Islam’s Universal Economic Failure

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If Romney accomplished nothing else during his Israeli visit, he did manage to offend every single Palestinian Arab terrorist group, all of whom, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and the DFLP, issued press releases denouncing him. American media outlets have been denouncing him for saying that the GDP Per Capita differences between Israel and the Palestinian Authority represent a contrast in values.

The official media narrative is that these differences are the results of oppression, checkpoints and blockades. But then why does the IMF put Israel’s GDP Per Capita well ahead of the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has no Israeli checkpoints, no Israeli soldiers or planes flying overhead. It has wealth literally pouring out of the ground with a fifth of the world’s petroleum reserves. And yet the IMF puts it 13 places behind Israel and the World Bank puts it 8 places behind Israel. The only Muslim countries with a better GDP Per Capita than Israel are small monarchies drowning in oil.

The non-oil Muslim countries who are closest to Israel are Malaysia and Lebanon, 32 and 33 places behind Israel. Both countries also have sizable non-Muslim populations. Muslims make up only 50 percent of Lebanon and only 60 percent of Malaysia. No Muslim country without oil has a better GDP Per Capita than a Muslim country with sizable Christian or Buddhist minorities.

What Romney didn’t mention, but should have, is that the Palestinian Authority dealt yet another blow to its economy when it drove out the Christian population. Christians in the territories have traditionally made the best businessmen and the capital of the Palestinian Authority was actually started by Jordanian Christian refugees escaping Muslim persecution.

Israel has 1.2 Muslims inside the Green Line who account for 52 percent of its social benefits. Israel’s national unemployment rate is 5.6 percent. The Arab unemployment rate is 27 percent. Only 59 percent of Muslim men and only 19 percent of Muslim women are officially part of the workforce.  That’s compared to 56 percent of Jewish women and 52 percent of Christian women.

The average Israeli family has double the monthly income of the average Arab family. Half the Arab sector officially lives in poverty. The Israeli Jewish GDP is nearly three times higher than the Arab-Israeli GDP.

This could be blamed on the usual scapegoat of racism, but the Israeli Arab GDP of $6,750 is actually better than the $5,900 GDP in neighboring Jordan, the $6,540 GDP in Egypt and the $5,041 GDP in Syria. This is the same range in which most non-oil Arab Muslim states are grouped and it is clear that there is no escaping it without a big petroleum reserve. Or like Lebanon with its $15,523 GDP, a whole lot of Christians to actually work for a living.

Again culture is the determinant. Israel within the Green Line only has about 150,000 Christians and about as many Druze, and both groups perform better economically. Christian Arabs have a higher employment rate and a better rate of higher education than Muslims.

Apart from that official 1.2 million, Israel is also responsible for the 4 million in the Palestinian Authority (some of whom overlap with that 1.2 million and some of whom are imaginary and exist only to collect benefits from international agencies) who are still Israel’s responsibility, according to them and to the world, even though they also continue insisting that they want their own state.

The reason why the GDP in Palestinian areas is so terrible is because its inhabitants live in a giant welfare state. Palestinian Arabs were already receiving 725 dollars in per capita assistance. They don’t need an economy because the United States and the European Union are their economy. They don’t need a state because the UNRWA is their state.

It’s easy to admire Israel for what it has accomplished, but it stands out so much because of the region it’s in. Singapore and Hong Kong are less remarkable because they are in a region where countries don’t just give up and wait around for foreigners to come and find oil on their land. In Asia, countries make things happen for themselves. In the Middle East, if you’re not Jewish or Christian and you don’t have oil, then you have economic problems.

But let’s leave the Middle East and head over to Asia. India and Pakistan are divided by a GDP Per Capita difference of almost a thousand dollars. India is naturally in the lead. Within India, Muslims are at the bottom of the economic ladder. Their per capita GDP is lower, their literacy rate is lower and they perform worse than Hindus. And yet the average Indian Muslim annual income at 513 dollars is still higher than the average annual income in Pakistan at 420 dollars. This remains consistent with the higher Arab-Israeli income and lower Jordanian Arab income model meaning that Muslims in non-Muslim countries will earn less than the majority, but more than they would in a majority Muslim country.

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  • Chezwick

    Fantastic article, Daniel!

    The final paragraph is absolutely telling….and this inability of Muslims to take responsibility for their failures is predicated more than anything else upon one thing: Supremacism. After all, Islam is the only religion in the world entirely devoid of any ethical teaching to live by the 'Golden Rule'. In fact, doing so would be a violation of Islamic theological dictates. For example, Muslims are encouraged to proselytize their religion to infidels, but they prohibit infidels from proselytizing to Muslims; their men may marry infidel women, but infidel men are forbidden to marry Muslim women;…and on and on.

    The essence of this article – that Islam systematically breeds misery and failure – MUST become a staple of our intellectual and political discourse in the West if we're ever going to preserve our civilization. But be prepared for the day folks in the not-too-distant-future when these telling statistics cited by Daniel are no longer available. Like the ethnic identity of French rioters, the truth will be air-brushed out of existence.

    Totalitarian failures are dependent upon Orwellian lies to sustain them….at least until all alternatives have been extirpated. And make no mistake, extirpation of alternatives has been the Muslim game plan since Muhammad.

    • Aaron

      Very well written and good points. Who are you Chezwick? You are an excellent writer.

      • Chezwick

        You're much too generous, Aaron. I'm nothing but a semi-literate, trying to come off like an intellectual. But all my pretensions aside, I stand by the CONTENT of what I write.

        • Roger

          Thinking it is necessary before you write it.
          You have that much over the liberal elite who don't bother thinking.

        • Drakken

          It is nice to see that you articulate what most people are thinking but refuse to say out of the climate of fear today, well done !!!

      • Abhishek

        Agreed with Aaron

  • Michael

    Interesting data. After the conquests ended, the Ottomans were economic failures too.

    • Right Angle

      Muslims need loot, jizya payments and slaves on order to cope with life. When the Ottomans could no longer access these goodies, they slid into poverty, as had Arab muslims before them.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Turkey is on the rise and is outperforming most Weastern economies. Kurdistan, in the dead middle of Iraq, is a gold mine look up "The other Iraq". Any economy can be set up to succeed or fail, most of the negative light cast by Daniel is on those that have been set up to fail i.e. Palestine prime example…its economic quagmire has nothing to do with culture, and everything to do with the occupation.

      • Lucia

        So you take the exception and make it the rule… uhuh…

      • Larry

        Turkey's economic performance is faked to try and gain entry into the EU. And just like the other countries that faked to get access to the Germans' money, Turkey's economy will tank, too. In the next 3 to 5 years.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I agree, after all Turkey is the sexual slavery capitol of Europe/Eurabia and it's persecution of Christians and Jews (who comprise less than 4% of Turkey's population) the most well kept secret in any islamofascist state!

  • Larry

    During WWI the Ottoman Army, famous for it's cavalry, didn't have a single muslim farrier. They were all Armenians.

    Why, because the muslims didn't do anything except farm and sponge.

    • Paul Blase

      See my comment below, re "The Arab Mind." They rule and do important stuff, dirty work is for foreigners and women.

  • andrew

    It is certainly sad in oil producing countries that the majority of moslems are in constant poverty. There is enough funds for everyone, yet a small group keep the lot. In gaza, i thought they were under Egyptian rule, and others under Jordan, yet it seems they depend upon Israel for all their needs. As pointed put, mindset paints the picture, they must remain refugees so as to paint Israel as the 'bad guy', talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Here in Australia we are just beginning to 'amalgamate' a moslem majority and nobody wants to notice. They now have mosques, schools and towns that are only moslem. I feel our country is slowly slipping out of our hands, yet our politicians welcome them with open arms. Well, as the article states, convert or die, only then when facing death will our pollies cry for mercy, but alas, there is no mercy in islam, just death

    • Drakken

      There will come a tipping point where all hell will break loose and it will be all over the western world, the muslims have no idea that waking that sleeping dragon will bring them their own destruction.

      • fiddler

        With the constant control of the media, I'm not sure. They have become mind-numbed servile toadies.

        • Kufar Dawg

          These days I find myself wondering what kind of news stories our MSM isn't reporting.

        • Drakken

          Information is no longer a coveted comidity, with the advent of the nternet and cell phones it is instant comunication. The govts can no longer cover up the crimes and misdeeds of non natives in their midst and it is scarring them to death because the wrath of the public will lead many of these Quislings and traitors to the nearest lamposts.

  • cedarhill

    I used to think liberals liked Muslims because of the "common enemy". This points out how they share the common cultural foundation of no responsibility for their actions.

  • oldtimer

    Why don't the rich shieks "spread the wealth"?

    • Roger

      They do, one cleric and one built mosque at a time.
      They build and spread their failed 8th century model all around the world, you don't think local muslims are building all these huge new mosques do you?

      • Mensch Keymelon

        Your intellignece and awareness only goes back to the last few decades…and yet even in this day and age of high technology you cant add two and two and come up with four. Communities fund their own building projects on the West side of the pond…even if they "finance it" through a trust, it's just another form of a bank.

        • Roger

          You intelligence and awareness only goes less far back than the last few decades.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Point "you don't think local muslims are building all these huge new mosques do you? "

            Counterpoint – Communities fund their own building projects…

            Your response to this makes no sense whatsoever…

          • Roger

            And oil rich states fund muslim mosques around the world.

            Your claims make no factual sense whatsoever.

          • Mensch Keymelon


            Yes, they fund projects around the world, not just Masjids…but you ssiad "local" and if that is a real picture of the real you I think you are American. The local Muslims there build and pay for their own buildings…just like every other faith based community.

            Let's let this thread die, okay?

          • Roger

            And if it's a mosque in someone's back yard then it's local. Even if you have a problem with it.

    • Paul Blase

      Actually, they do. In the Arab tribal culture, the sheik – tribal leader – is responsible for paying for health care, roads, and other common social necessities. Whether he actually does so, and to what degree, is another question, of course.

      • Lucia

        That's spreading poverty in the form of welfare, not wealth.

  • David R

    I believe that a Biblical perspective must not be ignored when trying to understand the excellent comparisons outlined in this article. The facts brought out are actual proof of the blessing or the cursing of God towards His elect and towards those who hate Him.

    From the very beginning, God chose the Jews and Christians as His people and rejected others by His sovereign will. He chose Isaac over Ishmael because of His promise of blessing to Abraham, the father of the two. Isaac through his son Jacob became Israel, God’s chosen people, while Ishmael is regarded by all to be the father of the Arabs. Genesis 16:12 describes him quite well when we observe the Arabs ands their strange culture,”He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.”

    Muslim hatred towards Jews and Christians is notorious but comes with a price, moral and economical as this article proves.

    Didn’t God say in Genesis 12:2: “I will bless those that bless you and those who curse you I will curse”?

    • Gene W 1938

      Excellent and well said. For those who question the authority of the Bible, see the one page proof that God authored it.

      • Goemon

        I guess the Bible is not talking about Arab Muslims, because no one's "hand is against them". Instead, they are sucked up to and just telling the truth about them can get you in jail. Whose side is God on?

        • traeh

          If you went and lived among them, I suspect you would see that they are rather violently against each other, and how often brute force is the only method by which they can keep some order among themselves. Besides, one could argue that the reference to Ishmael refers to Muslims in general, not only to Arab Muslims. Islam is Arabism, a projection of Arab supremacism and culture. And then one need only think of Samuel Huntington's and others' tabulations of how many bloody conflicts all over the world are conflicts Muslims have with one or another neighboring group. I believe Huntington refers to Islam's "bloody borders" or the like. I also recall the excellent film, easily viewable for for free on the internet, "Islam, What the West Needs to Know." At one point in that film, the narrator goes over a map of the globe's conflicts, and points out that, if you subtract the many, many conflicts in which Islam is involved, the world is a rather peaceful place. So, whether by coincidence, or prophecy, the Bible seems to be correct about Ishmael.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            World human hisotry is a very broad subject with a very long time frame…much of it filled with war and expansion for nothing more than greed.

            Over the last two centuries hundreds of millions of people were murdered in secular wars, and colonial expansion, etc.

            The Bible was written by men, editted by men, and changed by men…it says mostly what men wanted it to say.

          • Roger

            And one religion has been consistent in it's drive to force itself on the world at the point of a sword, or car bomb. Ask the byzantine Empire, they can point a finger at the right party.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Romans started all their own problems through their own expansion and through pushing into and up against the borders of others. And boy did they pay the price, didn't they?

            Colonialism is the scourge of the modern age, and it was driven by greed…nothing noble, nothing good.

            I'd say the Spanish Inquisition was far more focused, brutal, and evil than the Andalusian government that was overthrown…800,000 Jews forced through torture and or the threat of it to convert to Catholicism.

            Don't patronize me with your whining…shame on the bee if you get stung fro putting your hand on the hive, shame on you for being stupid enough to put your hand back there again.

            I have no problem with a people defending themselves against invasion and occupation…it is the ultimate human right to self preservation.

            Note, all your whining and all your posturing here will amount to nothing in the end. There is a rising tide of faith and it will overcome everything.

          • Roger

            That wasn't why Rome had issues.

            You really should read Cicero.

            And the rising tide of 'faith' (sharia) won't overcome everything. Too many people value freedom and modern achievements.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            I'll give Cicero a read, I am not closed mided, just working from my knowledge base.

            You are on the wrong chessboard if you think that "sharia" as you think of it is the rising tide.

            Modern acheivements? As if religion is the defining element of any societal acheivements now a day?

            Roger, this is the human race…all acheivements are made by human beings outside of the realm of the church or masjid…it isn't a matter of "look at what we Christians discovered!" or "Oh yeah, the Muslims have done…"

            It is a matter of accomplishment in the arts and sciences by human beings, period. They may happen to be Hindu, Sihk, Jew, Chrisitan, Muslims…whatever, it's a human accomplishment.

          • Roger

            Mensch, you are showing your limited knowledge base. Cicero explained how overspending by an all reaching government shut down the middle class, turned the mobs into takers instead of people who earned their own way and how society collapses when it's values are perverted, all in ancient Rome. This isn't anything new, it's failed every time well meaning statists try to provide for people instead of them learning to provide for themselves.

            And islam attacked the last part of the Roman empire, the Byzantine empire. Are you saying they should have destroyed islam then as a measure of self defense? And by modern achievements I mean modern medicine that sharia won't allow unless the woman remains covered. I mean autos easy enough to drive that women drive them everywhere, other than sharia controlled lands. I mean rules of engagement that rule conduct in war, other than with sharia.

            Mensch, this is the human race and the muslim activists refuse to join it, they would rather conquer it.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Now you are showing your limited knowledge.

            I am not talking about the end of the Roman Empire, I am talking about it much earlier. At the Battle of Yarmulk the Romans outnumbered the Muslims eight to one and got destroyed…240,000,000 Romans versus 30,000 Muslims.

            Yes, Mehmet II stomped a mudhole in their Byzentine asses and then walked through it…not arguing that they were a splintered shadow of their former selves at that point in time.

          • Roger

            Yes, I know what you were talking about, and it was flawed and I showed you why. You should have been talking about the fall of the Byzantine empire if you wanted to be exact, but that didn't fit into your talking points.

            You wanted to paint sharia as a rising tide, I showed it was a violent barbaric force. You don't just have a limited knowledge base, it's hampered by the agenda you are pushing in spite of it.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Don't translate Islam through the Saudi lenz…Arabs are less than 15% of the whole and do not define it…trim that back to Saudis only and that percentage becomes very very small.

            "And by modern achievements " Modesty of dress has nothing to do with scientific advancement…and objection to it is only prejudice…

            Your definition of the human race is not the only one. Faith based communities throughout time have refused to abandon their love of God in order to follow the masses…we are people, not sheep.

            And there is no "conquering" of nations by people who merely wish to observe their own religion. And this is a pluralistic democracy we live in, and the laws are under the Constitution and legislation is of the people and by the people and for the people.

          • Roger

            So, you don't like the Saudi arm of islam, are you iranian backed?

            And don't be such a hack. muslims impose their way of life violently everyplace, or are you pretending the jihad in the islands of the Philippines didn't happen?
            How many dead are you willing to ignore?

          • Kufar Dawg

            The "people" being the ummah eh?

          • jstan442

            good Lord-have you even read the Bible–there is not on e thing in it that has been proven to be false–it has an accuracy of 100%–

  • MikeWood

    Islam is a raiding culture. This began with Muhammad's raids on the caravans; it continued with the raids and colonisation of the Muslim conquests; it continues now with the welfare raids of Muslim immigrants. The mentality of Islam does not promote working to earn your fair share, it promotes the idea that wealth can be seized from non-Muslims, people conquered in one way or another. Islam has traditionally sustained itself through slavery and the spoils of war.

    As for the concept of personal responsibility, I think this is a key component. Islam's focus on blind unquestioning obedience and its prohibition on rational enquiry have engendered a mentality that is ill-adapted to personal responsibility. By outlawing sincere introspection it nurtures moral blindness.

  • Amused

    Romney got it right , and the Palestinians deserve to have their noses rubbed …IN THE TRUTH . Tghe stark contrast between Gaza and the rest of Israel is indeed sorely obvious , especially in sight of the FACT that Israel gave back Gaza with all the infrastructure which had operated successfully prior to becoming a Palestinian "slum-state " . Indeed the palestinians LOST most of their freedoms when Hamas tookover .
    But they voted for Hamas and deserve what they got .
    I have been to Israel several times and the contrast between Israel and vthe territories populated by Palestinians is so distinct , that it is immediately noticed . East and West Jerusalem a prime example , that not only can you see …BUT SMELL . It is the "culture " of islam that is responsible for the wretchedness in the arab world .
    I appreciate Romney's departure from PC , in fact it's the first time , for me to see something I like about the guy , now if he can keep his foot out his mouth , and put the Birthers in their place should the situation arise [ and it most likely will between now and November } THAT to me would be a sign of a rational man ready to deal with reality .

    • Roger

      I'm glad you finally made a comment that makes sense.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Is it not tied to the fact that their roots are bound to a former leadership that was based
    in rape, plunder and pillage and tax those left alive for a continuous revinue stream. No
    society can make ends meet relying on mug money, it ends up devouring itself and the
    reality of poverty flows from the poverty of the soul which is Islam on a good day.

  • Gene W 1938

    Well written … it is a shame that liberals and leaders of our administration do not read these articles. I send links to these type articles to my representatives. Please do the same. See my site

    • Pluralist

      I have not seen so much of bigotry and ignorance in one single article and it readers as I see here. I will not be surprised if most of them are hardline Israelis.

      • Roger

        And I was just ready for your last word to be 'islamists'.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Wow a new euphemism for Jew! How creative!

  • HermitLion

    Another excellent article, Daniel, teeming with information and poignant remarks as usual.

    My one displeasure is knowing they are all true, and that my tax money subsides the very people who vie for the destruction of myself and my country.

  • Kafir Harby

    Islam doesn't encourage any economic succes, because islam is built on the concept of jiziyya: let the non-muslims do the work and pay the tax, so the muslim can profit and perform his duties towards allah.

  • JH12345

    Excellent read but nothing new here. Many western values like hard work, strong education and love of your children just doesn't exist in the Muslim world. It's unfortunate but us westerners need to start focusing on the reality and not on what we could hope for from the people we share the world with.

    "Give a man a fish, he will eat for the day. Teach a man to fish, he will be able to eat his whole life."

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Ignorance is bliss. Let's take your comment "Give a man a fish, he will eat for the day. Teach a man to fish, he will be able to eat his whole life." When you don't know anything about a subject perhaps you should learn for knowledge's sake instead of just throwing rocks. In the hadiths a man came to Mohammad begging for help, charity, give me some money so I can feed my family. What did Mohammad give him?

      • Roger

        He bought his 6 year old daughter and used her until he died?

      • Kufar Dawg

        A good head chopping?

    • Mensch Keymelon

      He gave him a work implement and told him to go chop some wood to sell. Exactly what your parable taught. The value of seeking education is a foundational element of Islam, part of the faith, seeking knowledge is equivalent to prayer in Islam, so you are wrong on that count. And love of your children means more than letting them do whatever they want in order to be happy, the Western "Go ahead and let it be Adam and Steve, as long as their happy, we love them regardless!" No, true love of one's children is to teach them truth and love for all creation and that as well is a foundation in Islam, mercy and kindness for all of God's creation. Now what about the evil in the world? Do we just turn our cheek? No, we are allowed to defend ourselves. You simply do not know Islamic values, perhaps only educating yourself through screamer media like the yellow journalism here on FPM.

      • Roger

        And he let her keep her dolly to play with after he married her. That poor little child. Did the guy chop wood, buy a suicide vest and become a martyr since islam is such a failure economically?

  • Spider

    This is the same reason most blacks are failing to achieve success in American culture – the character flaw of NO responsibility promoted by their so called protectors on the Left.

    • Kufar Dawg

      How do you know "most" are failing as well as the character flaw which causes it? I once met an Eritrean guy who was studying to get a master's degree in EE. He once said of African Americans, don't confuse their culture with mine. He was also one of the first people to intimate just what it was like to live in an islamofascist state as an infidel/kufar.

  • rbla


    for historical background of lack of Muslim achievement.

  • Marty

    The historical record is very clear: no society has ever peacefully converted to islam. No society has prospered under islam. In every instance, islam has systematically destroyed each civilization it conquered and reduced anyone who did not convert to impoverishment and misery. Even those who did convert remained poor; a middle class in islamic society has never really existed. islamic culture insists that muslims be catered to and supported by dhimmis. muslims are basically groomed to economic parasites and violently resent those who prosper and ignore them.

    • Mensch Keymelon



      Looking forward to your next lie….

      • Drakken

        Since a goofy leftist like you has a really hard time with facts and your precious little feelings might get hurt, you might want to find out what is happening in that country and Malasia for that matter and how their minorities are being persecuted before you go running your suck.

        • Mensch Keymelon

          Poor Mensch, no free speech here, ay?

          • Roger

            Did you know in indonesia they require a government ID card that has the person's religion on it so that it's easier to discriminate against non muslims?

    • cuppalatte

      Islam did not came to Malaysia or Indonesia by force but by trade. Blatantly mislabelling some people based stereotype is wrong!

      • Roger

        But the oppression of Christians is by force. So, some stereotypes are deserved.

        Why do they have religion on the national ID cards in Indonesia?

  • Leland64

    Islam is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion. It is violent, murderous, hate filled, and aggressive. It should be contained in the dictatorial dung heaps from which it festers. Permitting unlimited Muslim immigration will certainly lead to the eventual destruction of non-Muslim societies.

  • aspacia

    Spot on Greenfield, and this failure to take responsibility is taught in all U.S. schools, especially in academia. Currently, Nevada is changing to the failed CA model, and if a student fails, the teacher is an F teacher. Ah, NO, but this student either did not do the work or did not do the assignment correctly.

  • jppc

    Of course, culture and family matter VERY MUCH. That's the number one reason why so many Black Americans do poorly – they don't have families. 75% of Black babies are born out of wedlock. No fathers. No real parenting.

    • Goemon

      I have a feeling most of those dads wouldn't have anything of value to teach their kids. If they want to be a dad they'll find a way to influence their kids positively.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Do you have any proof for this? Because this really sounds like a Stormfront type assertion.

      • jppc

        75% of black babies are born out of wedlock? Do you not understand Englsh? And Latino's are almost to that point as well.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Do you not understand circular logic? Your assertion cannot act as your proof.

  • Goemon

    Blaming Israel for Muslim failings is racist against Jews just as blaming white society for black's educational and career setbacks is anti-white racism but sadly most people don't seem to realize this. I have great respect for the blacks out there who overcome a negative culture to find their own prosperous way. Not that I say black culture is bad because there may be other black cultures I'm not aware of, I only speak of the cultural trait that teaches victimhood and blaming whitey. I don't believe blacks aren't as capable as anyone else and I will gladly live in a 100% black city if they all believe in individual responsibility.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Sarcastically speaking no one would ever be prejudiced against someone just because they're black now would they?

      • Goemon

        Oh certainly blacks can be the recipient of racism. The KKK still exists. I just feel that blacks have brains as good as any other race. It is up to them if they want to join a culture laid out for them by Satan's henchmen like Louis Farrakhan or Jeremiah Wright. There are affirmative action laws in USA designed to protect them (and hurt ol' whitey). It is not racism that holds them back, that is for sure. Except maybe the racism of democrats who think they need so many protections because they can't survive on their own and who promote them killing their own fetuses.

  • Larry

    One it comes to Malaysia it is interesting to note which states have the best economic performances. Those that have the highest and most pious muslim populations, like Khota Baru in the north east, are those with the worst performances.
    Of note too, is that KB is just over the border from that area of Thailand that is suffering muslim terrorism, and it has a very rugged and jungled border with Thailand.

  • Paul Blase

    For a fascinating account of how Arabs and Muslims (Islamification is really Arabization) think, read "The Arab Mind" by Raphael Patai. It is very difficult for Westerners to get a handle on this culture, since it is so totally different from our own.

    There are two things that underlay much of what we see in the Arab world. The first is the "Inshallah" mentality – literally "as Allah wills." There is little effort to help one's neighbor, except for the required alms giving – his situation is "Inshallah". Your car dies, your wife is sick, your business is failing? "Inshallah." There's trash on the street, the police are corrupt, and the water is undrinkable? "Inshallah." A friend of mine was serving in the Army in Afghanistan, and found a group of Afghani soldiers playing cards in the mess hall; in the corner was a large pile of – poop. As there was a perfectly serviceable latrine nearby he wondered what the heck was going on? "It keeps the flies away from us." Inshallah.

    The second is that all Arabs want to be rulers without having to work for the right. Physical work is demeaning, and performed only when absolutely necessary. Pride is everything, and all men aspire to be the boss. Working your way up the ladder and actually being qualified for the job are irrelevant concepts to them; the Christian work ethic is almost literally blasphemy. He'll sit around and tell you what to do, you – the dirty foreigner (or the woman) – can do the dirty work.

    Project for yourself what this ends up meaning to a society.

  • pagegl

    Read The Haj by Leon Uris; he gives wonderful insight into the Islamic/Arabic mindset.

  • drbukk

    During WWII a black Army soldier decided to go AWOL because he saw that Libya had people from dark to light who mixed together freely. He was sitting around a campfire, wearing robes with his new friends when MP's showed up and said they were looking for a deserter. All denied guilt, but within a minute the AWOL guy was arrested.

    When asked how they knew it was him, the answer was, "Because you swatted that fly on your face."

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Responsibility is the missing element. It’s the character value without which there can be no economic success. The same lack of responsibility that manifests itself after a Muslim terrorist attack, when Muslims rush to position themselves as the victims, rather than dealing with the violence in their midst, also manifests itself in the economic arena and in every aspect of life. This lack of responsibility is a failure of values that cannot be escaped or ascribed to racism, the occupation or the boogeyman.

    Actually, it's not rocket science here. Islam is not a religion so much as it is a very radical form of totalitarianism, and the reason Muslims don't deal with the violence in their midst is because ALL MUSLIMS are jihadis, a tiny minority of them are violent jihadists, while the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims are non-violent/stealth jihadists. Hence, any Muslim that openly and genuinely denounces Muslim violence is a blasphemous apostate, and the penalty for blasphemy and apostasy is death.

    Indeed, Daniel chalks it up to lack of responsibility, because in his small narrow view of the world only violent Muslims can be radical Muslims. On the other hand, non-violent Muslims are moderate and peaceful Muslims that practice the so-called Religion of Peace and never mind the fact that non-violent/stealth jihad and jihadists are exponentially far more prevalent than their violent counterparts.

    Moreover, the reasons Muslims universally economically fail all over the world is due to totalitarianism, as just like Communism and other radical forms of totalitarianism, Islam always inevitably economically fails as well. Totalitarianism, which is what Islam is, in all of its various manifestations always inevitably economically fails no matter what. Indeed, without freedom there can be no economic success, and there is no freedom in Islam as all Muslims are slaves to Allah.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Greenfield makes the thesis here that Judaism is financially a better religion that Islam. You could not ask a man to live up to antisemitic stereotypes any more than that. When reduced to geld, Judaism is worth a bigger pile of geld than Islam. Yes. If people valued religion for how much its net worth is, then we can see that Judaism buys more credibility as a theocracy. This is before counting all the silverware under the beds of the Jews and pulling all the gold caps out of the teeth of the Muslims, but surely someone will be willing to count all those beans if it buys ten more feet of the West Bank.

    • Roger

      His point was that financially islam fails, every time.

      You really do have that hidden loyalty don't you?

    • Schlomotion

      That's a great analysis, Jim, but I don't think you stand by it enough to publish it under your own name on Gateway Pundit.

    • Ghostwriter

      Yes,but you seem to enjoy using anti-semitic stereotypes in your posts. Without them,where would you be?

    • Kufar Dawg

      You didn't write the script for the Egyptian docudrama on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion did you?

  • tony

    Racism argument is to protect and coddle one side only. Remember when economists used to gleefully term India's lack of growth due to its socialist policies as Hindu Rate of growth.

    No one cried racism then.

  • marios

    Great article: no political correct nonsense. it is rear in our time even in such a great site as frontpagemag.
    Diversity is concocted by liberals/leftists is plot to seize power, to use mob whom they bribe saying that any lazy or stupid one is equal to genius, hard working inventor and they can not to work as government always take care about them. Israel is really outstanding country which was built by talented, hard working Jews. I have been there and was confused to see near the beautiful villa the big pail of garbage. I asked autobus neighbor what was it. He answered absolutely calmly that it is Israeli Muslim villa. It is Arabs culture and they never will change it.

  • marios

    That is why Arabs and Muslims so much hate Israel and Jews overall. By Koran they are only believers and supermen but when they see that they not able to create anything positive they blame other, first of Jews. For Arabs it is unbearable comparison. What's bad that "progressive" Westerns don't want to understand that Muslims never will be grateful to them for their effort to help destroy Israel. As it was always in history next victims will be those Western leftists villains. Stay with Israel as Israel defend all of us fighting on the first line with Islamic expansion.

  • KarshiKhanabad

    Hey, everybody, where's ol' Nakba1948? You'd think he'd be denouncing everyone in sight who agrees that for all its supremacism and sense of entitlement, the Muslim mentality is seriously underdeveloped, immature, fatalistic, unable to compete economically with the "infidel" cultures and can only deal with the West through robbery, murder, & invasion.

    You out there, Nakkie baby? Six million Jews kick three hundred million Arabs' @ss anytime, anywhere. Shalom!

    • Mensch Keymelon

      What happened in Lebannon then? The poorly equipped, unsupported, civilian defense force Hizballah using outdated Katyusha Rockets and worn out Kalishnakovs gave the mighty IDF "a damn good hiding' as George put it. Got their butts kicked out of southern Lebannon by a scrappy bunch of civiilians.

      Shalom to you to!

      • Roger

        No, it was well armed and trained people backed by Iran.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Before you begin screaming: "khaybar, khybar, ya yahud" mabye you better think on the fact that more Hezbollah islamonazis were killed by the IDF than vice-versa.

        • Mensch Keymelon

          Funny, all the news media I saw, even SKY news, were gurneys with IDF members on them being dragged back across the border into Israel. So much for the mighty IDF.

          There is often a disproportionate number of casualties when the mighty IDF attacks civilians.

          So brave…

          • Roger

            So much for the mighty iranian rockets that didn't kill many.

            How many schools and hospitals were blown up in Israel out of all the hundreds of rockets launched at them?

            Could it be that the God of Israel didn't permit it? Poor little allah, he doesn't have what it takes to beat Israel.

  • Ghostwriter

    Hopefully,Nakba1948 will be elsewhere spreading his anti-semitic filth and not here.

  • Mark

    Another interesting geopolitical comparison is the former Soviet Republics. The former Muslim majority states that make up Central Asia (Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, etc) are all political and economic failures and come nowhere near the other regions in any social and economic indices. Why?

  • Nomadic100

    Excellent article, Daniel! It does, however, seem to me that there may be an inconsistency in attempting to explain the failure of Islamist countries to develop economically. The question is whether Islamist "supremacism" is the flip side of Islamist "victimhood." Or not. That is a question I have not seen developed. There is also a question of cultural cognition: what is cause and what is effect. Clearly, there are many causes and many effects which mutually affect one another so that models become very complex. It does seem to me that the "supremacist" and "victim" positions are superficially similiar. The "supremacist" says, "We are the best in all respects." The Islamic victims (these are not mutually exclusive categories) says, "The problem is the Jews (or the Americans, Russians, Chinese, etc.); otherwise we would be at the top of the heap.


  • cynthia curran

    Well, most Islamic countries are interested in preserving the economies of the middle ages. As for the Ottomans they tended to copy the Byzantines which means there was more government involvement and that economy was better for Roman times or the middle ages. Turkey though growing fast and while the GNP Is still much lower than Greece it doesn't have the other problems of Greece in terms of debt.

    • Larry

      Yet. There are in the fast lane to arrive over the next few years.

  • patenglish1

    I do believe Romney got it right! Islam and modernity, Islam and vibrant economies are not compatible. By keeping the women as second class citizens and by denying many an education no country can prosper. In 2003 I had the priviledge to work in Israel and to go to Bethlehem. What a difference between Israel and Palestine. One is a thriving economy and the other is pitiful.

  • traeh

    Islam's theology often conceives God as controlling absolutely everything, including every single thing one does, so that for a Muslim, the Islamic view provides no motive to try to build one's own destiny or take an active part in directing it. Everything is predetermined fate. It's true that Islamic theology is not absolutely consistent on this point, but the general fatalism is for the most part there in the core texts. By contrast, other major religions, while themselves not consistent either, in general give far more sway to human freedom.

    One notable contrast: The Judeo-Christian religion conceives human beings as made in the image of God, and God as "Father." Jews and Christians conceive themselves as sons and daughters of God, at least potentially. But the Qur'an explicitly denies that human beings are made in the image of God, and also denies that God is a Father or that we are sons and daughters of God. Further, the central figure of the New Testament lays down a distinction between the realm of Caesar and the realm of religion. Muhammad became Caesar, i.e., the ruler of a theocratic state. Even if both religions are a tissue of fantasy, the Judeo-Christian one leads toward freedom, whereas Islam leads toward the totalitarianism to which Bernard Lewis referred.

  • fiddler

    Excellent article; data rich and irrefutable. This just points out the infection of entitlement that plagues our nation and sets up leftist government rulership unles the nation wakes up!

    This is a real gem and should be discuss among reasonable people. The refutation of the "racism" excuse is especially telling. Oh Amused, where are you?

  • Toecutter

    It’s called creative inertia: the more useless you become, the more of a useful idiot you become.

  • treys

    We should ask the right question to all muslims. And the question is

    "How did the Prophet Mo earn his livelihood in his last 23 years of his life , when the war manual called "quran" was conceptualized by him in incoherent bits during this period"

    • Mburu

      how has israel been living in the past decades if not through billions of dollars of handouts from the west???????

      is it not a parasitic state that thrives on the toil of north americans and europeans ???????

      • Kufar Dawg

        What an ironic comment considering that US taxpayers are extorted by the federal government into forking over more dollars to islamonazi states like Egyptistan and Pakistain than Israel.

        • Roger

          Don't pay any attention to any facts not approved of by those who want us dead…

          as if we'll fall for that one, in spite of this administration and press.

  • willieboy

    I'm not sure 'responsibility' is the missing element. I think it's religious dependency. Once while on a bus with some fellow expats on the way to a work site just outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a Saudi pickup truck drove us off the road into the shoulder. We caught up with the driver and gave him a stern lecture on rules of the road. This Saudi driver brushed this off and assured us that everything would be okay because Allah would protect him. This absolute faith in a higher being engenders a kind of passivity and the lack of enterprise so characteristic of Islam and its peoples.


    "why does the IMF put Israel’s GDP Per Capita well ahead of the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia?"


    • Roger

      Or perhaps sharia is a failed 8th century system, as the author points out.


    "19 percent of Muslim women are officially part of the workforce. That’s compared to 56 percent of Jewish women and 52 percent of Christian women"



  • fox in sox

    An excellent review of why muslim states are so backward; but you missed one of the most important. The organised misogyny of Islam means that the role of women in the family is held in contempt, and female education is scorned. One of the best predictors of economic growth is the level of female education.

    Well educated women are a direct challenge to islamofascists whether in public life or in the home. Most attitudes towards respect for others are learned in the nursery. Often muslim boys behave very badly in western society because they have no respect for their own moyhers.

    BTW most small shpkeepers in Britain are Hindu, Pakistani or Bengali shopkeepers are rare. Also Africans in Britain from Christian countries perform educationally and economically better than muslim africans. Racism?; surely not!

    • whitegoose

      islamic worldview views things in airtight / watertight compartments . This is its most fundamental flaw.
      muslim world & non muslim world,, muslim males & muslim females are some of the major categories it uses in its thinking. These compartments / categories do not overlap each other.

      This culture has deliberately & consciously ignored female education for the last 1400 years since its inception. Note that muslim children are reared / nurtured by these same "ignored muslim females" for the first 16 years of their lives ( approximately 25% of human life span) . Children are very perceptive . They can sense the general environment in their immediate family & social environments , Where they see the absolute male dominance in all spheres. Ask any muslim boy , he is much much likely to associate himself with the paternal lineage . He will reject associating himself in any way with the materal lineage. You can only expect him to continue this legacy !

    • Mburu

      would israel survive without the billions dollars of handouts its gets from the US and Europe every year??????????

      I bet the economy would just go bust since it is not backed by economic production …….instead israel lives on extorted money from the west!

      • Roger

        Would the muslim world survive if we cut off trade so they wouldn't' be getting our money?

  • Mburu

    even zionists in israel are encouraging their women to be housewives……why do they want other women to leave their essential work to "chase phantom careers"?????????????

    Smart women in the west are choosing to be fulltime mothers and housewives ……not elbowing men in boardrooms with their decadent miniskirts!

  • Adil Hamid

    Why are 16 out of the worlds 20 poorest countries Christian and the balance 4 also with sizeable Christian populations ?

    Why are 35 out of the 42 poorest countries either Christian,Buddhist or Hindu and only 7 Muslim ?
    Why is it that only a very small percentage among the approx 50 million poor in the US are Muslims .The overwhelming majority is Christian ,both black and hispanics .

    Why is 40% of Hindu India living in extreme poverty (below $1.25) compared to Muslim Pakistan (24-28%) ?
    Why is Muslim Pakistan scoring better than Hindu India in most UN MPI poverty markers or Human Development Index ?

    Why are Muslim Malaysia or Indonesia better off than neighboring Buddhist Thailand or Philippines ?

    Why is Greece an economic failure when it shares its 'Values ' with the EU ?
    Why are Romania or Bulgaria and other East European nations failing to catch up with West Europe ?
    Why is Hindu Nepal lagging behind Muslim Pakistan ?
    Why is Muslim Malaysia ,Indonesia or Brunei doing better than neighbouring Buddhist Thailand ?
    Why is white Christian Moldova at the bottom of the pit in Europe and worse than poor (culturally only ) Muslim Albania ?

    Why are many countries in Latin America worse off than many Muslim countries despite being Christian ?

    • fox in sox

      I suspect that the reason that indonesia and malaysia are wealthier is that they have very dynamic non muslim communities, mostly of bhuddist chinese; who dominate both countries economically.

      Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece were all under the domination of the Ottoman empire for many years. They are noticeabley more poor than the countries that were never occupied by muslim conquerors.

      Why is it that so many from muslim countries wish to leave these “lands of the pure” to enjoy the political, economic and social freedoms avaliable in Christian countries?

      Why is it that the only countries that have the death penalty for leaving their religion are muslim?

      Could it be that muslims see that they are only in the state that they are in because of the vicious violence endemic to Islam?

      Could it be that muslims cannot handle the truth?

      • Adil Hamid

        Fox in Sox

        Let me reply to you point by point

        ''I suspect that the reason that indonesia and malaysia are wealthier is that they have very dynamic non muslim communities, mostly of bhuddist chinese; who dominate both countries economically.''

        If the dynamic non muslims like Buddhist ,Chinese etc. have turned the fortunes on Malaysia or Indonesia ,then Buddhist Thailand where these dynamic people are in overwhelming majority ,should have been way ahead than Malaysia or Indonesia .

        ''Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece were all under the domination of the Ottoman empire for many years. They are noticeabley more poor than the countries that were never occupied by muslim conquerors.''

        If Muslim rule is a cause of these countries lagging behind ,why has Spain not lagged despite being under Muslim rule the most ? Why hasn't Moldova,Romania ,Bulgaria or Greece been able to shrug off even after muslim rule ended 150-200 years ago ? When the rest of Europe bounced back after the devastation of the two world wars ,in a few decades ,why couldn't those after centuries ?

        ''Why is it that so many from muslim countries wish to leave these "lands of the pure" to enjoy the political, economic and social freedoms avaliable in Christian countries?''

        These muslim immigrants only go to some affluent countries .Their choice is based on affluence of these countries ,not their 'culture ' .These immigrants don't go to poor Christian countries to settle down ,do they ?
        Also ,why do many europeans settle down in the US if immigration patterns are to be a ken as proof of cultural superiority ?

        ''Why is it that the only countries that have the death penalty for leaving their religion are muslim?''

        We are discussing economics ,not laws here . Still ,death penalty per se should be phased out ,not only for apostasy but for any crime . How many white countries have phased out the death penalty ?

        • Roger

          Point by point you are wrong.

          Spain has lagged. You can keep saying this all you want, but your interpretation is not accurate.

  • Adil Hamid

    #1. Congo, Democratic Republic of the
    GDP Per Capita: $348 (As of 2011)

    #2. Liberia
    GDP Per Capita: $456 (As of 2011)

    #3. Zimbabwe
    GDP Per Capita: $487 (As of 2011)

    #4. Burundi
    GDP Per Capita: $615 (As of 2011)

    #5. Eritrea
    GDP Per Capita: $735 (As of 2011)

    #6. Central African Republic
    GDP Per Capita: $768 (As of 2011)

    #7. Niger
    GDP Per Capita: $771 (As of 2011)

    #8. Sierra Leone
    GDP Per Capita: $849 (As of 2011)

    #9. Malawi
    GDP Per Capita: $860 (As of 2011)

    #10. Togo
    GDP Per Capita: $899 (As of 2011)

    #11. Madagascar
    GDP Per Capita: $934 (As of 2011)

    #12. Afghanistan
    GDP Per Capita: $956 (As of 2011)

    #13. Guinea
    GDP Per Capita: $1,083 (As of 2011)

    #14. Mozambique
    GDP Per Capita: $1,085 (As of 2011)

    #15. Ethiopia
    GDP Per Capita: $ 1,093 (As of 2011)

    #16. Mali
    GDP Per Capita: $1,128 (As of 2011)

    #17. Guinea-Bissau
    GDP Per Capita: $1,144 (As of 2011)

    #18. Comoros
    GDP Per Capita: $ 1,232 (As of 2011)

    #19. Haiti
    GDP Per Capita: $1,235 (As of 2011)

    #20. Uganda
    GDP Per Capita: $1,317 (As of 2011)

    • Roger

      Taking your first comment that Christian nations are more poor, I notice that none of these are ruled by any sort of religious Christian theocracy.

      And I also notice that these are poor not due to Christian values, but because the teachings of Christ have not been followed there.
      Zimbabwe? That's corruption, not Christianity. Yemen? What about Somalia? They are worse simply because they do follow sharia.

      So, you didn't make your point, you made an example out of why muslims can't be believed. You twist facts around to prove anything even if not true.

      Liberia, it doesn't agree with your figures.

      And if muslim countries are so rich, why are 80% of muslims around the world illiterate?

      And you fail to have something in those figures. There is an unreported class in muslim nations that is treated as slaves and abused to make that possible.

      • Adil Hamid

        ''Taking your first comment that Christian nations are more poor, I notice that none of these are ruled by any sort of religious Christian theocracy.''

        Most of the poor Muslim nations are not ruled by theocracies either .On the contrary ,some of the rich Muslim countries are theocracies .

        ''And I also notice that these are poor not due to Christian values, but because the teachings of Christ have not been followed there.''

        Are you trying to say that these poor people are not true Christians and only those who are affluent can claim to be true Christians ? Have you forgotten that Jesus said ''
        ''I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:23-24''.

        ''Zimbabwe? That's corruption, not Christianity. Yemen? What about Somalia? They are worse simply because they do follow sharia.''

        I never said that Christianity or Islam is responsible for economic woes of a people or country .That stupid assertion is being made by the article under discussion .
        Why do you think that wherever there is poverty in a Christian country ,it is due to corruption but the same cannot be the reason for the poverty in a Muslim country .Are you now suggesting that Muslims cannot be corrupt ?That would be strange :-)

        ''So, you didn't make your point, you made an example out of why Muslims can't be believed. You twist facts around to prove anything even if not true.''

        Disprove the facts I provided for making such a claim

        ''Liberia, it doesn't agree with your figures.

        The figures I gave are from International Monetary Fund .You are free to doubt them if you want .

        ''And if muslim countries are so rich, why are 80% of muslims around the world illiterate?''

        I have not made a point anywhere that Muslim countries are necessarily rich .You seem to be talking to yourself ,unfortunately .Also ,I agree that illiteracy levels in many countries with a Muslim majority are high but that is not a result of Islam but the poverty levels and mis-governance by the govts there . Most of the poor Muslim countries don't have a theocracy there . If Islam is a cause of illiteracy ,then all Muslims should be illiterate and all Christians should be literate .Neither is true . In any society ,those who an afford it go for a formal education while those who cannot remain deprived .This is true both for Christian as well as Muslim societies .

        As far as the claim that 80% Muslims around the world being illiterate is concerned ,it is based on ignorance and stereotyping,nothing else .Can you provide some survey from a credible source which claims this ?

        ''And you fail to have something in those figures. There is an unreported class in muslim nations that is treated as slaves and abused to make that possible. ''

        As far as slavery or apartheid is concerned ,we have to remember that the blacks in the US were brought there as slaves ,not by Muslims but by Christian slave traders whose cruelty is legendary .
        Even in modern times ,the only two apartheid states have been South Africa and Israel .None of these states are under Muslim rule .

        Slavery or apartheid are abominable practices and need to be abolished totally ,whether in Christian/Jews/Muslim countries .
        Having said that ,slavery is not a point under discussion in the article we are discussing here .

        • Roger

          Your link doesn't work. That's another reason why I don't trust it.
          And as far as slavery it was muslim arabs in Africa that sold slaves. And it was Christians in the US that fought and ended slavery.

          And it's muslims in Sudan now that has slavery. And it's just another part of the history you as a muslim friendly person wants to rewrite historically.

  • Adil Hamid

    I can provide the poorest 42 list also .Even the poorest 100 is telling .

    In fact ,you can count poor Muslim countries on your fingertips .

    • Roger

      I can count that in most muslim countries there are poor illiterate peasants. Afghanistan, pakistan, iran, jordan, there are poor masses with little hope for any sort of wealth. Yemen, Somalia, the workers of the gulf states that are forced to live in dorms, the people of Egypt that rioted and brought down the government for high food prices. You pretend they live better thanks to sharia?

      I laugh at your lies.

      • fox in sox

        The African countries that you list have always been poor subsistence farming economies but even within africa the difference is striking. Many african countries have both Christian an Muslim provinces, such as Nigeria, Ivory coast and Ghana. In these the Muslim provinces are noticeablypoorer and less economically developed. It will be interesting to compare the economic progress of newly independent South Sudan now that it is free from Islamic oppression.

        It is a major problem with Islam that it fails countries needing economic social and political development.Even at sport it fails. The people of muslim countries, particularly the women realise this which is why their Islamofascist dictators fear them, and enforce their religion by violence such as the death penalty for apostasy. Their are increasing numbers of evangelical Christians in Iran despite persecution. look at for sad stories of oppressed Christians.

        Part of the reason for the violent acts of many young Muslim men is the Cognative dissonnance that exists because the superiority of Islam, which they have been taught all their lives, contrasts so much with the economic, social and political failure of Islam compared to other religions.

        As Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew ” a tree is known by its fruit, and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit”

        I have faith that the muslim countries will in time see the folly of their ways and will either secularise or convert to more advanced beliefs. The power of communication and internet in the modern world makes it much harder to hide under a blanket of ignorance than in previous decades. That development will then follow, and so will world peace.

        • Adil Hamid

          Why is it that these poor subsistence have not been able to shrug off their poverty after having converted to Christianity centuries ago ( in many cases much earlier than western countries ) ?

          Why are you now quoting South Sudan which is Oil Rich when the article in discussion itself wants that OIl rich countries should be kept aside in the debate ?

          You quote Ghana ,Ivory Coast and Nigeria and try to prove that Muslims in these countries are economically backward .That is a statement against the govts of these countries ,none of which are Theocracies either . Also,I repeat my point why are countries with little of no Muslim population among the poorest of the poor in the world ?

          • Roger

            You keep saying that, but it's not true. Ask anyone in Somalia.

          • fox in sox

            The point is that whether in Ghana or Australia, India or Scandanavia muslims have lower incomes, lower levels of education and worse economic prospects than other ethnic and religious groups. Until muslims face up to the reasons why this is; and a large part of it is the contempt for women and womens education endemic in Islamic ethnic groups. If you deny opportunity to half of the population then you handicap your economic prospects.

            The internet means that women in Islamic states can not be kept in oppressive isolation any more. They can read and share articles like this, and do so. The days of Islamic theocracies are numbered, whether in Iran or Bradford.

            Islamic women may not be educated but they are not stupid. They can see for themselves on satelite and internet that women in the non islamic world have more enjoyable and richer lives. They can see that Islamic states can only be maintained by violent oppression. They yearn to breathe free, and sooner or later will do so.

            Enjoy the coming Eid al fitr, and perhaps consider why Islamic societies are so violent corrupt and poor. Perhaps it would be a good idea to celebrate by stopping killing people.

      • Adil Hamid

        You earlier doubted my assertion that 16 out of 20 poorest countries in the world are Christian and asked for the list . I have provided the same .
        I can also provide you the data that 35 out of the 42 poorest countries in the world are Christian, Buddhist or Hindu .

        Faced with facts ,you are now dragging things like Shariah which are irrelevant to a discussion over economy .Let us stick to the points made in the article and not bring personal prejudices into the debate .

        The article tries to portray that Muslim countries are worse than anyone else on the economic front . The facts I have provided debunk any such stupid claim that religious belief or ethnicity and not 'economic/infrastructural' are instrumental in determining success .

        • Roger

          But that's not true.
          Whiles these countries have some Christian population, they are not Christian theocracies.
          And you left off some of the poorest muslim nations that are muslim sharia controlled countries.

          And you ignore that there is a huge muslim underclass in those rich nations living only slightly better than slaves with human rights abuses not found in the countries led by Christian principles.

  • Pf Wag

    People in the USA complain about the wealth being concentrated in the 1%. In oil producing Muslim shiekdoms it's concentrated in the top 0.001% or so. And they did nothing to earn it other than winning the genetic lottery of birth.

  • Prejudiced2ignorance

    Disgusting, racist and poorly researched article that is filled with misinformation and does not put into context the data. This shoddy work would not even receive a good grade in school, so it is disturbing seeing how many people are fawning over it. Research the religion by reading primary source material (i.e the Qu'ran), and research the data presented in this article.

  • madhu

    Interesting article….yet I feel no sympathy because their reasons for such existence is nothing but the conversion of all non muslims to islam. If they have such unemployment and drop out numbers in the western countries then why are they there?

    I would like you to read a book. What muslims believe by John fowler. This was an interview on BBC with a learned muslim. There he actually speaks of converting UK into a muslim state. It is very interesting. I have read it over and over again and am angry at the world for allowing such savages to propagate in western society. Islam has already ruined the east.

    As far as Pakistan and Bangladesh are concerned, I was given the impression that USA is funding them to attack India again and again and how can you compare their unemployment to that of India when Bangladeshis have infiltraded, in millions, in India and the population of India is much greater than that of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Your kind of article amuses me because there is no way you can compare countries that are not at par with each other. EU is a great example of this.

    As far as Somalia is concerned, this is a trick of muslims. They have been told to take over the world for Allah and therefore they are creating internal strife so that they can spread all over the world and propagate islam. That is why they do not mind their poor condition. The west is a totally immoral society as per their teachings..They definitely have a bigger goal in mind. You have to study INdia for this.

    The world is still naive. Does not wish to accept the truth. Somalis have two or more wives and almost 20 children from one man. Funny eh?

    No. you are stupid. They are smart. They know exactly what they are going to do with the world. It is you who needs to grow up.

  • LiberateYourMind

    Just because you don't like the information in this article does not make it "disgusting, racist and poorly researched." It is obviously well researched because the economic data presented is not in dispute. It is not racist because race was not even mentioned. This article is about the effect of religion (not race) upon economic activity.
    And the Koran does NOT encourage a hard work ethic. In fact, the Koran promises Muslims that they will live comfortably if they have faith in Allah. For example: “And whosoever fears God, to him will He grant a prosperous issue, and will provide for him whence he reckoned not upon it.” Koran 65:2. AND: “He (Allah) will send down upon you the very heavens in plenteous rains; and he will increase you in wealth and in children, and will give you gardens and watercourses.” Koran 71:10, 11.

  • Omar K Cheema

    isreal is just as small as the small monarchies drowning in oil.
    israel is also drowning , not in oil, but billion of dollars of US aid.