Israel’s Muslim Population is in Decline

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has released its latest figures which show a marked decline in the growth of the Muslim population since 2000.

The Muslim percentage of the general population has dropped since 2000 indicating that the non-Muslim population is growing faster than its Muslim population and their population growth has dropped from 3.8 percent in 2000 to 2.5 percent. This growth rate however is still higher than either the Jewish population at 1.7 percent or the Christian population at 1.3 percent.

The average Muslim birth rate fell from 4.7 children per woman in 2000 to 3.5 children per woman now. That is still higher than the Jewish birth rate of 3.0 or the Christian birth rate of 2.0. The Israeli Muslim birth rate is higher than that of neighboring countries, Syria 3.0, Egypt 2.9, Turkey 2.0, Lebanon, 1.9, likely due to the superior economic situation in Israel for Muslims. A similar phenomenon occurs within the Muslim diaspora in the West.

The highest Muslim birth rate in Israel (5.5) is in its dangerous Southern Triangle of Arab villages and the lowest is in Tel Aviv (2.9).

29 percent of employed Muslim men work in construction, which is another reminder that attempts at interfering with the construction of Israeli towns and villages is economically devastating to its Muslim population. 39 percent of employed Muslim women work in education, which accounts for the weak economic position of Muslim women and their high birth rate.

62 percent of Israeli Muslims consider themselves religious, 22 not so religious and only 8 percent consider themselves irreligious.

  • riverboatbill

    Muslims are in mental decline.

  • Kathleen

    Sorry (i began before writing late hours)
    .I am going to refer the decline of the muslims in Israel.
    As far as I am concerned the number should be more rather than less.
    The decline maybe a blessing in disguize for Israel's JEWISH population.
    The tiny country surrounded by a large Arab countries who's aim is the destruction of Israel that have not changed,or accepted the FACT Jews returned to their country of origine after after 64+ years bears witness to this malaise.
    I rest my case.
    Therefore,the more Islamists decline in numbers the better not only primarily for Jews,but Christians as well.

    • http://google Ibrahim

      what a disappointing posting, in the bible you forgot that jesus said he is dying not because he cannot ask God to send him an angels to protect him but for the world peace. this is how wise God want the world to be, if you say now you are underestimating God’s power that something is beyond his control. and let me make a promise to you and your alike that if you dare die in your belief without converting to Islam, sure you are going to hell straight dont even dought it.

      see ya on judgement day where jesus and the rest of God’s prophets are present then you know your stand.

  • Mary Sue

    how much do you want to bet some imam will cook up a story in Truther style, such as "omg Israel is feeding Muslims birth control in secret somehow" in response to this kind of news?

    • Kathleen

      Wouldn't surprise me at all Mary Sue.
      .The Arab/Muslims speak from both sides of their mouths ,not to mention the accusations thrown against Israel for all the WORLD'S ills blamed on poor & productive democratic Israel IS:
      What I call : PURE JEALOUSY.
      There they all them oil rich Ayrabs while having the wherewithall to advance toward the 21st century,are still living in the in the 7th century.

    • @azaysngh

      Chances are overwhelming. Let me give you an example – In Pakistan number of people who refuse to take Iodized salt in increasing rapidly because they think Iodized salt is a western conspiracy to mutate their gene pool rendering them impotent. Unfortunately, since soil is washes up frequently, natural iodine content in their diet is not sufficient to prevent disorders. Seems pathetically ignorant and stupid, but true to the word and visible evidence of swollen glands supports it well. So yes, entirely possible.

  • Nebula

    Keep up the genocide you might get rid of them all, but it is your kid going to pay dearly for it.

    • Mary Sue

      what genocide are you talking about?

      The genocide going on now is the radical muslim extremists trying to murder all the Jews as if they were trying to finish what Hitler started.

      • Plain Truth

        Dear Mary Sue, The huge mistakes made By Palistanian Muslims by giving shelter to Jews when Hitler was wiping them. After the conquest of Arabia by Holy Prophet Mohammed there was no opression on jews .They were rich people & Muslims were day labourers used to work for jews even after Islam came in to force. Holy Prophet was the first Holy Prophet to establish a welfare state. He introduced income tax on Rich Jews. But the jews are so misers that they donot want to help Muslims
        or Christians & therefore they gradually left Arabia, every one has right to co exist but not plundering other lands as Jews do in Israel. Jews help none but only Jews. Let us wait & see if Palestanians are helped by ALMIGHTY GOD in the forthcoming future.

  • niyonsaba ali

    what you are talking you no information muslims are not you think you have look out information
    agree or not muslims are not extremists may ALLAH show the truth

  • Herman Neiman

    The segment of the Israeli population with the highest birth rate is the ultra religious orthodox. Their yearly population increase is 4 pct. In time their numbers will dominate all Israel and also the west bank . Its a shame they contribute the least if at all to Israels betterment. On the contrary they are Israels greatest burden. The least educated and dedicated to them selves only. If Israel ever fails as a nation the fault will be mostly theirs.The old testament says the Jewish people should defend the land that Hashem gave them. But they refuse to do so in time they will be punished.

  • equalist

    What a misleading headline, tailor-made for Israel bashers! According to the article, the “decline” is actually an INCREASE of 2.5%. In other words, the Muslim population has “declined” to increasing MORE than the Jewish and Christian populations are increasing.

    • italian

      You are misleaded by your antisemitism and your ignorance of israeli reality. Their rate is dropping, because jewish is growing, compared to the previous years.

      • equalist

        I don’t understand how you concluded I am (1) anti-Semitic or (2) ignorant of Israeli reality.

        Nothing I said was anti-Semitic (on the contrary, I criticized a misleading headline precisely because it feeds anti-Semitism) and I see nothing “ignorant” about pointing out the implications of the statistics contained in the article.

        My point is totally valid: if you want to see actual “declining populations,” look at the Jewish and Christian populations in Arab countries.

        On the other hand, it is misleading to describe the Muslim population in Israel as “declining” when it is increasing in real numbers and when it’s rate of increase (2.5%) is larger than the rate of Jewish (1.7%) or Christian (1.3%) increases. The only thing that’s declining is how much larger the Muslim increase is now compared to how much larger it used to be.

        • italian

          Christianity is declining because muslims are persecuting them. Jewish were kicked out by muslims, from 1947. Don’t you know this? Muslim population in Israel grew a lots in the past decades, simply because the jewish state fed and healed them, gave them schools and granted democratic rights. Maybe you don’t like this, but the only arabs who have ever enjoyed a democracy in middle east are israelis. It’s true that jews, christian and druze grew least, but that was related to the fact that muslim israelis were the last to develope a middle class, since their refuse to enlist in idf or in national service, something that disadvantages in israeli working market. The reversal is due to the growth of a middle class, because of the efforts made by israeli government to integrate them. These families are bourgeois, so theyvtend to reduce the number of children. By contrst, jewish population is booming its rate, so the predictions are supporting a convergence of growth ratings in the next year. And infact this year the muslim growth dropped again. Once they were only workers, now they are becoming bourgeois. It’s the same rate testified in arab countries, where christians and jews were cleansened. A capital difference in terms of inequality ;-)

          • equalist

            I’m amazed at how difficult it is to communicate with you. There is nothing in either of your comments which I didn’t know, and nothing in either of my comments which contradict anything you’ve said. The reason why you want to argue (and insult me) totally escapes me.

            Again, my point was that it is misleading to say that Israel’s Muslim population is “declining” when it is, in fact, increasing, both in real terms and in proportion. The only thing the article asserts is that the rate of proportional increase is lower than it used to be.

          • italian

            It’s useless, since you are a supporter of arabs. None is insulting you, except yourself.