Meet Egypt’s Next Prime Minister

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In the fall of 2005, a cheerful editorial appeared in The Guardian urging its leftist readers not to fear the Muslim Brotherhood. Identifying himself as the Vice-President of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El-Shater wrote, “The success of the Muslim Brotherhood should not frighten anybody: we respect the rights of all religious and political groups.”

A year later, El-Shater had been arrested and charged with terrorism, money-laundering and participating in a banned organization. The arrest of the top Muslim Brotherhood leader was not a simple matter. Egyptian police blockaded his neighborhood and raided his home confiscating computers and mobile phones. It was not the first such arrest for El-Shater. In 1992, Salsabeel, his company, had been raided exposing Brotherhood documents plotting an overthrow of the government.

The Brotherhood had gotten too cocky too fast. Its election victories in Egypt’s parliament had gone to its head and feeling omnipotent its student movement tried to intimidate other students on campus by putting on black paramilitary uniforms and masks with Islamic slogans, similar to those worn by its Hamas adjunct across the border in Gaza, and conducting a show of force.

The government cracked down and El-Shater went back to prison. But these days prison is a long way from his mind as he meets everyone from the Norwegian Foreign Minister to Senator McCain, who tweeted that he had a “thoughtful conversation” with the Brotherhood leader.

Khairat El-Shater (full name: Mohamed Khairat Saad Abdel Latif el-Shater) is no longer a top leader in a banned movement. The Brotherhood has swept parliament and his investments, frozen after a money-laundering conviction, are his again. The future of Egypt belongs to the Brotherhood and as the chief financier and deputy supreme guide of the group; he is on the ground floor to see those investments pay off.

There is talk of El-Shater becoming Prime Minister, but whether or not he takes a title, he is in the driver’s seat of the Brotherhood’s strategy. The Guardian editorial saw El-Shater in his role of selling the Brotherhood as a moderate reformist organization to the gullible West. That is still his job.  Western governments are uncertain about the Brotherhood and Khairat El-Shater is there to present them with a Brotherhood that is as socialist as the left and as capitalist at the right, dedicated to free enterprise, social justice and religious freedom, to open elections and political reforms.

But that Brotherhood is only another mirage in the great desert of Muslim democracy. The Guidance Council runs the Brotherhood and its parliamentary majority, derived from the ranks of the Brotherhood, is bound by oath to obey the Council, not the voters. Despite the illusion of a democratic election, the Brotherhood’s elite will run Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood’ s official goal is an Islamic state, its roadmap for getting there is to copy the pro-business Islamic authoritarianism of Turkey’s AKP Party, which cloaked its suppression of the opposition and overthrow of the military in democracy and free enterprise language. Copying the AKP’s commercial oligarchy will be a snap for Khairat El-Shater who oversaw the massive business assets of the Brotherhood.

When the Egyptian government froze El-Shater’s assets, they amounted to nearly 87 million dollars. And that’s still a fraction of the total assets of the Muslim Brotherhood which derive from the tithes of its membership and are reinvested into everything from factories to fast food chains. The Brotherhood is no more committed to free enterprise than Mubarak was. Like him and the Egyptian military, it wants a seat at the top of the oligarchy.

El-Shater already sits on the board of several banks and he owns a number of companies and retail chains and his fortune will only increase as he gains the ability to dictate the economic future of the entire country. The Brotherhood’s survival was largely due to its ability to intertwine its religious, political and commercial interests, raising money as a religious organization, spending it as a political organization and investing it in business enterprises. The conflicts of interest are obvious.

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  • truebearing

    The Arab Silent Spring….another achievenment of Baraka Obama.

    • guest

      And while you are at it, do not forget his support of the "Occupy Anarchists." I smelled the coming violence, destruction, anti-semitic attacks from this rabble early on. Middle and old aged women just loved being in a movement that was little more than a self-righteous club of fools with NO agenda whatsoever beyond mayhem. Obama, of course, saw an opportunity and castigated "the super rich." Naturally, he did not mention himself in this category. How this guy ever rose to anything in life I will never, ever comprehend. My grocer down the street deserved a Nobel Prize more than this clown, whose soul feat is to attempt to "look Presidential…."

      • maturin20

        We cannot have "rabble" in the United States unless we have reverted to a 14th Century style kingdom. Are we a kingdom now? Is freedom to assemble now banned by the king and his exchequers?

    • mlcblog

      Yup! Ayers and Dohrn and the gang were over there fomenting this revolution when it happened. Did you see the Al Jazeera piece inside the organizing office? It was a carbon copy of Berkeley "peace" marches in the 1960's (I was there) including strategic confrontations with the police/military. Chilling.

  • maturin20

    The Muslim Brotherhood seems to me the moral equivalent of Irgun. Both groups seek to expand a Semitic ownership and influence over territory beyond the scope of their current nations through force of paramilitary arms. Both groups blow up military barracks. Both groups developed political wings that are like a Sinn Fein and operate as moderates in government while their dark side throws bombs and shoots people.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Why don't you go back to Stormfront where you came from?

      • maturin20

        Jim, you and your friend mah29001 love to advertise Stormfront to me. Not a day goes by where Gateway Pundit or mah29001.wordpress don't tell me of the virtues of that hate site and invite me to read and read it as they do. I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM. Sorry. I don't like Stormfront. If you like it so much, go donate.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The Islam Connection
    "Throughout this book, there have been allusions to the frequent historical links between the Muslim Religion and the origins of Masonry. The most obvious connection with Islam in the world of the Lodge is, of course, the Shrine. Most don't know that the actual title of the Shriner organization is the "Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Not only is the Shrine openly evocative of Arab culture, the "shrine" is actually the sacred shrine of Mecca! Few outsiders realize that behind its exotic, clownish exterior, the Shrine ceremonial is steeped in demonic Islamic religion, utterly foreign to the G-d in the Bible." Masonry Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen

    • mlcblog

      Far out!! I have been trying to figure this out for years!! I always wondered about that when my Grandpa took us to the circus with tickets he bought as a Shriner and wore an Arabian fez which said AAHMES temple. Thank you!

  • DogsHateRomney

    How about a President Obama Executive Odor to Mandate Egypt’s Next Prime Minister?

  • Roger

    McCain went and met this guy?
    McCain needs to retire.

    Anyone that hasn't realized you don't pay attention to what they say – but watch what they do is nuts.

    • mrbean

      Seen too many winters John McCain is dead man walking dog whose day is done is starting to get annoying with his stupid blathers. I would not be surprised at all if this demented RINO derelict came out and endorsed Obama for President this year like RINO Colin Powell did in 2008 so he would be shunned by the chocolate peoples tribe.

  • mrbean

    The clandestine Muslim Obama and his arrogant hag Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton have f*&ked up the American the stabilization of the Middle East in Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, and soon in Syria – and their performance in the Iraq and Adfganistan wars is "cut and run" but the MSM won't call it that. And Iran regards Obama as they did Carter, with disdain and not to be taken seriously. China and Russia regard Obama as a naive joke, an "Obambi" – a court jester who thinks he is the emperor in the Oval Office. Obama's domestic policies have an econimic disaster in store for us.

  • guest

    Will someone please impeach Obama for Treason already? Given the way in which he has been at war with Americans from the start, I am amazed the man is still walking around conning Americans.

  • KKKK

    thank stooge-in-chief. he backed the overthrow of Mubarak even thoguh he was a longtime ally of the United States. since then, hatered of US and Israle has skyrocketed, violence aganist Christians, women, Bahais, and others has escalated, and now they are planing to Sharia the Law of the land in a way never under Mubarak. thansk a lot!

  • maturin20

    The Irgun didn't "cease to exist." It was absorbed into the IDF. Politically, it became Herut and Likud.

  • RonL

    Irgun/EZL and the Stern Gang/LeHI were both movements formed from Revisionist Zionism. Herut was the party for Revisionist Zionists, just as Histadrut became Labour.

    The former British collaborator Ben Gurion killed members of the Irgun until the submitted to Histadrut tyranny. Look up the Altalena.

    All of the people involved in Israel are semites, so Maturin20's nazi race theory remains a joke. But the Muslim Brotherhood is not just semitic, having branches in South East Asia. It is Islamist.

  • maturin20

    You guys are the ones all raving about nazis and Stormfront. Not me. I don't have anything to do with them.