Islamophobic Judge Orders Devout Muslim be Forcibly Shaved

Right now I’m nearly as ashamed of my country as Michelle Obama was before her husband stole the 2008 Democratic nomination by disenfranchising a few states.

Sure we talk about religious freedom, but how can we remain silent when a devout Muslim who has put in his time serving our country is forcibly debearded for no other reason than that we are a nation chock full of bigotry against innocent vulnerable members of the Religion of Peace. Also military rules.

The Army psychiatrist charged in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage must be clean-shaven or will be forcibly shaved before his murder trial, a military judge ordered Thursday.

Col. Gregory Gross issued the official order after a hearing to determine whether a federal religious freedom law applied to Hasan’s case, and triggered another delay in all proceedings related to Hasan’s trial because his attorneys plan to appeal.

Beards are a violation of Army regulations, and soldiers who disobey orders to get rid of facial hair can be shaved against their will. Gross repeatedly has said Hasan’s beard, which he started growing in jail this summer, is a disruption to the court proceedings.

Major Nidal Hassan, a Muslim so devout that he put Soldier of Allah on his business cards and tried to kill as many Americans as he could, told the court, “‘In the name of almighty Allah, I am a Muslim. I believe my religion requires me to wear a beard.”

I guess we’re going to find out if Allah is really almighty after all. Perhaps then the razor will break or Hassan’s beard will thicken so that it cannot be cut.

But the real message here is that we are an intolerant nation. A man like Hassan can rise to the rank of major, make a minor mistake due to contracting PTSD from the drinking water, and have his beard forcibly shaved because America hates Muslims and their beards.

“When I stand before God, I am individually responsible for my actions,” Hassan said, apparently referring to the beard.

Clearly the beard. He’s not responsible for killing a bunch of people, but Allah forbid that he shave his beard.

  • Mike Nelson

    TheJudge in this case is 100% correct in his ruling. Maj, Hassan is a serving member of th USA until his conviction andhas to follow all groming standards reguardless if he i a Musim or not. You do not get speical treatment because yo go to church n fridays. Major Hassan is guilty. He cmmited mass murder o his fellow service members and hs otten special treatmnet since his crime. His courts martial should be a short ne wit the fnding of guilty by the court and a death sentence handed down by the court. Major Hassan commited an unspeakable brech of oat to defend the nation. Heconspred wth Anwar AL ALaqui who was killed earler this year in a drone strke. The court has all the trancripts of hiscomnications wth Anwar. Maj. Hassan was has over 100 service members from the processing center that survived the attack to testify aginist him. Hassan i guilty with out a doubt and the Courts Martial should conculded swiftly then the case should be refered t the Court of Military appeal and then fast traced to theUS SUreme court so the sentece can be carrid out.

  • tony

    I don't know if this is supposed to be sarcastic or serious. If serious, you obviously have never served in the military. There is no "freedom" in the military. Regulations forbid beards, hence he must shave. End of story.

  • Andrew Whitehead

    I am saddened that the court has sunk so low as to not have enforced this ruling before now. I am angry that the court took so long apparently out of deference to Islam; a "courtesy" that this court, or any other in the United States, would extend to any other faith.

    This "workplace violence" case should be televised in its entirety so that the American people can, first hand, see what political correctness has done to our military in the name of "diversity" and "inclusiveness".

    All cultures are NOT equal. Wishing will not make it so. Neither will laws, policies, or military orders. People are people and we know pig poop when we smell it.

  • amused

    Of course it is a sarcasm , but not without point .Personally I think that "razor " should take a slip right in the vicinity of the Carotid Artery and we will be done with this POS without any further adue or fanfare . Barring that "slip " he should be shaved and placed in a soundproof plexiglass booth , peventing him from soiling anuone with the filth that will no doubt expectorate from his mouth .The Military Commander of whatever venue that trial is taking place at , has the full authority to have that pig SHAVED , without deffering to anyone.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Good post; I agree.

  • Suzette Norby

    Hassan was clean-shaven for years prior to the shootings. What a hypocrite.

    But then, Allah allows muslims to break his commands (i.e., to lie, drink alcohol, have sex with other men or outside marriage) if it furthers the "cause".

  • amused

    If anyone is deserving of the ultimate penalty it is this POS . This was pre-meditated , not insanity , for this guy had been showing signs of his leanings for quite some time . In addition those in the military who were aware of this , and from what I understand , there were SEVERAL ,all should be held accountable for allowing this islamic time bomb to achieve his ends.

  • amused

    Too bad Greenfield had to throw in his dig about Michele Obama . Couldn't help yourself eh Dave ? That ole' Obama Hate Syndrome simply could not be suppressed . What are you gonna do IF Obama wins ? Commit Hari Kiri ? Go Postal ? Have a nervous breakdown ? Maybe you oughta have family around to put you in restraints on Election Night .

  • Michael

    “…a Muslim so devout that he put Soldier of Allah on his business cards and tried to kill as many Americans as he could…”

    A devout Muslim would NEVER commit murder – it’s a sin in the Koran (spelling?).

    This has nothing to do with the religious freedom to have a beard, it’s about military regulations – nothing more – and the regs state ‘no beards’. As Mike Nelson said, He’s still a serving member of the military and agreed, when he joined up, to accept and follow the regulations.