Lara Logan: “Our Way of Life is Under Attack” (VIDEO)

The quotes and excerpts of Lara Logan’s speech don’t really properly capture it the way that watching the video does. This is an emotional speech and it’s unusual because it’s been a while since we’ve heard anyone talk like this. It’s a speech that takes us back ten years to the early days of the War on Terror. And those ideas are apparently a core part of what she believes.

Lara Logan’s theme is that abandoning Afghanistan will turn it back over into a base for Islamic terrorists. And in between advocating serious engagement with Afghanistan and blasting the refusal to talk about Pakistan’s role in Al Qaeda, she slips in the occasional dangerous unexplored idea about the nature of the enemy.

Here’s the full video along with some important excerpts.

“It’s amazing to me that we are still comparing Afghanistan to Vietnam.

“The Viet Cong didn’t care what you did when you went back to America. The Viet Cong didn’t fight for an Islamic caliphate. The Viet Cong didn’t fight a global struggle. It’s amazing to me that we constantly ignore … what all these groups tell us every day in their own in their own statements.”

“They share something. They share an idea. Al Qaeda is not an organization. You don’t have to have a membership card or badge… this is terrorism, it is a completely and utterly different fight from anything we have faced in our history.”

“Our way of life is under attack and if you think that’s government propaganda, if you think that’s nonsense, if you think that’s warmongering, you’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight.”

“In your arrogance, you think you write the script, but you don’t. There’s two sides and we don’t dictate the terms. In fact after eleven years of war in Afghanistan, we’re rushing for the exits as fast as we can, not only do we not dictate the terms, but we have less power to dictate anything on the world stage.”

“Ambassador Ryan Crocker said, ‘We’ve killed all the slow and stupid ones. The ones that are left are more committed and they didn’t become any kinder or gentler in the last eleven years.’

“‘Another thing he said. We think we’ve won the campaign and they haven’t even begun to fight.'”

“If you fail to identify the ideological component to this fight, if you fail to identify what your enemy is really fighting for, if you lie about who they really are, I don’t see how you can possibly have the right strategy.”

“There’s a narrative coming out of Washington, much of it driven by Pakistani lobbying money and by Taliban apologists. One of my favorite things to read about is how the Taliban today is so unlike the Taliban of 2001, they’re a more moderate, gentler kinder Taliban who just can’t wait to see women in the workplace occupying an equal role in society and great economic prosperity for all of Afghanistan and they don’t really want to take us back 3,000 years into that terrible place I witnessed.”

“And when I look at what’s happening in Libya, this big song and dance, whether this was a terrorist attack or a protest, and you just want to scream for god’s sake, are you kidding me, the last time we were attacked like this was the USS Cole which was a prelude to the 1998 embassy bombings which was a prelude to 9/11. And you’re sending FBI to investigate. I hope you’re sending in your best clandestine warriors who will go in to exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil, that its ambassadors will not be murdered and that the United States will not do nothing about it.”

  • Mark Miclette

    Lara is an excellent speaker that sees as clearly as any one reporter we have in America today. Keep up the great work Lara… there are many of us listening and we know what you see is true.

  • Betsy

    What an honest speech by a women who has been through a horrific experience. Now the problem is, who is listening? Will the media give her air time; will they be brave and honest to let the truth be known? Continue to speak Lara, some of us are listening.

  • Sheree Rabe

    Thank you for your honesty, Would you please run for president? I have friends in Afghanistan who validate everything you are saying. Hillary told them we would not abandon them, they came out of their homes, went back to school and work and spoke up for they pray that we will not leave to be beheaded since the Taliban are still in the villages, ringing Kabul and even in some parts of Kabul. They are so bright, so grateful and so scared of 2014. How are we going to leave and allow the genocide that will follow? We did not leave the Jews in the death camps. How can we leave the Afghans? We could have accomplished so much but we tied our military's hands behind their backs left them there like fish in a barrel.

    I have been saying that the news and the WH are talking the Taliban line, now I know why. Unbelievable! Thank you for your bravery.

  • Anamah

    She understands who is our enemy…and has the courage to talk about. Thank you my dear Lara, from now I am going to pay attention at what your comments and articles. I appreciate you very much.

  • Rod

    Lara – thank you! Some folks want to leave and feel good. You have seen the reality and report it. I have been to Egypt three times – twice before and once after the revolution. Even before the revolution, my host told me: "we have free speech here too, but if you say anything bad about Islam, the Koran or Muhammad I will cut your throat." Now, I love Egypt, but the people there have a different view of things.

  • gman213

    All of this and yet…this message will fall on the deaf ears of lame leaders of this country

  • Chezwick

    All deference to Lara, but even she herself is in denial. She's talking about the 'Pakistani lobby' and events in Afghanistan…which is just a side-show to a much greater struggle. Why isn't she talking about the 'Saudi lobby'?….why isn't she talking about CAIR, the ISNA, the MSA, and other Muslim-front groups in the USA?…why isn't she talking about the campaign against the AFDI signs defending Jihad and rightly equating Jihad with savagery?

    Lara Logan was the victim of the Islamic rape of infidels, a 1400-year ritual. Her PC blinders were partially removed. But either she's too afraid to be marginalized by the PC police for taking her new-found wisdom to its logical conclusion….or….she's only partially in the light and doesn't see the bigger picture.

    This war for civilization is not about Al Qaeda and the Taliban, it's about the theology and traditions of Islam itself. Lara talks about the "ideology" of our foes and the importance of "identifying the enemy". When SHE can identify the enemy as the religion of Islam, I'll embrace her with love and conviction. Until then, I'll take her with a grain of salt.

    • stevef

      Very well said…thank you.

      • Chezwick

        Thanks Steve.

        For the record folks, It should read:

        "Why isn't she talking about the AFDI signs defending ISRAEL and rightly equating Jihad with savagery"

        Excuse the error. I was watching the MLB playoffs tonight and am quite inebriated. For people who think baseball is a bore, they don't know what the 8th and 9th inning of an elimination play-off game can do to a man's innards.

        • david xavier

          Chez ,

          I think she knew that she was entering the political arena and therefore kept the focus narrow and carefully used people on the ground to draw a conclusion . I think though , she will be marginalized nevertheless .

          As for her being in 'denial', I am pretty sure in private , her views would be approaching yours ( and mine). So a small push to alter the direction of the liberal/left supertanker that is US foreign policy from the so called rocks should be welcomed. Politics is the art of the possible , so going 'all in' is probably a bridge to far her considering her msmedia circumstances.

          We have just had the anniversary of the Bali bombings in Australia , and Australians are still pretty raw about it and despite having a leftist government , Australian's overwhelmingly wish to stymie what is illegal Islamic immigration into this country…and are antagonistic about Islam ( as is Islam with everything)

          BTW: Baseball is ridiculous ! I do note in Logan's favor , that she is from South Africa and we in Australia have a cultural affinity ….rugby and cricket ….both of which are always riveting! God Bless

          • Chezwick

            David, you've offered up a very fair-minded assessment.

          • JLok

            Organised sports are utterly pointless at this point in history. And I would argue at all points in history.

            "Oh, I'm so riveted by this cricket!" Meanwhile the enemy creeps in, the world smolders, Islamists murder your countrymen, your nation slumbers in sports-entertainment fed apathy.

          • Chezwick

            My God….we can't stop being human. A little entertainment is nourishment for the soul, even in the midst of a civilizational struggle.

  • Rita

    Welcome Lara Logan, you are on your way back home!

  • doginabun

    i state right here and right now, that the American Media, knowingly or unknowingly, is part of Al Qaeda, adding and abetting them in their quest to overthrow the USA and eventually, the world…

  • SoBe

    Here is a better video of the speech:

    ~ It edited to what actually appeared on the screen rather than showing the guests during the screening of the interviews, etc etc

    ~ 480p is 116 MB, 720p is 287 MB.

  • Tim Brown

    I wonder if Ms. Logan has been looking at who has been attacking our way of life….

    Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, 30,000 drones in OUR skies within 10 years. Hmmmm that isn't Al Qaeda doing that, is it? And when they did attack us, who was coordinated enough to stop it? Certainly not our intelligence agencies. There is more here than just what Ms. Logan is presenting.

  • @undefined

    "Kid…you got a lip on you…. But you're honest. And that's something we can't get enough of in this business." (Miller's Crossing) And I bet a lot of people wish she would just shut up. I pray to God she never does. Keep fighting the good fight

  • @undefined

    There is a vast difference between "exacting revenge" or "payback" versus "Seeking death among them until they actively persue peace." ~ I am for the later as I believe it falls within the bounds of a "Just War."

  • Fredw

    Speaking of Vietnam, remember the domino theory?

  • StewieGriffin

    Bravo !

  • Oort Cloud

    What a corageous woman. I agree with her 90%. For the 10%, I think we can exact revenge without being in Afghanistan. I think we leave, give them a false sense of secuirty. Let the little bastards come out of hiding, then unleash an onslaught of long distance missles. We should not rebuild or try to win the hearts of these people. We should kill them if they antagonize us. That's all. We do not need to be there to do this We can shut down their airports, their public utilities, their communications. They cannot kill us from the stone age. We should be ruthless.