Like America, the Rest of the World has Soured on Obama

Let’s go to the Pew Survey. The interesting thing about it is that while Obama is trying to sell himself as the man who upgraded America’s image in the Muslim world, the approval ratings for America have gone up in Europe, but fallen in the Muslim  world.

The Muslim world did not sour on Bush. Europe did. In France, positive views of America went from 42 under Bush in 2008 to 75 under Obama in 2009. 53 percent to 69 percent in the UK. 33 to 58 percent in Spain. In Russia, China and the Muslim world, there were only small bumps reflecting an overall hostility.

But in 2012, nearly every country polled now has a lower positive rating of America than it did in 2009. The one exception appears to be Russia, where Obama’s America is polling better than ever, likely reflecting regime propaganda or opposition to the regime– it’s hard to say which.

In Lebanon, Obama’s America circa 2012 polls three points worse than Bush’s America circa 2008. Likely a reflection of Obama’s abandonment of Lebanon to Hezbollah and Syria. In Egypt, home of the Arab Spring, Bush’s America polled at 22 percent while Obama’s America polls at 19 percent. In Jordan and Pakistan, Obama’s America polls 7 percent worse than it did under Bush.

Perversely, Bush’s America was more popular in the Muslim world than Obama’s America. So much for winning respect through appeasement.

  • Mary Sue

    The muslim countries are pretty racist, so it's no surprise that they've got unfavorable views on a black President. Obama could be handing them all they want on a silver platter and they'd still give him the thumbs' down.

    I guess all that brainwashing in Indonesian Madrassas was for naught.

    • Omar

      He's actually a mixed-race president (half-black and half-white). Still, the Islamist countries don't really care about peace and cooperation with the free world. The Islamists and their leftist allies want world domination. America needs to show the world that it is a beacon of democracy and freedom for all, and that America will not tolerate totalitarianism nor oppression.

      • Mary Sue

        Oh I know that, but I have also heard it argued that a half-and-halfer IS the minority half of their identity. If a person is half-white, half-black, they're black. Half-indian half white? Well unless they are specifically classed as Metis, they are Indian. And so on. Given that it's almost a certainty that there's some white and/or even Indian blood in the gene pool of African-sourced Americans, among other things, one would be hard-pressed to convince any of those that they are anything OTHER than "black". To them it's not about the blood anyway, it's always been about the skin color. Which renders the whole "how much white is in you" thing rather moot, unless it lightens the skin somewhat.

        I would hate to think what Obama would do if the Iranian Mullahs, or any given terrorist Group (including Al quaida) ordered him to start excecuting gay people or they'd commit another terrorist attack on America. Gays under the bus, or not? Scary thing to contemplate, particularly given his willingness to sell out people already.

        • dennis

          ob ummer is the scariest thing to ever happen to America and the hard working taxpayers of the USA obuluga would love nothing better than to have an all black muslim nation
          it is scary that our home are worthless much of the nation is following detroits lead where homes are not worth owning and we have to pay a ransom to drive to work obummer is out to destory america and give him 4 more years and he will
          by the way why do you think over 90 percent of blacks vote for obummer most of them also are anti american and would love to change the flag the anthem and everything else about the States

      • benjabo

        Black & White, describes a skunk

  • John Hasham

    Why shouldn't Obama bow to the "Burger King?" He bows to everyone else. Great photo!

    The guy has the ability to make everything worse and the effrontery to say he's made things better over and over. He's perhaps the greatest liar in history — maybe it is just that his followers are the stupidest in history.

    • John

      KABLAMMM !

    • Mary Sue

      I think he's apologizing to the Burger King for Michelle's wholesale nanny state takeover of Children's Lunch foods. XD

    • JeremyBeadleshand

      id bow to the burger king, that guys terrifying!

  • gerry

    He is the greastest liar in history,no one else has told so many lies in such a little time.The guy is a pathological liar.The only leader in the world who does not know wheere he is born,is it in Kenya,like he said or in Hawai like his clique,cohort,coterie told us.Maybehe has got a dplit personality!As for those who elected him,they voted for him because in him they saw teir values.The rest of the world is laughing at America,the whole show is a joke!The French like him because they despise in their majorite the U S and see in him the person that will make the mighty USA collapse (a very old dream) end up in the history's dust bin!Anyway all this is to the delight of the Chinese who believe that the U S will become a failed state.

    No wonder they are clamoring for four more years.

    • Mary Sue

      The irony here is that I heard a person say that all politicians are sociopaths, yet they didn't think that Obama was one.

  • curmudgeon

    muslims should be kissing obama's islamic ring. that muslims, of all favored people, are not happy with obama is stark testimony to exactly what muslims expect of america: more groveling, appeasing, coddling, then submission to islamic slavery and, finally, acceptance of genocide. obama has done everything including publicly proclaim his muslimness, and neither submissive, cowardly americans nor conquering triumphant muslims believe him. whats a guy gotta do to prove he is a traitor to ameria and a friend of islam? write a book?

  • zionit

    There really is something wrong with his spine:

  • Rotait

    why was my post deleted ? Is it cos I is black ?

    • Mary Sue

      it was probably held up for approval by the admins. That happens to everybody myself included. Sometimes they appear, sometimes not. I think it's a random process that selects posts based on how often you post.