 1,400 years ago that have, only during recent years, come to light due to advances in science and technology.I have nothing against Evangelical Christians…some of my best friends belong to this group. They are among the best, most decent people that I have ever known, and I have been inspired by them in more ways than one. And then there are some who want to try to convert me to their religion, but I have ways of dealing with them…it's pathetic to see how weak the “missionaries” among them really are in their faith in God.I believe that the best way to help to propagate God's Word is through living an exemplary life yourself. Be honest and sincere and respectful when dealing with others, and always seek God's guidance. Few, if any, will ever convert, but if you can inspire others to live good lives, I believe that's good enough for me. What happens to us afterwards is up to God and not us.Now why am I so harsh with you? Well, you were harsh on me from the very beginning, and so I responded in kind. You've made threats against me and my family. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not responsible for your twisted, ignorant beliefs, nor will I help you dig your way out of the hole that you wish to pull me down into. And if you wish to go down deeper, well…go right on ahead, but you'll be going alone.

          • aspacia

            Actually, you have zero impact on me. I simply do not want you to live in my land any longer, and view you as intolerant and dangerous.

            You are the one spouting insults, not me.

          • ahmadnb

            I do not live in YOUR land I live on MY land. Watch what happens when you try to mess with me on MY land…My views are “intolerant” and “dangerous” How many people have been hurt or killed because of my views over the last 20+ years? Answer: ZERO. So it looks like you're the one who has a credibility problem.You're the one who responded to my firstpost (which wasn't even directed at you to begin with) with insults. Look in the mirror, jackass.Don't like my insults? Too bad…you'll have to be “tolerant” of them, you intolerant bigot. You don't belong in this land. You're like a dog that just keeps barking and peeing on itself. Attacking me is just a way to make up for your woeful inadequacies and an inferiority complex on your part.

          • aspacia

            You argue that you are not a citizen; I am, and this is my land, not yours.

            I do not want immature, irrational immigrants in my land and will prevent your citizenship and possible deportation. You behaving like a typical, immature religious fanatic who responds with threats. My first response was to tell you to respond to the claims and not make fallacious ad hominem attacks.

          • ahmadnb

            Look, there are places in this country for unhappy individuals such as yourself. There are also drugs…Prozac, Zoloft, etc. that can really be used to help you out. I don't believe in doing drugs myself…never have done them. But I see you really need some. Seen a shrink lately?It's obvious to me that you are delusional. I have never made threats against you. Yet you claim otherwise. I responded to every one of your inquiries, but I might as well never have as you ignored them. You haven't responded to mine honestly…and whined about being “attacked”, when it was YOU who started this whole conversation with me by insulting me. And then you whined about being insulted!Speaking to you will lower my IQ…a LOT. Please go away and find someone that will be willing to be your Internet b*tch before I turn you into mine.

        • aspacia


          Iran: A Christian convert who was arrested in her home has been sentenced to two years in prison. Previously she endured five months of uncertainty detained in the notorious Evin prison, where the government hoped she would come to her senses and renounce Christianity. She was convicted of "broad anti-Islamic propaganda, deceiving citizens by formation of what is called a house church, insulting sacred figures and action against national security." Likewise, Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani continues to suffer in prison. Most recently, he rejected an offer to be released if he publicly acknowledged Islam's prophet Muhammad as "a messenger sent by God," which would amount to rejecting Christianity, as Muhammad/Koran reject it.

          Kenya: Muslim apostates seeking refuge in Kenya are being tracked and attacked by Muslims from their countries of origin: An Ethiopian who, upon converting to Christianity, was shot by his father, kidnapped and almost killed, is now receiving threatening text messages. Likewise, a Ugandan convert to Christianity is in hiding, his movements severely restricted since "the Muslims are looking to kill me. I need protection and help."

          Kuwait: A royal prince who openly declared that he has converted to Christianity, confirmed the reality that he now might be targeted for killing as an apostate.

          Norway: While out for a walk, two Iranian converts to Christianity were stabbed with knives by masked men shouting "infidels!" One of the men stabbed had converted in Iran, was threatened there, and immigrated to Norway, thinking he could escape persecution there.

          Somalia: A female convert to Christianity was paraded before a cheering crowd and publicly flogged as punishment for embracing a "foreign religion." Imprisoned since November, "the public whipping was meant to mark her release." She received 40 lashes as hundreds of Muslim spectators jeered. An eyewitness said: "I saw her faint. I thought she had died, but soon she regained consciousness and her family took her away." Likewise, "Somali Islamists arrested a Muslim father after two of his children converted to Christianity" and fled. He is accused of "failing to raise his sons as good Muslims, because "good Muslims cannot convert to Christianity."

          • ahmadnb

            So what of this? Of course all of this happened. Moreover, any convert to or from Islam should be left alone. I know of no punishment proscribed in the Qur'an for “apostates” unless they turn violent. I will also say that the fundies are not my brothers in faith,even though they may claim to be Muslims. They are the munafiqeen or hypocrites. I won't want to be anywhere near them when God's Final Judgment befalls us all.

          • aspacia

            Reread your book. Frankly, the more you talk, the less sense you make.

          • ahmadnb

            “Reread your book.”I have…over and over again, and I learn something new each time I do as I get older and more knowledgeable.” Frankly, the more you talk, the less sense you make.”And this, coming from someone who has no sense between his/her ears to begin with. Who, or what, the hell do you think you are? A smart person?

      • ahmadnb

        A lot of moderates don't trust the West for obvious reasons. The West has not been consistent in dealing with Muslim extremists. Moderate Muslims have been ostracized, sidelined, dismissed. The West has its own interests, but doesn't see beyond what it wishes to see. The West cannot take on an entire religion. But it does need to do a better job in being able to tell friend from foe. Until the West is able to do this, it will be attacked from time to time with arms and money that it supplied to those whom it thought were its friends, while its genuine friends were being sidelined and massacred. In spite of this, moderate Muslims will continue to look to the West as a potential ally in its centuries-long fight against Islamic extremists. The extremists, on the other hand, see you in the West as fools and your women and girls as future sex-slaves.

        • aspacia

          It is called shifting alliances. Once Germany and Britain were our enemy, now they are allies. Albeit, I hate the way we throw allies like Taiwan under the bus. Currently, O is throwing Israel under the bus as well.

          • ahmadnb

            Alliances are to be made with people who can prove to be your friends and not stab you in the back soon afterwards. If you think you've got a rat infestation in your house, would you let loose a nest of cobras in your house in order to eradicate them?

          • aspacia

            Yes I would let lose a nest of cobra against our enemies, but not our allies, and ISRAEL IS OUR ALLY. At the moment we have boots on the ground.

          • ahmadnb

            I wasn't talking about your enemies. I was talking about YOUR OWN HOUSE. Where YOU and YOUR FAMILY live. If you have a rat infestation there, would you llet loose a nest full of cobras IN YOUR HOUSE in order to be rid of the rats? Don't you think you'll have an even bigger problem to deal with afterwards?From what I understand, Israel initially supported Hamas back in the mid- to late 1980s in order to have them act as a counterbalance to the PLO. I was stunned when I found out about this many years later. I thought it was a really dumb move to make on Israel's part and I was right. The PLO are the rats. Hamas consists of cobras. Only this time the cobras and the rats seem to be cooperating with each other…go figure.

          • aspacia

            No, I would use rat poison. What a lousy metaphor.

            Yes, initially Israel did support Hamas: "Hamas grew out of the ideology and practice of the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood movement that arose in Egypt in the 1920s and it was legally registered in Israel in 1978 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the movement's spiritual leader, as an Islamic Association by the name Al-Mujamma Al Islami. Initially, the organization followed the Muslim Brotherhood's model of acting primarily as a social welfare agency that catered especially to the Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and, over time, developed a good reputation for improving the lives of Palestinians. Hamas also exerted its influence through the mosques. Today, Hamas is intimitately tied to the Islamic regimes in Syria and Iran.

            In August 1988, Hamas published the Islamic Covenant, which makes clear the organization is opposed to Israel's existence in any form. It states that "there is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad (holy war)." The group warns that any Muslim who leaves "the circle of struggle with Zionism" is guilty of "high treason." Hamas' platform calls for the creation of an Islamic republic in Palestine that would replace Israel. Muslims should "raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine," it says."

            Israel acted rationally thinking that Hamas wants to improve the lives of their brethren, not make life more difficult. Based on Hamas early behavior, this was a logical conclusion. Any group or country evolves for the good or bad, and Hamas, like most other Muslim groups wants power more the improvement. This way they can scapegoat their failings on Israel.

          • ahmadnb

            Muslims like myself have known for centuries that Fundies cannot be trusted. Israel blundered terribly in doing so.Was I in Israel's place, I would ditch the two-state theory. I would give the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza 2 choices:1) Embrace Israeli citizenship and the duties and obligations that come with it, and you will have full rights as citizens,2) Leave.

          • aspacia

            Lieberman tried this, and the liberals prevented the measure from passing. Frankly, the Arabs are sworn to destroy Israel, and there will be no peace.

          • ahmadnb

            “Frankly, the Arabs are sworn to destroy Israel, and there will be no peace.”Not necessarily…Arabs who are citizens of Israel overwhelmingly support Israel and won't give up their Israeli citizenship for anything. Many have even served in the IDF. And let's not forget that the Mossad had no problem recruiting Sunni Muslim Kurds in recent years. Also, the SLA consisted of Sunnis, Shias and Maronite Christians during the last days of Israel's occupation of South Lebanon…many of them fled to Israel when Israel pulled out.

          • aspacia

            Some Israeli Arabs do wish to destroy Israel. Remember, I read a huge amount of world news, and at least 3 Israeli media and 3 UK.

          • ahmadnb

            “Some Israeli Arabs do wish to destroy Israel.”Well, DUH! Like I never knew that. What more have ye to teach me, O Wise One?Did I ever mention that ALL Arabs who are Israeli citizens are pro-Israel? You ask me to re-read my Holy Book. I ask you to simply re-read my post below…or is that asking too much of you?”I read a huge amount of world news, and at least 3 Israeli media and 3 UK.”That's huge? Give me a break! How many countries have you visited? How many have you lived in? How many cultures, religions and languages do you know? Good grief, you are one of THE MOST ARROGANT, I'm-thooo-thmart kind of people that I've ever come across. I also sense a massive inferiority complex in you. Just another bloody armchair “activist” who wants to save the USA from evil “homophobes” like me. My hat goes off to Seal Team 6 for a job well done. You, on the other hand, should just stick to fighting virtual terrorists on your XBox.

          • aspacia

            Won't work. I do not want you in my land any longer and still view you as immature, homophobic and a potential threat. I do not believe your lies as others possibly do.

            You are another apologist. Read the following for what I actually believe about you. Frankly, I doubt if Jasser would want to associated with you:

          • ahmadnb

            What lies? Tell me ONE THING that I have lied about. I have nothing to gain or lose by lying to you.On the other hand, I can make a LONG LIST of lies that you've asserted here.Dr. Jasser sends me daily updates. You, on the other hand, will end up with no allies if you mess with me…Geller, Spencer and others will shun you like the plague if they have any brains in their heads. Otherwise they'll share your fate. The only person I can think of that'll ally with you gladly is Ann Barnhardt of Colorado.

  • Steven

    As long as they continue to take their Holy Book 'verbatim'…… things will never change.
    They are reading a 1500 year old book with 1500 year old ideals, based on daily life 1500 years ago. Until they adapt it's concepts and principles to a modern world, things will stay the same. I'm sure that 1500 years ago it was the norm to protect your village by killing off the people trying to invade it. That doesn't work so well today. As far as how they treat their women….. I'll NEVER understand that one. Perhaps Mohammud (PBUH) was severely beaten by his mother as a child and he carried that hatred with him into adulthood. I mean..seriously… how could ANYONE treat the giver of life with such disrespect and hatred…..??????
    Just wondering…..

  • Jaladhi

    Ha, ha,ha,….!! For Muslims, everyday is a ground hog day!!! They always see the shadow of Mo/allah that propels them in a perpetual rage against all of us!!

  • Ian

    First off I’ve been reading your articles now for a few years and this is as brilliant and articulate as any of them. Thank you for your commanding efforts in the oh so small task of saving human civilisation..
    Though I do wonder – did the fat arsed sheiks of the Gulf States really want the Arab Winter? I thought they were shxt scared of it and the threat to their absolute power. With the inevitable Islamist takeover they must still fear the pressure of ceding to the caliph and losing it all? Surely having relatively secular muslim states close by in the ME keeps the wolf from their own door and bank accounts safe.

  • StephenD

    There is no creativity in the Devil. Rather there is only destruction and decay. You can call him Allah if you want but he's had other names….
    "You shall know them by their fruits."
    Death and destruction, enslavement and hate deceit and treachery sound like pretty bitter and awful fruit to me.

    • ros

      I agree,and everywhere you see fighting and bloodshed there you'll find the muslim.Put one in an empty room and he'll find an excuse for a fight.Totally evil.

  • aspacia


    It was a choice between second-class citizenship or death.

    Oh, really, like Mad Mo allowed any pagans to survive? No. Only the People of the Book survived as second class citizens.

    No, I am claiming that most Christians and Jews were forced to convert to Islam or lived as second class citizens that they still do in Muslim majority lands.

    What did your brethren to to the ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? They blew them to bits. Avoid the BS apologetics with this Deist. I do not buy into this for any faith.

    We saved many Muslims from Serb massacres, and allowed Muslims to massacre many Muslim Serbs, which sickens me. Look at the mess that Bosinia is in today after the that the West gave them. PATHETIC.

    Read some current Malay news; news about how a Facebook blogger is currently in jail for heresy against Islam. These areas are incorporating Sharia in their lives, and freedom in being incinerated.

    Christians and Jews and Hindus and many people of tother faiths embrace Islam. So? Many were born into it and can't escape; what about those who cannot escape the TOLERANT RELIGION OF PEACE.

    • ahmadnb

      “Oh, really, like Mad Mo allowed any pagans to survive? No. Only the People of the Book survived as second class citizens. “He's “Mad Mo” to fools like you…there, I said it. Remember that at that time, if you were a non-Christian living in a Christian land, you would have been far less than a “second-class citizen”. Just look at what the Jews suffered through under Christianity at the time:1) They weren't allowed to live in Jerusalem, a city that was originally theirs…then again, only after they took it from the Jebusites whom they drove out. Now tell me…what did God order the Israelites to do to the worshippers of idols and those whose menfolk were uncircumcised? Sounds an awful lot worse than what Muhammad did to the idolaters in HIS domains.2) Remember that once the Arab Muslims under Caliph Omar captured Jerusalem, Jews were once more not only allowed back into the city, but were even allowed to repoen Synagogues that the Christian Byzantines had shut down. It was Jews who helped clean up the area of the Temple Mount area that the Byzantines had been using as a garbage dump. Jews contributed significantly in the construction of the mosques that sit atop it today.If you do a side-by-side comparison between how Muslims treated non-Muslims between 100 and 1000 and how Christians treated non-Christians at around the same time, Muslims were far more tolerant than Christians…this is an undeniable FACT.As far as the giant Buddhist statues were concerned, did they not remain standing for all these hundreds of years under Muslim domination? It was only after the crazy Taliban took over that they were destroyed. But the Northern Alliance that came back after 9/11 was in the process of restoring those statues. You're being extremely dishonest and selective here…the Taliban are NOT my brethren. Nice and convenient for you to leave that out, but it won't work with me.Yes, the USA saved Muslims in Bosnia from the Serbs. But don't expect me to cry any tears over them…no one seems to like them in that part of the world except the Russians. The Christian Croats and Slovenes absolutely despise them. Besides, did you know that it was the Muslim Bosnian govt that first alerted the US to phony “Muslim charities” that were actually front groups of terror organizations? Did you know that the Muslim Bosnian govt is pretty friendly with Israel but not so much so with Arab govts? Did you know that their officials actually declared, when 9/11 happened, that they would never turn against the USA? Did you know that your hero Milosevic was on very friendly terms with the likes of Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi? Arafat actually invited him to spend Orthodox Christmas in Jerusalem…it was only after Israel threatened him with arrest that he backed off.

      • aspacia

        I am well aware of history, both of the Christian, Jews and Muslims. So? My concern is the present, and how Muslims treat nonMuslims in the ME. Our media whitewashes the massacres, forced converstion, stonings, maiming and beheadings, but many other sources provide images, dates and times.

        Similar to the prophecy, you and your brethren, like your progenitor, "will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; 'and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren." Gen: 16:12

        • ahmadnb

          First of all, I'm not from the ME. I'm not from Pakistan either. The land of my parents used to be a part of it until we fought them off and gained our independence, no thanks to your Nixon who had the Pakis armed to the teeth. Nixon sure seemed to have the hots for the fundies.

          • aspacia

            Bangladesh is considered ME. Orh, and thanks for the correction regarding Copernican Theory. I do have my moments, and even poured my coffee into the creamer this morning.

          • ahmadnb

            You are REALLY stupid. Bangladesh was NEVER considered a part of the ME. It is separated from the “Muslim Belt” that stretches without a break from Morocco to Pakistan by 1,000 miles of Hindu India territory. That was one of the main reasons that the Pakis considered us to be “tainted with Hindu culture”. Truth be told, we're better Muslims than they are. That's why they got their a$$es beat so bad back in 1971, much to your Nixon's displeasure.

          • aspacia

            fallacious ad hominem attacks cause you to lose credibility.

            Bangledesh was part of the subcontinent India, then Pakistan, which is considered part of the Middle-East. Bangledesh broke with Pakistan, in recent times, and this area was considered Middle-Eastern. It might now be considered Southeast Asia.

            Frankly, I dislike and distrust formal faiths because of their intolerance and discrimination against women, bi and homosexuals, and other faiths.

          • ahmadnb

            Geographically, Bangladesh has never been, and will never be, a part of the Middle East. Islam came later to that part of the world…not through conquest by Arabs, but by missionary activities by Sufis.”fallacious ad hominem attacks cause you to lose credibility.”This, coming from someone who had no credibility to begin with. Get lost.

          • aspacia

            Another misunderstander of Islam wants to live in my country. No, you slither back to the sewer you came from. Islam was spread by the sword, and people had to convert or be executed.

          • ahmadnb

            Spoken by a true ignoramus. No, this ain't going nowhere and bites when thread upon. Wanna try? Besides, are you a Native American? If not, you've worn out your welcome by polluting this great land with your foul presence. Go back to where your ancestors came from.

          • ahmadnb

            That's right…read up your history on that country. We've got some powerful pro-freedom forces from that place. My parents were among them, as am I. We despise fundies more than you do.

      • aspacia

        More recent examples of Muslim intolerance:

        • ahmadnb

          I don't CARE what the MB has to say. They're bunch of radical misfits and personally, if I had the power, I would have nuked all of them. The world would be better off without that bunch of cockroaches…

          • aspacia

            It is not just the brotherhood, but others who are attacking infidels in the name of Islam. Join Jasser, and I will rethink my position regarding you.

          • ahmadnb

            And give myself away to you? Besides, I've got to keep my connections with him on a low profile…he got on your wonderful President's bad side by criticizing the latter's cozying up to the MB. I'm a potential anti-Obama voter and he'll do all he can to keep me off the voting list. I got my priorities straight. Once I get to be a US citizen, I'l be free to join any group that I want…from Jasser's group to the NRA and the Heritage Foundation.

    • ahmadnb

      As far as imposing Sharia Law is concerned, I am against it. To me, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are far closer to being considered to be "Islamic" than Sharia Law.
      Why would I want to leave Islam? I have everything I need, and then some. For me, to leave Islam would be akin to going back to being a leftie, which I was until 1994 when my eyes were opened to certain realities of life. To leave Islam would mean to deny what I know in my heart is the truth…of God, mankind and God's creation in general. But if you've got something better, let's hear it.

      • aspacia

        I do not trust or believe you. Join Jasser's group, and then I might rethink my conclusions about you and your intentions in my land.

        I am a Deist, look it up.

        • ahmadnb

          “Join Jasser's group”? I'm not sure how to…I do subscribe to getting daily alerts from him. Perhaps you could let me know how to and I will.

          • aspacia

            Call or email him and ask to join in his efforts as a nonviolent Muslim. Participate in his very dangerous public effort, similar to Tarek and regular on Michael Coren, and many others. Do not apologize for Muslims and resort to attacking Christian behavior in the past. Concentrate on rectifying the current problem, and realize there are many risks.

            I would recommend Faith and Freedom work, but many are atheist and Islam haters. Believe it or not, I am concerned about Islam and Muslim behavior, but put most Islam in the same box as most faiths.

          • ahmadnb

            Perhaps I will…when I know that none of Obama's bureaucrats will try to deport me for associating with Jasser.To them, being a member of CAIR, MSA, ISNA would be preferable to joining forces with Jasser. I've got a job and my family to support…my spouse and my young daughter, and we're pregnant at this time.I have nothing to apologize for. I can only speak for myself and my actions and beliefs. But if I am attacked, I will strike back hard.

  • DomusCanus

    So we watch and wait as muslims who don't learn from history… etc etc. There is also the peculiar phenomena of intermarriage that few give ink space to. In the UK the NHS is obliged to care for the children of such liaisons who are afflicted by all sorts of genetic oddities when this occurs, and God forbid you even mention banning it as it's part of their 'customs and traditions'. Indeed, so why then are they not obliged to carry the cost for said 'customs' instead of bleeding the health system dry? In this alleged Spring, the participants are merely doing what the big Mo did many years ago, now played out daily in front of our lying eyes on the news by the muslim brotherhood. It is the West who must be sanctioned for being endlessly take in as the prime Patsy for such pagan practices. Into the coffers of those who practice polygamy, slavery and female mutilation go our taxes, and out of the other side of our leaders mouths the words freedom, democracy and equality. But for whom? There isn't a country on earth where such throwback thinking isn't causing grief for the indigenous people and if we continue to appease and ignore this fact, then we are doomed. Great article Daniel.

  • aspacia

    From our neighborhood Taquiyya ahmadnb:

    ahmadnb 65p · 13 hours ago
    Spoken by a true ignoramus. No, this ain't going nowhere and bites when thread upon. Wanna try? Besides, are you a Native American? If not, you've worn out your welcome by polluting this great land with your foul presence. Go back to where your ancestors came from.

    I guess this goes for mpst all of us. Do not fall for this dangerous individual's lies.

  • TreenonPoet

    (Not sure how your reply relates to Eternal's comment.)

    Can you quote a democrat who has asked you to sacrifice your children to the Government?

  • curmudgeon

    the democrats dont ask for the sacrifice, they take it, using the power of government. what do you think our huge national debt is, if not the sacrifice of our children? did the government ever ask us peons if we wanted to rack up an unpayable debt? the answer is no.