Jewish Supermarket Bombed, French Embassies Closed due to Muslim Cartoonophobia

It’s funny how Muslims can kill thousands of people without them having to close embassies around the world or be unable to go out and buy Halal meat. But when a French satirical magazine runs a few cartoons of Mohammed, then French schools and embassies around the world have to be closed, because the Muslim world already showed on the latest September 11 that it is incapable of abiding by the norms of civilized society.

Is Cartoonophobia or Islamophobia a greater problem? You decide.

The French foreign ministry in Paris said it would close its embassies and schools on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, in around 20 Islamic countries because of fears of being targeted by angry protesters.

Tunisia’s ruling Islamist Ennahda party called for peaceful protests against the cartoons it branded a “new attack” on the Prophet Mohammed.

“In the current context, the French community is urged to be vigilant, to avoid all public gatherings and to stay away from sensitive areas,” the French embassy said in Tunis. “The French school network and Tunisia’s French Institute will be closed from midday on Wednesday… until Monday morning.”

In the Arab Spring roll call, Egypt and Tunisia, both run by Islamists, have called for protests. Libya’s security forces have collaborated with the Islamist attackers.

And the news isn’t good for French Jews either.

A small package bomb exploded inside a kosher supermarket in Sarcelles, a Paris suburb, on Wednesday, one day after Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, wounding four people.

The Jewish Community Protection Service (SPCJ) said two individuals dressed in black threw an explosive device inside the Naouri Market store at lunchtime. Sometimes called “Little Jerusalem,” Sarcelles, located north of Paris, is home to a large Jewish community.

Was this attack really about Muslim Cartoonophobia? Then why target a Jewish supermarket? The dirty truth about Muslim protests is that they are about attacks on existing enemies carried out under the flag of blasphemy, much as Bin Laden declared war on America with a pretext about American troops in Saudi Arabia.

“There is a concealed threat of violence here which could explode at any moment. Local youth live with it, they express it every day. It’s very easy, we are visible targets,” fumed Gerard Bouzag, 50, a trader who buys his supplies from the attacked shop.

“We are especially anxious given the approaching Jewish festivals. It’s the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) next Wednesday, we don’t know what might happen,” confided Hubert Ayat, a pensioner who’s lived in the area since 1945.

There was little damage caused, but the emotional trauma is significant,” declared Joel Mergui, president of the Central Consistory of France, from the scene. “Where is it going to end up? Will it eventually be necessary to protect all the places where the Jewish community goes, the business, the restaurants?”, he demanded.

The Jewish community… and then eventually every non-Muslim community.

  • @BobbyandPeg1976

    The muslim hate is what it is hate, nothing more nothing less. We are trying to understand a backward people,region,and religion, it will not work.

  • chowching259

    Freedom fighters could be recruited from the ranks of the non-religious. They can be called the Armies of Satan, their mission would be to destroy and pacify Muhammad’s warriors. Funding and weapons could come from nations that are the victims of Muslim suicide bombings. The end result would be an ethnically and culturally diverse Afro-Asia and the Islamic crazies will be gone.

  • jemaasjr

    If I could lend an assist for the really gullible. In case you have not noticed, when a American politician opens his mouth what comes out is not automatically truth. Right? We do know this, don't we? Well guess what. it is the same in other countries. Just because they say it, that does not automatically make it true. And when everybody seems to be saying the same thing, like with this offensive movie, that is a big fat hint that they have been coached.

    Demonstrations for or against whatever are more effective if they are seen as spontaneous. So, anybody who is putting on a non-spontaneous demonstration will try to make it look spontaneous. Also, they are more impressive if the people have not been paid to show up (Astro-Turf-ing), and have not been coerced into showing up. So, they always try to make it look spontaneous and voluntary.

    Finally, crowd numbers are not reliable. Three time the actual size is ordinary, reporting ten times the actual size is the self interested exaggeration. And if they are wild and crazy, any number will do. The trick here is to look at the pictures. When a crowd of 10,000 gather, but the camera is held low so you only see the first row, who knows, could be 50 people, maybe a 100.

    What it amounts to is that the reporting on this stuff is often a load of bunk. Consider the above and do not just assume you are being told the truth.

  • Mike Villano

    The headline should read "Jewish Supermarket, French Embassies Closed due to 8th century Animals running loose Again."

  • BS77

    It always makes me shake my head NO NO NO when I see one of those CO EXIST bumper stickers….this is the essence of liberalism's delusions….yes, let us co exist with pure evil, let us shrug as women are treated like slaves and chattel , let us excuse the mob frenzies, murders and terror bombings on the grounds of "cultural
    differences". Liberalism, the PC mega tolerance and submissive appeasement mentality
    is hard to comprehend……..can anyone explain this mind set???