Media’s Creepy Stalking of Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend

If you ever sat on a shaky bridge over the waters of a jungle lake swarming with flesh-eating piranhas and innocently began throwing them some Cracker Jack treats, then you already know what a feeding frenzy looks like. The piranhas swarm and keep on swarming hoping for a taste even after there are no more treats.

The media is kind of like that with Paul Ryan. After spending a week trying to dodgily tie him to Richard Nixon, of all people, the ravenous and hungry media hordes headed off after rumors of a black ex-girlfriend in college that he mentioned seven years ago. The same government-media complex which will get around to verifying any untruthful aspect of Obama’s biography in the year 2062, decided that the girlfriend had been made up, because it fit with the Tricky Dick story that they began telling themselves.

The girlfriend turned out to be real, a Democrat who supported Obama, but was on good terms with Ryan. Supporting Obama should have won her a pass, but her unwillingness to tell the media about the time that Paul Ryan took off his face to reveal Richard Nixon’s face underneath doomed her. The media, now following a complete non-story about a girl that Ryan had dated in college and broken up with long ago, dug into her past to try and find anything that they could lynch her with.

Reason picks up the story, but future ex-girlfriends of Republican stars have now learned that if they are asked about their ex, they need to reply that he was a devil worshiper who often told her about his hatred for grandmothers and black people. Or they’ll get the Deneeta D. Pope treatment. Pope wouldn’t provide useful attack material, so a past crime that she admitted to is now being used to turn her into attack material.

  • Rifleman

    What's really funny, is that these are the same clowns calling Ryan a racist. The msm is flailing away, but mostly hitting themselves and their dear leader.

    I don't know anything about her, but she's got laughing eyes, and ain't she hot?

  • strawmanchronicles

    Actually, the race of his ex has been public knowledge since a 1999 profile I did. Not sure what you mean about "media hordes", though. The only interest I've seen is limited to celebrity sites. I don't see the MSM caring about this one way or another, and appropriately so.

  • Mathchopper

    I would think Ryan having a black girlfriend would have put him in good sted with the Democraps. Oh! That only holds for Democraps?

  • Horace

    The people most likely to be hurt by more Obama are black people. Obama is obviously a Socialist. Socialism is the road to poverty, squalor and tyranny. Blacks worldwide suffer more from these terrible evils than anyone else except maybe the North Koreans and Cubans. Black Cubans suffer the most in socialist Cuba. Obama like any politician who brings about socialism is bound to fail, because socialism is failure itself. It's not a good thing for blacks for the first black president to be a destroyer of prosperity and a failure. A second term will enable him to bring about socialism here and continue the collapse of the economy.