Israeli Mother-of-Four Fights off Terrorist with Martial Arts

Or what the New York Times and the Guardian would call an outrageous overreaction by a colonizing power against indigenous militants fighting for freedom and the right to kill women and children.

39-year-old Yael Matzpun was sleeping in a room with her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son when she was awoken by heavy footsteps in the hall. She knew that her husband, an IDF officer, was not due at home.

“Suddenly I saw a terrorist in a kefiyyeh [head scarf] standing opposite me,” she told Maariv. “I decided that if I didn’t fight, he would murder me and my four children, there would be a massacre like in Itamar, where the Fogels and three of their children were murdered in their home.”

The terrorist turned on the light and said something in Arabic, she recalled. He had a knife in one hand and a metal pipe in the other. Suddenly he lunged at Yael, stabbing her in the face and shoulder.

What the terrorist did not know is that Yael is an athlete trained in Krav Maga, Israeli military hand-to-hand combat. She used her skills to drive him back and into the bathroom, and locked him in. At the same time, she pushed her young children to safety.

“I’m very proud of my daughter,” said her father Danni Matzpun. “In my eyes she’s a real hero. She managed, with a great deal of resourcefulness, to push the burglar into the shower, which is next to the bedroom, and then pushed the child’s bed up against the door to prevent him from escaping. Without her quick thinking, it could have ended very badly.”

Once the terrorist was locked away, she called for help. IDF forces arrived only to see the terrorist escaping through a bathroom window. They gave chase and attempted to arrest him, but were forced to open fire when he refused to drop his weapons. The terrorist was killed.

The terrorist came from Gaza where security has been compromised due to the terms of Obama/Morsi’s ceasefire. And there are more details on how the attack went down.

“He got her in the face and shoulder, he had a knife and an iron pipe,” Edry said. “She got up and struggled with him, she fought like a lion.”

“We’re talking about a physically and mentally strong woman who works as a riding teacher and judges horse competitions,” he noted. “

What most upsets David Carr at the New York Times is the idea of a woman fighting back when members of the news media hit them. As a member of the news media who has hit a few women in his time, Carr would consider this an Israeli action that is truly over the line.

  • Cindy

    I'm going to have to learn krav maga then. Do I have to be able to kick? My feet have neuropathy.

    • Kristin

      Cindy-I would have the same question-I too have neuropathy in my right foot (from a back operation). I would love to try this. I had at one time wanted to do kick boxing-but with my foot the way it is……
      This lady is a hero for us to look up to!

      • PaulRevereNow

        You can watch from among many Krav Maga videos on Youtube; and its very popular in the U.S.

  • tanstaafl

    Always attack. It upsets your average sociopath.

  • zionit

    Wow. God Bless those who fight for something worth while – her own life and the lives of her children!

  • Mary Sue

    Krav Maga pwns. No joke.

    This raises the question: What in the ever loving ___k was a terrorist doing breaking into some home when there's a ceasefire going on? (yaya I know, but this is a question for leftard reporters like mr. empty sack at the NYT).

    • Roger

      You have to unravel the approved translation of the terms.

      Only Hudna doesn't mean cease fire, it means a pause in the fighting (to re-arm).

      They don't want to stop firing missiles, but they simply didn't have any way to keep doing it.

      • Mary Sue

        oh yeah i know that, but the leftard reporters don't.

  • whatthehell

    Funny how a remarkable story that may not fit the established narrative is not getting any news coverage at all except in Israel. As of now, a Google news search on the mother's name, 'Matzpun', returns only 5 results, all Israeli… Same goes for searching with more general terms: A complete silence from world media.

    So, let's see now: An Israeli mother-of-four, in her home, single-handedly defeating knife-armed Palestinian intruder, who managed to cross hitherto unreachable Gaza security fence, just days into shaky ceasefire, following military operation that dominated headlines of entire world for two weeks — what a non-story that must be…


    Martial arts is a good thing if you have the time to learn it but as i recall, when we lived in Israel in the 50s,keeping a gun under the mattress was common practice.

    • Old Codger

      But Defense Minister Ehud Barak raids israeli communities these days in order to take their guns away. Now why would he want to do that? Because it makes them vulnerable to such deadly attacks, and so think about moving out. Then, the "Palestinians" can eventually move in. That's why.

  • Fred

    Shame she did not have a gun near her bed to shoot this animal. SHE IS A HERO.

  • Lady_Dr

    I understand that now they make it difficult for citizens to own a gun in Israel. I think this must have changed about the time of Oslo when the lib-turds were at their height. Fortunately most of them have seen the light and the country is coming to grips with the reality that they are in a very bad neighborhood.

    As to Ehud Barak – well among Israelis he is considered a low-life, opportunistic thug.

  • riverboatbill

    This woman is lucky that she was not arrested for a hate crime, fired from a job,and that the perp won't file suit for assault with deadly weapons-her hands. In Obamaland, such actions are not seen as lunacy, but as politically correct "justice".

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,congratulations to Mrs. Matzpun. She's a hero for defending her children.