It Wouldn’t Be 9/11 Without Muslim Whining

No commemoration of the day that 3,000 people were murdered by Muslim terrorists would be complete without more Muslim whining that they are the real victims of their own attacks.

CNN has decided that the best way to commemorate September 11 would be with an editorial from one Sumbul Ali-Karamali with the obscene title, “American Muslims live in fear 11 years after 9/11″.

Right. They do. It’s not Americans who have to live in fear. It’s not Americans who are targeted for terrorist plots by Muslims in America every single year. It’s not Americans who are afraid of being killed, it’s Muslims, who have to “live in fear” because someone somewhere said something mean to them.

Shall we compare the number of Americans killed by Muslims in the last ten years with the number of Muslims in America killed for reasons of prejudice? The numbers would be lacking to the point of absurdity.

This shameless whinefest isn’t about fear, it’s about political influence. It’s devoid of even the faintest tinge of human decency. Like the Ground Zero Mosque, the goal is to hijack the dialogue and make it all about Muslims. On September 11 and on Ground Zero, there is this egotistical obsession with defiling even the graves of the dead.

“The defamatory rhetoric directed at Muslims and Islam in this country has little to do with the actual religion or its adherents and everything to do with fear of the Other,” Sumbul Ali-Karamali asserts.

Clearly. Today we commemorate an event that had no basis in reality, just fear of the other. The World Trade Center, Fort Hood, Times Square, the Portland Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, the Christmas Flight Bombing Plot and so many others… just fear of the other.

There’s nothing about Islam that leads its adherents to commit violence. And when terrorist after terrorist gets up in court and quotes the Koran, that has nothing to do with Islam. Over a thousand years of horrifying atrocities never happened either.

  • reneeca

    Sickening whinners just like this president!

  • SerJah Photofreak

    So far, this is the best article on the topic. I'm sharing it.

  • Ghostwriter

    Why am I not surprised at this sort of thing?

  • rulieg

    you must be mistaken, Daniel. Fort Hood was merely a case of "workplace violence," according to the official government report. you know, just one of those things.

    this is why we MUST get Obama out of the White House. a second term would be disastrous to lovers of freedom in the west.

  • HighPressure

    One Sumbul Ali-Karamali wrote: “American Muslims live in fear 11 years after 9/11″.

    hmmm…. sort of like Chrstians in places like Egypt, Lebonon or Dearborn, Mi? sort of… but NOT

    They live in fear their PR system fails them in America… that is it….

  • KayFlyte

    Proof CNN is stupid And not long for this world.

  • Martin

    Unfortunately CNN is too reliant on Arab and Muslim revenues, as are many other media organisations.

    In Europe, the Muslims get away with murder, slander, libel and every form of injustice because the judiciary and governments are scared witless. It is because they are so numerous now and believe they strong enough to get away with it.

    America has made a huge mistake in allowing such a vast immigration from thes ecountries. They now feel strong enough to lierally get away with murder. Their long term plan is for the fall of Big Satan. welcome to reality.

  • jed

    Islam is not compatible with the US constitution. If enough Muslims immigrate to the US, Islamic ideology will start tobspreqd, and the US will fight a second civil war. Only this time, it will be one they can't win. It will be a conflict exactly like Israel is fighting today. It will be a conflict where Americans will be forced to choose between genocid, or generations of terrorism, suicide bombers, and non stop aggression in every form until it eventually falls to Islamic Shari a laws.

    Don't laugh – this exact same scenario has played out over and over through the last 1400 years in country after country. There is nothing "magical" about the US to prevent it from happening here. All Americans need do is sit back and pretend it won't.

  • Frank

    "Shall we compare the number of Americans killed by Muslims in the last ten years with the number of Muslims in America killed for reasons of prejudice? The numbers would be lacking to the point of absurdity."

    Why don't you compare the number of Americans killed by other Americans during the same period?
    I'm betting that number will far outstrip the number of Americans killed by muslims.

  • Sarah

    Okay each and every one of you needs to reevaluate. You all live in the past, it seems. Wake up and look around you. Stop calling them all "Muslims." It's not "Muslims" who terrorized you on 9/11. It's absolute idiots that happen to claim an extremist Muslim title. They were mislead. Muslims are far from sharing in the same beliefs as the 9/11 attackers. Maybe read an article on the Islam as a peaceful religion. Maybe stop whining, yourself. Your ENTIRE ARTICLE is a giant whine.Seriously, stop your judgement on that which you do not know. And it IS evident, that you do not know.