Japan’s Low Murder Rate is Due to its Immigration Policies, Not its Gun Control

There’s a list of pet stupid tricks that gun control advocates pull out of their sleeve once this argument begins. One of their typical tricks is to point to how low Japan’s murder rate has been since it banned firearms. And it looks compelling.

In 2008, the U.S. had over 12 thousand firearm-related homicides. All of Japan experienced only 11, fewer than were killed at the Aurora shooting alone. And that was a big year: 2006 saw an astounding two, and when that number jumped to 22 in 2007, it became a national scandal.

Well that sounds impressive, doesn’t it. If we just outlawed guns, we too could have a murder rate of only 2. But does anyone seriously think that? Even gun control liberals?

Japan has always had a very low murder rate. In the 1920s, its murder rate was half or a third of the US. Even as Japan was committing genocide in China, its murder rate halved from what it had been before. By 1979, Japan had a fifth of America’s murder rate.

Japan’s crime rates have always been ridiculously low, for reasons that have nothing to do with the possession of guns. The issues are cultural. And they can only be replicated in the United States by making the country more Japanese, in ways that liberals would positively hate, rather than by banning guns.

Step 1 in the process of making America more Japanese would involve ending immigration and multiculturalism and there is little doubt, statistically, that this would do far more to lower our homicide rate, than banning guns.

In 1900, the United States had a lower murder rate than Japan. The United States homicide rate doubled between the 1900s and the 1920s. It declined in the wartime and post-war period when most immigrants had been successfully integrated and it spiked again during the 1960s.

Two years after Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the murder rate rose sharply.  Ten years later in 1975, the US murder rate had doubled.

Anyone who wants Japan’s murder rate needn’t waste time with its gun control laws and can skip right to its immigration policies.

  • robert

    This has got to be one of the most ludicrous opinion pieces I have ever read. Your logic is asinine! Are you trying to say that immigrants commit the majority of crime in the United States? I would like you to provide proof.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      DHS states that it has identified 221,000 non-citizens in the nation’s jails. This equals 11 to 15 percent of the jail population. Non-citizens comprise only 8.6 percent of the nation’s total adult population.

      The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 26.4 percent of inmates in federal prisons are non-U.S. citizens. Non-citizens are 8.6 percent of the nation’s adult population.

      The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that immigrants (legal and illegal) comprise 20 percent of inmates in prisons and jails. The foreign-born are 15.4 percent of the nation’s adult population.

      Under contract to DHS in 2004, Fentress, Inc., reviewed 8.1 million inmate records from state prison systems and 45 large county jails. They found that 22 percent of inmates were foreign-born. But the report did not cover all of the nation’s jails.

      • susan

        I am trying to find the statistics on crime immediately after Canada and Australia banned guns ownership. I cannot seem to find anything on that any more. If my memory is correct I seem to recall report of astronomical leaps in the crime rate after the law abiding people turned in the weapons. Do you have those?

        • Viet Vet

          Australia and England's rates jumped exponentially. I especially remember that home invasions went out of sight.

          BTW, in regard to Japan, their suicide rate is twice what the U.S.'s is.

          • max hall

            Our gun crime is very low and the restrictions came in after the Dunblane massacre of school kids. Hasn't happened since and won't happen again. Sad thing is,a lot more school children are just waiting to die in the US cause you can't accept guns kill people.

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            Sigh. Gun crime has gone up in the UK since the ban. By that fact alone, one can reasonable conclude the truth, that gun, in fact, do not kill people.

            Without people wielding them, they're just slowly rusting peaces of metal.

          • ozbot

            You cannot be serious. There are statistics galore. If you can’t even find a Wikipedia link, I have no hope for you. Here it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Aust…. Plenty of links to plenty of statistics there, none of which, (even by pro-gun researchers) incidentally, point to any rise is crime, murder, home invasions etc. Why bother, you and your Viet Vet are clearly not interested in reading, interpreting, nor making meaning out of complex statistics. If the only place you source your ‘opinions’ from are talk-back radio and populist columnists, than I pity you. Please do some research and than form some opinions. Thank you.

          • I'm smarter than you

            Wrong. Look up the facts idiot!!!!! My goodness this country is full of so many ignorant people! All you need to do is google Australia gun laws and you will find how sadly misinformed you are.

        • Mary Sue

          Canada did not ban gun ownership.

      • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

        Why the use of "majority"? Immigrants and illegal aliens commit unholy amounts of crimes in this country. The facts that native-born Americans also commit crimes doesn't make it okay for foreign nationals to come in and do the same. Save your "prove it" BS. Same goes for Europe, where immigrants (mostly Muslims) have unleashed a hailstorm of crimes on the streets of Europe's cities, including heinous crimes like gang rapes, child sex trafficking, prostitution rings, anti-Semitic attacks and murders, and gang beatings of the elderly. Do your own research and don't demand answers from those of who are already in the know because we've spent years getting educated on this stuff.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Why the use of "majority"? Immigrants and illegal aliens commit unholy amounts of crimes in this country. The facts that native-born Americans also commit crimes doesn't make it okay for foreign nationals to come in and do the same."

          This is a very good point. Immigrants should not have the same rights as citizens. We have no obligation to "rehabilitate" immigrants. Their status should depend on their behavior, not to mention better culling.

          But hey, it's really all about following leftist fantasies and they way they imagine the world to be, and the way they want us to imagine the future will be if we follow their indoctrination. Their problem would then be who to blame then for their failures if we stop pointing out and resisting their lunacy.

        • roghaz

          Excellent points, keikoinfidel!

      • Finding Atlas

        That 221,000 is an inflated and exaggerated number. The Obama Administration currently detains and deports 400,000+ undocumented immigrants a year. That is a huge reason why the number is so rediculously high. We are wasting billions of dollars detaining non-criminal immigrants when those resources could be used towards violent criminals

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Illegal aliens are criminal trespassers. Quite a few of them are violent.

          • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

            Why do folks think we have such an astronomical number of unsolved crimes in this country when we have the best forensic science in the world? Other countries send their law enforcement people here to learn our crime-detecting skills, and yet we can't solve thousands and thousands of murders and rapes. Let me ask you this: How many crimes can a man commit when he doesn't exist, when he's a phantom, when he cannot be traced, when he's "un-documented", when his record of crimes committed in another country can't be seen in this country, when his fingerprints and DNA can't be traced?

          • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

            Furthermore, how many rapes, murders, and child abductions went un-solved for years only to eventually have the ILLEGAL ALIEN killer caught because he had FINALLY committed enough OTHER crimes in this country to end up in our system and so was connected to the previously un-solved crime? A lot, let me tell you. A lot.

        • Mary Sue

          um, breaking the law by sneaking into the USA makes you a criminal, psst.

          • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

            To be fair, breaking a law and committing a crime are two different things. Illegal aliens are law-breakers, but they're not criminals…unless of course they commit an actual crime, but they aren't criminals simply by being in a country where they don't have a legal right to be. That said, I am STAUNCHLY against illegal alien encroachment. It's just that our point of view isn't well-served by calling them criminals.

          • Scott

            Do you ever spped in your car?………Criminal.

      • Roger

        so if I give you the most credit possible, your statistics suggest that a quarter of all inmates in federal prisons are non-US citizens. This statistic ignores criminals who were convicted by any court below the federal level, but for the sake of argument, let's work with it.

        You've only provided evidence for the idea that between one fifth and one quarter of federal prisoners are not US citizens.

        You've given no indication to support the idea that a majority of these non-citizen inmates are in prison for murder – let alone, to support the idea that non-citizens who end up in federal prisons are more likely to have committed murder than citizens in federal prisons..

        You're still falling way short of proving that immigrants are involved in – let alone responsible for – the bulk of intentional homicides in the US.

    • brian

      They do cause major crimes here.p

    • DOOM

      The article in no way insinuates that immigrants commit the majority of crime in the united states. You invented that.

      The article merely says that gun violence spikes when immigration spikes.

    • Richard Haden

      Well, I guess we should just hand over the US to the Japanese then…

    • Richard Haden

      So the fact that Japan has very strict gun laws has nothing to do with it? LOL, What a silly article.

    • wes

      No hes saying that diversity in cultures can create the tensions and hostilities to commit homicide. Like saying if we were all white our predjudice would be 0

    • AdrienShort

      Sir, you miss the point completely. What this states is that tensions between these mingling cultures are very high in probable tensions. They are all different and disagreements in these situations are more then likely, its fact!

      Its called predjudice.

  • robert

    The United States would still have a higher crime rate than Japan if crimes by immigrants were excluded. How come Russia has more than twice the homicide rate of the United States although there are almost no blacks in Russia and the number of immigrants is much lower?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Because it's not about race. It's about culture.

      • robert

        You should have made the point about cultural differences in your piece. The United States and Japan have different cultures. Culture is not static. A century ago the Japanese were belligerent, now they are pacifist. Crime rates fluctuate over time. A number of other factors may be involved. New York City's crime rate has decreased steadily over the last couple of decades despite a steady influx of immigrants.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I did make the point. And Japan has not gone from belligerent to pacifistic in its society, but in its foreign policy.

          New York City's crime rate actually decreased with an influx of well educated and prosperous people revitalizing some of the more troubled parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I did make the point. And Japan has not gone from belligerent to pacifistic in its society, but in its foreign policy."

            Thanks to the USA…do any of these people study any history?

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "You should have made the point about cultural differences in your piece. The United States and Japan have different cultures."

          Did you read the article?

          "Japan’s crime rates have always been ridiculously low, for reasons that have nothing to do with the possession of guns. The issues are cultural."

          You can't be regularly reading and comprehending the issues if this is news to you.

          "The United States and Japan have different cultures. Culture is not static."

          Fascinating discoveries.

          "A century ago the Japanese were belligerent, now they are pacifist."

          The article already made a more nuanced point along those lines.

          "Crime rates fluctuate over time. A number of other factors may be involved."

          So now you're worried others are being too simplistic?

          "New York City's crime rate has decreased steadily over the last couple of decades despite a steady influx of immigrants."

          A vague counter-example that does nothing to undo the theories presented in the article. It is all about culture. That doesn't mean culture is static or subject to simple objective analysis, but culture still matters more than almost anything else, and it's worth discussing and even fighting about.

    • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

      You would have to learn about Japanese culture to understand it. The reasons cut very, very deep into the Japanese psyche. For one, criminal behavior is considered deeply shameful–even simple crime like stealing a wallet. In Japan you can literally leave your wallet on the table at a restaurant while you go to the men's room. You can leave your iPhone on the train, later remember that you did, go to the Lost and Found, and find your phone there. Conversely, if a Japanese sees you leave the phone, he or she will chase you down the street to return it. Japanese people see every personal action as having a direct effect on the whole nation. Nationalism is embedded in the Japanese heart and mind. By committing a crime you don't just shame yourself…you shame your family, you shame the reputation of the Japanese people, and your shame your your nation. We don't have this collective-national attitude in America. And I think we need some of it. SOME of it.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Indeed and you can't have that without a certain amount of national pride, which has been draining out of America.

        • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

          And therein lies our tragedy. It hurts me badly that we no longer have a collective culture of love for country in America.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            This is what the left wanted. The school shootings are the result of the broken culture they built.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "we no longer have a collective culture of love for country in America."

            Some have a collective love of country as it is and as it should be, others have collective love for delusions about communist and socialist Utopian fantasies.

          • Sandy Robbins

            Could that possibly be due to 'Multiculturalism' ? People no longer come to America and 'assimilate', they want to retain their Nationalistic Pride in their own country to the exclusion of America, i.e. African-American, Mexican-American et al. No longer do they desire to be 'American' first and foremost. Look at the pos of La Raza on this matter for an example.
            America is 'Fractured' and will continue the downward spiral.
            Golly, just look at the 'Cloward-Piven Plan' and you will see exactly where the Global movement is directed, definitely Not an attractive thought.

          • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

            You have nailed a big part of the problem, Sandy Robbins. A society or culture is not served by groups of people self-segragating themselves and isolating themselves from those who are different from themselves. That's why the forced movement to make America a bi-lingual English/Spanish nation is repulsive. The only way to bind such a large and multicultural group of people together is under the banner of a shared national pride. This is what we need. I mean, we need a lot of things to fix our problems, but national pride is a place to start.

          • yours_truly

            I would have to agree with both of you that a large part of our nation's issues are caused by a cultural divide within our borders. But to offer some perspective, I am ethnically of East Asian descent but my nationality is American. I was born here, and I also served in the Marines for 8 years. I can truly say that I love being an American. But being an American doesn't come so easy. For the most part, most "Americans," when they see me, I am first assumed to be _______ (fill in the blank with some asian group) and identified as being American later. This has always divided me culturally within. It doesn't matter that my first language is English,and that I have a good ole' American education, but times have shown me that I would be anything but, until one is educated enough to look past the visual differences.
            As long as we keep dividing and sub-dividing this countries different groups of people, there will always be a disconnect to this country. At one point in time, each of us can trace back a family member in this country that was once an immigrant, but at this juncture in time, we have to stop diluting the American way of life by importing so many different cultures by way of the immigrants. We have to fix the problems and build this nation from within.

    • John H

      How come Russia has more than twice the homicide rate of the United States although there are almost no blacks in Russia and the number of immigrants is much lower?
      Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan,Tajikistan, & Kirghizistan, to name a few.
      Furthermore Russian women have multiple abortions,alcohol & heroin abuse abounds in their boyfriends. Try building a nation on that. The only segment of society that is immune to that is" flucking for allah" and has six to ten babies per wife. Do the math. A sick culture is being devoured by people with no culture.Crime statistics will rise.

    • Mary Sue

      because Russia was communist.

    • reggie

      I agree, the crime rate rose sharply as soon as WHITE's landed in America.
      And again on Sept 11, when illegal immigrants came across the CANADIAN border, and flew planes into the world trade center.

    • OCgirl

      Blacks are African Americans, not immigrants. I'd go more with the Mexican Mafia and their minions down here in SoCal and TX and AZ. I personally think it works in Japan because they hold human life in higher regard than Americans and the people we so easily welcome to our country.

  • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

    Okay, my comment was deleted…why?

    • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

      Nevermind. I used a cuss word and it auto-deleted me. Corrected.

  • Thomas Wells

    Before the muslim Major at Fort Hood, it was safe to sleep on a military base surrounded by people with guns.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It's not the criminals that kill, it's the Islam-o-phobes that drive them to do it. It's really our fault you know.

    • Mike

      Dumb Ass…. Soldiers at that base DO NOT CARRY GUNS. Sounds too stupid to be true, but it is

    • CincyJim

      There are FEW guns in possession of active duty military *in the USA*. Direct access to guns/possession is restricted/controlled on US military bases in the USA. A visitor to a US infantry base would notice NO difference in gun possession than before/after visiting Ft. Hood or any other Army fort.

      In COMBAT ZONES the facts are different, 90+% have a gun (auto weapon is common).

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Pearl Harbor was attacked by the empire of Japan without ANY formal warning or declaration of war.

    The nature of the Japanese attack, and subsequent attacks on the Philippines, the Wake Island, and other strategic islands vital to the allied cause filled the US with a "terrible resolve" as the architect of the attack, Admiral Yamamoto said following the raid.

    The blow to our Pacific fleet dealt by the attack was severe,

    Houston's elevated murder and rape stats began after the influx of Katrina "victims" who quickly availed themselves of Houstonian generosity….

    TODAY, Houstonians are the crime victims of Katrina victims……..


    • objectivefactsmatter

      "GO PHUCK Japan as any elevated example."

      It's not claiming that their culture is superior. The claim is that culture is the biggest factor in crime and behavior. It's hard to disagree. Japan is a great example because their murder rate is low, and it's not because they're wonderful generous people. It's about narcissistic pride, not because guns are regulated. That is the point.

      OTOH, there are warm and generous individuals everywhere. We're making generalizations to support broad statistics, not judging every person associated with a given nation or culture.

    • petrovak1982

      Agreed. Houston crime is a result of an influx of American citizens from the crime-ridden New Orleans area. These same criminal were born here, generation after generation from long ago after their ancestors were dragged here and abused for generations. They are NOT new immigrants. From my own experiences with new immigrants, they are the hardest-working members of our society. It is their American-born children we have to worry about.

  • Viet Vet

    Keep in mind that a goodly number of homicides are intentional (justifiable homicide) by both law enforcement and citizens. 60% of all gun deaths are suicide, but the number given in the article has already accounted for that.

  • petrovak1982

    Not surprising, the author fails to include any references for any studies or reports to support this ludicrous assumption. What is even sadder, there are republicans currently foaming at the mouth citing this article as fact, when it is simply the ramblings of an uninformed individual who does appear to be somewhat racist against his fellow humans. Mr. Greenfield seems to forget that he himself is a product of immigrantion to the United States. Don't you just love how people can get a bridge to a better life, then wish to burn that bridge down for everybody else?

    • Mary Sue

      Google is your friend.

      The problem isn`t immigration per se. the problem is immigration of people that don`t have the same values.

      • petrovak1982

        Seems many repliers still do not comprehend that there are no supporting data or any other references. Anyone can make up a story with no supporting data (seems like this author did so). Seems also that repubs are the ones who blindly buy any story with no back up. :D Why is that? Hmm :) Also, regarding crime, if you do your research you will find that crime-ridden areas are populated with American-born generations in poverty.

    • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel

      Oh, the "better life" clarion call of the Leftist multikulti, designed to strike guilt in the hearts of the wicked Right-wingers–particularly the White ones.

      You need to try harder. This rhetoric is tired and played out.

    • RedWhiteAndJew


      I don't want to believe this, so I won't.

      • http://twitter.com/keikoinfidel @keikoinfidel


        I don't want to believe this, so I won't."

        EXACTLY! Willful blindness and delusion are bliss for the weak-minded and intellectually lazy types, i.e. Democrats/Leftists.

      • petrovak1982

        Lovie, go to school. What is your education level? :) Translation: Everything must have supporting data. No one can get a PhD by writing up something out of their anus. You need proof, references and supporting documentation.

        • RedWhiteAndJew

          The numbers are easily checked if you care to.

          As to your scatological PhD comment. If only it were true. Sadly, that are way to many PhDs who wear their asses on their heads.

          New report and opinion pieces almost never have footnotes. Your fanciful attempt to discredit this one, not by providing counter evidence, but by whining about lack of footnotes is amusing, and nothing more.

          • petrovak1982

            Seems you do not have education to speak of, thus attack those who have more education and knowledge than yourself? The wise person would check several news sources to verify and not rely on one channel. Again, I see I can easily whip up a story with no background, and there are people out there to lap it up willingly — no facts needed, eh? :)

          • RedWhiteAndJew

            Seems you do not have education to speak of, thus attack those who have more education and knowledge than yourself?

            On the contrary. You illustrate your hypocrisy, by rhetorically coming to a conclusion about a person's level of education, based solely on a few forum posts. You are guilty of what you accuse the author of this article of doing: making conclusions without sufficient evidence.

            As to who has the superior education, why don't you demonstrate how your alleged schooling is better, by providing evidence that the author is incorrect. That would be very impressive I'm sure. No need to engage in scatological ad hominem, though. That makes you look dumb. (Well, dumber.)

          • Javin007

            Annnnnnnnd silence…

            petrovak also (as is the liberal MO) COMPLETELY ignores that Daniel Greenfield did, in fact, provide facts, in one of the earliest comments of this thread, in spite of this being an opinion piece. He provided the very information that petrovak demanded, so petrovak ignored it and continued to cry foul. All of this while petrovak (again, typical liberal MO) refused to produce any facts to support his own claims at the same time.

            Then when called on it, his answer was simply, "Well, I'm smarter than you… So you shu'up." So… Freaking… Typical…

    • chipotle

      That's why he included the effect of assimilation, must suck to be a victim type!

  • Ghostwriter

    Most legal immigrants are law abiding people,same with most native-born Americans. Most of us don't do those things.

  • Tito

    I am against gun control. Nevertheless, open to discuss the issue with gun control advocates. In fact I have a japanese friend that gives me the Japan low crime rate as an example of the result of a strict gun control policy. So I am looking for some counterarguments in books and web. But let me say this, blaming immigrants for crimes is like blaming a smoker for inflation. What the heck has that got to do with anything??

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      De Nile isn't just a river, apparently.

    • petrovak1982

      It is refreshing to find intelligent people on here with whom to have meaningful discourse. I am grateful that you have life experience and can share. I completely agree with you that Japanese gun control policies, as well as the gun control policies of many other countries, keep their gun-related deaths down. I am for our 2nd amendment right to own and bear arms, but I do feel we need to have more policies in place to protect the public.

  • Bram VanDoorn

    Racist zenophoic article. Sickening

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      It is Japan's xenophobia which contributes largely to its low crime rate, true.

  • Jay

    Intelligent people understand that no one here is blaming immigrants. It is suggesting that having a monolithic, homogenous culture such as the Japanese do in fact have, would result in the same levels of gun violence that the Japanese have.

    Please don't mindlessly spew out the word "racism" just because you are confused.

    • Massimiliano Adamo

      OK. Get immigrants out of US and than leave the country to the native people (Sioux and Apache) and they will probably keep the peace in the US.
      What is US without immigrants? It's like a donut without a hole.

    • Armand

      What are you talking about? True, an intelligent person wouldn't blame immigrants, but the author literally ends the article with, quote: "Anyone who wants Japan’s murder rate needn't waste time with its gun control laws and can skip right to its immigration policies."

      "Immigration policies". Not "collectivist culture" or anything referring to its culture. He pointed directly to their immigration policies.

    • Armand

      Oh yeah. There's also, you know, the title of the article.

  • Tikyo

    I am Japanese and I live in Japan. I agree the immigration policies is one of the reason that japan can be in peace. I have lived in U.S for 5 years and met a lots White, Black, other Asian, I'm not racist but if the Japanese government gonna open to any country to live in Japan. I will be against. of course gun control is very need to keep peace in my country, also knife control. ok, we are not strong, people are weak. sometime we cannot control our emotion, then if there is any weapon nearby you, it might trigger you to use them and kill someone. we believe we don't need any weapons to live. I couldn't feel freedom while I have lived in U.S. can'not even walk in the middle of the midnight by alone? I feel there is no free for me. In Japan, I can go home from the station, walking 10 to 15 min. in safe in the dark. b/c we don't need to worry about if some one has the gun or knife to scare us. ok, one more time, we don't need a weapon to live in peace.

  • Massimiliano Adamo

    1. do the 12 thousand murder un US have been committed by immigrates?
    2. it's easy to stop immigrants if you are in an island and you have Marian trench (the deapest sea in the world) in fron of you
    3. US is the only country in the world where gun sale is free. It's the only one country – in the advanced world -having the death penalty. Is one of the country with the higher number of murders.
    In Italy we are around 60 million of people, we have mafia, we have a strict control on gun sale, we don't have death penalty, and we have around 500 murders per year.

  • Massimiliano Adamo

    Tikyo… what do you mean? USA native people are cherokee, apache and sioux. USA is made, of course, by immigrants.
    In Italy we are experiencing immigration, and illegal immigration. I must be honest and say that they commit crimes, but I am not sure if they are able to overtaks our local mafia…..

    • John

      Massimiliano, Let me explain what an immigrant is because you obviously don't know. An immigrant is someone who moves to a country in which that person was not born. I was born here in the USA so I am a NATIVE, not an immigrant. My ancestors were immigrants. This is no longer a nation of immigrants. Most of the population here in the USA were born here, making us natives.

  • Ben

    This article is laughable, enough said.

  • Jacob Bevaart

    In to deep guys..guns kill people knives kill people..anything can kill another person.the USA needs better gun control but murders will continue.have you ever herd of the saying you can take the animal out of the wild but can’t take the wild out of the animal. There will always be war and killing. its our nature. In my opinion guns should only be used for protecting our countries freedom. So having said that..when this world goes to the dumps which it is…your going to wish you had a gun.

  • Armand

    These have been some of the most rational comments I've ever seen on an article about gun control, even among the comments I disagree with.

    Nice job, everyone. Now for the rest of the world…

    • CincyJim

      And some the most irrational comments I've ever seen on gun control.

      FACT; NO guns = NO gun murders! (Other types of murder, yes.)

      FACT; A form of HATRED is behind ALL murders. Mental attitude is THE problem.


  • William

    Mexico has a complete ban on guns and how is that working out for them? We have a president that says ban assult weapons. The same weapons his administration sold to drug cartels. His family is protected by security that carries those weapons but does not want your family to have the same protection. Wake up, the second amendment is the right of the people to bar arms agaist anyone that trys to take away our freedoms. It was designed to grant the people the right to form an army and protect ourselves against anyone (including our government) that tries to take away our freedom. Want to talk about saving lives…. 86 people are killed each day by guns, 92 are killed each day by car crashes, over 3500 are killed each day in abortion clinics. So what should we ban to save the most lives?

    • Richard Haden

      William, You are wrong. Mexico does not have a complete ban on guns. The Mexican constitution, article 10 allows for citizens and legal residents to keep arms in their home for protection. Also, Citizens and legal residents can get permits to hunt in rural areas. Yet only mexican military, police, private security, government officials can bear arms in public. Get your facts straight Will.

      As for the first family…it is ignorant to assume the first family has the same value as target as the general public.

      As for abortion: It is your religious pomposity that asserts that fetuses are human beings capable of being murdered.

      As for the gun violence in Mexico… well that goes with the drug business. You take away the demand in the US, then you cure the gun Violence in Mexico, central America and beyond. Hell if Canada were the major conduit for drug trafficking instead of Mexico we would all be watching the body count grow north of the border instead of south.

    • CincyJim

      William; What part of "A well regulated militia …" confuses you? The fact that the amendment states "for the security of a free state"?

      P.S. About WW 1 time the Militia's name was changed to National Guard. Duz your area have a police reserve such as N'awlins has?


  • rick

    TOTALLY on the mark.. you all want to lie? Go for it… It is easy to tell which race or background is doing much of the shootings.. for the stupid and PC that would be black and brown people. Entire cities have been turned into wastelands by the above people. Most law abiding? Of course. But too many are NOT.. You mean to tell me if Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, LA, Chicago were filled with Norwegians, French and Irish the crime rates would not dramatically Go DOWN?? OF COURSE they would!!

    • DWlivinDFW

      Gotta watch those Norwegians sporting gang colors

    • CincyJim

      FACTS 1) there are NO "black" people. 2) There are NO "white" people. 3) There are NO "red" people. 4) There are NO "yellow" people.

      FACT: There are ONLY "brown" people. From (very) dark brown (a.k.a. "black") to (very) light brown (pukely light tan in my case) (a.k.a. "white"). . Fact, I need some sun, where are the girls in bikinis?? (LUST!!!)


  • Tony

    For all that would say it isn't so try this. Transfer the 12 (actually more like 20) million illegal Mexican immigrants we have absorbed and see if the Murder rate does not increase in Japan. Say it aint so? Look into the prison population of California and Arizona. Me a racist, sure check my brown skin, definite Hispanic. Japans culture is totally different, they are far more civil. They will go out of their way to be polite. Westerners go there and abuse the good nature of the Japanese. It is difficult to explain. The fact that Japan has never had a hunting culture (except for the Emperor or the privileged) or many guns. If you don't wish to learn about the culture of Japan I cannot explain things in one paragraph. Simply put you cant cram 27 million people in one city and expect them to cram into subway cars every day and somehow not want to kill each other like they do in NY( a former NYer) but the Japanese handle this gracefully as possible. I firmly believe that even if guns were more common there would still be a very low shooting rate, not counting suicide. My 2 cents. Nobody can deny that transferring a large population of poor people to a more affluent area is not going to increase the crime rate. If you don't believe that you have fooled yourself..

  • Rachel

    Wow, what an incredibly racist and ignorant statement this article becomes.

    DOes the writer not know the history of white America? Uhm…let me help you, because , sweetie, you seem to have forgotten the main reason your argument doesn't work.
    America is MADE by immigration. Always has been. Without people from outside its shores swarming in like flies, there would be no AMerica.
    Japan has been an isolated island for millennia. There IS no similarity between the two countries in terms of immigration. If you stopped all immigration right now in America, the whole country is still…..FULL OF IMMIGRANTS. One generation, two- even the recent transplants have separate neighbourhoods, ghettoes, stores, areas, even states.
    Have you been to Japan?
    I live here. As an American expat. The low crime rate is down to thousands of years of culture, honour, etiquette and the like. And, while your point about immigrants swarming in would ruin the delicate balance of familial and personal codes of conduct in a society driven by peaceful zen-like duty, there is no way you can claim America could be this way any time soon. Give it another 900 years in the US , without any media, any immigration, any influences from other countries, the same way Japan has formutated itself for over 2000 years, and you may have a winning recipe.
    Until then, you just sound like a right wing racist.

    And PS, As I lived in America, with full citizenship rights, I know what it's like to be an immigrant. I am not really American, but moved there, went through the immigration process and eventtually got my cards.
    Thing is, I am white. And fair complexion with blue eyes. My native language is English. Wanna call me an immigrant?

  • Rom

    Your article is a joke. Really.

    While there are cultural aspect that may lower the murder rate, take a look at a country like France, with a lot of immigration, many people not integrated at all, quite high criminality rate. And ends up with a homicide rate only 3x the rate of japan… Because guns are prohibited over there too !

    Is it RIAA that pays you or something ?

  • ace

    If you want to track crime statistics and immigration, track it from early 1600s then because ALL people in this country are immigrants unless you are Native American Indian. Your argument is bunk.

  • Titanium Dragon

    The real problem with this argument is that over 50% of homicides committed in the US are commited by African-Americans, who are, by and large, NOT recent immigrants.

    So no, it has nothing to do with immigration. It has to do with large groups of poor people, as well as other cultural differences.

  • screwregistrationidiots

    Requiring registration to post. Huh, no wonder no one has posted here.

    Anyway, crime correlates closely with the income gap of a country. This is something you neoliberals hate to hear. high income gap = high crime. low income gap = …wait for it… low crime.

    Japan has a very low income gap. Surprise surprise.

  • Dragon Ryu

    This article is lacking in any depth or research-based evidence. Why does Canada and Australia have very low murder rates as they as both multicultural and a city like Toronto has one of the highest levels of multiculturalism in the world. Also, why is South Korea much higher than Japan as it is a very mono-cultural society. You can look at the homicide rates per capita in this link.


    • Chris Granzow XI

      Because, the majority of immigrants to canada, especially in places like Vancouver, are high IQ chinese. In cities with a relatively high black population (by canadian standards), like Montreal and Toronto, there are a lot of crimes and violence stemming from that section of the population.

  • Kali Heffernan

    Inequality + gun shops = murders

    Equality + intelligent communication = peaceful community

    Community equations for war and peace.

  • arrgg

    For a start, the ethnic and cultural homogeneity of Japan is an outdated and insufficient explanation. But I think the situation in Okinawa is the factor that contradicts this article the most. Okinawa has a population of some 80,000 Americans, not to mention the rest of the immigrants, totally roughly 7 to 10 percent of the population, whilst mainland is practically ethnically pure. If this is the case then why is the homicide rate of Okinawa below Osaka and par with a few other ethnically pure prefectures. Going by the argument of this article Okinawa should have a much higher crime rate which it does not, cultural/ethical homogeneity explanations alone are not adequate methods of explaining the homicide rate in Japan, although it may play a part, you have to at least integrate theories and conduct a wide thorough analysis before reaching a conclusion.

    • jwtn

      You forgot to mention that Americans are responsible for most of the crime in Okinawa

      • lolwut?

        BLACK ones are.

  • lindsncal

    The most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard.

    • Over the line

      Oh yeah, how so? What’s your theory?

      • lindsncal

        Sorry, I don’t even remember writing that. I think it was meant for someone else because Kali is correct.

  • http://alanasghost.tumblr.com/ Alana

    UK is multicultural, and has far far far far far far far fewer gun murders than the US.

    • V man

      I don’t think gun murders are a good way to look at it. You should be looking at the total murder rate. The UK has no legal guns, the USA does. If somebody get aggravated and wants to kill someone and they’re aloud guns, they’ll use the guns. If there are no guns, then they’ll use something else.

  • Teresa Rincon

    My understanding is that the bulk of US criminality occurs in inner city, indigenous black neighborhoods, not immigrant areas.