Michelle Obama’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Group Attacks Republican Rabbi

A campaign event for Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was attacked by a Code Pink militant who calls herself “Rae Abileah”. Rabbi Boteach is running for Congress in NJ-9 against Democratic Bill Pascrell, who called a Hamas member “peaceloving”.

Code Pink is a hate group co-founded by Medea Benjamin, who is also a member of the Hamas linked International Solidarity Movement. Code Pink  agitates on behalf of Iran and Hamas. With the rise of Obama, Code Pink has developed a stronger focus on harassing Jewish speakers, particularly those supportive of the Jewish State.

Code Pink supports Socialist and Muslim dictatorships around the world and opposes democracies around the world, particularly the United States and Israel. Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink’s grief puppet, claimed that her son died as part of a Jewish war conspiracy. When Helen Thomas declared that the Jews should go back to Germany, Code Pink rallied in support of her urging members of its hate group to “Show their Love for Helen Thomas.”

Rae Abileah’s specialty is disrupting Jewish events, claiming that she was assaulted and then suing everyone in sight. This brand of domestic lawfare isn’t profit motivated, as Code Pink’s leaders are quite wealthy already. That wealth has given them close access to the Obamas. And as Michelle Obama told Code Pink, “Keep up the great work… we really need you.”

Jews should ask themselves if the Obamas needs a hate group like “Code Pink”, do Jews need the Obamas?


    Sue Code Pinko.

    Sue mad_diva benjamin.


    The neo-commies are getting desperate.

    They smell defeat for their main in the White House.

    Every neo-commie tantrum brings more disrepute on the "democrats".

    The Code Pinkos, the OWS, the CAIR, the MSNBC/CNBC, the New York Times support BHO and the voters will link BHO with Socialism, high unemployment, high gas prices.

    Things are about to change for the better – the worse if you are a neo-commie

  • Omar

    Why doesn't Code Pink protest against real misogynistic regimes like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other enemies of freedom and democracy? Why doesn't Code Pink protest against misogynistic, terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood? It is because these self declared proponents of women's rights don't care about peace. Code Pink and its communist and Islamist allies only want to defeat the West , its allies and democracy. Code Pink and its allies will do anything to undermine the rule of law.

    • cassie

      i bet Code Pink doesn't even know or understand the real truth behind Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood! They are blind, and dumb, idiots who wouldn't see the truth even if it came up and slapped them upside their brainless heads!

  • PaulRevereNow

    In spring 2009, I had the opportunity(perhaps too grand a word) to observe the antics of Code Pink, first hand.
    I went to Washington DC, with a group, to protest in support of Israel, and Bibi Netanyahu's visit to the White House. We stood on Pennsylvania Avenue, right in front of the White House, holding our signs up, and discussing the future of Israel among ourselves. Suddenly, there was a commotion close by, and a group of what seemed to be inane teen-agers came skipping down the sidewalk, some wearing pink sweaters and caps; spewing profanities, and carrying signs dissing Israel and Netanyahu. I recognized Medea Benjamin from a picture I had seen. The DC police immediately ordered us off the sidewalk, into Pennsylvania Avenue; while Code Pink did their thing on the sidewalk. The cops acted as if we were the trouble-makers, not Code Pink; and tried to keep any of us from talking to them. Nonetheless, I spoke with two of them, disabusing them of their negative opinions of Israel, while one of my friends spoke with Ms. Benjamin. My friend later told me that her kooky manner is just a front; behind which lurks a diabolical, but logical mind. Oh, the face of evil.

  • danseagull


    • Omar

      One time, Medea Benjamin said that when she visited Castro's Cuba, she felt that she "died and went to heaven". Now that's sad and pathetic. Benjamin praised a regime, which is the only dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere at this time, as "heaven". The said regime has incarcerated some of the longest-serving political prisoners in modern history, including the longest serving black political prisoner, Eusebio Penalver, who served 28 years (1960-1988) in Castro's prison system. In addition to political repression and without press freedom, the regime in Cuba also mandates food rations on its people, and the rations that a Cuban eats today is smaller than the rations that the Spanish king mandated that Cuban slaves had in 1842, when Cuba was a Spanish colony. Medea Benjamin should read Humberto Fontova's books to know the real truth about her "heaven".

    • Omar

      As for Helen Thomas, she represents the Fourth Reich, which is the Islamist regime in Iran and its allies like Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Typical. They protect the leftist protesters since they are usually lawsuit happy. And Code Pinkers have big government connections.

  • emile viscounti

    I belong to the group named Gods Jewish Commmandos that are a god fearing group of jews that use physical and supernatural Godly forces to take out the spawn of satan – leftist capo jew scum and their communist and nazi fruits. We are so backlogged now because of the wanton materialism that feeds the soul and power of satan. But we always win and they always lose – although they cause the holocausts and billions of deaths.

  • Mordichai

    code pink is a peace group.