Israeli Vice Prime Minister: Obama Encouraging Iranian Obstinacy

Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon said on Friday he feared Iran did not believe it faced a real military threat from the outside world because of mixed messages from foreign powers, including the United States.

“We have an exchange of views, including with our friends in the United States, who in our opinion, are in part responsible for this feeling in Iran,” he told Israel’s 100FM radio station.

Moshe Ya’alon is not only the Vice Prime Minister, he is also Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. And this is the closest he has come to saying that Obama is empowering Iran by dismissing the military option. For political reasons he cannot call out Obama, but when he speaks about the United States obstructing progress on Iran, he means Obama.


  • sharida Mohammed

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    • craig

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    • Achilles ToeJam

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