It’s Official: All Muslim Leaders are Actually Jews

Good news, Bashar Assad has just been inducted into the ranks of the Jewish conspiracy. This makes him the last Middle Eastern leader to be acknowledged as a secret Jew.

An “expert” on Egypt’s Al Nas TV station has claimed that Bashar Assad…is Jewish himself, a descendant of a Jewish dynasty that originated in Isfahan, Iran.

Previously Libyan dictator Gaddafi was outed as a secret Jew.

Some of the Libyan rebels opposed to Muammar Gaddafi have accused the colonel of being a Jew, which is considered a heinous epithet in the rabidly anti-Semitic Arab world. But could Muammar Gaddafi actually be Jewish?

Ahmadinejad also a Jew.

The son of a leading Iranian authority accuses the Iranian President of changing his Jewish name. Khazali, son of Ayatollah Abu Al-Kassam Khazali, says that Ahmadinejad changed his Jewish name on his ID card in order to hide his roots.

Turkish Islamist leader Erdogan… do you even have to ask?

According to Ergün Poyraz, in his book The Children of Moses: Erdogan and his wife are crypto-Jews, secretly working for the New World Order.

The Saudi Royal Family? Obviously Jewish.

The research of Mohammad Sakher led to an order for his death by the Saudi Regime for the following findings: The Saudi family, who, despite claims otherwise, were descended from Jewish merchants from Iraq.

I could go on down the line, but let’s just acknowledge that every leader in the Muslim world is secretly Jewish. Including Bin Laden. According to Muslims, this is why the Muslim world is backward, because it’s secretly run by Jews. And then they revolt against their secretly Jewish leaders and replace them with more Jews, because apparently you have to be a secret Jew to want to run a Muslim country… no one else can be bothered with the job.

The ridiculous thing about these types of stories is that legitimate sites ran the conspiracy theories about Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi being Jews. The amount of legitimate attention that the Gaddafi story got bordered on Anti-Semitism. And since Assad is now in the same cross-hairs as Gaddafi, look for the same bizarre bigoted nonsense out of the Muslim to get a forum in the Telegraph and the New York Times.

There’s a very simple reason to determine which Muslim leaders are Jewish. Just ask a Muslim which Muslim leaders he hates and those are the leaders he will tell you are Jews. Then he will cite some spurious family history about how their ancestors came from somewhere else and had a typically Jewish name.

Here ends the lesson.

  • nancy Silver

    The jews are so hated in the muslim world. If you dont like a leader accuse him of being a jew.Oh the games people play

  • Soloview

    Hwy, whadd'ya know ? ….I always thought that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was way too simplistic conspiracy to be Jewish.

    • graemebird

      We are not talking an illuminati here. Its an UNilluminati. They are a bunch of dropkicks. They have just a few tricks, but because they are subsidised by the banking system, then they can be idiots and still pull it off.

  • P.B.

    the problem is, that the islamic world believe really in the idea of a conspiracy of the Protocols of the elders of Zion. They believe it so hard that they think they must only read the book and copy the ideas in it and they will also become superior like the jews.the insanity of the whole story is, that the Protocols and the idea behind it really exist in a islamic way. islamic leader had read the book and took many ideas of it and transported them into their societies. the planning of "spontanious" protests, the planning of 9/11, infiltration of western societies and a birth jihad (more muslimic childs than christians born today in london,marseille,paris,geneve and so on), planned uproars (see the last mohammed film scandal) .The Elders of Mecca have done a good job.

  • Nehama

    Islam is a Zionist Conspiracy! … Must be, who else could invent a religion guaranteed to make Arabs look so bad.

    • idiot

      what a 'clever' jew

    • graemebird

      Right? Well why not? Why the irony?

  • Stephan

    It does not matter if the Protocols of Zion are fictitious or from the French Ezraim Lodge as stated by messianic Jew Jerry Golden who I am sure is called a self hating Jew by liberal neocons but I find it very funny that what is written in Protocol 20 about money circulation and the debt machine, oops, state machine is happening as if it is an idea of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

  • Kostoglotov

    Actually, Gaddafi probably was a Jew, technically, under Jewish law. I’ve read some fairly credible reports that his mother or maternal grandmother – I forget which, although either will do for purposes of Rabbinic law – were known by many to be Mizrachi Jewesses, and didn’t deny it, although they naturally didn’t go around broadcasting. There is even a Jewish woman in Israel who claims to be a relative of his, and she seems to have some good evidence for it.

    • graemebird

      TECHNICALLY? Why technically? Why not a covert and sincere Talmudic Jew? Was he or was he not a socialist?

    • graemebird

      Why technically? Why do you not acknowledge him a Jew and therefor doing Jew things like setting up a socialist state? Why not accord him presumed Crypto-Jew status? Surely this is where the evidence lies.

  • Kostoglotov

    Anyway, what I originally started out to say is that if you take it from the conspiracy-theorist nutballs, pretty much everyone on earth is a secret Jew. Under this “logic”, the world actually IS secretely run by Jews. The conspiracy is so well constructed, so perfidious, that not even the conspirators know about the conspiracy!

    This now reminds me of a line from a Woody Allen story I once read, “Richter, who carried on a secret affair with the burgermeister’s wife for years – until she found out!”

  • graemebird

    For the love of God, what is the argument here? Where is the logic? We know the NAZIS were crypto-Jews and we know the "Young Turks" responsible for the Armenian Genocide were also Crypto-Jews. So we have a modus operandi. Why not the others?

    Elitist Talmudist Jewry is a satanic cult.

  • graemebird

    "It does not matter if the Protocols of Zion are fictitious …… "

    No it matters a great deal. After the founding of the federal reserve AND WITHOUT DELAY, we had all these examples of genocidal Jewry not waiting one second but to murder as many people as they could. So of course it matters.

  • graemebird

    This thread is an argument short. Where is the refutation, the raw data, the argument one way or another for good or for ill?

  • graemebird

    But what is the reasoning here Daniel. We know for a fact that the NAZIS were crypto-Jews. We know for a fact that the Young Turks who perpetrated the Armenian Genocide were crypto-Jews. We know that Gaddaffi was a crypto-Jew. We know that the Rockefellers are crytpo-Jews.

    So crypto-Jews have "form" as they say in England? It seems you are an argument short and are laying out pseudo-argumentation on the basis of idiocy and ignorance. Yes yes I think you are.

  • graemebird

    But what is the reasoning here Daniel. We know for a fact that the NAZIS were crypto-Jews. We know for a fact that the Young Turks who perpetrated the Armenian Genocide were crypto-Jews. We know that Gaddaffi was a crypto-Jew. We know that the Rockefellers are crytpo-Jews.

  • Yeshua Ben Yosef

    “Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York…”

    That says it all, no?

    • Goldstein

      American Jews, feeling so smug surrounded and protected by their Messianic Friends. It is as though Sheep in Wolves’ clothing are flanked by Hungry, Snarling Wolves.

      The Wolves, insane with hunger, smell the meat, but don’t know where the delicious odor comes from.

      They will figure it out eventually.


  • Goldstein

    Old Shillman here is an Xtian. All of the “Jews” of USA have converted and become Xtians.

    World Jewry Declares War on the USA!