Medal of Honor Winner Blasts “Ditherer-in-Chief” Obama over Benghazigate

Major General Patrick Henry Brady is one of only 81 living Medal of Honor winners. During the Vietnam War, Brady served with the 57th Medical Detachment, rescuing over 5,000 wounded, and knows a few things about dangerous rescues under fire.

His Medal of Honor citation reads, “Maj. Brady distinguished himself while serving in the Republic of Vietnam commanding a UH-1H ambulance helicopter, volunteered to rescue wounded men from a site in enemy held territory which was reported to be heavily defended and to be blanketed by fog.

“To reach the site he descended through heavy fog and smoke and hovered slowly along a valley trail, turning his ship sideward to blow away the fog with the backwash from his rotor blades. Despite the unchallenged, close-range enemy fire, he found the dangerously small site, where he successfully landed and evacuated 2 badly wounded South Vietnamese soldiers.

“He was then called to another area completely covered by dense fog where American casualties lay only 50 meters from the enemy. Two aircraft had previously been shot down and others had made unsuccessful attempts to reach this site earlier in the day. With unmatched skill and extraordinary courage, Maj. Brady made 4 flights to this embattled landing zone and successfully rescued all the wounded.

“On his third mission of the day Maj. Brady once again landed at a site surrounded by the enemy. The friendly ground force, pinned down by enemy fire, had been unable to reach and secure the landing zone. Although his aircraft had been badly damaged and his controls partially shot away during his initial entry into this area, he returned minutes later and rescued the remaining injured.

“Shortly thereafter, obtaining a replacement aircraft, Maj. Brady was requested to land in an enemy minefield where a platoon of American soldiers was trapped. A mine detonated near his helicopter, wounding 2 crewmembers and damaging his ship. In spite of this, he managed to fly 6 severely injured patients to medical aid.

“Throughout that day Maj. Brady utilized 3 helicopters to evacuate a total of 51 seriously wounded men, many of whom would have perished without prompt medical treatment.”

What does Major General Patrick Henry Brady think of Obama’s abandonment of the Navy SEALS in Benghazi under fire?

The answer is the Obama-Panetta Doctrine. In response to the horrible abandonment of dying Americans in Benghazi, Defense Secretary Panetta said: “(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place.”

On its face, that is a remarkable, indeed incomprehensible, change from America’s doctrine in past wars. By that standard, there would have been no Normandy or Inchon. In fact, I can’t think of a war we fought in which we didn’t go into harm’s way without real-time information or to save lives – something the president refused to do in Benghazi. Dust Off would never launch in Vietnam under that doctrine.

To fully understand the doctrinal change, one has to understand President Obama. He has a dearth of understanding of our military and military matters. We hear he is uncomfortable in the presence of ranking military and seldom meets with them. He is not a person who can make decisions, and he takes an extraordinary amount of time to do so, leading to such unseemly labels for a commander in chief as “ditherer in chief.”

President Obama may have set records for voting “present” on important issues. He cowers from crisis decisions. He is a politician who thinks only in terms of votes and his image.

Strong words from a man who risked his life on over 2,000 missions to save Americans under fire.

  • Thomas Wells

    What more need be said?

  • Mary Sue

    Armchair Generals like Obama and his cronies and lapdogs on the left usually have little to no understanding of what it takes to get things done militarily. It takes an actual military member who has experience such as the Major General to shed light on what really happens in such situations, particularly those which mirror the Benghazi situation.

    Why Obama wasn't listening to people who presumably did have such experience in the Military, is probably due to his narcissism and enormous ego, whereby he determines just by the fact of being Himself and The One, that he knows better than they do how to handle such a situation. Plus the desire to maintain the "Everything Is Fine In Libya, Move along, Nothing To See Here" canard.

    The irony being, what he did to try to keep the canard alive, is a whole lot worse overall, reputation wise, than doing the right thing.

    • intrcptr2

      "Armchair Generals like Obama"

      You do realize he's never even played "Risk"?

      • Mary Sue

        I bet he's never played Risk, Axis and Allies, Battleship, Monopoly, Connect 4, or even The Game of Life.

        • HOOAH!!!

          But I bet Obama is a master at tic-tac-toe!

  • Herman Grofsweld

    How does his credibility as a war hero have any value whatsoever in what happened in Benghazi?

    It’s patently absurd to say the President “let them die” … thankfully we don’t conduct investigations based on the say so of those nowhere near the actual intelligence. Besides, President Obama has a much better track record getting the bad guys – I trust him to find the one’s responsible.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He's more than a war hero, he's a man who risked his life to rescue thousands of wounded. What he has to say about rescuing men under fire comes from unquestionable experience and moral authority.

    • Mary Sue

      Really? Really? You're this clueless?

      The president didn't even HAVE to say ANYTHING. He just had to IGNORE the call.

    • intrcptr2

      In case you hadn't noticed (I normally take that as a given for such trolls, even when they demonstrate a marked incapacity to read), the Major was a medic; his job was saving American and allied lives. Obama's gun has only one notch on the grip. And word on the street is that he had to be badgered into making that call.

      His testimony matters because he was in the military; neither Obama nor Panetta have been, and Hillary's claim that our ambassador was murdered due to the "fog of war" is insulting. Our "leaders" are hacks who know less than nothing about their own jobs.
      Of course Panetta's comment is highly revealing; it implies that we didn't already have assets on the ground, under attack.

      grammar check…

    • David R Allen

      It's his credibility as a MAJOR GENERAL that has value!

      What makes you think he doesn't have access to LOTS of classified info?

      And Obama has a better track record? It was SEALs that killed UBL, not the toy-boy they dragged off of a golf course (of course ONLY because SoS Clinton and Admiral Raven gave the go-ahead because BHO's boss (the Iranian-born Muslim sympathizer Valery Jarrett) ordered him to not authorize the mission twice before)!

      He has been having the representatives of known co-conspirators of terrorists visiting the WH, and has hired a few of them to work in the State department. If enough "useful idiots" were to be misled by the "Legacy Media" and cause him to be re-elected, he will be impeached for Treason, Contributing to the Murder of Brian Terry, Ambassador Chris, Stevens (and the rest), Dereliction of Duty, Fraud – the list goes on. It is more likely that Romney will win the election, and the Obama's will be exiled to Hawaii. Bill Clinton has been just as guilty of major crimes, but he has been allowed to trot the world earning millions in speaker's fees. I expect Barry and Michelle will do the same.

    • Ricky Michael

      " I trust him to find the one's responsible. "

      He need only to look in the mirror.

    • Charles Light

      And how many campaigns did you serve in idiot? Did you not read the part where he recieved the Medal of Honor for rescuing wounded men? I was in Vietnam serving as a squad leader in the 1st MarDiv when we walked into a mine field which blew two men's legs off. this was in conjunction with an ambush. We called in for Marine air to send a medivac and they refused. A DUSTOFF was flying in the area and came right down for our wounded in an active fire fight. This man has FORGOTTEN more about leadership and courage than you or that moron who calls himself president will ever know. Why don't you go over to the Daily Kos and spew your crap.

    • LibertyMan

      Herm wrote: "How does his credibility as a war hero have any value whatsoever in what happened in Benghazi?"

      Cough cough…. I think the General had explained military engagement doctrine pretty darn well, what did you not understand? Better question is why Panetta or Obama doesn’t understand it?

  • VA_Rancher

    MG Brady nailed it.

    Well said sir!

  • fanlad

    Finally a General showing honorable integrity and solid character in the ability to speak the Truth. I'm sure this hero doesn't follow the beaten path very often. He follows his core values. This is what makes him a leader, and above the best. God bless him and others who have served and serve honorably, and can recognize leadership when they see it. Or the lack there of.

  • hunbuffone

    Hate to mention this, but he is not a "winner" of the Medal of Honor, as there is no competition for them!
    He is a recipient of the Medal of Honor. No combat medal is ever "won". Good grief!

  • Disgust

    dither-in-chief hell, he is a piece of shit traitor.