Mahmoud Quotes Koran, Murders 2 Senior Citizens in Kentucky Church

It’s another Mahmoud Gone Mad story.

A man who was at the Spring Creek Homeowners Association meeting, who did not want to be identified for safety reasons, tells WAVE 3 he saw Hindi right before he walked into the church. He said he noticed Hindi paused before going in, looked up at sky, and touched his forehead. He said it appeared to be a prayer.

Once Mahmoud got done praying, he began killing.

A man who was inside the meeting and witnessed everything tells WAVE 3, the board wasn’t even discussing Hindi’s property when he stood up and shot board president 73-year-old Dave Meritt. He then shot another board member before a retired LMPD officer was able to take him down. His neighbors showed him thanks for his bravery on his mailbox.

Apparently Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, a Jordanian, thought the Koran should be supreme over the agreement of the homeowner’s association and attempted to enforce that supremacy the old fashioned way– with a shooting spree.

“They are ruthless, selfish and egocentric old couple,” Hindi said of his former next-door neighbors, before citing the Quran, the theory of creationism, and the idea that America has gone to communism.

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi complained bitterly in the past year about his neighbors and an attorney for an eastern Jefferson County homeowners association who had alleged he committed zoning violations in building a second driveway and a fence on his property.

Hindi threatened he would “protect the sacred interest of my kids even if it comes to killing and even if I lose my own life in the course of doing so,” according to court records.

And the story wouldn’t be complete without some bomb threats.

“Dave Merritt went over to try to talk to him nicely and a day or so later, he went to Dave’s house and started waving a gun (and) saying, ‘Don’t you ever come back to my house. There’s explosives in the yard.’ ”

But it’s just as important to remember the victims of the latest act of violence from the Muslim Honor-Shame culture.

Merritt was retired from a federal highway agency and had served on the Jefferson County planning commission, his wife said.

“He was the kindest person who couldn’t hurt anyone,” she said. “He was a hard worker.”

Venkat Ambu has lived on Creek Bend Court across the street from Fisher for two years. He said Fisher was “awesome” — a Korean War veteran who has always been helpful and friendly.

“He’s always smiling,” Ambu said. “I can’t believe how someone could hurt him.”

Like Nidal Hasan, Mahmoud Yousef Hindi was a doctor, which is once again why anyone who talks about stapling Green Cards to any immigrant with a degree should have their head examined… and not by Nidal Hasan or Mahmoud Yousef Hindi either.

  • Kuffar

    Sudden Jihad Syndrome…? .357 is the cure.

  • Uzoozy

    Just another person who went crazy

  • drcrazycatkid

    The ridiculousness of the idea of multiculturalism. It's fine until it isn't. And then it is deadly

  • For My Liberty

    This is getting MORE and MORE common in the USA Every DAY….People BETTER WAKE UP—There is NO SUCH THING as a "Peaceful Muslim"…They have ONE GOAL—ISLAM WORLDWIDE…EVERYONE needs to READ the Qu'ran and UNDERSTAND ……THEN we need to make some CHANGES. The FIRST being to get the MUSLIM POS that is in the White House AND his crooked admin OUT!

  • Tired of lies

    te Koran tells them it's okay to lie to further their agenda… so the lie they are not radicals like some is a lie! they are of SAtan..and americans had better wake up! If they dont like our rules..they should go back to Syria, or Egypt..but get out of the USA!

  • Gwammy

    How come this hasn't been all over the news? This is the first we've heard of it.

  • Domus Canus.

    Mother of God, is there no end to the madness that is stapled to a muslims DNA at birth? There's just no dealing with these people or the anti islam card is waved like a fan in your face, but if they're very upset they do a garden variety sort of murder on you. Deeply unhappy and unbalanced creatures, I think we must stay away from such daft and odd types. And this one was a medical doctor you say? But I'm wondering will he still get the 72 virgins seeing as he was in a church an' all or would they reduce the number because he wasn't on sacred ground do you think? And what about the honey, will it be fresh or a common jar of the stuff? It's very difficult to figure it all out isn't it, us not worshiping the same God or dressing in those nice frocks that look so lovely on the men. I suppose we'll just have to lay the blame for this little misunderstanding on the homeowner’s association, they have a lot of funny rules don't they, enough for any one of us to kill when they won't bend the rules to our will. Here in Europe we don't have homeowner’s associations, just [B]millions of muslims. Would you have room for me in America, do you think?