Jill Khawam Kelley Worked to Suppress Koran Burning

We learned yesterday that Tampa tramp, Jill Khawam Kelley, who has a Middle Eastern background, was being used as a go-between by central command officers and Middle Eastern leaders, even while she maintained an inappropriate relationship with top US commanders and tried to extract an 80 million dollar payout.

Now comes word that Jill Khawam Kelley tried to use her connections or supposed connections pressure a radio host into not burning a Koran.

In March, Jill Kelley said U.S. Gen. John Allen needed her help.  In emails obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, she claimed Allen, commander of the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, called and emailed her seeking assistance in tamping down a threat by disc jockey Bubba the Love Sponge Clem to “deep fat fry” a Koran.

In emails to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Kelley said Allen was worried the radio stunt could put troops in harm’s way. She said then-CIA director David Petraeus and Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward also contacted her about lending a hand.

“I have Petraeus & Allen both emailing me to get this dealt with,” she wrote Buckhorn March 7. She follows up with another: “Gen. Allen will be calling me from Afghanistan at 1pm on this- and our next step.”

The Mayor replies: “If it involves the radio station, we are working on it.”

She asks him if she should get a lawyer involved: “I’m considering having my 1st Amendment filing suit against Bubba and the Producers,” she wrote.

Kelley’s name dropping continues through many of the emails she sent to Buckhorn. She mentions Gen. James Mattis, the King of Jordan and a group of international “VIPs.”

We’re getting a small snapshot here of what really happens behind the scenes that usually doesn’t make its way into the newspapers. And how the First Amendment is under siege by Islamists and their collaborators.

  • JacksonPearson

    Tampa tramp, Jill Khawam Kelley…YES she is!

  • Mary Sue

    What a twist! [/M. Night Shamalyn]

    Either she's in the tank for the Muslim Brotherhood, or she's one of those idiots that believes the world will end if a Koran is defaced/destroyed.

    • pvl

      More likely in bed rather than in tank

    • Viet Vet

      Well hell man, Obummer is in the tank for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • pat roberts

      she is Lebanese Catholic. What does that have to do with the Muslim Brotherhood?

      let's apply your logic to the following:

      there are American Jews in the US. Are they Israeli spies?

      • rssg

        Thats why letting foreigners into high places of our government is not wise. Mass immigration is partly to blame for all this. We no longer believe in ourselves, so we feel obligated to allow half the world to immigrate here and before long, they have jobs of influence in our government.

        Plus, while fighting a war against Islamic/Arab terrorism, why are we importing Muslims and Arabs in general? Not wise. But hey, that's our government!

  • atthebeach

    This all makes my head spin. Our 'Government Military' is beginning to look like the worst of 'Government High School.' Imagining Ms. Khawam as a person of serious influence – which apparently; according to her 'phone book' and email addresses; she must be – raises this all to 'bad fiction'.

    Pinch me. . .and may America survive it's worst fools.

  • http://twitter.com/Kenrick66 @Kenrick66

    Jack and Jill went up the Hill to fetch a pail of dhimmis…._Jack fell down, and broke his crown,_And Jill came tumbling after…for another roll in the hay._

  • victor

    They are all despicable human beings without any sense of honor. Why the hell are we having a General fight a war, while showing cowardice and fear in the face of the enemy, and defending the first amendment. Isn't that his duty to defend this country's citizen's and their rights under the Constitution. What the hell is wrong with those people. Where the hell did they grow up. Right now, the islamists and thet terrorists have more conviction to stand for what they believe and defend it, regardless of how evil their convictions are, and regardless of the consequences. And we call ourselves the strongest nation in the world. That's why those desert dwellers laugh at us and treat us with disrespect.

    • mike

      Amen to what you wrote. This country has been sold old for years with weak politically correct "leaders"
      We are not fighting a war to win..just like the first gulf war, Vietnam or Korea. Victory is never defined or attempted and our enemies grow stronger as we grow weaker in mind, spirit and security at home and abroad.
      The enemy is emboldened and encouraged while our country's leadership worries about their rights, their religion and ignores our basic security. Nothing but demise for us will continue from this newly elected regime..

  • scallywagy

    Jill Kelley, may in the end just may well be a self promoting, attention seeking, drama queen. .prone to smashing her fine china, but in the end one can't deny she finally got all the attention she always wanted, which is probably another way of saying no press is bad press…

    If only we could all be ascending socialites with the power to captivate….

  • Silver ScumbAG


    Daniel Greenfield posted his view that they 2 sisters of moles from Hezbala that got negative vibes from this site because they are " christian " and not muslim.

    Debt will make us do terrible things and another " christian " comes to mind: James Zogby.

    Israel hater since I have heard of him, CNN guest ad infinitum. On the evening of the Lockerbie attack which should have been seen as an act of war, on CNN's crossfire, he blamed this on Mossad.

  • Jeannie

    There is a twist here!! I have been following this the last few days…and I think its a little ironic that Jill khawam Kelley, is now a "so called whistleblower" and her sister Natalie Khawam, is a whistle blower lawyer…and Jill, is in in debt of losing her house..her fancy car! Im to sure if her scheme was about to be uncovered or what! But, I from what im seeing and reading..I would not doubt Jill and her sister were not putting this plan into works..for someone..Unfortunately, it was the Generals!! A judged already called Natalie Khawam : "A judge in November 2011 gave Wolfe sole custody of the couple’s son after finding that Khawam, a lawyer, repeatedly lied under oath and filed bogus domestic-violence and child-abuse claims against her husband after their one-year marriage began crumbling in 2009.

    That judge also found that Khawam routinely defied court orders to let the child see his dad and sent harassing e-mails to Wolfe’s friends and business partners that “excoriated Mr. Wolfe for being a horrible father and husband.”

    The judge blasted Khawam for giving false evidence, and noted that a court-ordered shrink had found her domestic-violence allegations to be “part of an ever-expanding set of sensational accusations . . . that are so numerous, so extraordinary and [so] distorted that they defy any common-sense view of reality.”

    The judge also noted that she “is a psychologically unstable person.” not only that Natalie Khawam is suing her employer for sexual harrasment! Trust me!! these sister are not right in the head! They are trying to get money anyway from anyone!! Hope the someone looks into that!! They are both a hot mess!! not only that…Jill and her husband Dr…had a fundraiser and raised 157,000 and nothing was given to cancer research,..instead big money was spent on gifts, travel, and big parties!! SMH!! sad!! ppl put there trust into her and her sister and they are doing these ppl dirty!! I know what the Generals did was right..but In my opinion these sisters were out too basically rob ppl right under their noses!! and that FBI agent should not be an FBI agent either…I also think he was in there plan! I take it he is a whislebower also!!