Libyan Interior Minister “I Will Not Stop Islamist Violence”

After a completely meaningless resignation, Libya’s Interior Minister has finally come clean and is saying that the police will not in any way interfere with Islamist violence. Most newspapers are not carrying his full remarks and their real implications.

Interior minister Fawzi Abdel A’al initially offered his resignation on Saturday after he was criticized for not doing enough to stop the Tripoli assault, which took place in broad daylight in the center of the city as security forces looked on.

Abdel A’al on Tuesday said he had reconsidered and decided to stay in the job.

After Obama’s Libyan War, the new Libyan government has made it clear that it will not stop Islamists from carrying out domestic purges.

He defended the security forces decision not to confront the attackers and suggested the heavily-armed groups might out-gun government forces.

“If we deal with this using security we will be forced to use weapons, and these groups have huge amounts of weapons. We can’t be blind to this. These groups are large in power and number in Libya. I can’t enter a losing battle (with them), to kill people over a grave,” he told reporters.

It was up to the country’s religious bodies to stop the desecration, he said.

“If all shrines in Libya are destroyed so we can avoid the death of one person (in clashes with security), then that is a price we are ready to pay,” the minister added.

By “We” he means the Libyan government, not the people whose shrines are being bulldozed. Of course it’s just faintly possible that the security forces are the ones who are part of this.

Abdel A’al said he was looking into accusations that some members of the security forces were involved in the attacks on the shrines. “If they are proven guilty they will face consequences,” he said.

…unless they have a lot of weapons.

By making this announcement, Abdel A’al has told the Islamists that they have a free hand. Everything else is theater. This is the same old game of fake moderates and fake extremists. The legitimate Islamists are using the illegitimate Islamists to do their dirty work for them. This is a quiet partnership where the purges happen because everyone wants them to happen.

The world was outraged over the Taliban’s destruction of the Buddhist statues. Where is the outrage at the fact that Obama used an illegal war to put the destroyers of Sufi shrines and their “moderate” collaborators into power in Libya?

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