Media Covers Up Muslim Bomber’s Caliphate Goals

Passing by the newsstand this morning, the NYC tabloids are full of blaring headlines about Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, the Muslim terrorist bomber who plotted a terrorist attack against America for the purpose of accelerating the rise of the Caliphate. One tabloid even has Nafis’ “Destroy America” quote as its headline. But all of them carefully avoid mentioning his Islamic goals.

As reported exclusively on The Point yesterday, the Federal affidavit states that Nafis wanted to carry out a major terrorist attack to “make one step ahead, for the Muslims… that will make us one step closer to run the whole world”.

Nafis believed that, “Targeting America’s economy is most efficient way to draw the path of obliteration of America as well as the path of establishment of Khilipha (Caliphate.)”

The media’s censorship is not surprising, but it’s also a reason why ordinary people are baffled by the seemingly senseless acts of Muslim violence.

The ordinary American asks himself why would a Bangladeshi Muslim want to destroy America so badly. The old, “Why do they hate us” question. But it’s not about emotion, but about power politics.

Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis didn’t just aimlessly hate America. He wanted to destroy America to pave the way for an Islamic empire. He didn’t just hate us, he wanted to see Muslims dominate the world.

Muslim terrorists are ethnic and religious supremacists. Their goal isn’t some general hatred or criticism of American foreign policy. They believe that their religion entitles them to run the world and to kill everyone who gets in the way.

Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor because they hated us. Nazi Germany did not invade Poland because they hated the Poles. The Soviet Union did not point nuclear missiles at us because they hated us.

Muslim terrorists are not trying to kill us only because they hate us. They are killing us because they want to conquer us.

This is the single most important point that needs to be conveyed to ordinary people for the Counterjihad to be effective. Muslim terrorism is not emotional, it’s not senseless violence, it is motivated power politics. It is violence with a purpose.

Islam’s fulfillment requires that it rule the world. The primary duty of the Muslim is to reach that goal, whether through violent Jihad or deceptive Dawaa. Either by conquest or conversion, Islamic ideology has a supremacist mandate to rule the world.

Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was clear about this point.

Nafis described the United States as “Dar Al-Harb” which means “land of war” in Arabic. (As opposed to Dar Al-Islam) Nafis further told the CHS that Nafis believes it is permissible to travel to the United States for only two reasons: for “dawaa,” which means “preaching,” or for “J’” which the CHS understood to mean “Jihad.”

This isn’t hate. It’s war. The Islamists like Nafis understand the terms of that war. But those terms are carefully censored here. And removing that censorship and getting the truth out may be the difference between the survival of our civilization and its consignment to the category of forgotten civilizations whose cultures and creeds were crushed out of existence by the conquering hordes of Mohammed that overran the world bringing slavery, misery and oppression with them everywhere they went .

  • riverboatbill

    One small step for a muslim; one giant leap for the Caliphate.

  • Michael

    The prime objective of the counterjihad movement should be to enlighten the average Westerner that the Quran, unlike the Bible or the Torah, gives non-Muslims only the status of second class citizen and that, again unlike Bible and Torah, it teaches supremacist ideas about its religion which, yet again unlike in the Christian and Jewish religion, can also be advanced by brute force if necessary. This should come as no surprise since Muhammed himself was also a general who was not shy to use military force to assert his Islam. It is only logical and natural that the militant character of early Islam has left its eternal mark on the Quran which cannot even be reformed because it is perceived as God's own word. This means the world will have to live with Islam's ambiguity towards the use of violence as long as Islam exists – or find ways to combat it.

  • DP111

    Its a win win for this Jihadi. He only grets 3 stars for attempted Jihad. He would have got 5 stars if he had succeeded. Still, all starts count in getting to the Islamic paradise.

    Then there is the fact that he will get a 30 year residence and work permit in the USA,, board and lodging provided. Not bad.

  • PAthena

    See Robert Spencer's Did Mohammed Exist? He argues that warring Arab leaders, after Arabs had conquered from Spain to India, discovered that the lands they conquered had religions, the Byzantines and Europeans had Christianity, and the Persians had Zoroastrianism. So they invented a religion which was as belligerent as themselves, which they called "Islam."

  • Domus Canus.

    In America the current sitting president continues to doze through one fiasco after another with nary a plan to punch a big hole in the hostility of those same muslims who seek to destroy the USA. An Ambassador is murdered, possibly raped, four American seals slaughtered and he stands there splitting hairs about what he said in the last debate with Ms Crowley at his back 'fact checking'. "I said this was an act of terror, no it was a film, it could have been the 9-11 anniversary". Clinton is slung neatly under the bus to allay fears that this narcissist was out of his depth and the rest of the world is meant to believe this man is a the leader of the free world? 3 years after murdering 13 and seriously injuring 32 people, Major Nidal Hassan is still dodging a trial for murdering Americans at Fort Hood and this obscenity drags on like an abscessed tooth for the families of the fallen. The best they can do after this length of time is mandate that he shave his beard off, I kid you not. And now this latest round of idiocy from some Pakistani street punk who decides the US is such a soft target even he can take a run at killing Americans on their home ground. Why these people are allowed to enter America at all is a huge question mark, and post 9-11 I would think Muslims/Arabs would be vetted within an inch of their lives before being given a pass to enter. I don't know what this presidents agenda is, but it's not the safety of America or her people.