Maine GOP Chairman: Unknown Black People Swarmed Polls in Rural Maine

Maine only has four electoral votes and Obama won there by over 100,000 votes, so shenanigans such as these probably did not affect the outcome. But who knows...

The outgoing chairman of the Maine Republican Party says he’s looking into reports that “dozens of black people” unfamiliar to local elections officials showed up to vote in rural Maine towns on Nov. 6

“It doesn’t matter to me whether they’re black or Chinese or Indonesian. The issue isn’t that. The issue is that people have come into vote that no one had seen before,” he said.

“I’m not talking about 15 or 20. I’m talking hundreds,” he said Wednesday. “I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.

Who could those unknown black people have been?

A sizable number of Somali Muslims were dumped on Maine where they have been causing all sorts of problems. There were reports of non-citizen Somalis being bussed to the polls in Ohio. It’s quite likely that something similar happened in Maine.

If Somalis were voting outside of Lewiston or their usual hunts, then they were probably repeat voters swarming in the hundreds to cast multiple votes across rural Maine. How many votes could that add up to? Less than a 100,000 but still far too many.

Where could thousands of phony votes have made a difference in Maine? Angus King won the Senate race by a healthy margin in a scam of another kind. But the Gay Marriage ballot question was much narrower. It was the closest thing that the election had to a cliffhanger and it’s the likely target of any voter fraud effort. It would have been somewhat perverse to recruit Somali Muslims to carry out voter fraud for gay marriage, but the left is nothing if not perverse.

  • visitor

    Just because these bigots don't know any black people doesn't mean that black citizens of Maine must forfeit their right to vote. When you find evidence of fraudulent voters, as opposed to black citizens whose white neighbors don't take notice of them, let us know. In the meantime, this guy should crawl back under the rock from which he emerged. By the way, as a Democrat, I'm fine if you don't want blacks, Hispanics, gays, youth, and women to vote for your candidates. They have an alernative, as you may have noticed at about 10 pm on November 6th. There once was a Whig party. Where are they now?

    • Drew

      Voter fraud and manipulation of votes is a real issue. It should be a non-partisan issue.

      • Mark Anderson

        Sure Drew, your non-partisan, we all believe that.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It's rather doubtful that people in small towns would not notice if black people lived there.

      • Charles Bodman

        I have to agree, seing we live in the whitest state and I would know the people if they lived in my town of appox, 1,500

  • curmudgeon

    why do you assume that the implied fraud did not effect the outcome of the election? one thing democrats are not is stupid. evil, yes. anti-american, yes. treasonous, yes. stupid, no. if they organized fraudulent voting, they perceived a need. why do you assume they were wrong? it is too late now, but i do wonder why it was so obvious that we needed to dye the thumbs of antidemocratic muslim enemies of civilization in iraq so they could not vote more than once, but we see no need to dye the thumbs of voters in america to prevent our enemies from voting as many times as they choose? it doesnt matter now. by the next election, the muslim in the white house will have imported so many enemies of america that democrats will no longer need to cheat.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I assume because Maine with its four electoral votes was not a huge priority and I don't see this stunt as being able to move 100,000 votes.

  • BLJ

    Let's face it. The Dems will do anything to stay in power. Stealing an election is just another path for them.

    They are liars, cheats and lowlifes. Par for the course.

  • free71

    Now we all know for a fact that there are only about three Black people in Maine! Obama's campaign team knew as much and had some of his African relatives flown in from Kenya to participate in Maine's elections. This is the only scenario that makes any sense…

  • guest564