Islamic Jihad Leaders Caught Using Reporters as Human Shields

Earlier in the week you may have heard about the Shawa Hossary building where some reporters were based taking a hit from an Israeli strike. Those “reporters” were primarily from Islamic outlets and media organizations rushed to condemn Israel.  But not only did the building house Hamas media operations, but it also housed top Islamic Jihad leaders. Some of whom are now former Islamic Jihad leaders.

An Israeli airstrike hit a Gaza building used by a number of local and foreign news organizations on Monday afternoon. Three top Islamic Jihad operative were killed.

Islamic Jihad sent a text message to reporters saying that Ramez Harb was killed in the strike Monday. The IDF spokesperson said four others — Baha Abu al Ata, Tyseer Mahmud Machmad Jaberi and Halil Baatini — used the building for hiding.

Harb was a leading figure in the Islamic Jihad’s militant wing, the Al Quds Brigades.

Media organizations complain about Israeli air strikes, but they make no effort to put distance between themselves and Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist operations during a war.

Some media organizations may claim not to have known that Islamic Jihad was using the Shawa Hossary building, but did they really not know that Hamas’ Al Quds was there making it a valid target? They certainly knew that much.

If reporters voluntarily choose to act as human shields for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, what exactly does that say about their agenda?

UPDATE: Israel did indeed warn foreign news organizations to leave the building.

“”One person was killed and lots of people were injured. Now there’s a fire on the second, third and four floors,” Saed Swerky, Russia Today’s Gaza correspondent told AFP by phone just after the attack. “The Israelis warned the foreigners to leave this building yesterday because they were going to attack it again,” he said, speaking from inside the building.

By refusing to do so, Russia Today made itself into a human shield.

  • Mary Sue

    If I were in a hotel and it got nailed, and then I learned that a bunch of terrorists die in the attack, I would be like "YES! Got the ___ers! Also, I'm probably going to need a new hotel room ._."

  • jakespoon

    Shame on them. If they're stupid enough to hang out with the terrorist, then they can hang with the terrorist. I can think of a few from the alphabet networks that should go and do that.

  • Max

    Guest. No pity with these stupid journaliste.

  • pagegl

    The Israelis warned everyone that the building was going to be subjected to another attack and yet the foreign media decided to stick around. So, we have more proof that Darwin was right.