Jewish Woman in Iran Cut in Half for Refusing to Turn Over Her Home to a Mosque

Islam is the religion of peace. Mosques are places where peaceful worshipers gather. And no one should ever be concerned about a mosque going up near their home. Never.

A Jewish woman in Isfahan, Iran, was murdered and cut in half by Muslim extremists who wanted to take over her home, Israel Radio reported on Thursday.

Relatives of the woman said she had lived next to a newly built mosque, and worshippers had demanded that she and her family leave their home so the mosque could be expanded.

The woman submitted a complaint to authorities about the efforts to take over her home. On Monday, a group of thugs came to her house, murdered her, and, according to reports, cut her body in half.

The event left the Jewish community in Iran, estimated to be around 25,000 people, worried and fearing escalating violence against it.

But remember, Jews and Christians in the Muslim are “protected”. They pay protection money in the form of Jizya. And they’re not persecuted too much, unless they don’t make way for a mosque or unless Islamists take over.

This is your life. This is your life under Islam.

  • @Kenrick66

    You can bet that Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, and their photogenic bimbos-of-the-moment won't be fulminating about a Jewish woman being drawn-and-halved in Iran or anywhere else. If she hadn't been so bull-headed and stubborn, she'd still be alive and paying jizya. It's all her fault. She provoked them.

    • Jacquie Jantz

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Her fault to want to live in her own home. Her fault. You should get on your knees right now and ask God for forgiveness. Her fault. What kind of person are you?

      • PaulRevereNow

        I believe Mr. Kenrick is being sarcastic; referring to the thinking of Matt Lauer and Brian Williams.

      • Chiggles

        Idiot. Read it again, s l o w l y.

        • Jacquie Jantz

          Thank you. I did read it again. He was being facetious and I jumped the gun too fast. I apologize. It was also the shock of the story. You won't hear about something like this on the mainstream tv.

      • jennifer call

        He was being sarcastic.

      • Rick

        wow really islam is religion that satan created that’s a fact!

        • Karen B. Jones

          No, it is not. Islamic extremists have twisted a peaceful religion into a thing of violence and hatred. They are not representative of Muslims in general.

          • Bryan

            Karen i beg to differ with you on that . How many of the peaceful Muslims did you see or hear from after 9/11.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "You can bet that Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, and their photogenic bimbos-of-the-moment won't be fulminating about a Jewish woman being drawn-and-halved in Iran or anywhere else. If she hadn't been so bull-headed and stubborn, she'd still be alive and paying jizya. It's all her fault. She provoked them."

      It's self-evident to the liberals that what you say is precisely what happened. Almost nobody will care at all.

    • pkrm

      that's the old "she got herself raped by being attractive…it's her own fault" bs…sorry but if that is honestly and sincerely your belief, that by not giving in to extortion, she brought it on herself, it is my hope and prayer and (1) you are paying your own jizya, or will when the muslim invasion of america is finished AND (2 ) that for their sake, with a Male "protector" such as yourself, that for their own sakes, that your wife and daughters are -not- attractive so no such "fault" can befall THEM…

  • grayeagle48

    NEO Holocaust

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Ongoing Holocaust. The Muslims never surrendered. They gave oil instead.

  • willaim

    amazing i didnt know jews and christians have to pay protection money this goes all the way back to Muhammed, i wonder in the west if we did that what the outcry would be. this is never mentioned on tv here.
    the murder seems to be typical of what is happening in the middle east and Africa in general. i this is horrifying

    • Kate47

      It is clear you use a computer… IF you are really interested, do a SEARCH for these names and listen to them… #1. Walide Shoebat… #2. IQ Al-Rassooli… You will find both on the web and at YOUTUBE…
      You are right, you will never hear about the teachings of Muslims treatment of "ANYONE" NOT Muslim,- in the main stream media, so listen to people that have been and are now TRYING to warn the WESTERN people about it… I encourage everyone to listen to many of the recordings on this topic done by these two men, and YES, that includes atheists, and gays, as well as ANYONE with belief or lack of belief of any kind, because what you will learn, applies to anyone that is NOT Muslim, no matter what the politically correct propoganda tells you…

    • guest

      william..are you aware there is a 'dhimmnitude' tax on page 107 in our healthcare bill?

    • mamaeagle

      People pay protection money all of the time in the West, to the mob(s), and in the souther US and Mexico, and further south. It's called "mordida".

    • mamaeagle

      And this type of violence is happening in our own back yard, due to the drug war. People are getting decapitated and their bodies are being butchered all of the time in the US, just like in Mexico, it's just they make sure it doesn't hit the news.

  • Ar'nun

    Sickening. I can't wait for the karma to come arond.

    • franjs

      Will karma bring her sister?

    • Matt

      Karma…in the form of us kicking Islam OUT of the US and eradicating it from off the planet! That's the ONLY way we're gonna keep that from happening here eventually. I know our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion…but it is at the price of gathering PEACEFULLY, not sawing a woman in half b/c she refuses to move. Wake up, America!

  • neopolaris

    There is no karma. There is only God. But He is using our enemys to judge us. Welcome to Babylon.

  • http://facebook Kim Emmerich

    I looked at the comments, and I realized there are STILL people, who do NOT know about the “tax” or protection money, you need to pay, living in a Sharia Law zone. That is why Today, we must SPREAD the word, daily, about the real violence.It is not GOING VIRAL ACROSS THE COUNTRY, BECAUSE …. main stream media will NOT publish this… PLEASE, put this on your facebook, and “share” these articles, to all your facebook friends. I have 1000 friends, AND TOGETHER we are a NEWS SERVICE, all across the country.

    • barba rossa

      it is the same amount that any Muslim pays,get your facts Europe they are required to pay taxes to the state,so what.if you don't like it is their country.we are the only country,that bends over to foreigners.what a mess.

  • Tim

    Will anyone say something in defense of the Jews living there? What doesn’t someone with more money than they know what to do with make a way for all of these people to leave and head to their homeland? If anyone is still doubting that Islam is a peaceful religion, then they are dumber than dirt.

    • pagegl

      Get real, while there are Jews in this country provding support for the advancement of radical Islam (look in any college campus or in the editorial room of major newspapers, you won't have any trouble finding them) you aren't going to hear about incidents like this except on sites like FPM.

  • Mary Sue

    No no no, you forgot the rest of the saying.

    This is your life (show picture of typical day in USA in the mall)

    This is your life on Islam (show picture of rioting mob in some godforsaken Muslim Country complete with signs saying freedom can go to hell and behead those who insult Islam)

    Any Questions?

  • Jereme S.

    this is just one of millions of rituals that the so called religion of peace does everday in praise to the false pagan god allah . mohammed was a man , and just man . he was given a revelation by the fallen angel lucifer or satan as we all best know him . these people that do these acts are just satanic imps that are mere cannon fodder for the so called men who lead them . if any muslims out there read my response and you are angered so be it . i only bow to the Son of God , Jesus Christ. i do have pity on those who do such acts because i know that they are blinded by a lie that has been perpetuated since the beginning of the fall of mankind itself . we are all created in the image of God and yet we destroy and slaughter men women and children without thought or compassion . things like what happened to this jewish woman are appalling , and should not occur . i am angered immensely but not to the point of revenge . to my jewish brothers and sisters i say i will bless those who bless you and i will curse those who curse you . muslims i have compassion for you as well , but remember this as God our Father has said vengeance is mine and mine only . He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword . One day this will all end when Jesus Christ comes to reign again .

  • jakespoon

    Islam,a,religion of pieces. Hurry,Lord.

  • Ghostwriter

    If THAT'S Islam at it's most peaceful,I'd hate to see it when it's REALLY violent.

  • Jacquie Jantz

    I am so full of anger after reading this post. I'm a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ. But I didn't always. All religions preach one thing in common Love one another but they all don't practice what they preach. How can something like this happen? Why? It shouldn't be allowed to happen. Why can't people just get along? Growing up, you knew who your neighbour were. As in the days of Noah, Jesus said he would come back. It's getting there people. Do you believe?

    • Laura

      Jacquie, islam definitely does NOT preach love one another. How can something like this happen, you ask? It's very easy to understand. These were devout muslims who in fact did practice what islam preaches. Don't confuse islam with Christianity.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "All religions preach one thing in common Love one another"

      No they don't.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Nevertheless, feminists all over the world are silent about the offenses of Islam against women. To raise the issue might mean that people will become less anti-Israel (shudder).

    • mamaeagle

      You are wrong. What happened to Malala in Pakistan was a prime example of the terror women face in these countries, with absolutely no control over their lives or bodies.

      The US isn't exactly a stellar example of rights for women, and this became especialy clear to us during this last election with so many rapepublican men and idiot women wanting to control all of a women's physical existence. And theycontinue to advocate and do so at state levels of government.

      This is the very reason why we need the equal rights amendment in our own country, which we don't, as well as the government and men out of our healthcare decisions. A man would never stand for anyone making his healthcare decisions, regardless of how detrimental it may be to him.

  • gary

    I have dipped all of my bullets in pig grease, I can't wait to use them on muslims.

    • Mary Sue

      someone needs to invent bacon scented Axe body spray!

  • Levon

    I couldnt agree more with mick who posted above me. Why does this article not give the womans name. Or her relatives name? We can not verify a single fact in this matter. Even the pictures provided dont relate to the story. And for that matter the original article shows a picture of two women, one muslim one jewish praying, TOGETHER. Yet what picture did this sites author choose? A grungy man holding a sign completely unrelated as well.
    So heres the take away. Believe everything you read without question and do not think critically. No one has an interest in causing you to hate (bullets in bacon….. C'mon,). Eat your franken food, take the vaccine jab, and trust the holy government to rid the world of whomever our governments owners hate, no mater what. Just be good sheeple.

    • Richard Of OZ
    • objectivefactsmatter
    • objectivefactsmatter

      "So heres the take away. Believe everything you read without question and do not think critically. "

      You're projecting. Some of us research quite a bit. Reading and publishing on this site is not research, it's advocacy. Research is good, and you're an idiot to stick your foot in your mouth when the article is easy to pick up from multiple sources. It's as fake as the moon landing. I suppose you believe neither and that's your right. I've got a telescope that will allow you to see the flag yourself directly, but never you mind about that. We don't REALLY know FOR SURE who put the US flag on the moon, do we?

  • Lady_Dr

    Mick, you are either a troll or a mindless Muslim. Anyone who knows Islamic history knows this has been going on for centuries and is rarely reported today. I sure hope people will read it and learn to hate Islam (not Muslims per se). The reality is that it preaches, teaches, nothing be hatred and evil. and it is okay to hate hatred.

  • Infantryman

    Mick and Levon,
    Have either one of you been to the middle east? I have. I watched an Islamic Iraqi shoot another Islamic Iraqi in the head with an AK-47 for cutting him off in traffic. That's very peaceful. We arrested a father and two sons becase they were mad at a neighboring village so they (father and sons) went over to the village and killed several people at a wedding party. The list goes on and on, beheadings, stoning, etc. Do you know that pedophilia is rampant in that culture? I heard this saying many times on my tours, " women are for babies, boys are for fun." One of our interpreters had to push his colon back in most of the time he went #2 because he was sodomized so much as a child. If you talk to them about that being homosexual activity they deny it and say that only applies if two men are in love with each other. So you two jack wagons can keep defending this peaceful religion but my infidel ass is coating my bullets in bacon grease as well. I think you two should move to a place that imposes sharia law, and don't forget to bring your wives, they will love it!

    • Yephora

      Tell it!

  • Infantryman

    Please do not use the fact I served my country as an infantryman against me. I am fully awake and aware but I will still call an apple an apple when I see one. The page that linked to this one had another article about a 15 yr old girl that was beheaded because she didn't want to marry some pedophile, wife abusing scum bag. I guess that was fake too. How about the little girl that was recently shot for saying women should be allowed to go to school. Keep kidding yourself about this peaceful religion, but mark my words,, they want to kill your infidel ass in the worst possible way, slow torture is the favored method. Dig around and see what they did to the "ambassador" in Benghazi. Good day to you both and may you and yours never have to witness or be victims of things I have seen. Peace, light, and love.The only things that can fix this planet.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Welcome soldier.

    • bamboo

      Infantryman . . . Thank you for all your service to our country.

  • Frank

    I’ll bet hard, angry LGBT liberal “progressive” grrrls will just LOVE islam.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I'll bet hard, angry LGBT liberal "progressive" grrrls will just LOVE islam."

      Sure, from a distance, like from an ocean or so away through the Internet.

  • Stephan

    I am reading Frontpagemag’s interesting articles for years, but in this case I would not be surprised if this is a hoax.

  • Stephan

    I am reading Frontpagemag's interesting articles for years, but in this case I would not be surprised if this is a hoax.

    • Yephora

      Sure, this is so unlike Islam.

  • wulfranoruizsainz

    Boy! Muslims are nuttier and more psychopathic than their bloothirsty founder! Actually, they show signs of being devil-possed beyond psychiatric help just like their founder.

  • Cathy

    Infantryman…. You said it!!!! And I would like to say THANKYOU Sir! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. My husband is retired USAF. He has been to Saudi in years past, and you are excatley right. The stories he told were not as graphic as your as he was there many years ago, and not during any war that I know of, but still he saw the twisted state of their minds and their laws and how they live. SMH. All I can say is many of those men do not have God in their lives. The one true living God is not of what they are of. God is God and he will brings all things to Justice!!!!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "This storey is a mind game to make you hate people. Or a group of people it is nothing more than propaganda to create a shock to desensitize you . Why ? Because the owners of us federal reserve bank are mad at Iran for not selling oil in petro dollars thus the pretend story of weapons of mass destruction."

    Yes, Islam is in fact a religion of peace, but the US government goes around murdering people disguised as Muslims. Mystery solved.

    "Take the red pill and wake the f up all u simpletons. "fn sheeple"

    You didn't create this story on your own, and you didn't "discover the facts" anywhere. You followed your own evil sheep herder. Psycho hypocrite.

  • Mary S.

    Please read a book by Dr. Wafa Sultan, a physician who grew up in the middle east and was raised a Muslim. Since she speaks Arabic as her first language and was raised a Muslim, she understands Islam and eloquently explains this so called religion of peace, its founder Mohammed, its origin, its practices and attitudes regarding women, etc. It truly is fascinating. She has lived in the USA since age 30 when her husband's job brought her to America. The book is called: A GOD WHO HATES.

  • ReligionofDeath

    Islam = the religion of Perpetual Outrage.

    Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology far worse than Nazism because it is cloaked in a protective religious shell that prevents anyone inside of it from doing anything not proscribed in it.
    Seriously, they have a whole set of rules and tools for wiping your ass. BTW, it is perfectly OK to wipe your ass with pages from the Christian Bible or Jewish Torah, while the Koran cannot even be critically analyzed.

    Islam is a cancer. It is beyond remission and the really good people who are also Muslims are simply kidding themselves if they think they can live out their lives as Muslims in peace and freedom.

    False god. False prophet, False beliefs. False rewards. In other words, the world’s largest cult.

  • Maureen Colebrook

    "By their fruits you will know them."
    (Mathew VII v. 8)

  • GMiller

    Gives a new meaning to the expression: "Jews are divided over response to Islamic terror."

  • banislam

    If I was oyungewr I think I would join up just so I could go kill me some of these worthless scum. What a worthless people. There is no justification for what they did. You will never hear obama speak out against something like this.