Israeli Flags Now Illegal in Dearbornistan

First, Christians were banned in Dearbornistan. Now, it’s Jews who are illegal. Why not just declare the place an outpost of Saudi Arabia and be done with the whole business.

“On 9-14-2012, Dearborn Fordson High School principal called the police on me for driving with 2 Israeli flags on my truck.

When the students began their assault he rolled down his window asking them to stop. After they pulled him over the police used the rolled down window as a pretext to accuse him of instigating the altercation.  While being questioned by the police in front of the high school the reader received death threats. The police denied hearing them though the individuals involved were only a few feet away.

“The Dearborn police were one car behind me when this student threw a bottle on my windshield. The police did not stop the student, but instead stopped me for 30 minutes asking me why I would display Israeli flags on my truck.”

This is how hellholes like Malmo get started. When the law becomes a tool for enforcing Muslim prejudices, then equal rights go out the window and police lecture anyone attacked by Muslims on what they did to provoke the attack.

But it’s not just Dearborn. The consensus of our governing elites is that making a movie mocking Mohammed is a crime that deserves to be punished. So why not driving with an Israeli flag as well? Where do we draw the line? Anywhere Muslim violence tells us to.

  • BS77

    Already the leftists and liberals get "uncomfortable" when someone displays an AMERICAN flag. The libs associate the American flag with militarism, something they disdain , unless, of course, they require protection.

    • dabreezemeister

      I'm a liberal AND I serve. It would behoove you to realize I'm not the only "liberal" doing so either.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Then you're simply not typical. Good for you.

      • Oden

        Maybe your not really a liberal, you are just scared to confront your liberal friends.

    • salgak

      It was already this way 11 years ago. My alma mater. Lehigh University, had the bus drivers take DOWN the American Flags they put on their campus buses after 9/11 to be "sensitive to the feelings of our foreign students. . . "

      Needless to say, 2001 was the last year they got a donation. . .

    • Chris Fremgen

      What are you talking about? I am Liberal and love this country. What I hate is closed minded conservatives like you. Uneducated fool. And since when did it become "cool" to be a conservative? You pretend like you are one of the elite in this country when you are nothing more than middle class. You're not fooling anyone, idiot.

  • AntiSharia

    We have a Taliban like enclave within the US, and we aren't doing anything about it. It's no wonder we aren't doing anything about extremists abroad either.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      The question is why is this acceptable?

      Oh yeah, the Muslims are always the victims.

      The Democratic Party must be reformed or destroyed. Treason laws must be enforced again.

  • Marty

    The saudi mutaween have arrrived in the United States and have established dearbornistan as a radical islamic enclave complete with anti-semtism, denounciation of First Amendment freedoms, and the usual intimidation of those who still adhere to the notion that we are living in a political democracy. Soon the al qaeda black flag will fly from mosques and islamic "educational centers." The dearbornistan mutaween, of course, will not interfere with those and most likely salute them.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      If Dearbornistan is allowed to continue unabated,it will spread like wildfire. There should be demonstrations,protests,parents at the schools enmasse demanding that this occupation by muslims stop immediately. The governor and state reps of MI need to be replaced with someone who gives a damn less about "tolerance".

  • tagalog

    Well, for Heaven's sake! Why would anybody be concerned about the threat of a riot and mob violence against some person for flying that horrible Israeli flag? I mean, the possibility that someone might be offended by such an action CLEARLY trumps the Constitution. Obviously, a riot and mob violence are called for under such circumstances; heck, you can see the riot and the mobbing as an issue of free speech all by itself, couldn't you?

    It didn't happen to be the case that the truck driver was violating his probation, did it?

    • Daniel

      The driver was threatened with sodomy and other physical harms in front of the Dearborn police by students on the sidewalk. When the driver complained about the threats the police claimed to "know nothing."

      • tagalog

        The man had a pickup truck and wasn't carrying a Mossberg 590 9-Shot 12 guage on a rack above his seat? Well, maybe next time.

        • Daniel

          To Hezbollah supporters… an Israeli flag is more dangerous than a shotgun…..

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Let's take up a collection to arm all non-Muslim residents exposed to this Sharia threat.

          Good idea. What other weapons might complement the shotgun for such a scenario? I say an Uzi or other submachine gun in the other hand with plenty of extra clips, tactical radios for calling in support…what else? Shooting practice with a weapon in each hand…

          Let's get this started soon. Although the police were on the side of the jihadis and anyone defending themselves would have been arrested, they could have easily won in court. Obviously there is ample proof that Muslim mobs kill all the time. Any US resident threatened like this has EVERY RIGHT to use lethal force in defense.

          I can't wait for the first big trial when this starts to happen.

          • tagalog

            Don't forget the Galils!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Who wouldn't put their trust and faith in the Dearbornistan police dept.? Anyone non-muslim that is.

  • Daniel

    Sorry to be a spoiler to the party… but OUR American Presidents signed off our rights to the Mullahs of Iran in January 1981..
    Both Presidents, Carter and Reagan signed away our rights…
    Something you will never see in the Presidential debates..


    • grobro

      where did you get this pile of crap? you don't even know Ronald Reagan. if you knew him you not make such a stupied remark.

  • Uncle Kevvie

    Seeing as how I live just down the road from Dearborn, allow me to whip this out : It used to be pleasure to go there and see what 'the buzz ' was. The west side still has some allure
    Now, not so much. Especially in the easterly part, you find very quickly that there is a fraction there spoiling to "be oatmeal" {A K A: 'start some s–t' }
    The city goes right along with it and Normal is dictated by a Religion that calls me unclean and dirty.
    {HARAM and KAFFAR, don't you know…}
    They've created their 'own little hatin' place' in one generation….and good people thereabouts, said and did little to nothing. They did not deserve it, but they have it now, no matter what.
    …and now here in Bloomfield /Farmington we have a Gov't unit selling a school building to a 'Muslim Center' type of group. Minarets are going to be added, coming to a place near me. No "Call" though.
    Oh,.. freakin' goody……….

    • Daniel

      I hear you… Hamas opened a "charity" in the middle of an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Southfield.

      Try and open a JVS (Jewish Vocational Service) office on Warren Ave in Dearborn……

      • Kufar Dawg

        It would be interesting to see what would happen if someone tried to establish a synagogue in Dearbornistan today, or a church for that matter.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Outrageous? Yes. Surprising? No

    I want people to take a close look at what we've become as a nation. It's been like a horror movie with Biden and Obama as the head vampires. Everytime people like them are elected into office all of the in the closet socialist lunatics and those who have always hated this nation come out in full force. You start to see all of the monsters that people weren't aware of, transform.
    If Romney pulls this off, he has a vast sea of pollution to clean up. He and the people of this nation has a lot of work to do before we can even consider calling ourselves a "constitutional republic" again.

    • Anonymous

      I so agree — even if Romney wins, it will take such an effort to clean up the disaster of Obama (and it’s not just in terms of material things, but the re-recognition of true American values, starting with the Constitution.)

  • RoguePatriot6

    “The Dearborn police were one car behind me when this student threw a bottle on my windshield. The police did not stop the student, but instead stopped me for 30 minutes asking me why I would display Israeli flags on my truck.”

    Where's the outrage? I'm just wondering what if we had "white only" bathrooms? Or "white only" neighborhoods? What if it were the Ku Klux Klan that yelled death threats to this young man? What if this were Mississippi or Alabama and police detained this young man and covered up the fact that some racist goons wanted to lynch him? Hmmmmmmmmm….enquiring minds would like to know.

    Once again, ISLAM UNTOUCHABLE!!!!
    The hypocrisy that we've adopted is truly nauseating.

    • Daniel

      Call the Dearborn Police and or Dearborn Public Schools… all you get is silence.
      Incident #s
      12-49143 (filed 914/2012)
      12-49503 (filed 9-16-2012)

      call Dearborn Fordson principal Youssef Mosallam and ask why he panics when seeing an Israeli flag

      • Kufar Dawg

        I don't think I'd be bothering to call the Dearbornistan police dept. — chances are they would be more interested in filing away my name, phone number and address information for what I was reporting than bothering to investigate what I was reporting.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      If the government isn't going to do anything, it's up to the citizens. A group will only occupy an area that's agreeable and pleasant to them;if it becomes unpleasant,they'll move on. Those who are fed up with the "religion of peace" need to encourage them to move along to a more receptive area. One or two people complaining will not get the job done. When the citizenry have had enough,they will act. Until then,you get what you got.

    • Antionio Baloniano

      It's "inquiring" not "enquiring."

  • AmazedHuman

    Why are we allowing this to happen in America? Fear? Pay-off? Perhaps it would help if we didn't have an Islamic Muslim in the White House?

    • Vermont Yid


      • Jason

        Double bingo!!!

  • Lan Astaslem

    I have no reason to visit this muslim cesspool but if I did, I'd put Jewish stars all over my car – screw the muzzies – they should go back to the hellholes where they were hatched

    • Kufar Dawg

      It's a nice idea, but in the Dearbornistan of today it could get you disappeared or murdered — with the Dearbornistan police doing nothing, or worse yet, complicit.

  • richard

    then the Bible is again accurate in reading the New Testament writer named John. He wrote in John 16:1-2 –
    "These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues, yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." This Israel's flag being prohibited in flying in the street is just a beginning that will eventually lead to more violence. Just watch.

  • Moishe Pupick

    Monday, 10/15/12 common era

    Publicly displaying 2 Israeli flags is an obvious unprovoked act of Zionist agression against the
    persecuted Moslems and their religion of peace. I hope that U.S. Attorney General Holder will obtain a federal criminal indictment and use sharia law to punish this wicked infidel.

    Once that is done, we Americans must concentrate on strongly opposing the real threats to our nation and planet: manmade global warming, diversity, multiculturalism, and most of all, cattle farts. Welcome to Obamanation, Land of the D'Himmi.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      LOL…had me going there for a minute, Moishe….I think every friend of Israel in that area should display their flags any way they see fit.Record any acts of "tolerance" by the other side for court,and just scream from the rooftops about this "tolerance"! If I were that guy being harassed and vilified by the cops,i'd take the whole damned city of Dearborn to court. The ACLJ and the Jewish Defense League should be brought into it too. ENOUGH!

  • riverboatbill

    Dearbornistan-a center of the islamic infestation that is in bad need of a good enema.

  • pyeatte

    My suggestion, flood Dearborn with Israeli flags. Put Star of David bumper stickers on Muslim cars.

    • Mark Mueller

      How about a good cropdusting of bacon fat?

      • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

        Yep. Supersoakers filled with pig blood and flaming bags of pig poop are good too. Pig entrails make good weapons. Be creative.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      I wouldn't do anything to muslim cars,but I would sure as hell display my Jewish pride and./or support for Israel.Stickers and flags would be on everything I own; car,motorcycle,house,boat-even the backyard doghouse. I'd have surveillance on flags mounted on my house and car; and you can bet i'd share the video and any resulting police reports with the press,whether they're in the city or in other states. Get the word out about what's happening there. Many people don't know because of the "tolerant" leftist media in this country-but there are other means to get the word out. Jewish advocacy groups should be notified,over and over if need be; this is the age of the Internet-spread the word to those in the mother country. Network with friends,neighbors and others to put a stop to this outrage. Work as a team and look out for one another.

  • benjabo

    Great idea, you can set the example

    • RoguePatriot6

      Your kidding, right? "Swallowed up the last inches of the West Bank"????? Seriously???? There backs are against the ocean, every nation that borders them want them eliminated as a race of people and you talk about Zionist propaganda?

      "Theft of the underground water resources"????
      How about the theft of human life conducted successfully or attempted by the Palestinians on a weekly if not daily basis? Oh no, but let me guess, that's just more "Zionist Propaganda"?

  • A.R Momen

    I think it's time to become afraid of the future , you are trying desperately to divert the world's sight towards trifles of conduct here and there , to blow up the image of a monstrous enemy called Islam .Israel is swallowing the last inches of the West Bank ,Palestinians are humiliated daily on the IDF checkpoints ,Israel is completing the theft of the underground water resources of the Palestinians .I admit that the Zionist propaganda could successfully so far scatter the attention of the West toward local conflicts in the Arab and Muslim Worlds: ,Afghanistan ,Pakistan and Iran ,and these hired commentators are paws of the beast trying to scratch the image of Muslims wherever they inhabit.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Let's all cry for the poor muzzie bastards. The muzzie bastards who are currently ethnically cleansing the Mid-East of everyone non-muslim. The muzzie bastards who have ethnically cleansed the Jews from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. I don't give a good goddamn what happens to the muslime apes in Gaza. The muslimes apes who freely persecute the few Christians unfortunate to live among them as well as anyone female.

    • Moses Newman

      Obviously you are a useless propoganda toool for the Doon Coons. I 'm smelling some dune coon in you. Have you even been to Gaza or the West Bank? How about any other part of Israel. I ask you to find even one example of a useless sh.t stain so called Palestinian who is starving or going thirsty. The PR campaign is part of the ISLAMIC jihad that has been waged against the civilized world since you camel fornicating crap smelling turds created that murderous man in the moon story about a non existtant, bisexual pedophilic cross dressing murderer Muhammad (May the fleas of 1000 camels infest his rotting bone for eternity, and may he be cursed with no peace for eternity. OH WAIT that pedophilic dirt bag never lived, ttoo bad, a fantasy can NOT be cursed. Hope you meat a painful slow death soon!

    • guset

      The Palestinians DON'T belong there. Israel should put them out immediately. That land was given to Israel by God. Period. What POSSIBLE claim could they have over Gods?

      Same as here Move them out! They cannot co exist, and we are tolerating the intolerant. Islam is a knock off of Judaism, anyway. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Nothing but misery and violence follow islam.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer


  • Drakken

    Momen, let me be perfectly clear, useful idiot leftist like you who give moral equivilace to islamic savages will make the next war a bloodier bent. As far as the islamic savages of Gaza and the west bank? eff them! They bloody well deserve a lot more than what they are getting, the time is going to come where Israel will be given no choice but to either submit, or throw the whole bloody lot of them into the sea and Jordan proper. As for Dearbornistan, the police who openly side with the muslims over the natives make themselves to be the enemy of us natives, neither deserving of respect nor obeyance.

    • @TheHobosProjekt

      Let me make this abundantly clear. Moslems, or any other pseudo religious ideologies do not belong in Western societies. The thing that lefties are forgetting is, they are immigrants. They are meant to assimilate into the host country because supposedly they desire freedom. They are not welcome if their intent is to set up enclaves and force their rules on their hosts. Would I be welcome into your home if you invited me over and I decided to start demanding you do my bidding in your home? Of course not.

  • American Patriot

    It is time the American Patriots do what the government and so called authorities will not do. It is time we take back this nation while we still have a nation to take back. There was a time when people came to America and embraced this country, to become an American. Now, they come here and expect the nation to conform to them. That we need to conform to their way of life. I SAY NO MORE!. We will not go down quietly, we will not go down with out a fight! True patriots will rise up and we will once again be the nation that was conceived 236 years ago.

    • Howie

      I think a one million man march on Derbornistan is in order.

  • AngryBruin

    This is just another example of what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing with their "Project". Americans need to be awakened and enlightened now or lose freedom. Where is ACLU?

    • Moses Newman

      "Where is the ACLU" why they are comming to the rescue of the ISLAMIC CANCERS.

  • craig

    The ACLU is run by Islamists, they have 8 or 9 on their staff in high positions ,, the Southern Poverty Law center is probably the next target

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      I don't know about that,but the ACLU is definitely a leftist organization,just as the SPLC is. The ACLJ,however, is NOT,and they have one savage lawyer at the helm-Jay Sekulow. They need to know what's going on-and every Jewish advocacy organization needs to be contacted on this.

  • Deeb

    Seems to me that the Michigan Courts and prosecutors need to get busy–right away–educating Dearborn officials in the ways of our Constitutional Republic. Criminal and civil charges need to be brought against the city and its officials including the police. This cannot go unanswered. We know that the US DOJ won't do anything about it as long as the Anointed One is still President, but why not state officials? Are the afraid that the feds will come after them? Also they should name the ACLU as defendants. There might even be a basis for bringing conspiracy charges.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      Every single person who is an elected public servant needs to be thoroughly vetted before voting for them. The fix is clearly in,in Dearborn as in MI proper,but that can be overcome if everyone is educated,informed and engaged. Fundraisers for ads go a long way. Change is clearly needed in the state of MI.

  • Sifter

    Can't fly a flag, beheadings, killing of Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia, just today a bomb plot by a Muslim to hit the Fed Reserve in NYC…. uh huh, I get it, it's all the Zionist's Fault! I'd laugh if I wasn't crying. Pathetic.

    • slobo

      I got news for you…honor killings take place in Dearborn…the entire City council is muzzie…so they keep the killings quiet! The police let the killings be settled in sharia court!

  • @undefined

    The sign of of Obama's America. You Yanks have a choice to make in a few weeks. Hope you make the right one as it will impact on all….

  • rd

    I have just had it., had it, had it with these self-seeking, subversive muzzies. enough! they want people to be “sensitive” to their desire to covert, subjugate and oppress the entire effing world.
    notice to all muzzies who believe this: go to hell. all of you. you and your despicable koran. and your founder mu-ham-head who slaughtered all the jews in the arabian peninsula and his followers who practiced “convert or die” all across the world.
    islam is no rreligion. it is an oppressive political system disguised as an religion.

    everybody should go to dearborn with american and israeli flags and say to hell with islam and the
    gdamn muzzies who want to take over america. ENOUGH!!!!

  • Rvrdave

    Well the Govt has done nothing to stop this because our so called President is a freakin Muslim too. He is merely the proverbial wolf in Sheep clothing leading the blind and ignorant back to the rest of the pack to feed on. I for one am so sick of having to put up with these individuals!!! You know they say not every Muslim is bad and have this hatred toward us. I find this hard to believe when from a young age they are indoctrinated with hatred. They must be stopped.

    • Tammy Lemmeinkya Farmer

      VOTE for Romney in November. VOTE for conservatives in both houses of Congress. VOTE for changes on a local and municipal level in your city. DON'T back down for anything or anyone.

  • Nana

    obviously the police can't or won't do anything. This is America after all, we can fly whatever flag we want to. I have Confereate, Mexican and Irish flags all over my neighborhood. So where are our red blooded American rednecks to the rescue?

  • Lyn White

    Muslim anything should not rule in these United States !!!

  • Soleesan

    This is from our present Administration promoting this Communist style leadership {and the word 'leadership' to be taken lightly}. Obama is a Radical Muslim & Islamist, and will continue to lean our country in that direction if re-elected.

  • michel boissonneault

    1933 ride again , anti christians ,and now anti jews ,soon it's going to be the concentration camps
    oups sorry 2012 same story , same shoah ( soon )
    thank you for all the good comments before me.

  • Eadora

    I think perhaps this has less to do with Moslem appeasment,
    than it does to a growing resentment against undue Israeli
    influence over American affairs

  • Burnerjack

    The Manchurian Candidate has taken the White house. No matter your political affiliation or social/economic bent, it is time to rid ourselves of the treasonists. What would this regime be capable of without the leash or reelection throttling it's agenda? We dare not find out. Vote them out. Not because of Obamacare. Not because of gallopping defecit spending. Simply because we need to Save The Republic.
    Bengazi was merely the nose of the dog. We need to turn back the Treasonous tidal wave that is washing over us. The events were not possible during the reign of The Greatest Generation and we owe them and their memories that it will not stand during ours.
    It should be noted that Islam is not just at war with Israel and/or America, nay, it is at war with A Free Earth. Do not trivialize this war by assumming it's an "Arab-Jew" thing. No, it is much bigger than that. If one studies Islam and it's history, one can see CLEARLY (IF one chooses a judicious view) that Islam is at war with ALL things outside of Islam. This is ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLE with clear historical documentation. I actually lament most Muslims for being misled by THE FALSE PROPHET and am reminded by ancient scripture to not follow.

  • mrschristian

    Makes me want to buy a huge cross necklass and go to Dearborn and flash it in the in the faces of every muslim I see, only problem is I might get stoned for offending one of the little dears and causing them mental anguish oh well I’m going to buy a small cross necklass for my birthday, my 79 yr. old Mom got a hate stare from a muslim in an optomitris office for wearing a cross necklass and she only wears it as a piece of jewelry not for religious reasons, as she isn’t a church goer, so I’m going to make a statement and wear one no matter what happens as this plague keeps spreading, no one mistreats my mom and gets away with it, all christians no matter the sect need to do the same we must not be intimidated by them, in fact we need to organise parades carrying cross flags or even real ones to make a loud staement that we will not be suppressed.

  • Soldier

    Being Christian or Jewish is not illegal in Dearborn. I was just there the other day and I’m catholic. This article is just shows how much of a hate mongering bigot the author is. Reminds me of the articles the Islamic State or Nazi’s wrote…