Libya Responds by Staging Fake Apology Rally

Expect to see these pictures on the evening news described as a rally in Benghazi protesting against the attack. Then look at these four signs, held by different people, all clearly written by the same person and misspelled the same way. It is highly doubtful that the participants have any idea what the signs they’re holding mean. Certainly no one in this crowd knows enough English to be aware of it.

The hand-lettered signs are supposed to look individual, they are clearly not.

  • Fabio Juliano

    Where were these people when their coreligionists were sodomizing, torturing, and murdering the American diplomats? If you try to do that to foreign diplomats in any non-savage country, they'd have the SWAT squad out there in five minutes, certainly if someone attacked Muslim infiltrators, I mean, friendly diplomats, in the U.S.

    • Kylar

      Would that be the diplomats who died due to smoke inhalation you are referring to? Kinda hard to sodomize and torture someone in a smoke filled room while under fire. Check it out – the sodomy story is a conspiracy theory that even Fox News won't carry.

      Or are you wondering about the dozens of local Libyan militia members, four of whom were killed on the scene, who showed up to help the outnumbered local Libyan security officers, ten of whom died defending the Americans while fighting off the militants long enough to evacuate the consulate? Or the Libyan forces who helped the Embassy security staff retake the main compound building? Or are you referring to the Libyan civilians who risked their lives to get the body of the Ambassador to a hospital?

      This attack was committed by criminals, but they were fought off by heroes, many of whom were Libyans. Libyans gave their lives to defend Americans. Don't dishonor them, lest you dishonor us in the process. Honor for honor, dignity for dignity, no matter race or creed.

  • Nehama

    Actually it's the same sign held by four different people.

    • Nehama

      Correction, it's the same sign held by two different people – mostly likely father and son. My guess is the son held the camera for the two pickures of the father and the father held the camera for the two pictures of the son.

  • subconch

    I made the same observation yesterday (on twitter w/pic) about this dubious demonstration and as well pointed out how well clad and shod the crowd seemed to be, and further noted that some women stood out by the absence of any head covering… maybe organizers of the event?

  • BLJ

    These people are paid to demonstrate. There are no real jobs in those hell hole places. They get paid and then run back to the mosque for more anti anything but Islam indocttrination.

    Got a novel idea. Let's get energy indepedent and tell those camel jockeys to stuff it.

  • Lfox328

    The last "Muslim outrage staged event" was the response to the Muhammed cartoons – the signs had CLEARLY been mass-produced.

    That was NEVER reported by the mainstream news.

  • Doktor Zoom

    You guys are hilarious, in a sick sort of way. You complain that moderate Muslims never condemn terrorism, then, when shown photos of moderate Muslims condemning terrorism, you decide, based on no evidence whatsoever, that the whole thing is fake because you just KNOW "they all hate us." As to the sign being in English, how about these signs in Arabic, translated by readers:

    Yeah, I know, all faked.

    The thing I find most amusing? Islamist radicals and idiots like you are hate-filled mirror-images of each other.

    • The Red Cobra

      Hit the nail on the head there Zoom. These photos help show that the majority of people, regardless of religion or nationality, are decent , good people. Extremists have trouble accepting this.

  • Kilkee

    And if you knew anything about the Arabic language you would not be surprised that they were "misspelled the same way." Apparently you think that somehow supports your position. It doesn't. Do some research under "bilabial plosives" in a Linguistics text and perhaps you'll understand that the "misspelling" is proof of a genuine effort to express regret by an Arab whose English is probably better spoken than written.

  • FrontPageSucks

    Two people, one sign, one dumb article.