Liberal New York Daily News Endorses Mitt Romney “Mitt’s the Man”

Of all the headlines that I expected to see on the first issue of the New York Daily News delivered to the storm zone, “Mitt’s the Man” came in 3rd after, “Michael Bloomberg buys a trucker hat, big gulp and shotgun and moves to Georgia” and “Barney Frank marries Ellen DeGeneres in Secret Ceremony”.

The New York Daily News had hurled vicious attacks at Mitt Romney on its front page time and time again. After the second debate, there was so much gloating that it seemed as if the paper was celebrating a Yankees victory. Its veneer of the working class tabloid regularly gave way to hysterical attacks on him. And yet the Daily News has decided to endorse Mitt Romney.

What does that mean? Two things.

1. The choice has come down to Mitt Romney or economic ruin. Obama has completely failed to make the case that he can fix the economy.

2. The number of Democrats who believe that Mitt Romney will spearhead a Mormon/Tea Party conspiracy to lock up all the women and launch abortion clinics filled with the elderly into outer space continues to dwindle.

 America’s heart, soul, brains and muscle — the middle- and working-class people who make this nation great — have been beset for too long by sapping economic decline.

So, too, New York breadwinners and families.

Paychecks are shrunken after more than a decade in which the workplace has asked more of wage earners and rewarded them less. The decline has knocked someone at the midpoint of the salary scale back to where he or she would have been in 1996.

The Daily News endorsement goes on to lay out a story of working class and middle class economic disaster that could have easily appeared in the National Review. Followed by some eerily accurate and pointed statements.

Recovery from the disaster that Obama inherited was going to take time. But four years is a long, long slog. Had the President guided a typical upswing, America would by now have regained essentially all its lost jobs. At his present pace, Obama would reach that milestone in the third year of a second term.

First came emergency economic stimulus… After originally projecting that the program would produce 4 million more jobs than the country now has, along with a 5% jobless rate, Obama pleads that he saved Americans from more dire straits.

Next came Obamacare…  the typical family’s health insurance premium has risen and many businesses will experience a hike of $70 per week per employee, further restraining wages or producing part-time jobs that lack coverage.

And so the choice comes down to Romney.

Romney’s approach is the stronger. Critically, he has tailored his policies to create jobs, jobs, jobs.

Romney’s energy plan calls for reemphasizing oil and natural gas production, in a shift away from Obama’s tilt toward trying to develop wind and solar into workable alternatives.

His proposal for Medicare would permit future retirees to choose between tried-and-true health care and private insurance to produce savings through competition. It took political bravery even to broach such concepts, and they are well worth exploring.

His immigration strategy entails markedly increasing visas for highly skilled workers, such as engineers and computer scientists, who are in short supply in the United States — and are proven jobs generators. Obama let economic energy go by the boards by declining to up these H1-B work permits.


  • Mary Sue

    LOL Dan, that point number two had me chuckling. Launching abortion clinics filled with the elderly into space. Sounds like something some real moonbats would actually believe. Good one. :)

  • Anne Giordano

    I had to double check this but it's true. I have a new respect for the NY Daily News – that they saw the truth and crossed the political line to do the right thing. I applaud you – and will be reading the DN more than ever.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      IT's a great sign of hope.

  • L. George McDonald

    This paper has overstepped it’s boundaries and has moved itself into the area of “Most Racist Print Media ” in the entire United States of America. Should President Barack Obama win again as all polls show that he will, all these racist innuendos and statements should be called to the attention of the administration and they should be made to pay as other fascist governments do. We all know who they are, for they run the entire world, or are trying to for sure.


      Wow – amazing that when even a "liberal" leaning newspaper endorses someone other than Prince Obama the liberal hacks are still trying to play the race card! So basically anyone who doesn't want to vote for a black candidate is a racist? No matter that he hasn't fulfilled any of his campaign promises? I have to vote for the democratic black candidate because he's black or I'm a racist? Can't wait for tomorrow and true change!

      • Mary Sue

        Oh no because it couldn't possibly be because of the issues! [/sarcasm]

        Mr. McDonald's Quarter Pounder up there is in denial that Obama's policies are an abject Carteresque failure (if he even knows of Carter's follies), and his only refuge for his sanity (which doesn't exist) is the idea that it MUST be racism because Obama is teh perf3ct!!!11One!!111Eleventy!!

    • Mary Sue

      Obama is just as bad as Jimmy Carter. By all rights he should LOSE in a landslide. The only reason he wouldn't lose in a landslide is…dun dun dun…BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.

      It's called the Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations, dood. The actual racists are the ones that VOTED FOR HIM BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.


      If you seriously think the New York Daily News is racist, you have a serious problem. It's called Head Inverted Into Rectum Disorder. NOBODY HERE cares about race.

  • L.George McDonald

    I am posting to my facebook and twitter that all Caribbean, African, Puerto Ricans and other Latinos, including others who consider themselves non-racist individuals should "IMMEDIATELY CEASE PURCHASING NOT ONLY THIS PAPER BUT ALSO THE COMMODITIES OF COMPANIES WHO USE THIS PAPER AS A CHANNEL OF THEIR DISTRIBUTION!!!!.


    • Mary Sue

      How's life as a barking moonbat? Is the purple koolaid cold enough? Lemme guess, they let you out of your rubber room and you forgot to take your meds.