Islamic Foundation Pays Indonesian Parents 9 Dollars to Mutilate their Daughters’ Genitals

What would be considered a horrifying atrocity outside much of the Muslim world is something that Indonesian parents will agree to have done to their daughters in exchange for 9 dollars. That’s one of the revelations in this Guardian first-hand account.

a mass ceremony to perform sunat perempuan or “female circumcision” that has been held annually since 1958 by the Bandung-based Yayasan Assalaam, an Islamic foundation that runs a mosque and several schools. The foundation holds the event in the lunar month of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and pays parents 80,000 rupiah (£6) and a bag of food for each daughter they bring to be cut.

Mohammed did hate women, so I suppose mutilating thousands of girls on his birthday would be the sort of present that he would have appreciated.

80,000 rupiah is a pretty decent sum by Indonesian standards, but it’s not ‘sell your child’ money. It’s anywhere from 6 to 15 percent of a monthly salary over there.

Twelve-year-old Suminah is not. She looks like she wants to punch somebody. Under her white hijab, which she has yanked down over her brow like a hoodie, her eyes have the livid, bewildered expression of a child who has been wronged by people she trusted. She sits on a plastic chair, swatting away her mother’s efforts to placate her with a party cup of milk and a biscuit. Suminah is in severe pain. An hour earlier, her genitals were mutilated with scissors as she lay on a school desk.

Suminah said she didn’t want to come. “I was shaking and crying last night. I was so scared I couldn’t sleep.” It was a “very bad, sharp pain” when she was cut, she said, and she still felt sore and angry.

At least Suminah could have gotten a share of that 80,000 rupiah.

From their sun-lined faces and battered sandals, some of the mothers looked quite poor – poor enough, possibly, to make the foundation’s 80,000 rupiah cash handout as much of an enticement as the promise of spiritual purity.

The room filled up with noise and people. Girls started to cry and protest as soon as their mothers hustled them inside. Rapidly, the mood turned business-like. “We have many girls to circumcise this morning, about 300,” Hdjella shouted above the escalating din. As children were hoisted on to desks I realised with a jolt: this is an assembly line.

In the dingy, crowded room, her cries merged with the sobs and screeches of other girls lying on desks, the grating sing-song clucking of the midwives, the surreally casual conversational hum of waiting mothers. There was no air.

Ety, 40, was elated. She had brought her two daughters, aged seven and three, to be cut. “I want them to be teachers. Being circumcised will bring them good luck,” she said. Ety was a farmer who came from a village outside Bandung. “Daughters should be pure and obey their parents.”

At the mass ceremony, I ask the foundation’s social welfare secretary, Lukman Hakim, why they do it. His answer not only predates the dawn of religion, it predates human evolution: “It is necessary to control women’s sexual urges,” says Hakim, a stern, bespectacled man in a fez. “They must be chaste to preserve their beauty.”

And nothing says chastity like genital mutilation. It’s either that or honor killing.

It is impossible to second-guess what kind of place holds mass ceremonies to mutilate girl children, with the aim of forever curbing their sexual pleasure.

I’m going to go ahead and guess a Muslim place… which predates human evolution.

Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisation, the Nahdlatul Ulama, also issued an edict telling its 30 million followers that it approved of female genital cutting, but that doctors “should not cut too much”.

Evolution. It’s a really slow process.

the chairman of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, the nation’s most powerful council of Islamic leaders, issued this statement: “Circumcision is a requirement for every Muslim woman,” said Amidhan, who like many Indonesians goes by a single name. “It not only cleans the filth from her genitals, it also contributes to a girl’s growth.”

Really slow process.

In the dingy, crowded room, her cries merged with the sobs and screeches of other girls lying on desks, the grating sing-song clucking of the midwives, the surreally casual conversational hum of waiting mothers. There was no air.

Ety, 40, was elated. She had brought her two daughters, aged seven and three, to be cut. “I want them to be teachers. Being circumcised will bring them good luck,” she said. Ety was a farmer who came from a village outside Bandung. “Daughters should be pure and obey their parents.”

  • syvyn11

    This story made me sick.

    How can anyone defend Islam as a 'religion of peace' is beyond me.

    • BS77

      One longs for the day when this hideous ideology is completely forgotten.

      • AdinaK

        It bears repeating – there is NO 'moderate' Islam –

        And the latest re Indonesia – the so called 'moderate' Islamic nation – is only added proof of the above.For if they believed they didn't have a receptive audience in this 'moderate' Islamic nation they wouldn't expend their efforts!

        Case closed.
        Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • soopermexican

    This is simply unbelievable… and no one speaks out because it's much more politically correct to criticize Americans for not wanting to pay for contraceptives than it is to point out horrendous mutilations like these…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This is the real war on women.

      • Mary Sue

        These are the women that don't give a rat's rear end about free birth control…mainly because their forced arranged marriage husband won't have it. These are the women that would hear the left's whine about "war on women" and have no the heck idea what the Left is talking about.

        Get these women away from their evil husbands and we've got guaranteed Republican voters.

      • minnieiam

        Where is the UN while these attocities are being committed on innocent children? If the UN doesn't take action soon, saner opinions will be out voted as the Islamists gradually take over pieces of other countries and declare an Islamist state which is then recognized and assigned voting privileges at the UN. Also the US should require and examination of all females in immigrant families and ban entry to any family who has a female who has been subjected to this barbaric practice. We should not allow them to import this medievil practice into t his country, as they are already doing, It's time the US govt. passed laws preventing this perverse atrocity and revoking the citizenship and deporting all families who have females who have already been subjected to , If we continue to take them in and let them continue their attrocities in the name of serving their Allah, it isn't going to be long before all American women are in danger of being subjected to it.

        • minnieiam

          A couple of years ago it was reported that a group of 200 Muslim men, out of the 200,000 Somalian Muslim Refugees who were relocated to Atlanta, were roaming the streets ancd "circumcising" little girls who had not already been" circumcised." This came to light when a mother reported to the police that her husband, who was a member of this roving gang, had circumcised their 2 year old daughter with a pair of scissors. It's here folks. Just because this case involved black girls is no reason to think it won't happen to any or all of our female children. It's time we all stood up and demand our government protect us from this neanderthalls who all being imported into this country for "humanitarian" reasons.

          • Mary Sue

            Interesting in that case that the mother was divorced from the father and the father was granted full custody and the mother wasn't granted any visitation (resulting in her not even finding out about it until a couple years after the fact). I wonder what kind of idiot judge awarded that father full custody.

        • BS77

          Yes, where is the supposed "Human Rights" Commission ? This is abuse at the most primitive and nightmarish level. Where is the moral authority of an international body of law? This barbaric practice must be treated as a crime…not a "cultural norm."

  • @MrsGrandell

    This story made me physically ill. What a tragedy that in 2012 this is still happening. I am appalled that in the name of a religion this mutilation is a requirement of girls.

    • Mary Sue

      Law and Disorder (the original one when the DA was still Ben Stone) did a thing about FGM years and years ago, which was about when I'd heard of it for the first time, in the early 90s. They took a very dim view of it.

    • BS77

      Where is NOW? Where is Code Pink? Where are the loudmouths on The View? Where are the
      strident advocates of women’s rights? All I hear is silence.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        NOW and Code Pink support the right of women from different cultures to follow their own versions of feminism in line with their cultures… rather than attempting to dictate what their rights should be from the perspective of white Euro women.

        Seen in that light, supporting FGM is actually feminist.

        No I'm not joking. This is where the left is trending on this issue.

        • Mary Sue

          Totally not surprising, considering Code Pink-eye is so morally relativist that they favor the Palestinians over Israel, if I'm not mistaken.

      • Nan

        Got that right. Where are the loudmouths on the View. Hey Barbara Walters….why not report on something that matters? I think they gave NOBama enough air time.

    • jakespoon

      MrsGrandell;In the civilized world it's 2012,in the muslim world it's 736 still. Come down Jesus.

  • elle

    More "Diversity"…. America is just full of too many boring white people- we have to spice it up with "diversity" like this….

  • SoCalMike

    This is totally barbaric and makes me really despise Western loudmouth whining hypocrite so-called "feminists" like Naomi Wolf and co.

  • well now

    I remember that episode of Law and Order. The Dad killed the Dr or someone because his wife was mutilated and he did not want the same thing happening to his daughter.
    Years ago i worked with a woman from Ghana and she told me she would not let her mother take her 3 year old granddaughter back to ghana with her because she was afraid the grandmother would do this to the granddaughter. She herself was not cut up, only because her father would not allow it. I had a friend from Kenya tell me the same thing. Her father would not allow her to be cut up either. The first time I heard of FGM was in 1983 Ms. Magazine ran it as an entire issue of their monthly magazine. There was some Egyptian Dr. who had been mutilated at the age of 6 who was speaking out against it. What happened to Ms. Magazine after that is anyone's guess.

    • Mary Sue

      yup, that's the one. The testimony of the wife on the stand was pretty compelling as to the brutality of the procedure.

      I remember Ms. Magazine was still being published in at least the late 1980s (1989ish), as it was available in the magazine subscription things that schools often get the students to sell for fundraising. But maybe that's just the Canadian side.

  • cdnbn


    my name is Daniel,

    I am the prophet of a new religion,

    in which men who advocate or practice FGM are kicked in the balls

    until they smarten up, and if they backslide in this matter,

    their nads are clipped off with rusty garden sheers,

    deep-fat-fried, then force fed to them.

    Where Islam was spread by the sword,

    I plan to spread this new religion by the rusty garden sheers,

    and return whole swaths of mankind to civilized behaviour.

    Please donate now. Operators are standing by.

    • Mary Sue

      And the women who advocate or practice it get kicked in the box!

  • Jon Threlkeld

    All you Christians who are imbibing the spiritual Kool Aid of ecumenism should read this first and then decide if Islam worships the same God as do Jews and Christians.

    • jakespoon

      They do not…period.

    • Mary Sue

      I remember years ago something in school (Canadian) where there was a clipping of a newspaper article about how Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same God. Jews and Christians, sure, but even back then I was like "Muslims worship the same god? LIKE HELL THEY DO." And I didn't even know about HALF the stuff I've found out since then about Islam.

  • Joo

    What about the boys of our country?

  • kay

    This religion will grow by leaps and bounds because their leaders have told the followers that having 9 children per family is not enough. They must now have 13 children per family.

    If you havent seen Anne Barnhart's youtube videos, they are full of info. She reads from chapter and verse of the Quaran, telling how being a pedophile is encouraged!! Abuse of women is fine. It is a horribly abusive religon that you will want to keep your daughter and children away from. They are getting many converts in prison, as the males there seem to think it all sounds great.

    Also, they are told that if we do not convert, they are to kill us. Of course, if they are killed for their religion, then they instantly go to 'heaven.' So they are motivated!

    • Mary Sue

      It's really sick how the women are deceived and lied to. They justify the treatment they get with "I'm treated with more respect by muslim men than by secular/christian men!"

      Some idiot who converted to Islam that was female thought that the lowering of the gaze was a sign of respect. Um, no it's not. Hello, your eyes are UP HERE, guess where he's looking?!

  • immortalsoul24

    –we have become modernized but not civilized.

  • wulfranoruizsainz

    This is pure Satanism. No wonder muslims are crazy. Their father is the devil.

  • Disgusted

    This is completely barbaric. This is not a religion of relationship to the creator. It is a man-made religion that appeals to human selfishness and carnal desires for acceptance and fleshy promises of virgins in the afterlife. What then after sleeping with your 7 virgins? Since they will no longer be virgins after the men get a hold of them; are you promised more?? Are these virgins circumcised? The men who have committed Jihad will have an eternity to get sick and tired of those same ole tired women. Apparently 7 virgins is not enough for one man…you can ask Solomon of the bible about that unless there's something more appealing and satisfying about celestial virgins…maybe it's the wings…who knows…besides, what's in it for the muslim women?? Are you guys the reincarnated virgins after you commit jihad…or…I'm not understanding…someone please give me some insight as to the common sense piece of this religion.

  • Bog

    These terrible people, they clearly haven’t read the bible to know they should do female genital mutilation, but should be doing as according to Genesis 17:14 , Genesis 21:4 , Romans 2:25-29 , Acts 16:3 , Leviticus 12:3 and Genesis 17:13 male genital mutilation. I hope they can find Jesus to save their doomed souls.