Jewish Broken Jaw or Burnt Muslim Koran?

What’s more of a hate crime, a Jewish student whose jaw was broken… or a burnt Koran left outside a mosque?

Answering questions like these are about what we value as a civilization. Human beings or Muslim scriptures?

Zachary Tennen said two college-aged males asked if he was Jewish and when he answered yes, the two men assaulted him. Zachary told police the two men then “stapled me in the back side of my bottom teeth, starting in my gums and going upwards.”

Tennen, a journalism sophomore who loves basketball, is recovering from his injuries, but he had this to say.

“I’m really, really upset in a few ways,” Zachary Tennen said. “First of all it is a terrible experience, physically and also mentally to know someone would do something like this,” he said before his surgery, despite the difficulties for him to talk. It almost seemed like they tried to kill me, and to think about that in my brain, physically – it isn’t very pleasant.”

East Lansing Police appear to be skeptical and are denying that this was a hate crime. They were not nearly as reticent when it came to a burnt Koran left outside the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

 The East Lansing Police Department is seeking the publics help to find who is responsible for burning and desecrating a Koran. The incident happened on September 11. It was found at the front door of the Islamic Center of East Lansing. The department is offering $10,000 for any information that would lead to the identification and prosecution of those responsible for this act.

It would appear that a burnt Koran merits a $10,000 reward, but a beaten Jewish college student can be safely ignored by the East Lansing Police.

  • Van Grungy

    Well, don't cha know that a kafir is najis, thus unworthy of being treated like a human (muslim)
    Those that are ignorant of islam shut their dhimmi islam defending yaps once I explain what najis kafir means.
    And, don't cha just know that this is required of all muslims in the whole world to believe: non-muslims are sub-human

    and when the dhimmi dummies go all: "but.. but.. but.. da jooz and their Talmud!"
    That's when I tell them to point to the part of the scripture for Jews that commands them to take over the whole world. uh oh, not there.

  • findalis

    Don't worry Christians. We Jews are getting the message loud and clear. We are getting ready to clear out of the G-d forsaken land.

    You win! You can have it all to yourselves. You bunch of bastards will be happy with our leaving.

    • Uzoozy

      We need you to stay and live with your neighbors,

  • ElenaG

    We Christians do love our Jewish elder brothers. Without you, there would be no Jesus. We would be heathens worshiping other gods of our own making.

    Jews have also brought to our world many wonderful other gifts. We should be grateful for Salk, Einstein, and others for their persistent examination of our world and sharing their findings.

    What has islam brought the world? Pain and suffering but no good gifts at all. Muslims only know how to take fm other cultures until it's used up and move to the next. They are the "Borg" who demand we assimilate to their ways of life.

  • Jack

    If they will do this in response to the question, "Are you a Jew", the same cowardly behavior in response to the question "Are you a Catholic" or "Are you a Baptist" isn't far behind. Once the muslims in this country feel they are sufficiently empowered (and the press sufficiently pliant) it will happen.

    • Uzoozy

      As I understand it the muslims do not want anyone to demean the religion.
      To you your religion to me mine,
      Muslims have same desires and feelings as anyone else.
      Its not the end of the world if you see hijab adorned people walking around.
      Make friend with Muslim and you will know how good they are, go a maosques and see how nicely you are treated. Read the Quran and be enlightened.

  • Uzoozy

    Every act that is done to hurt people is to be condemned whoever is the victim._Burning any holy book is not good nor allowed by any religion._In life we have to tolerate other religions._

    • Megiddo

      Are you naive? When the Christian and Jew are not available the Muslims kill each other. Perhaps you are ignorant of what the Holy Scriptures say. See Josiah's Reforms in ** 2 Kings, Chapter 23 and **2 Chronicles, Chapter 34. EVERYTHING that didn't represent worship of the "One True God" ( and that ain't 'allah') was torn down and burned. **2 Chronicles 34:2 "He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD…"** These things are upon the world because of the 'scarcity' of the Word of God. There arn't moderate or bad Muslims…just EVIL Islam.

      • Rachel

        Just because a few Muslims did something bad doesn't give you the right to call a religion "Evil". Nowhere in the Quran does it say to kill people (any kind of person). So YOU are the Naive person!!!

  • 948L0

    Are people that naive?, lets consider this scneario, Israel suddenly capitulates, leaves Israel for the palestinians, and move to an uninhabited place, do liberals think the muslim scum will gve up on jew killing? for the islamists, the jewish giving up israeli land is not enough, those islamists wont stop until VERY jewish of the world is eradicated, thats the way they roll, and then the islamist fanatics, like the locust plague they are, will move on to christians, and then to buddhists, and then to hindus, and then to atheists, and then to homosexuals, and they will keep going on until every one of them are murdered, and the whole world is under their control, and the only ethinc group that populates this planet are muslims
    If we dont do something in time, what I said will become a sad reality, is this the world we want for our children and grandchildren? a global Islamic caliphate? do we really want to return to the middle ages? well, at this rate, if we want it so hard, we will get it so hard
    Inaction and appeasement from the western governments = victory of the muslim scum enemy

    • fghj@

      islam is NOT an ethnic group – islam is a cult.

  • NoJizya

    Concealed carry and the will to use it …..

  • J. Edward Tremlett

    "On the night Zachary Tennen got his jaw broken, he’d been doggedly hitting on women at an off-campus party, several witnesses told police.

    One woman, whose name was redacted in police reports, said he had touched her arms and thighs, asked her to kiss him or if she wanted to go back to his apartment and hook up. She told him to leave her alone, but he kept coming back. After the sixth or seventh time, when Tennen reached his arm across her breasts and began rubbing her right thigh, moving his hand toward her crotch, a friend of hers punched him in the face."

    And this, folks, is why the ELPD didn't call this a hate crime. They did what the person who wrote this article DIDN'T do: look into the matter, interview the guests, and find out exactly what happened before passing judgement.

    if the author of this blog can propose a realistic scenario in which a Koran might get burned outside an Islamic center and not be a statement of hate, maybe these scenarios could be tied in together. But there are many reasons why someone might get punched out at a party, other then Nazis on the prowl. I can only think of one reason a Koran might get burned and desecrated in that location, and it wasn't a dropped cigarette.

    Do better, please.