Islamic Reformers Threaten Woman With 100 Lashes for Giving Glass of Water to a Man

Mali. Half of it was taken over by Islamist militias after Obama’s disastrous Libyan adventure and now its new rulers are showing us just what a truly reformed Islam looks like.

Sure Islam is pretty awful in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, and even in more laid back places like Malaysia or Indonesia, but the Salafis are just determined to show us how truly nightmarish Islam can be if you keep on reforming it and reforming it until it’s sharp as a knife and exists only to inflict new and more nightmarish tortures and atrocities on its victims.

The Mali Islamists are in the lead in this contest, always making the Taliban look like liberal heretics, by finding new ways to terrorize people for committing awful crimes like passing along a glass of water.

On a sweltering afternoon, Islamist police officers dragged Fatima Al Hassan out of her house in the fabled city of Timbuktu. They beat her up, shoved her into a white pickup truck and drove her to their headquarters. She was locked up in a jail as she awaited her sentence: 100 lashes with an electrical cord.

“Why are you doing this?” she recalled asking.

The Islamist police had spotted Hassan giving water to a male visitor at her house last month. Hassan’s brother knew an Islamist commander and pleaded for mercy. After spending 18 hours in jail, she was set free with a warning. The next day, she fled here to Segou, a town in southern Mali that has taken in thousands of the displaced, mostly women and children.

It was fortunate, Hassan said, that she was handing the glass to her friend out on the veranda. “If they had found me with him near the bedroom, they would have shot us both on the spot,” she said.

Every atrocity committed in Mali, every drop of blood spilled by Islamists, lies on the conscience of the leaders who pushed through the Libyan War: Barack Hussein Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy.

Two of three of these cretins are still in office and determined to do to Syria and Lebanon what they did to Libya and Mali.

“The future will not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” Obama said at the UN, before ordering the arrest of a filmmaker for putting up a YouTube trailer criticizing Mohammed.

The future will apparently belong to thugs who lash a woman 100 times for giving water to a man.