Israel and the Future of the West

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Israel’s Jewish population is approaching six million. If current birth rates hold steady that significant milestone will be reached in time for next year’s Independence Day. If there is to be one.

In the sixty-four years that the revived country has existed, there has been a dramatic population shift. Western and Eastern Europe and Russia, where the majority of Western Jews once lived, now hold a fraction of the Jewish population. The Muslim world, former location of the majority of Eastern Jews, is barely worth mentioning.

Globally the Jewish population is divided between Israel and the United States. Israel is the home of the majority of the world’s Jews, but the combined Jewish Anglosphere is still larger, not so much because of the United Kingdom, but because of North America, which holds the largest number of Jews. In a development that would have been all but incomprehensible a century ago, the majority of Jews in the world speak English or Hebrew. Smaller numbers speak French and Spanish, but in a generation hardly any will speak Russian or Arabic.

The majority of Jews live in the American Hemisphere. If we subtract Israel, the Eastern Hemisphere would barely muster up ten percent of the Jewish population because its Jews have for the most part either moved to the Western Hemisphere or to Israel.

Israel is the last Jewish outpost in the Eastern Hemisphere. The last significant Jewish populations there are either in the far west, in the United Kingdom and France or legacy populations in Russia and the Ukraine. The latter have no future and the former are dwindling under pressure from the growing Muslim population in Europe.

Over the last century, Jews have been moving West, though not quickly enough to outpace the Nazis and the Communists. The migration has gathered up Middle East Jews and Eastern European Jews, leaving a handful scattered on the Western shores of Europe, while the majority have either rebuilt in Israel or moved on to America, Canada or Latin America.

Jews have often been referred to as the “canary in the coal mine” and accordingly Jewish migrations may foreshadow Christian migrations from the Eastern Hemisphere.

The Christian populations of the Middle East appear to be going the way of the Jewish population. In thrall to Muslim propaganda, the media blames Israel for the vanishing Christians of Bethlehem, but how does one explain a comprehensive regional Christian decline and exodus?

The fall of Egypt into the hands of the Brotherhood, Turkey into the hands of the AKP Islamists and the strong likelihood that the Brotherhood will take Syria and Hezbollah will take Lebanon, along with Muslim control over Gaza and the West Bank represent the end of the remaining centers of Christianity in the Middle East. It is not difficult to foresee a near future where Israel is the last remaining safe place in the region for Christians.

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  • Chezwick

    Israel's Christian population is rising exponentially, at the very time that Christians in the Arab realm are leaving in droves. So what distinguishes the Jewish State from the Muslim realm, as it pertains to Christianity? Simple: The former is tolerant and free, the latter is intolerant and oppressive. But you'd never, ever know that attending a university in the Western world.

    • Bamaguje

      So Israel could also be the de facto Christian state/refuge for Middle east Christians.
      This combined Judeo-Christian population would also be a potent counterweight against the iminent demographic jihad by Muslim Israeli Arabs & Palestinians.

    • alphakilosingh

      Oh dear! How ignorant can one be!!
      You are not aware of this simple rule that tolerance and freedom in both islamic and non-islamic countries are measured by the growth of Muslim population in the country. If other faiths are growing, it means Islam is being repressed and discriminated against.
      Christianity is growing in Israel proves that Israel is a apartheid state.

  • Oneye

    It's hard to fathom the depravity of killing more Jews than the entire Jewish population of Israel. The perpetrators of the Holocaust kept telling us they weren't aware of the crime, wanting us to imagine a small secret group in Berlin whispering their dreams of Holocaust quietly lest anyone hear. To commit such a colossal crime takes the complicity of millions, who work diligently and daily for "success". For "success", even the complicity of Britain especially, Russia and the USA was required. Israel is proof that they failed.

    • AntiWacko

      All this wailing about the Jewish Holocaust, now being kept alive by the Holocaust Industry, but no one talks about the murders of 10+ million non-Jewish Russians by the Jews in 1917-18. Nor does anyone talk about the subsequent murders of additional millions of Russians by the Jewish-led and controlled Soviet Union. Why is that so? Why is no one screaming about that holocaust from the rooftops?




        If the commies were "Jewish led", then Jewish temples would have been untouched and permitted to function, the commies would have supported Israel and NOT the Arabs, the commies would have let Jews leave the Soviet Union – but they didn't Wacko.

        Commies AKA Socialists murdered millions.

  • MikeWood

    An easy way to show your support for Israel is to wear pro-Israel clothes. I wear a lapel badge or hat, depending on the circumstances. It's a good way to stick one in the eye of the Israel-haters and anti-semites. Buy them from Israel and support their economy:

    • muchiboy

      I won't go out of my way to "buy Israel" ,but if I like the product I will buy it,regardless of Israeli Zionist practices.By and large,Jews,Zionist or not,are good decent people that add value to the country and region generally.There is a sizable Palestinian population in Israel,and they benefit from a good economy.I do buy my twin blade disposable razor blades that are "Made in Israel".Life is not black and white,Jewish OR Arab.muchiboy

    • Ghostwriter

      Riiiiight,muchiboy! And I have a bridge I want to sell you. No one here believes you care a bit about the safety of Jews. You want them dead!

  • WildJew

    If Israel establishes a Muslim-enemy state within its borders it will be due largely to American pressure, not Arab or European pressure. Make no mistake about it.

    D. Greenfield wrote: "European Christians are following the path of European Jews….migration will drastically accelerate as the Muslim colonization of Europe, with its accompanying violence goes on."

    Muslim colonization with its accompanying violence is going on here in America. We see it on our college campuses. We see it in the increased public demands for accommodation; in the protests against Israel during wars, etc. American Jews (many), especially the youth, are beginning to see the writing on the wall and take a stand. Sadly, too many Americans Jews are taking a stand with the Muslims against Israel. I just finished reading Peter Beinart's "The Crisis of Zionism." This is a worrisome trend here in the American Jewish community that does not portend good things for American Jews.

  • Marty

    Around 80 percent of the world's Jews live in just two democracies, Israel and the United States. The remainder need to move to one or the other. The one million Jewish residents in france and the united kingdom are on borrowed time as the islamic menace becomes larger and, therefore, more violent and lethal. The United States and Canada should welcome English-speaking non-muslim immigrants from europe. We will soon need their numbers as europe becomes islamized. In the meantime, American foreign policy should focus on fostering civil war and chaos in the arab middle east and in iran and support and encourage the disintegration of turkey, syria, iraq, and iran. None of these countries should be on the map anyway. They are fraudulent entities that are inherently unstable and with no more right to nationhood than the poor and oppressed palestinians and who regularly torture and murder opponents and minorities.

    • Raymond in DC

      Unfortunately, such civil war and chaos creates new refugee populations. In the Middle East, the default destination for those populations is … Israel! Over the last five years Israel has seen more illegal migrants than it has legal Jewish immigrants. Some are people over-staying their work visas, but most are streaming across the Sinai or the pre-1967 "Green Line".

      Where else do they end up? Well, the United States of course. A few nights ago CBS News' Scott Pelley noted that some 72% of those granted asylum were taken in by the US. (He was clearly proud of that fact.) And where did they come from? Many, if not most, are from failed Arab and Muslim states – Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan,

    • muchiboy

      With respect,Marty,I disagree.Just like I want to see the endangered species of the world e.g.Rhino,Tiger,etc. reclaim their rightful and deserved places in Africa and Asia,I want to see a large,thriving,respected and valued Jewish community in the Eastern and Arabic world.Everyone would benefit.muchiboy

    • Ghostwriter

      Oh,I forgot this part. And if anyone actually believes that muchiboy cares about Jews,then I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Dispozadaburka

    NWO needs a NWReligion.
    Islam is intentionally globalistic, genocidal ideology. as witnessed by the funding of Hitler
    (.Read Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini by Chuck Morse.)
    In order to control the world, one must capture Jerusalem, which is the Islamic/Freemasonic/Knights Templars goal. They need to capture Jerusalem by galactic alignment mayan calendar date of 12/21/2012. As President Obama lead a Day of Muslim Prayer on the Mall Sept 2009 and prayed for the "Soul of America". This act was actually an act of "surrender." to Islam. Now, if our embassy is moved to Jerusalem, he will have in effect. Conquered Jerusalem for Islam.
    "This was the first attempt (Nimrod founder of Babylon and architect of the Tower of Babel>) at what today we call globalism, an attempt to unify all people under one common relgio-political system. In the Bible, Babylon stood for evil against Jerusalem, the city of G-d. Pg 145 Masonry, beyond the Light Wm Schnoebelen

  • Raymond in DC

    As I've noted elsewhere, the Jews are outnumbered some 20:1 by Muslims in Europe; in the Middle East the Jews are outnumbered at least 40:1 by Arabs; and worldwide the Jews are outnumbered by Muslims some 100:1. So aside from Israel, wherever Jews might flee they'll be outnumbered by Arabs or Muslims who have also migrated, or soon will be – even in the US eventually if the welcome mat for Arab and Muslim migrants and asylum seekers isn't pulled.

    • muchiboy

      The Arab world,and Islam generally,needs to acknowledge and respect the western values espoused in Universal Human Rights legislation.Jews generally,and Israel more specifacally,needs to acknowledge their own unconscionable record of human rights abuses against the Palestinian people.If you are going to have a discussion on "pulling the welcome mat" for Arabs,then in all fairness we need to discuss how Zionism threw the Palestinian people from their own homeland,and the welcome mat with it.And isn't it ironic that of all the people to join in this refrain about withdrawing the welcome mat,it should be on a Jewish site,given the history of Antisemitism.But than,it is a right wing Jewish site.Still,will we ever learn?muchiboy

  • Bartimaeus

    “Israel may be civilization’s last stand. Even if it fails, it was a nobler effort than pretending that nothing was wrong while heading out the door to other continents where it would take longer for the Jihad to reach their grandchildren.”

    Israel is far more than a canary in a coal mine. People do not like the idea, but God is going to judge the world and the nations in relation to Israel. The time of Jacob’s trouble is coming, but he shall be saved out of it. God will not step in until man threatens the destruction of the planet. We will be allowed to taste of where our sin and lawlessness will bring us, and then God will intervene. Matt 24:22, etc.

  • Nakba1948

    "Why the Jewish state [sic] is the canary in the coalmine for the West." More like the albatross around the neck of the West. America and Europe would enjoy much better relations with the Islamic world if not for the illegal Zionist entity. Until the West stops subsidizing the occupation of Palestine, don't count on any cooperation from the general public in the Muslim world. Jews, Muslims, and Christians would all be better off were Israel to vanish from the pages of time. At the very least, they would all benefit from Israel's recognition of Palestine.

    • Zionista

      right – if Israel disappeared the bloodthirsty savage dictator in syria would stop murdering thousands of his own people, palestinians would stop murdering homosexuals, the honor killings of muslim girls going on around the world would stop, and arafat's beard of a wife would give back the millions he stole from his own people – dream on pig.

      • truth

        Palestinians murder homosexuals? That's a red herring my dear, you should be careful when making illogical arguments because it's quite obvious you suffer from a bias perspective.

    • Boston

      Well, at least the Muslims would be better off if Israel were to vanish. The local Christans and Jews in the area would all be either dead or driven out of the area.

    • Observer

      You are not fooling anyone, you just want to divide the infidel, whether jews, christians, budhists, or hindus. It is not just Israel that muslims want, you also want Kashmir, the Balkans, Cyprus, the Caucasus (Chechnya), Turkestan, Southern Sudan, Spain, and many other lands.
      We know what you want. You are not going to get it.

    • Foolster41

      I pray to God you're not in the west, because your another massacre of Jews waiting to happen, like what happened in my home state. If you are, please go check yourself into a mental hospital, your hatred of Jews (who have just much right to a homeland as the Jordanians, and more than the "palastinians" (who are also Jordanians) ) is a mental sickness.

  • penny lane

    What connection should the West have towards Israel's occupation and settlement expansion politics? Not a single western nation recognizes Israel's claim to neither West-Jordan , nor East Jerusalem. No Israeli troops are to be found in western or NATO missions in Afghanistan or Iraq. neither will they be found should war break out against Iran. Israel is a burden, a pain in the a++ , and the so called "West" is just wakeing up to the nuclear juggernaught it has fosterd for decades that is now rapidly going down to radical nationalists and religious fanatics.

    canary in a coalmine?? LOL. dream on folks.

    • shlomo

      i'm in the idf and can tell you that every year we lack 700-800 combat soldiers in the land army alone. just not enough israelis want to take on combat roles and want to be "jobniks." we're slightly less than 6 million jews, the arabs don't draft (and honestly i wouldn't want them to), the haredim don't draft, and the tel aviv folks get out of their so-called mandatory service or just get easy non-combat jobs where they get to go home every day like highschool or a first job. at the end of the day we're made up just of the few who are still willing to fight to defend the country. would you actually want this army to take part in nato missions? rofl here's the part that you don't know- in nato missions in the region, they're getting intel, technology, and provisions from israel, and everyone knows that were israel to fight against a muslim country, it would inflame everyone against all the forces. that's why it's understood why israel doesn't take part. to whom exactly is israel a burden? she's the only country that breaks the muslim bloc in two, manufactures tons of weapons, and honestly the aid from the us we more than pay for. don't reason with crazy people

    • WilliamJamesWard


      • stern

        Actually, William, I think you have it right. There's no reasoning with some people and they deserve all the ad hominen invective we can muster.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Some commentors deserve scorn, failed students, ignoramuses, blatant falsehood and
          stupidity that is insultive, while trite it is demeaning to a great people free of totalitarian
          disposition. Israel being dismissed by a nitwit is just to much……..Regards,………..William

    • stern

      I note with great interest that you refer to something you call "West-Jordan". Hmm, so Jordan's completely illegal 19 year occupation of Judea and Samaria – recognized by nobody in the world except Jordan itself and perfidious Albion – is okay by you? Well, that tells us all we need to know about you.

      You're not just anti-Semitic, you are blatantly hypocritical about it too.

      • pennylane

        We still don't know why Israel's self-centered occupation and expansion conflicts qualify it as a "canary in a coalmine" for the West.

        This canary built it own coalmine.

    • Abisja

      penny lane, You really should not embark and be outspoken about things you don't have the slightest notion of what you are talking about. Bare in mind that most of the commentators on this site, are people who have done their homework well – you are not dealing with fools here. Just what you have been writing, points to a complete lack of knowledge of what is happening in the ME. So next time you embark on slandering Israel, the only democracy in the ME, please go and study the history of that part of the world – with both eyes open. During the Allied invasion of Irak, Israel abstained from retaliating the rain of Iraki missiles on their country. If they chose to retaliate, you would have seen a fireworks display of the "Third" kind; result – no Irak.

  • Abisja

    Nakba 1948, Whatever that means – Just describe to all of us how any government in the world can have "better relations with the Islamic world" with the agenda's ALL Muslims Regimes carry in their holsters, prescribed and enforced to them by their so called holy book(ask the Syrians just for starters). What planet are you from, man!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If you want to enslave people and not be constrained in your conduct by Western Law which comes
    from the Ten Commandmnts then become and Islamist. Felonious criminal conduct flourishes in the
    Muslim lands and assassination, backstabbing, dishonoring women, murder, rape, theft and any
    horrid conduct including slavery is just fine. Islam is the problem and it always was since it's founding
    and the vile expansion by killing and theft of lands. The Western World has been lulled into blind
    ignorance and leftist weakening of charachter and the destruction of moral standards in our
    Universities, Churches, Governments, Busnesses and Media pathways. Much of the failure of our
    leaders to recognize the looming threat has been caused by blindness caused by not looking past
    all of the Islamist cash, enough can have high leaders call Islam a "Religion of Peace". With all of the
    wars, bloodshed, destruction and upheaval caused by Islamists the West is waking up, but will it
    be soon enough…………………..William

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,Nakba1948,I know this. The Israelis don't scream for my death because I'm American. They seem to care about Americans. The Palestinians don't. They hate me and want to kill me BECAUSE I'm American. Get it?

  • Schlomotion

    This article has to be a screenplay for the Jewish version of the Left Behind series, or Last of the Mohebrews. "At the end of the world, the last surviving Jews who speak Quebequois will be drinking La Fin Du Monde as Islam takes over Montreal and wifebeating manuals become standard fare and alcohol is suddenly banned under Sharia. Only people who can hum the theme music to Rhoda will be spared." Haim Saban definitely has dibs on the anime version.


    EternalNakba1948, OPEC (mostly Islamofascist dictatorships) are BLEEDING the entire word of their AFTER-TAX money for $100 per barrel oil.

    Islamofascist GREED is LIMITLESS.

    My solution is to Internationalize the oil fields of the Middle East and drop the price of oil from $100 per barrel, back to $10 per barrel.

    The entire world will benefit from Cheap Oil.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I like that and all the money they have in banks should be confiscated or put out of circulation and
      made useless………………They can be defeated we just need to get rid of the American politicians
      that are on their payroll………………………William

  • maria

    Is anybody can say what country "occupied" Israel? Except ancient Israel and Judea countries none of other countries anytime was there. Arabs occupied "Palestine" which is in reality Jewish Land. More over by Balfour declaration Great Britain was appointed to re-establish Jewish state on all the Land of Palestine. It was violated by establishing Trans-Jordan which is now have more than 70% of Arabs of Palestine out of all population.
    Muslims are liars. They have it in their blood, in their culture. Nakba1948 and those two who shared that lie are definitely Muslims. Why they are at all here in the Western world? They penetrate to conquer us from within. Israel destiny is US destiny and even Western civilization destiny. Stand with Israel!!!

  • sal

    we always hear Israel and Iran I guess both are champions of nuclear technology control Israel is never gonna give up neither iran is i wish einstein would never invented atom bombs our country would never have nuclear armed race future is going to be war a great war war between iran and israel gonna make countries jump inside this war and we can see that already happening in syria