It Will Take a Man with an Indonesian Half-Sister to Make the Muslim World Love Us

Obama campaigned in 2008 as the man who could put all our pesky problems with Muslims in the last eight years behind us. No more Jihad, just cheerful Iftar dinners in the White House and Muslims crying, “Obama Akbar” from Mecca to Medina.

This video captures both the deceptive terms on which Obama pitched himself to the American people and his incredible arrogance in believing that he could tame the Muslim world because he had come from it… something that would have come as a shock to every Muslim ruler in the Middle East.

No Muslim country has yet figured out how to tame the Jihad except through violence or by redirecting it elsewhere, but Obama seemed to believe that his time growing up in the Muslim world and later visiting it would give him some special insight and allow him to accomplish what no one else could.

The current wave of violence are the wages of Obama’s arrogance and incompetence.

  • FPF

    Even Obama believes he "may be" a Christian. Why so many people don't believe him that he just "may be" a Christian?

  • Roger

    This president has a muslim heritage. He knew the muslim thinking enough to know his comments were lies.

  • Carbondioxide

    Yes the overweening man and his administration.__What to make of the humble declaration that Obama understands the Muslim "point of view?__ I am more sure that now as president he has built a record of agreement with the alien "point of view" of Islam. __That seems like a deceptive, euphemistic and grossly understated reference to that murderous ideology by someone who identifies with it.

  • Carbondioxide

    PS I am a veteran, but I still have questions about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff making phone calls to Rev. Terry Jones that I hope someone can answer. It looks to me like some inefficiencies in our defense establishment. Back in the day I think I would have noticed "pastors who oppose Islam" in the chain of command and asked a superior to explain it. DOD inexplicably hired Muslim chaplains who would be glad to call pastors for him and could be far more" persuasive" than an old soldier who has never seen combat.____Perhaps his flag-ranked naval aide was once again attending to some new playground equipment for the White House girls, so Gen. Dempsey himself had to pressure the pastor himself. What a price to pay to hang onto his job! I think I get it, this gives the administration plausible deniability when someone wakes up and accuses it of suppressing the First Amendment. Where does the US military get off suppressing speech of civilians?