Jordan Begins Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

That is not an evil goblin from a movie. That is the Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, backed primarily by local Palestinians, has stepped up its campaign to take over the Hashemite Kingdom and the Kingdom is responding in the usual ways by arresting top Brotherhood members and putting them on trial.

Jordanian authorities referred on Sunday a leading Muslim Brotherhood official to a military court for his alleged role in nationwide demonstrations against fuel price hikes amid a security campaign that has resulted in the arrest of dozens of Islamists, DPA reported.

According to a judicial source, Emad Abu Hattab, a senior leader of the Brotherhood’s political branch, the Islamic Action Front, was referred to the country’s military State Security Court on charges of “undermining the regime.”

Abu Hattab’s referral is linked to allegations of his involvement in a series of nationwide protests against rising fuel prices that have gripped Jordan over the past two weeks and saw some participants call for “regime change” – a criminal offence which, under Jordanian law, carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

Naturally the peaceful and moderate Muslim Brotherhood is threatening the Kingdom with violence if it doesn’t get its way.

The Brotherhood denounced the “provocative” arrests, warning of a “serious fallout” and rising anger in the streets should authorities fail to release the detainees.

“This provocative move is a clear violation of citizens’ basic rights to freedom of expression,” said Ali Abu Sukar, president of the Islamic Action Front’s governing Shura Council. “If the regime is serious in wanting the protest movement to remain peaceful, it will release Abu Hattab and all other political prisoners immediately.”

Nice kingdom you have here, we wouldn’t want to have to start blowing it up.

Jordan joins the UAE which is running its own crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood for wanting to take over. This puts them at odds with Qatar, which has emerged as the Gulf’s biggest backer of the Brotherhood and the most extremist state in the region, now topping even Saudi Arabia.

  • Coptic John

    Do yourself a favor and finish them off and learn something from Egypt and Tunisia…

  • κατεργάζομαι

    "Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood"

    Even before MOh@mmad ,

    Confucius (551–479 BC) said:

    ANY MUSLIM Crack Down is far less smelly than a MUSLIM Crack Up.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    The government of Jordan has done this before…..

    • Larry

      Can we have a Black December to go with Black September?

  • Mary Sue

    At least the King of Jordan knows what to do about those terrorists.

  • Arlie

    They're going to waste time in courts? Way past time for that. Over throwing a government – treason – firing squad would solve much. They need an example set against extremists to tell the Muslim world we've had enough of this already! Nothing else is working. All everyone does is show weakness and cave in to these murderous thugs. Wake up world, they will never be happy like we want to be.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They're taking them through military courts. Probably won't lead to a firing squad, but that's the next step.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Those Palestinians that revolted under the former King Hussein are most sincerely dead. The
    problem he had was what to do with the many thousands he had no place to send, no one
    wants them and he was no mass murderer to take all of their lives so he made a deal, remain
    in piece or I will break you into pieces. The present King Hussein knows the game and he
    at this time can still set the rules and as a smart man he will not bend nor be fooled, he knows
    how to deal with his enemies and may look to Israel for a deal…………………….William

    • Larry

      Send them to Syria. Might as well help the chaos there along. And while they are at it, the Israelis may as well flush Samaria and Judea over the Golan as well.

  • ObjectiveFacts2

    "That is not an evil goblin from a movie. That is the Muslim Brotherhood leader in Jordan."

    If only that was our biggest problem with them.


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  • Anonymous

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