Islam’s Universal Economic Failure

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In Africa, Muslim Somalia sits next door to Ethiopia and Kenya and its GDP is so small it can’t even be registered compared to $1,093 and $1,746 for them. You might try to blame Somalia’s civil war, but Rwanda, which experienced a genocide, has a $1,341 GDP. Niger with an 80 percent Muslim population and a $771 GDP sits next door to Chad with only a 53 percent Muslim population and a $1,865 GDP. Next door Cameroon has a 70 percent Christian majority and a $2,257 GDP.

In Britain the myth of the hardworking Bangladeshi or Pakistani storekeeper is practically sacred. In reality 70 percent of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis live in low income households, compared to 50 percent of Africans, 30 percent of Indians and 20 percent of the natives. Bangladeshis and Pakistanis not only have dramatically higher unemployment rates than natives, but they have higher unemployment rates than Africans.

If the issue were racism, then their unemployment rates would be in line with far lower Indian unemployment rates. Instead Muslims have the worst economic record in the UK. Pakistani Muslims in the UK are three times more likely to be unemployed than Hindus. Indian Muslims are twice as likely to be unemployed as Indian Hindus.

Again this fits the same model of Muslims from non-Muslim countries being less economically inept than Muslims from majority Muslim countries. The crucial difference between minority Muslims and majority Muslims is culture. Minority Muslims do have their own culture, but no minority group can entirely escape the values of the majority culture. Arab Israelis and Indian Muslims absorb enough of the values of the majority culture to perform better than their neighbors in Jordan or Pakistan. And they even carry on these absorbed values when they move to another country.

We can see the direct consequences of those values in action. In the UK, Muslims have the highest dropout rate and lack of qualifications of any religion. They have the highest male and female unemployment rates. This isn’t racism, this is Islamism.

Muslims have the highest unemployment rate in Ireland. In Belgium, Moroccans and Turks have a five times higher unemployment rate of the native population. In Australia, Muslims have twice the unemployment rate of non-Muslims and forty percent of their children live below the poverty line. Muslims also have the highest unemployment rate in Canada, 14.4 percent to a national rate of 7.2 percent.

The response to all these numbers is the usual cry of racism, but racism fails to explain why Muslims fail more comprehensively at home than they do abroad. If Muslims fail in the West Bank, then Israeli checkpoints are to blame. If they fail in Canada, Australia and Europe, then racism is to blame. But if they fail in Pakistan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia– who is to blame?

Responsibility is the missing element. It’s the character value without which there can be no economic success. The same lack of responsibility that manifests itself after a Muslim terrorist attack, when Muslims rush to position themselves as the victims, rather than dealing with the violence in their midst, also manifests itself in the economic arena and in every aspect of life. This lack of responsibility is a failure of values that cannot be escaped or ascribed to racism, the occupation or the boogeyman.

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  • madhu

    Interesting article….yet I feel no sympathy because their reasons for such existence is nothing but the conversion of all non muslims to islam. If they have such unemployment and drop out numbers in the western countries then why are they there?

    I would like you to read a book. What muslims believe by John fowler. This was an interview on BBC with a learned muslim. There he actually speaks of converting UK into a muslim state. It is very interesting. I have read it over and over again and am angry at the world for allowing such savages to propagate in western society. Islam has already ruined the east.

    As far as Pakistan and Bangladesh are concerned, I was given the impression that USA is funding them to attack India again and again and how can you compare their unemployment to that of India when Bangladeshis have infiltraded, in millions, in India and the population of India is much greater than that of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    Your kind of article amuses me because there is no way you can compare countries that are not at par with each other. EU is a great example of this.

    As far as Somalia is concerned, this is a trick of muslims. They have been told to take over the world for Allah and therefore they are creating internal strife so that they can spread all over the world and propagate islam. That is why they do not mind their poor condition. The west is a totally immoral society as per their teachings..They definitely have a bigger goal in mind. You have to study INdia for this.

    The world is still naive. Does not wish to accept the truth. Somalis have two or more wives and almost 20 children from one man. Funny eh?

    No. you are stupid. They are smart. They know exactly what they are going to do with the world. It is you who needs to grow up.

  • LiberateYourMind

    Just because you don't like the information in this article does not make it "disgusting, racist and poorly researched." It is obviously well researched because the economic data presented is not in dispute. It is not racist because race was not even mentioned. This article is about the effect of religion (not race) upon economic activity.
    And the Koran does NOT encourage a hard work ethic. In fact, the Koran promises Muslims that they will live comfortably if they have faith in Allah. For example: “And whosoever fears God, to him will He grant a prosperous issue, and will provide for him whence he reckoned not upon it.” Koran 65:2. AND: “He (Allah) will send down upon you the very heavens in plenteous rains; and he will increase you in wealth and in children, and will give you gardens and watercourses.” Koran 71:10, 11.

  • Omar K Cheema

    isreal is just as small as the small monarchies drowning in oil.
    israel is also drowning , not in oil, but billion of dollars of US aid.