Mali Islamists Using Drugs and Prostitution to Buy Child Soldiers

Do you know the great thing about Islam? It’s this ideal system with superior laws and if everyone just lived under it, the world would be just like Mali.

Mali is a wonderful place experiencing a real turnaround under the control of bands of Islamist militias who have figured out how to boost the economy and provide for the youth of tomorrow through prostitution and providing protection for druglords in exchange for kickbacks and then using that money to buy child soldiers.

I’m not sure how the Islamists could be any worse, but at least they’re not doing anything really awful, like making movies about Mohammed.

Radical Islamists who seized northern Mali earlier this year are maintaining their control through fear and drug money, imposing an extremist version of Muslim Sharia law and restrictions that target women in particular, a top United Nations human rights official said today.

Among a litany of human rights abuses committed by the Islamists, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonovic cited “very drastic punishments,” the recruitment of child soldiers, and enforced marriages that are a smokescreen for enforced prostitution, terming the situation as “very bad.”

“They are buying loyalty. They have tremendous resources to buy loyalty because they are now having kickbacks from narco-traffickers in the region,” he told a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York following a visit to the West African country, where a third of the 1.5 million population of the north, an area the size of France, has been driven from their homes. Mali is a transit corridor for cocaine and other drugs from South America to Europe.

Mr. Šimonovic stressed that children are particularly vulnerable to attempts to enlist them as child soldiers, often to plant improvised explosive devices, with their families being given $600 for enlistment, and then $400 a month in a country where over half the population lives on $1.25 a day.

And the man you can thank for all this? His middle name is Hussein, his first name is Barack and his last name is, Implement Regime Change in Libya Without Considering the Consequences. But I’m sure Michelle Obama will make it up to all those child soldiers by sending them some recipes for low calorie meals that taste like dirt. Then again she probably won’t, because they might be child soldiers, but at least they’re not obese.

  • sugar

    Sadly it's not a surprise or unusual .Obama supports all extremists ,radicals and fundamentalist .
    What is surprising is the UN bothered to mention it.They know about the constant child marriages ,rapes and soldiers all over Africa and the ME.Several UN members own and sell sex slaves and drugs.
    They are completely ignoring the genocide of whites in Africa .
    We can safely assume this is a ploy to raise funds for the victims of Mali and then steal it.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What is surprising is the UN bothered to mention it."

      You got that right.

      "We can safely assume this is a ploy to raise funds for the victims of Mali and then steal it."

      You're good. I hadn't thought of that.

  • benjabo

    Howzabout, Michelle sending her own daughers out to service the troops ?

  • benjabo

    Michelle could accompany her kids, to keep an eye on them & collect the fees, upfront, in advance

  • Paul Davis

    Dear Mr. Daniel Greenfield,

    Please do not write about Mali. You know nothing about the country or the people that live in it. If you did, you would not write such a schematic and partisan article. Moreover, from the limited but extremely licentious comments of your readers and your skewed editorial focus on President Obama, your ignorance of Malian history, your lack of concern about what is really going on in Mali, and your incapacity to empathize for its citizens are patently obvious and disturbing. In Bamana, one might say: I fa foro. I te foyi don, I hakili ni sebenni mayni. I kanna seben Mali kan tuguni.

    Allah k'i here caya (May God give you ever lasting peace)

    –Paul Davis, dit "Diakite"

    • Nambala

      E Diakité! Siratigi ni misitigi! CRAtigi ni Rusitigi! I ma nkalon tigè. Kumasèbèw dòròn b’i la. Nin sèbènnibala’in tunma fè ka nyinikaliw ke k’ale ka donniya’in fisa, o bè Mali ka yèrèkèlè kan.

      An bènna ko Daniel Greenfield ye hakilintan ye. O de ye tinyè ye. Nka sabali ka nyi. Ala ka hiin’a la balisa yèrèdonniya t’a fè. Daniel Greenfield tèna Maliba duman don. A tèna bò ale ka baara Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center-la. Fòlòfòlò, Sinè ka nyèmògò ko: “N’i ma nyini ke, i tè se ka kuma ke.” Fòlòfòlò, David Horowitz tunbènn’o kan. Sisan, Daniel Greenfield ye donniya baga ka kumaw dò sèbèn. nka Miriya si tè Front Page Magazine. Maloya dòròn bè sigi yan.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Like her husband, Michelle is a racist. She's a "victim" of white racism (just ask her), but you think that means she believes all humans are equal? Not at all! That thinking requires consistent logic.

  • burke

    Islam’s basic form is groups of predatory, brutal men hunting for slaves and plunder. The rest is window dressing.

  • Amy Jensen

    It is very hard to believe we still see this happening. There is so much potential for those kids in West Africa. It is so sad that instead of gettting an education and opportunity to do something with their lives, these children are forced into Sex, Drugs, and violence. How is this acceptable?

  • Robert Spancer

    Under the headline it says this article has 9 comments. Did two-bit hack Daniel Greenfield want to hide criticism of his shoddy journalism?