Media Bias and Two RNC Racist Incidents

Two racial incidents occurred within the context of the Republican National Convention.

In one incident the Wikipedia page for Mia Love was defaced with slurs such as  “House N***er” and “dirty, worthless wh**e.”Wikipedia is the first search result on Google and with an explosion of searches for her name after her convention speech, millions of people may have seen the slurs.

The only major media outlet to report on this racist incident is FOX News. A few local Utah outlets also mentioned the story. Dave Weigel at Slate sneered that the racist vandalism was a ploy to raise money for Love.

The media instead chose to give widespread coverage to a report of two individuals at the convention who threw peanuts at an unnamed African-American CNN camerawoman and was quickly thrown out. The incident isn’t completely surprising given the large number of Ron Paul supporters who had come to the convention and their disruptive behavior there.

The peanuts incident has been covered by the mainstream media in great detail. There are thousands of news items on the incident, including multiple items at the Washington Post, several calling for an investigation of the event.

From a reasonable point of view, a racist attack on an RNC speaker should be more newsworthy than a racist attack on a nameless camerawoman. The complete lack of media coverage of the first event combined with extensive coverage of the second event reminds us once again that the media is not opposed to racism, it selectively exploits racism to promote its political agenda.

  • aloyicious

    Since MSDNC didn't even bother to air her speech, why should they mention a racist slur against her…

  • Omar

    While both incidents were reprehensible and rightfully condemned by the public, why was the mainstream media silent on what some people online behaved towards Mia Love? It is because the left cannot stand black conservatives or any minority conservative, that's why. The left denounces such people as "Uncle Toms", "sell-outs", "house slaves", "coconuts", "inauthentics", "unwitting dupes" "suffering from Stockholm Syndrome" and worse. The left doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that there are minorities who are prominent members of the GOP and the conservative movement. The left's identity politics are the new racism and bigotry. The truth beats identity politics any day.

  • Rick Ambler

    You are such a breath of fresh air.. where I live (in Hawaii) there are lots of people who buy the lie that if you are against Obama you must be a racist!

  • Rick Ambler

    Any thinking person in America should have the right to choose and follow their convictions…without someone telling them they do otherwise because of the color of their skin, economic class,etc.. And anyone with integrity should be able to enter political dialogue with the better argument NOT just stronger sentiments!