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Leftist Magazine Calls for a Military Coup by Obama

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 5, 2012 @ 11:34 am In The Point | 14 Comments


The stench of progressive desperation is filling the air and desperate people begin calling for desperate measures. Tikkun Magazine, formerly an influential voice of the Jewish left [2], now a distant memory with a broken website, floats at the bottom of the leftist well. And so it’s almost appropriate that the insane call for a military coup by Obama and a second civil war appeared in the virtual pages of Tikkun.

The editorial “Obama Must Use Military to Ensure a Free and Fair Election” comes from one Jonathan Klate [3], but it’s endorsed by Tikkun editors and headlined by a desperate call from Tikkun’s editorial staff to relay the whole “Let’s Use the Military to End the Rule of Law in America” up to Obama’s people and the mainstream media.

Klate’s thesis is that Obama would naturally win the election if not for all the pesky voter fraud regulations. Maybe he can also explain what Republican suppressive mechanism has led to huge turnouts for Romney and low turnouts for Obama in their campaign appearances. His answer is for Obama to use the military to seize control of the voting stations and use armed force to suppress all state voting laws, so the illegal aliens and repeat voters can have their voting orgy.

It’s illegal of course, unconstitutional and a declaration of war on the republic… but since Obama has decided that he can act as the legislative and the executive branch, then Tikkun Magazine is probably thinking that he can take over for the states too.

Klate’s editorial already calls on Obama to ignore the Supreme Court, which would assign him the powers of all three branches of government making him a tyrant.  And after that, why not a military coup?

“The presence of armed forces would underscore the serious nature of the threats to democracy posed by the tactics of disenfranchisement being deployed by those determined to wrest the presidency from Barack Obama by any means necessary.”

Yes. The presence of armed forces usually underscores a serious threat to democracy… by the man dispatching them. The proposal to win an election by sending troops to protect voter fraud would put Obama one step closer to being Castro or Chavez and would mean the end of America. The very fact that the left is seriously proposing such a thing shows just how unhinged the ranks of the left have become.

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